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Thursday, August 14, 2008 Skirball Center, New York

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Welcome to the 2008 Adobe Design Achievement Awards, a prestigious annual competition and event honoring the best in student design. Students were invited to submit their work to be reviewed by a panel of distinguished judges. In addition to cash awards and software prizes, winners gain international recognition and their work is exhibited to design industry leaders. This year, the competition design team included six finalists and winners from the 2006 competition, from three different countries. Their unique concept for the 2008 Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) was based on building a worldwide community of artists who would become visible to each other as they submitted their entries through ADAA Live! ( They are cheering for this year’s students and invite them to join the cadre of young artists, designers, developers, and filmmakers worldwide who have gained distinction from the ADAA.

Event Schedule 6:30 p.m. Gallery Showcase 7:30 p.m. Awards Ceremony 9:00 p.m. Champagne Toast and Meet the Winners Gallery Showcase

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Host and Masters of Ceremonies HOST


Peter Isaacson

Emily Oberman and Bonnie Siegler

Company: Adobe Title: Vice President of worldwide education

Peter Isaacson is the vice president of worldwide education for Adobe Systems. Isaacson oversees a team of business and marketing professionals focusing on K-12 and Higher Education, as well as curriculum, certification and professional development. Prior to Adobe, Isaacson held a Vice President position with Ammirati Puris Lintas, managing advertising and brand positioning accounts for clients such as Compaq in the enterprise, desktop, networking, portable and consumer segments, and Chesebrough Pond’s for its Brut and Mentadent products. Isaacson holds a B.S. Degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Company: Number Seventeen Title: Cofounders

Emily Oberman and Bonnie Siegler founded Number Seventeen—a multidisciplinary design studio working in television, film, print, and the web—in the summer of 1993. Some of their recent work includes all collateral for the National September 11 Memorial and Museum; titles and logo for Saturday Night Live; conceptualization and design of the; the book for Sex and the City, the Movie; creative direction and design of Colors magazine; the creative direction and design of Lucky magazine; and the identity/packaging for Homemade Baby organic baby food. In their spare time, they teach at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and the School of Visual Arts.

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Judges Emily Chang

David Gensler

Adrian Johnson

Company: Ideacodes Title: Designer and cofounder

Company: Keystone Design Union Title: Cofounder and acting president of KDU

Company: Adrian Johnson Ltd. Title: Illustrator

Emily Chang is an award-winning designer, technology strategist, and cofounder of Ideacodes, a web consultancy in San Francisco that she started with Max Kiesler. Emily writes about design, user experience, and next generation web at She‘s also the creator of eHub and PicoCool. Her expertise ranges from interaction design to social software, strategy, and startups.

A strategist, designer and creative director, Gensler is also cofounder and acting President of the Keystone Design Union (KDU), a private global design collective. KDU spans 30 countries and consists of over 500 members from a wide variety of art, design, and business backgrounds.

London-based illustrator Adrian Johnson draws stuff and sometimes gets paid to do it. Amongst his many clients are Paul Smith, Mastercard, Sony, The New York Times, 2K, and The Guardian (UK). Described as "simple, sophisticated, and sometimes plain silly," Johnson‘s work is constantly evolving, juxtaposing satirical wit, bold graphic compositions, and a unique charm.

Joshua Davis

Eric John

Maya Kopytman

Company: Joshua Davis Studios Title: Artist, designer, technologist

Company: Forum Nokia Title: Marketing director

Company: C&G Partners Title: Associate partner

Joshua Davis is a New York–based artist, designer, and technologist. He was winner of the highest honor in international digital art and design in 2001, the Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica in the net excellence category. He travels the world speaking at conferences and workshops, and teaches at the School of Visual Arts.

Eric John is responsible for marketing at Forum Nokia, the leading mobile developer support program with over three million members, providing education, software development tools and documentation, community and channel support. Eric previously man-aged Yahoo!‘s performance marketing platforms. During his tenure there, Eric helped establish Yahoo! as a leader in interactive promotional marketing.

Maya Kopytman is an associate partner at C&G Partners where she leads the Company‘s interactive design practice. Maya has received numerous awards, among them the prestigious "Gold Pencil" from the One Show Interactive. Prior to joining C&G Partners, she was a senior vice president at IconNicholson. Maya holds a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and an MFA from Pratt Institute.

