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Thoughts of a Tango dancer

Thoughts of a Tango dancer

Mathieu BodifĂŠe

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My Temple This Sacred Dance Dance to freedom The Rose The Tango When I dance To live in a dance

11. Dance with me tonight. 12. Dreams!

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My Temple. This beauty of a complex grants me a temple in which I can move towards my goal. This empire supports my soul, it gives me a platform to live and build and do my job.

Mathieu BodifĂŠe, februari 15, 1989.

This Sacred Dance! This sacred dance is an intimate embrace a few moments I am one with the dance and the one I am dancing with. For just a fleeting moment, time nor circumstance matters. We are one!! Endlessly do we exist in this moment that is ours and that only lasts until now. .

Mathieu BodifĂŠe, July 13th, 2000

Dance to freedom. Dance away my little lady dance away into the night. When you dance you set you free in a richness and a joy Dance! Take this chance to be if only for a fleeting moment free and floating close to thee.

Mathieu BodifĂŠe, April 7th th, 2001

The rose. The beautiful rose that withstands the beating of the rain stands firm and gentle as symbol of love. God and creation give it the strength to endure the weather and bless the world with its fragrance. Just after the rain it smells strong to remind us of the promise that after the flood comes the sun.

Mathieu BodifĂŠe, January 8th, 2002

The Tango. When I take you gently in my arms and we softly sail away together in this safe embrace of time all my fear and doubt resolves and we become together one with the dance. During this embrace of music and movement are we just for a fleeting moment alone with each other. The beauty of two spirits joint together in this dance mounts the vulgarity of life in a exalted celebration of being. Just for a moment am I yours and you mine and are we together of the truth. Not the leading is what counts, but the listening to the truth. Guided by the nostalgia we give ourselves to each other, for only a moment. Eternally am I bound to the dance and it will bind us together. Mathieu BodifĂŠe, February 19th, 2001

When I dance When I dance, and move close to what is real and connect to the strength that I feel, I let go all of my fear and hold close to what is dear. I then move within the rhythm, that I feel within. I feel free of the longing to be me. I am the man that I am, not bold or daring but always caring I live in my way and hence I can say that what ever I am, I am my man.

Mathieu BodifĂŠe, April 16th, 2001

To live in a dance To live in a dance and to dance my life, I strive to always give it my best and never stop trying. I give all my life in a dance as I dance into her arms into her embrace. Now there is no space to doubt what I am doing. Now will I give all that I give in a dance in my life. Mathieu BodifĂŠe, July 21st, 2002.

Dance with me tonight! Dance with me, as if the world stops tonight. Lets pretend, just for a moment that you and I are all there is and that all around us nothing matters. Be with me, with the whole of you and I will be with you full and unconditional. I will give you my now every moment as it lasts, so, let’s dance, let’s enhance the steps that we take with a freedom and a joy that is ours. Let us be one together, if just for this dance. Dance with me tonight.

Mathieu BodifĂŠe, 23 February 2003

Dreams! Always remember the dreams that urged you on in every day of your life as you lived and loved. Never forget, the wonders that you hold as you live the dream that is your life. Whithin that dream the key to your happiness and fulfillment are hidden for you to find. Mathieu BodifĂŠe, October 26th, 2003


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