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Electos 3.1.14 Release date: January 31st, 2008 Required version of Visual DataFlex Web application server: 12.1 / 14.0 *** Installation Notes *** •

It is not possible to uninstall any version of Electos, without uninstalling all other versions of Electos.

If you chose to install a demo website and you already had Electos installed on this machine, your existing 'MyWebsite' folder has been copied to the '..\Electos\Copy of existing Websites' directory and the '..\Electos\Websites\MyWebite' directory has been overwritten with the new demo website. To restore the previous 'MyWebsite' website, copy over the new website with the files stored in the '..\Electos\Copy of existing Websites' folder. Note that new files have been added if you have upgraded the website after installation!

*** Migration Notes from Electos v1.x or v2.0 *** Some functions that were available before are considered obsolete and may have been removed. Before upgrading your websites please see the list of removed functions and make sure your website is updated correspondingly. If you didn't choose to install a demo website using the Electos Installer, you must first upgrade your website(s) to 3.x to be able to edit them with the new Electos Studio. Until then, the existing url will still open the current version of the Electos Studio. To upgrade a website go to the Electos Site Manager and select upgrade for each website you wish to manage with Electos 3.x. When upgrading, the following changes will be made: •

The web share used for the website to access the studio will be moved so it will point to the new studio version.

The program path of the website specific web application will be changed so it points to the new webapp.exe.

Version specific database changes are required. Tables will be added and moved and some tables will be expanded with additional fields.

The global.asa file located in the 'Websites\<websitename>\AppHtml' directory will be changed based upon the required version of Visual DataFlex.

The include files located in the 'Websites\<websitename>\AppHtml\Include' directory will be overwritten with the latest includes to support the new features available in Electos 3.x.

If you chose to install a demo website, the existing MyWebsite has been replaced and you can immediately edit the website with the Electos Studio v3.x.

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Note that in Electos 3.x, for security reasons, the full url to your uploaded files has been replaced by a url to the "ElectosFileStreaming.asp" with the appropriate FileId. A URL like: in Electos 2.0 should become: Electos will take care of this conversion within the Electos content. If there are links to your Electos content outside of Electos (google, other website, etc), you should take care of the conversion yourself. *** Registration Code *** After installing Electos 3.x, someone needs to register that version of Electos. The registration codes used to register 1.x or 2.x CAN NOT be used for Electos 3.x. Users need to obtain a new registration code from or via the appropriate channel partners. *** Obsolete Functions that have been removed from Electos 3.0 to Electos 3.1 *** oPublisher - AlwaysVisible, replaced by Visible - MemberName, replaced by AccountName - MemberSessionLogin, replaced by AccountSessionLogin - MemberSessionLogout, replaced by AccountSessionLogout - NotInMenu, replaced by Visible - TermsAndConditions, replaced by WebshopSettings - WebshopProductGroupId, replaced by ProductGroupID *** Biggest Changes from Electos 3.0 to Electos 3.1 *** •

Navigation GUI Updated. It is now possible to minimize menu items to create more working space for the menu you are working with.

PSP Support - Electos 3.1 has support the Payment Providers Paypal and ProtX built in. You need to create your own account at the Payment Provider but can simply integrate it into your Electos 3.1 website by adjusting a few settings.

Website Parameters. You can define standard and custom parameters on a website level in the Electos Studio 3.1. These parameters can be displayed on your website's pages and allow for easy modification affecting all pages on your website at once.

Page Parameters. Pages will inherit their parameters from the website parameters, but in cases you want different values for a specific page you can define these parameters also on page level.

Product Parameters. With search engine optimization in mind the parameters can be set on product or product group levels.

Flash Support. The editor area in Electos now supports the adding of flash object from your files section.

*** Biggest Changes from Electos 2.0 to Electos 3.0 *** •

New User Interface. The user interfaces for both the Electos Studio and the Electos Site Manager have been redesigned. This is reflected in both the graphical aspect as in new functionality. The new User interface supports drag-and-drop, multiple select and modal dialogs which will make maintaining and creating content a lot easier and quicker.