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Michael Lebowitz Company: Big Spaceship Title: Cofounder and CEO Michael Lebowitz is the cofounder and CEO of Big Spaceship, a digital creative agency in Brooklyn, New York. Founded on the principals of collaboration, innovation, and dedication to quality, Michael and Big Spaceship have garnered countless accolades, including the highly coveted Cannes Lion, One Show, Clio, and Webby awards.

Tina Roth Eisenberg

Joan Raspo

Company: Swissmiss Studio Title: Principal, designer

Joan Raspo is an independent filmmaker, designer, and educator in New York City. She was previously executive creative director for Digital Kitchen NY where she directed live action, animation and motion graphics projects for a wide array of clients. Currently, she hangs her hat at Parsons The New School for Design teaching conceptual art and video.

Tina Roth Eisenberg grew up in mountainous Switzerland, influenced by renowned Swiss design and a lot of fresh air. She has worked at several prominent New York City design Companys, including Thinkmap, Inc., where she designed the award-winning Visual Thesaurus. Tina is often referred to as "swissmiss," her popular design blog and design studio.

Title: Independent filmmaker, designer, educator

Rebeca Méndez

Stan Szymanski

Armin Vit

Company: Rebeca Méndez Design Title: Designer, artist, professor

Company: Sony Pictures Imageworks Title: Sr. vice president digital production

Company: UnderConsideration Title: Cofounder

Rebeca Méndez is a designer, exhibiting artist, and professor at UCLA Design | Media Art Department where her research emphasizes critical reflections on visual communication practices. Her studio, Rebeca Méndez Design is a multidisciplinary studio focused on design for art and architecture. Clients include Frank Gehry, Thom Mayne, and Bill Viola. Her work has been exhibited at the National Design Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), and Centre Pompidou.

Stan Szymanski supervises the overall direction and day-to-day operation of digital production, the largest department at Imageworks. He is responsible for computer graphics supervisors and digital artists of all types. During Szymanski‘s tenure, Imageworks has created the visual effects for all three Spider-Man films, The Polar Express, Cast Away, and more.

Born in Mexico City, Armin is a graphic designer and writer in Brooklyn, New York. He teaches at the School of Visual Arts and lectures on a range of topics in a range of locations. He is cofounder of UnderConsideration and its myriad sites and runs its department of design.

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2,775 submis

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issions Browser Based Design Non-Browser Based Design Designer/Developer Collaboration Installation Design Mobile Design Animation Live Action Motion Graphics Illustration Packaging Photography Print Communication

Browser-Based Design Students were asked to submit entries designed for participant interaction such as experience design, websites developed using cascading style sheets (CSS), user interface design, and eLearning projects. | p. 10


Vivian Selbo Company: Slate Magazine Title: Design director

Vivian Selbo is the design director of Slate. She has also created websites for Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), SFMOMA, the Walker Art Center, PBS P.O.V., and Eyebeam, among others. She began working online as the interface director of the multiple-award-winning site, now part of the Walker Art Center‘s permanent collection.


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Diana Luis Antunes Coming from sunny Portugal, web designer Diana Luis Antunes studied new technologies of communication at University of Aveiro, where she graduated in 2007. She worked as a trainee for three months at Brandia Central in Lisbon.

Diana now works as a freelance web designer and studies psychology at University of Coimbra. As a music student since the age of eight, her work reflects inspiration from music, art, technology, and cognitive exploration. Muxicall is art,

music, color, communication, and technology all blended together. Muxicall is universal communication, just like musical language.

Title: Muxicall School: Universidade de Coimbra


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JR Fabito JR Fabito΄s love for Adobe Flash® software, designer toys, and all things quirky led him to create his nominated project, Paper Critters. In doing so, he received his master of fine arts degree in computer arts-new media from the Academy of Art University in 2007 where

can‘t believe they pay him he focused on interactive design, development, usability, money for it. and new media. JR is from the San Francisco Bay Area and currently lives and works in Santa Monica, California.He gets to make cool stuff and play with Flash all day at RED Interactive Agency where he

Title: Paper Critters School: Academy of Art University


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Hyebin Park and Jhoo Young Cha Hyebin Park and Jhoo Young Cha study visual communication design at Seoul National University in South Korea. For the past two years they have worked together as illustrators for the school newspaper. They have also worked together on various

projects with a focus on both graphic design and animation, and their particular interest is in highlighting social issues. If the world were a village of 100 people represents their design perspective. Hyebin hopes to combine her interest in graphic design with art and illustration

to communicate her message by creating visual narratives. Jhoo Young would like to focus on motion graphics using her own hand-drawn illustrations.

