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YouTube Generation  You know what’s going on every single day.  Think about movies, people have everything, this is what youtube present by this dynamic choice. Share videos. People comments. It’s like a community.  It’s more reliable. It’s a creating way to share with people. Learn languages. You can find everything you want in YouTube.  Youtube Generation is everyone who use this interactive toy to do everything they want, as: connecting with people, find any topic online.

Millennials ď ą Millennial Generation (or Generation Y) represents the age group following the Generation X. In other words, this is the last generation born in the 20th century and grew up with new technologies ď ą There are no precise dates for when Millennials starts and ends. It is admitted they were born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s (decade). ď ą It is generally marked by an increased use and familiarity with communication, media, and digital technologies.

Characteristics of Millenials ❖ They were raised with the use of digital technology such as smartphones, computers or video games… ❖ This categorization characterizes occidental countries. ❖ According the U.S. census bureau, around 40% of the millennial generation is African American, Latino, Asian or of a racially-mixed background. ❖ 20%have at least one immigrant parent. ❖ From 2015, Millenials will represents 15% of the European population and 40% of the workers in France. ❖ As a result of growing up with the Internet and associated devices, millennials are often said to be the most technologically savvy generation to date.

These generations expectations regarding travel and hospitality business 

Less separation between work and leisure :

 They represent a new breed of business travelers as they are so well connected with mobile devices that they can conduct work anytime.  Represent the fastest grow segment in travel spending:  Realizing that, hotels are spending millions to rehabilitate their new accommodations, and also introducing new brands for the non-traditional traveler.  Business travelers (Millennials) spend more and more time in the Hotels:  As these travelers need to be always connected, hotels have adapted themselves to this type of travelers, providing free and fast Wi-Fi access / inclusion of multiple power outlets in the rooms.

How is their consumer behavior different than current consumers? ďƒź

This highly connected generation will live online most of their time, specially in social networks with several hundred or more contacts, generate and consume vast amounts of formerly private information and carry with a sophisticated personal cloud.


This means they have a extend source of information, so anytime they want to get something they will look it online.


They will choose the best option comparing consumers comments about that specific product or service, they will expect more, better and faster than current consumers.

Visual expressing the understanding of our view on Millenials


Generation customer targeted by Moxy and Citizen M CREATE YOUR ESCAPE : WORK HARD PLAY HARDER 

Marriott International’s newest player in the affordable 3-star-tier segment for Millennial global nomads.

MOXY’s focus is on the millennial traveler, who understands that style can be delivered at attractive prices. MOXY has the full power of Marriott® behind it and the potency of style, and innovation and tech savviness that Gen X and Y travelers demand.

From unexpectedly spacious rooms to a vibrant lobby and a 24- hour café/bar, MOXY offers an experience that is bold, confident and hip.

CitizenM welcomes the mobile citizens of the world- the suits, weekenders, explorers, affair-havers and fashion-grabbers looking for boutique hotel accommodations. So if you travel with an open mind, a love of free movies on demand and free WiFi, come in and take a room tour.  CitizenM also targets students by offering affordable costs.  A collection of innovative concept, citizenM is a hotel driven by one desire: to create affordable luxury for the people. By "the people," we mean a smart new breed of international traveler. Those who are independent, yet united by a love of the five continents. Those in search of business, shopping or art. In short, everyone who is a mobile citizen of the world.

How does these two hotels concepts match with our vision

 They look for interactive customers.  Moxy hotels are people focused more than anything else, and this

might be an efficient manner to approach Millennials, that even though enjoy technologies, rely also on human contact (“being alone together”)

 CitizenM is targeting young generation through modern and cubic design, located in cities center, which lie on place-sharing where any guest can interact with each other (living area where people can gather and read or be connected…).

How does the hotel websites appeal to the Next Gen traveler?

ď ą The websites are more interactives and moderns than other websites, so attract the attention from the new generations who are more used to with new technologies.

ď ą They show fresh and attractive photos that encourage people to involve in.

How do these sites differ from current hotel company sites? o They are more interactive and more people focused. o

Guests do not only enter in a sumptuous hotel but more in a place where everything is centered on the person.

How does mobile fit into the hotels’ appeal to Next Gen travelers? In this over connected world, it’s imperative for hoteliers to adapt themselves to the Millennials travelers demands (most of them possess 3 to 4 mobile devices). An hotel that propose mobile access, free of charge while providing fast access for the guests can have a competitive advantage over other hotels in the same area. Also lodging sites that propose a mobile entry lock for access to the rooms could be also appealing for the generation C travelers. Hotel providing mobile concierge services can be interesting for Next Gen travelers and applications such as Lounge Up might be a success for hoteliers.

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