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Sports Bras Concept

SOPHIA is the blockbuster of the sports bra collection. Best fit, functionality and sweat management system are the reasons for this. And now this has been recognised by the highest instance: the red dot design award for outstanding design quality!


HIGH LEVEL Extremely firm support for high-impact and intensity sports types MEDIUM LEVEL Firm support for sports types with medium impact and intensity LIGHT LEVEL Ideal support for low-impact and low-intensity t d ti l ti iti

Sophia - Sports Bra Maximum Support with Ultimate Comfort:

TIP: We recommend the HIGH LEVEL sports bras N6527 and N6529 for highintensity sports types.

- The breathable high-tech fabric ensures that the skin milieu is regulated. - This sports bra provides maximum support through to the large cup sizes. - The new, extremely flat seams and towelling-soft seamless cups pamper the body. - The fully padded and adjustable support straps relieve strain on the neck. Price






Colors White, Black, Desert

Stella - Sports Bra Colors Black & White, White, Pink & White, Indigo Description

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- Breathable, highly functional piquĂŠ fabric and netting inserts at the back regulate moisture absorption and ensure that the skin remains dry. - The inner cups of fine microfibre towelling are seamless and ensure chafe-free comfort. - This 'Extreme Control' sports bra provides sensational support with its ergonomically styled relief straps which are padded throughout and adjustable at the back. Price




Stella - Sports Panty Colors Black, White, Pink & White






Sandy - Sports Bra - Seamless cups, breathable, lightweight microfibre and the soft microfibre underbust band ensure maximum comfort. - The adjustable comfort straps feature additional reinforcement on the shoulder. Price




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Colors Black, White, Skin

Stacy - Sports Bra Description

Colors Black, White

- A sports and recreation bra which features seamless cups of lightweight microfibre. - The softly-lined front-fastener makes dressing and undressing simpler and quicker. - The wide straps with Velcro-type fasteners can also be easily adjusted as required during training.






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Stefany- Sports Bra Description

Colors Black, White

- The light-level sports and recreation bras offer support for low-intensity sports activities such as hiking, walking, golf and archery. - Special materials such as high-performance antibacterial eyelet fabric or a silk lining in the cup optimise the skin milieu. - Comfortable support straps have a particularly positive effect on the shoulder and neck area, ensuring even more comfort.






Employed materials and their advantages Straps: – Wide and padded – Adjustable

Tailoring: – High-cut neckline – Flat seams – Soft and flat back fastener

Back: – Breathable – Adjustable

Cups: – Flat shaping – High-modulus fabric – Seamless on the skin

Fabric: – Breathable – Fast-drying – Supporting and shaping – Pleasantly soft and light

Underbust band – Wide – Stretch – Soft and flat

............................................................................................................................ Less movement

LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA.

An optimum sports bra can reduce the upward and downward movement of the sensitive breast tissue 8%

It lends garments long-lasting elasticity, an optimum fit and perfect shape.

TFS Sweat Management

Microfibre – The ultimate comfort fabric · Light and silky soft. · Breathable for optimum skin milieu. · Easy to care for (fast-drying, non-iron).

The interaction of two breathable hi-tech fabrics permits optimum, active „Sweat Management“.

All TFS Sports Bras are certified in compliance with the Öko-Tex standard 100. The certification „Confidence in textiles – tested for harmful substances according to Öko-Tex Standard 100“ is awarded to products which are particularly skin-friendly.

Bio-active fibres (silver ions) · Prevent the growth of bacteria. · Minimise unpleasant odours. · Long-term effectiveness of the silver ions.


Correct measurement Finding the right size Measuring tips: • When measuring your customer stand at her side. The customer‘s arms should hang loosely and she should breathe normally. • Hold the tape loosely over the tip of the breast and read off the measurement at the side of the back. • Take measurements in a wellfitting soft bra (without underwires). The cup must encompass the breast at the side and around the neckline without restriction. The measured size serves as a guideline. The actual size and best comfort for each customer can only be determined when she tries the item on!

Step by step to the right size 1. Underbust measurement ①

4. Waist measurement ④

Take the measurement by holding the Hold the tape horizontally around the tape directly under the bust. This most narrow part of the waist without measurement is rounded up or down and cutting in. assigned to a size (refer to table).

2. Bust measurement ②

5. Hip measurement ⑤

Place the tape directly over the widest Hold the tape horizontally without point of the breast without cutting in. cutting in at the widest point of the hips.