Title: If the world were a village of 100 people School: Seoul National University

Non-BrowserBased Design Students entered interactive projects intended to be delivered via a computer without web access such as interactive kiosks, software training modules, computer games, and other focused software applications. | p. 14


Zander Brimijoin Company: Big Spaceship Title: Art director

Zander Brimijoin brings eight years of twisted animation and web experience to Big Spaceship. His graduate, professional, and independent work reflects his persistent focus to meld motion graphics and interactivity. His projects include music videos, pachinko minigolf, fusball sensor rigs, stop-motion and experiencedriven websites.


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Jae Chul Bae Jae Chul Bae was born and raised in South Korea. His first position as a graphic designer was at Postvisual, a communication design Company in Seoul. Jae Chul then moved on to BEAM Interactive & Relationship Marketing in Boston, where his

creative thinking was further challenged and refined. He is interested in interactive narrative and emotional design for storytelling, and complex information in our lives. Jae Chul is currently attending the Dynamic Media Institute master of fine arts in design

program at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Title: Mapping "narrative": La JetĂŠe + Twelve Monkeys School: The Massachusetts College of Art and Design


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Leilah Rampa Leilah Rampa was born and raised in Switzerland but left the country at the age of 17 for a language-exchange program in the U.S. She recently earned her master of fine arts degree in graphic design from the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Art and Design. Prior

and improve our everyday life to moving to Chicago, Leilah worked as an editorial cartoon- for the better. ist for a small newspaper in Alabama where she also earned her bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design at Jacksonville State University. Leilah believes that design is a powerful tool that can liberate people

Title: Morphing Chicago Transit Map School: University of Illinois at Chicago

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Designer/Developer Collaboration This category was optimized for teams that include both designers and application developers but includes individuals as well. Students were asked to submit applications that can run inside the browser or on the desktop (using Adobe AIR™ software). | p. 18


Kathleen Forde Company: Experimental Media Title: Curator, time-based arts

Kathleen Forde is the curator for time-based arts at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) in Troy, New York. She concurrently curates on a freelance basis for various organizations around the world. Kathleen was previously the curatorial director for live arts and new media for the Goethe Forum in Berlin.


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Jonnie Hallman Jonnie Hallman is a designer and programmer from Baltimore, Maryland. His mantra is "Destroy Today". To destroy today is to make the most of the day—destruction as a form of creation. Jonnie is a thirdyear digital design major at the Maryland Institute College

these studies make up the of Art. In the first half of his body of his website, third year, he made an agreement with the Graphic Design department chair to develop a major that would bridge the gap between graphic design and interactive media through a series of independent studies. The work produced during

Title: DestroyFlickr School: Maryland Institute College of Art


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Catarina Pereira, Lee Byron, Chris Michaelides, Paul Robare, and Steve Won Catarina Pereira was born in Portugal and has a background in multimedia design. She is pursuing a master's degree in human-computer interaction. Lee Byron recently graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree in industrial design. Chris Michaelides

has a background in jazz performance. Paul Robare has a background in program management. Chris and Paul are both working on a master's degree in interaction design. Steve Won is originally from South Korea and has a background in compu-

ter science. He is pursuing a master's degree in humancomputer interaction. They all met in a Carnegie Mellon University design class where they teamed up and spent seven weeks together to create Flirtastic!: a fun way to meet new people using video messaging.

Title: Flirtastic! School: Carnegie Mellon University


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Won-young So

Won-young So, born in Korea, is majoring in visual communication design at Kookmin University. He is very interested in the interactive media environment and media art scene, especially the complex systems that arise from simple factors. Won-young believes

that new media can emotionally connect modern people to each other, so he likes to design not only userfriendly, but visually impressive interfaces that anyone can easily use. He loves to cross boundaries between graphic design, art, software engineering,

physical computing, and music. Won-young wants to be known as an "artisan" or "designeer" rather than a "designer".