Multiple browser support. The new Electos Studio is designed with the use of multiple browsers in mind. Both Firefox and Internet Explorer are now fully supported.

Document concept removed. The concept of 'Documents' as opposed to 'pages' is no longer used in Electos 3.0. This makes Electos less complex and makes it more intuitive for you and/or your customers to use. It is still possible to share a page at more than one location on the website.

File manager for your website directory. With the Electos Studio 3.0 it is possible to access all the files in your 'Websites\<websitename>\AppHtml' directory. It will allow you to remove files/folders, rename files/folders, upload new files and view or change the content of your files without the need of external programs or server access.

Webshop module. A webshop module has been added which will allow you to create and manage product and make your website visitor place orders. The webshop is fully customizable to your specific needs. On top of that, importing products and exporting orders is supported as well

Reporting module. A reporting tool has been added which you can use to create basic reports on your website content. You can create your own reports, define which columns you wish to see and specify filters to give you the best possible overview on your content.

File restriction. Besides the already supported page restriction, Electos 3.0 also supports File Restriction. Uploaded files are stored outside the webshared directory and are only accessible to visitors with the right credentials.

Create menu links. It is possible to create links in your website menu which do not point to a page or any other Electos content. This creates the possibility to add links to other websites or local web applications which can be managed from the Electos Studio

Embedded pages. A new document structure item type named 'Iframe' is added. When editing a page with an Iframe element the user can specify the url that should be shown. The website will print the url embedded within the Electos website. This feature will allow you to easily embed your own web application web an Electos website.

Customizable website directory locations. The Electos Site Manager can be used to specify the exact location of a websites root directory, its AppHtml directory, its Data directory and/or its ContentFiles directory. This adds the possibility to create the directory structure you require while still being able to use all Electos features.

Customizable date format. It is possible to set the date format per website or per user.

*** Biggest Changes from Electos 1.3 to Electos 2.0 *** •

Restricted parts of the site (professional and Developer edition only). With Electos Professional Edition it is possible to restrict the visitors’ access to certain parts of the website. To be able to access the restricted parts one needs to be a logged in member of the website with a valid username and password. Members can be managed and grouped using the Electos Studio.

Image Gallery. It is possible to create your own image gallery. Simply uploading or assigning existing images to the gallery will add them to the site with a thumbnail and link to the original image.

Alternative view. Besides the existing icon view in the Electos Studio, it is possible to get a list view of the existing section like ‘Site management’, ‘content’, etc.

Additional ways to sort the documents. It is possible to sort the icons or list view in the Electos Studio in several ways.

Activated page but not in the site structure. It is possible to create categories, pages or multi-item pages that are activated in the site structure but are not shown in the websites menu.

Image resizing. It is possible to resize images on the server. This will do an actual resize of the image, not show it in a smaller version. This will also be possible from within the asp page, so you can create a smaller version of a document element of type ‘file’.

Duplicate a document. It is possible to duplicate a document from the content screen. This will create a copy of the content with a different document name.

Multiple file upload. The file upload page now shows 5 instead of 1 file fields. This will allow you to select file 5 files and upload them all at once.

Performance improvement. Some considerable performance improvements has been made. In addition to this it will be possible to turnoff ‘FTS search system indexation’ and ‘deep link checking’ if necessary to increase the performance for bigger sites.

Upgraded demo website. The standard demo website which is available upon installation has been replaced by a new design.

*** Biggest Changes from Electos 1.0 to Electos 1.3 *** •

Replaced editor with FCKEditor. The existing text editor has been replaced by the open source FCKEditor. This editor gives additional features like: o

Advanced text formatting options


Removing format from selected text


Advanced table creation!!


A window for inserting special characters


Underwater view of your document


The possibility to add forms to your content


And much more.

Store limit expanded. The limit of 16.000 characters for a document has been removed. The new default limit is 128.000 characters but can be changed to any number from within the settings screen.

Multi-language Electos Studio. All text used in the Electos Studio is stored in the database. Therefore the Studio can be translated to a different language.

Move pages, documents, folders, categories. It is possible to move a Page or Category to a different Category. Furthermore it is possible to move Documents, Files and Folders to different Folders.