3. Cup size ③

Nota Bene

The difference between the bust If there is a considerable difference measurement ② and the underbust mea- between the waist and hip measuresurement ① is the cup size. ment, always take the larger size!


② - ① = 40.2 in - 33.5 in = 6.7 in 6.7 in x 2.54 = 17 cm ➜ cup C ③ ➜ Underbust measurement ① and cup size ③ = bra size (38 C)

1. Underbust Measurement 24.6 - 26.6 - 28.5 - 30.5 - 32.5 - 34.4 - 36.4 - 38.4 - 40.4 - 42.3 - 44.3 - 46.3 - 48.2 - 50.2 measurement in inches 26.6 28.5 30.5 32.5 34.4 36.4 38.4 40.4 42.3 44.3 46.3 48.2 50.2 52.2 2. Underbust US size 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 size

3. Cup size

Difference to the underbust 10-12 12-14 14-16 16-18 18-20 20-22 22-24 24-26 26-28 28-30 30-32 (cm)












4. Waist Measurement 22.8 - 24.4 - 26.4 - 28.3 - 30.3 - 32.3 - 34.3 - 36.2 - 38.2 - 40.2 - 42.1 - 44.1 - 46.1 measurement in inches 24.4 26.4 28.3 30.3 32.3 34.3 36.2 38.2 40.2 42.1 44.1 46.1 48.0 5. Hip Measurement 33.1 - 34.6 - 36.6 - 38.2 - 39.8 - 41.3 - 42.9 - 44.5 - 46.1 - 47.6 - 49.2 - 50.8 - 52.4 measurement in inches 34.6 36.6 38.2 39.8 41.3 42.9 44.5 46.1 47.6 49.2 50.8 52.4 53.9 Panty girdle size

US size














Dress size

US size














Products overview HIGH LEVEL Sophia - Sports Bra

/ N6529

HIGH LEVEL Stella - Sports Bra

/ N6527

Stacy - Sports Bra

/ N6523


Products overview MEDIUM LEVEL Sandy - Sports Bra

/ N6521

LIGHT LEVEL Stefany - Sports Bra

/ N6524

Stella - Sports Panty

/ N2527


Experts agree:


”A sports bra is an essential item!“

TFS: What are the possible negative consequences of not wearing a sports bra? Dr Beckstein: With large breasts in particular there is the risk that the tissue becomes overstretched and the breast loses its firmness and elasticity. This affects all the muscles in the back and especially those of the shoulders and neck. In some cases the consequences can be extremely painful. A sports bra reliably protects and encompasses the breast. The breast tissue remains elastic and does not lose its firmness.

Follow the recommendations of recognised experts. Sports means a lot of movement, also for the breasts. During jogging, for example, the breast moves around 9 centimetres with each ste. Over a course of 1,000 metres this amounts to 84 metres! Dr Joanna Scurr from the University of Portsmouth discovered that a supporting sports bra prevents around 74% of the upward and downward motion of the sensitive breast tissue, while a normal bra only manages around 38%. We asked Dr med Sylvia Beckstein for more information. She is consultant for physical and rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine and nutritional medicine.

TFS: Can sports bras help the breast tissue retain its firmness? Dr Beckstein: Yes, definitely. It is only important to wear the bra at all times during sporting activities, irrespective of whether you are keen on endurance sports, gymnastics, hiking or skiing. Each type of activity involves a different degree of jolting and shock. Wearing a sports bra all the time will mean that the connective tissue remains firm, which is obviously what women want. TFS: In your view which features are essential in an optimum sports bra? Dr Beckstein: The straps must be wide and have a good contact surface to ensure the best distribution of weight on the shoulders. It should also be ensured that the bra does not cut in and it should move and adapt to the motion of the wearer. Flat and soft seams are also important to prevent skin irritation. The fabric should be breathable and ensure optimum moisture transport. This is particularly important when the body temperature rises during sports activities. The breast requires firm support, but the fabric should be lightweight and soft. It should feel like a second skin. TFS: Which tips would you give our readers for buying a sports bra? Dr Beckstein: ‘Go to a specialist outlet where you will be given sound advice. It is very difficult to answer the following questions when you are standing in front of a mirror: Does the bra fit properly? Is the breast at the right height? The optimum fit is the decisive criterion for the protective and supportive function of a sports bra.’ TFS: Dr Beckstein, thank you very much for talking to us!

Dr Sylvia Beckstein, Sports Physician

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