Title: TypeSQL - Typeface Connection Visualization School: Kookmin University

Installation Design Students were asked to submit exhibit designs, art projects that involve viewer interaction, interactive wayfinding systems, retail interiors that require interactivity, and other work that digitally evokes a physical environment for viewer participation. | p. 22


Fanny Krivoy Company: Schematic Title: Senior vice president of experience design

As senior vice president of experience design in Schematic’s New York office, Fanny is responsible for leveraging her robust client experience to deliver engaging solutions. Fanny came to Schematic from Renegade where she was executive creative director and worked with many clients including Panasonic, Technics, HSBC Bank, Ravenswood Ravenswood Family Health Center and DoubleClick. Prior to Renegade she lead the design group at Organic and served as creative director for Reebok, Armani Exchange, the Tribeca Film Festival, the MONY Group and others. Fanny studied design at Instituto de Diseùo in Caracas, Venezuela and holds a degree in graphic and typographic design from the London College of Communication. Her work has been published in Venezuela, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


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Dofl Y.H. Yun, Hyeyoung Eun, and Sung Hee Ma Interactive developer and designer Dofl Y. H. Yun received a bachelor of arts degree in landscape architecture from Kyungpook National University. He has been creating interactive work for more than seven years. Hyeyoung Eun is a Londonbased interaction designer with

a graphic design background; she received her bachelor of arts and master of arts degrees in communication design from Hongik University. Hyeyoung loves to study sensor technology. Web designer Sung Hee Ma graduated from Konyang University with a bachelor of arts in visual

communication, where she had extensive hands-on experience working with multimedia. In 2007 and 2008, the three studied together in the Master of Interactive Media course at the London College of Communication where they collaborated and inspired each other on the ensemble project.

Title: Ensemble - Interactive Musical Instruments School: London College of Communication


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Freddie Yauner Freddie Yauner was born in 1982 in North London. He received bachelor of arts degree in design for industry from Northumbria University, then he attended the Royal College of Art to study for his master of arts degree in design products and graduated

this summer. Signs of life is a reactive fire exit sign, giving us a look into the lives of overworked pictograms. We spend our lives being directed by signs, but what do the signs get up to when they have no one to tell what to do? This piece was first made for an

Title: signs of life School: Royal College of Art

exhibition in a hotel, where Yauner associated with the unseen workers in the hotel— the overworked and underpaid.


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Jiyeon Song Jiyeon Song graduated in 2007 from Art Center College of Design with a master of arts degree in media design, after studying visual communication at Ewha Womans University in Korea. For her master’s thesis project at the Art Center College of Design, she created

a new method to communicate messages in space with light and shadows. Jiyeon is currently looking for possible applications to use her invention, not only commercially but also in artistic environments.

Title: One Day Poem Pavilion School: Art Center College of Design

9:00 am

10:30 am

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12:00 pm

Mobile Design For life on the move, students submitted games, animated ads, widgets, websites, experiences, and more — all designed exclusively for handheld mobile devices.

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Tamas Banovich Company: Postmasters Gallery Title: Director/curator

Tamas Banovich is co-owner of Postmasters Gallery. Recognizing the emergence of a new creative language, he has organized exhibitions of digital media art since 1996. In 1999, Banovich launched a project with a disruptively new network concept, and founded netomat, a network and mobile communication software Company based on it. As new media technologies become integrated into the art world, Banovich sets his sights on illuminating emerging cultural phenomena.


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Valentina Venza, Valeria Donati and Maria Tasca Valentina Venza is an Italian interaction designer. She started with an infatuation for art that later grew into a love of graphic design and programming. Valentina studied visual communication in Milan and Venice. Valeria Donati has a degree in industrial design

from La Sapienza University of Rome and she studied graphics at Lusiada University in Lisbon. Valeria is specializing in visual and multimedia communication at IUAV University of Venice, and is passionate about corporate/brand image and interaction design.

Maria Tasca studied design in Milan until she decided to live by the sea. Maria then moved to Venice, where she is currently extending her knowledge (and love) of corporate identity, print, and interaction design.