Advanced menu generation. A highly customisable VB-class is available to create any navigation window imaginable for your website.

Redesign data entry forms. All data entry forms have been changed to a lean and appealing design where help is only visible when needed.

Reference window for pages. A reference window is added for pages. This window is used to determine whether the Page is published at other places as well.

Object information has been moved to a tooltip. The information window and, where needed, activation window that was available in the information bar to the right has been removed. Instead, a tooltip with this information is available for all the elements within Electos Studio. In this tooltip you are also able to view the internal ‘ID’ of the object. Furthermore you can see the Document Structure used for Documents and Pages.

Highlight html source. When text is selected in the editor, its html equivalent will also be selected when you switch to source view.

Change your own password. It is possible to grant users the right to change their own password without the need of giving them full user management rights.

Website name information. The name of the website your currently editing with the Electos studio is clearly visible now in both the title bar and menu trace.

Automatically set site settings when creating a new website. When creating a new website with the Electos Site Manager, the settings related to the URL to the website are automatically set.

*** System Requirements *** •

Intel Pentium (or compatible) PC of at least 300Mhz

128 MB RAM (minimum; more as required for performance and efficiency)

80 MB of available hard disk space

Windows 2000 SP3/XP Pro SP1a/Server 2003

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 with Service Pack 1 installed.

Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0 or higher with Active Server Pages support

Visual DataFlex Web Application Server 12.1 / 14.0

Electos Overview Electos is a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is a software system for creating, maintaining, organizing and publishing website content. Electos runs on the Visual DataFlex Web Application Server and Internet Information Server (IIS), providing an easy-to-use and stable environment.

Simplicity Using conventional methods, website content and formatting are bound together in HTML pages. To use HTML, some level of technical capability is required to format content and maintain the site. With Electos, content authors develop and maintain information in a word processing-like environment that runs in their web browser; with a click of the mouse, their information is stored in a database on a web server, ready to publish.

Electos is an entirely web-based software system. The content author's interface to create content and manage the system is through Microsoft Internet Explorer. By using a browser interface, Electos can be made available anytime, anywhere without the need to install special client software; the browser provides access to Electos from anywhere on the Internet, a corporate intranet or a local machine. An Electos website is composed of user created content and one or more design templates that determine how the information will be displayed to a visitor in their web browser. Electos can publish content in any design that can be implemented in a template. By simply changing the template, all content in an Electos website can change. Content can be developed without involvement in design, layout or technology. Design and layout can be developed independently of content using your favourite design/HTML tool. Editing your own text in Electos is as simple as typing a letter in your favorite word-processor. And with Electos, you can do this from any place in the world with Internet Explorer and an Internet connection. •

Edit your own text, as simply as typing a letter in your favorite word-processor.

Easily add pictures and create links to external websites or to other pages in your site.

Both Menus and pages are created dynamically.

The time-line engine supports Activation, De-Activation or scheduling (from date to date) of each item.

With Electos there is no limit to the number of web pages, levels of depth in site structure, or number of authors for a site. There is no limit to the location from where you maintain the site, and there is no limit to those viewing the site!

Power Electos is powered by Visual DataFlex®, a mature software framework designed for developing Windows and web database applications. With Electos (Developer Edition) and Visual DataFlex, you can add custom functionality to your Electos content management system to meet your unique needs. (Continued.) Electos allows you to allocate password-controlled logins to your content authors. Based on these, your web site contributors will be able to carry out only those tasks appropriate to their role. These include permissions for creating pages, deleting pages, uploading images and files, etc. You can safely extend the task of contributing to your web site to any number of appropriate persons, who will not need to be skilled in HTML techniques. Uploading the images and downloadable files that go with the content is integrated into Electos with no need to manage a separate upload process, or compromise your web server security by allowing TCP/IP file transfer. For complete information and to download Electos visit:

Purchasing Information For more information, please contact the sales department at 800-451-3539 or 305-238-0012. Outside the USA, please call your local DAW representative. Visit our web site at: Copyright© 2008, Data Access Corporation. DataFlex is a registered trademark of Data Access Corporation. Electos is a trademark of Data Access Corporation. All other products or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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