Title: What‘s cooking? School: IUAV University of Venice


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Chia-Ying Lin and Jing Zheng Chia-Ying (Erin) Lin was born and raised in Taiwan. Before she came to New York to study for her master's degree, she worked in Taipei, Taiwan as a software engineer in the knowledge management industry. She recently received her master of fine arts degree

in design and technology from Parsons The New School for Design and is working as a multimedia designer. ChiaYing has worked on interface innovation, interactivity, and digital visualization projects. Mandarin Learning Application was developed with the

support of Jing Zheng who designed the character for the application. She recently graduated from Parsons The New School for Design receiving a master of fine arts degree in design and technology.

Title: Mandarin Learning Application School: Parsons The New School for Design, New School University


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Marc Osswald Marc Osswald was born in Bavaria, Germany. He started his professional education at the Institute of Art and Design in Neustadt at the Waldnaab in 2004 and one year later began his studies in communication design at the Schw채bian Gm체nd University of Design.

create motion graphics and To expand his cross-cultural interactive media. design experience, he participated in the Turin International Summer School and completed an exchange semester in England at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth. In the future Marc would like to be a pictogram and logo designer and

Title: MyCard School: Schw채bian Gm체nd University of Design

Animation In this category, students were asked to submit a narrative character-based animation or experimental work of animation. Entries could include any combination of computer-generated graphics, visual effects, or digital reproductions of drawn images. | p. 30


Todd St. John Company: HunterGatherer Title: Animator and filmmaker

Todd St. John is an artist, designer, and filmmaker living in New York City. He grew up on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. His work consistently spans many different mediums, including drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking, and animation. St. John produces both commercial and experimental work through HunterGatherer, the studio/workshop that he founded in 2000. He has created animations, illustrations, and graphics for everyone from MTV to Money Mark to The New York Times. In 1994, while living in California, St. John cofounded the graphic T-shirt label, Green Lady, with Gary Benzel. St. John regularly has work published, broadcast, and exhibited internationally, and was included in the 2003 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial. He teaches as a graduate critic at the Yale School of Art.


| p. 31

Rafael Sommerhalder and Zhe Wu Rafael Sommerhalder was born in Zurich, Switzerland. He studied film at ECAL, University of Art and Design in Lausanne and tried to get his head around live-action cinema but eventually got caught in animation. Rafael worked for a while in the real world and founded

a tiny production Company with a friend doing a variety of things with moving images. Then, a few years later, he had the desire to learn a bit more and meet some new people. In 2007, Rafael moved to London and started studying animation at the Royal College of

Title: Flowerpots School: Royal College of Art

Art. Flowerpots is his first-year project. The film was mixed by Zhe Wu who is currently studying sound post production at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) in London.


| p. 32

Chia-Chien Mai Chia-Chien Mai was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. She started her creative studies in graphic design. While studying at the Ming Chuan University in Taiwan, Chia-Chien fell in love with telling a story with just a single still image. After graduating, she moved to New York

culture, Chia-Chien's work is to pursue a master of fine arts a fusion of different styles of degree in computer art at the School of Visual Arts. She found visualization. that adding the elements of time and sound enhanced her graphic design; she now devotes herself to motion graphics and animation. Influenced by eastern and western

Title: Broken Rainbow School: School of Visual Arts


| p. 33

Tatchapon Lertwirojkul Tatchapon Lertwirojkul was born in Bangkok. When he was 18 years old, he was accepted into an undergraduate architecture program. He graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in architecture in 2001 and worked as an architect for five years. Tatchapon was

introduced to 3D animation for 2007 and is now working as architectural visualization. Since a freelance graphic artist for then, he has been addicted to several companies in New York. the 3D world as a new tool for presenting his concepts, and decided to improve his skills by pursuing a master’s degree at the School of Visual Arts. Tatchapon graduated in March

Title: Simulacra School: School of Visual Arts

Live Action Student filmmakers, stand up. This category required producing a narrative or non-narrative short film or video, a short documentary, or a commercial shot on video and edited with optional use of special effects. | p. 34


Kevin Robinson Company: Fresh Paint Title: Creative director, partner

Kevin Robinson is founder and creative director of Fresh Paint, a design, animation, and production Company.


| p. 35

Mathias Kohl and Christoph Schulte After finishing high school, Mathias Kohl, who had taken photos as a boy, apprenticed as a photographer and started to work. Christoph Schulte, who grew up experimenting with tape recorders and video cams, briefly studied media and IT at the University of L端beck before

working as a freelancer. In 2005, Mathias and Christoph met at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences, where they are studying media design, with a concentration in film and animation. In 2007, Christoph attended the Ball State University Graduate Storytelling

Program in Indiana and earned his Pro Tools Certification. In August 2008, Mathias will begin studies at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.

Title: Joe Diamond School: Mainz University of Applied Sciences

Motion Graphics Nothing moves audiences like movement. This category includes, literally, work that moves, such as combinations of composited text, moving images, stills, and live action in film trailers, commercials, public service announcements, and brand identity. | p. 36


Karin Fong Company: Imaginary Forces Title: Director

Karin Fong directs and designs for film, television, and environments. Before joining Imaginary Forces in 1994, Karin studied art at Yale and worked at WGBH Boston. Her reel includes title sequences for the feature films Charlotte’s Web, Ray, The Cat in the Hat, Daredevil, and Charlie’s Angels. She has also directed TV commercials for Honda, Janus, Chevrolet, and Herman Miller. Other work includes art installations and experience design pieces for the Wynn Las Vegas Lake of Dreams Show, the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, and the LA Opera.


| p. 37

Tal Gliks Graphic designer and animator Tal Gliks was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. He was always interested in the arts and playing the base guitar. After military service as a navy paramedic, Tal studied visual communications at the Holon Institute of Technology.

In 2006, he moved to Barcelona to pursue a master's degree in motion graphics in BAU, Escola Superior de Disseny. There Tal created the opening titles for the Barcelona OFFF Festival. This piece was very personal, influenced by his new life in Barcelona‘s

old Gothic quarter. The soundtrack is a mix from the German duo Booka Shade’s song "Lost High" (Physical Music).

Title: OFFF Festival Opening Credits School: BAU, Escola Superior de Disseny


| p. 38

Cole Nielsen, Jeremy Ames, Micah Anderson, Matthew Chrislip, Chris Cosby, Sam Gray, Adam Johnson, Joshua Kessie, Ashley Mackay, and Archie Sessions At the bottom of the hill— beneath the bustle and camaraderie of campus life at Brigham Young University— the Amanda Knight Hall sits majestically, nestled quietly beneath a giant oak tree. She is beautiful, though there are few who know of her on the

hill. Behind Amanda‘s doors and within her hallowed halls, however, the sleep-deprived graphic design students call her nooks and crannies ‘home.’ Here they study the rules and relationships of their art. Here they fall in love with counters and small caps. Here, in the

bosom of Amanda Knight‘s Halls, they become tried and tested "typophilers."

Title: Typophile Film Festival 4 Opening Credits School: Brigham Young University


| p. 39

Ryan Uhrich and Marcos Ceravolo Ryan Uhrich and Marcos ‘Boca’ Ceravolo both came from diverse backgrounds and crossed paths while attending the Digital Design program at Vancouver Film School (VFS). Ryan grew up in Edmonton, Canada and Boca in São Paulo, Brazil. They quickly became

good friends and learned that their artistic styles and technical skills were compatible. Determined to make the most of their time at VFS, Ryan and Boca created successful motion graphic animations, using a variety of techniques. With Duelity, Marcos and Ryan

aimed to amaze the audience by presenting an intriguing concept with astonishing graphics and solid art direction.

Title: Duelity School: Vancouver Film School

Illustration Students were asked to submit art that pictorially clarifies, explains, or informs. Genres included editorial, book, technical, scientific, and architectural illustration.

| p. 40


Nicholas Blechman Company: The New York Times Title: Art director

Nicholas Blechman is the art director of The New York Times Book Review, and an internationally recognized illustrator whose clients include The New Yorker, Dwell, and IBM. He has taught design at Maryland Institute College of Art, and is a member of Alliance Graphique International. His most recent book is Forecast.


| p. 41

Jacky Tsai Jacky Tsai grew up in Shanghai, China. He completed his bachelor of arts degree with distinction at the China Academy of Art and Design. Jacky was determined to explore cultural fusion with his unique artistic approach while he pursued a master of arts

degree in communication at Central Saint Martins, London. His art maintains a balance between traditional eastern drawing and western contemporary art. He uses the most delicate Chinese embroidery on silk fabric as inspiration for his artwork, raising his

creations to a new level. Jacky was honored by having several of his artworks featured in the Alexander McQueen fashion show in Italy.

Title: Jacky‘s Design Works 2008 School: Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design


| p. 42

Dongjoo Seo Dongjoo Seo was born in Seoul, Korea. In 2001, he entered Kookmin University to study graphic design. After two years of military service (2003–2005), he began studying graphic design and art in earnest. He makes experimental movies, motion graphics,

2D graphics, and drawings. Dongjoo studies and creates various kinds of media because he believes that every part of design and art is interconnected and the combinations are themselves interesting artworks. He is now preparing his graduate exhibition,

Title: Empty Space School: Kookmin University

scheduled for October in Seoul. One of his exhibition works is Empty Space—he would like to further develop this piece in various forms.


| p. 43

Eric Collins Illustrator Eric Collins was born in Norfolk, Virginia. He has fond memories of creating art since he was capable of holding a pencil. At 18, Eric studied illustration at Virginia Commonwealth University. During the summer of 2002, he discovered a unique oppor-

tunity to involve himself in an intense training program through the Illustration Academy. In 2006, Eric moved to New York after being accepted into the master's program at the School of Visual Arts. His recent project involves creating images inspired by a

Grimm’s fairy tale called "The Three Snake Leaves," a story about cheating death and unavoidable fate.

Title: The Three Snake Leaves School: School of Visual Arts

Packaging This category wraps it up. Students were asked to enter product labels, product boxes, bags, or on-shelf merchandising.

| p. 44


Debbie Millman Company: Sterling Brands Title: President, design

Debbie Millman has worked in the design business for 24 years. She is a partner and president of the Design division at Sterling Brands. In her 12 years at Sterling Brands, she has worked on the redesign of global brands for Pepsi, Gillette, Unilever, Colgate, Kimberly Clark, Nestle, and Campbell’s. In 2005, she began hosting the first weekly radio talk show about design on the Internet. The show is titled Design Matters with Debbie Millman and is featured on the Voice America Business Network.


| p. 45

Tseng-Chih Huang, Yu-Hsuan Chou, Han-Wen Hsieh, and Wei-Chen Shen on several designs in various The four finalists come from classes, including their senior various parts of Taiwan. They thesis project. met at Mingchi University of Technology and became friends. They found that each of them had different strengths and talents—cooperation seemed to be the perfect choice. They worked as a team

Title: Lih Shi Tsen‘s Traditional Chinese Medicine Gift Packaging Design School: Mingchi University of Technology


| p. 46

Eulie Lee Eulie Lee was born in Seoul, Korea. During her undergraduate years at Seoul National University, she had a chance to study video art in New Zealand as an exchange student, and had a book published, which she cowrote with her friend after traveling around Europe

for 80 days. In 2006, Eulie started another foreign expedition in New York, pursuing a master‘s degree in communication design at Pratt Institute. She is having fun in this hectic city, reconfirming her love for design every day, interviewing numerous creative directors

Title: Mayrah Wine School: Pratt Institute

for her thesis, and designing premature obituaries of living celebrities for People magazine.


| p. 47

Strahan McMullen Strahan McMullen began his design career at a weekly alternative newspaper, quickly becoming the senior designer. In 2005, he created Studio 451, a full-service graphic design studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In late 2006, Strahan entered the graphic

design program at Art Center College of Design where he earned an achievement-based scholarship. In the summer of 2008, he interned at the Landor corporate office in San Francisco, quickly taking active design roles for international designs. Strahan currently has

designs appearing in national publications such as Metropolis Magazine, Dwell, and Trend magazines.

Title: Thievery Corporation Music Collection School: Art Center College of Design

Photography This is where the true digital artists show up. Students were asked to submit photographs that had been manipulated, enhanced, or otherwise creatively altered with Adobe software.

| p. 48


Mike Ruiz Company: Mike Ruiz Photography Title: Photographer

Aside from having made his feature film directorial debut in 2007 with the uproarious comedy Starrbooty Mike Ruiz has recently penned a deal to be the exclusive cover photographer for Jenna Jameson’s series of erotic tales. His work has appeared in countless national and international magazines and he’s currently working on a book of collaborations with various artists and illustrators.


| p. 49

John Sloan John Sloan is a photographer who lives in Bellingham, Washington. He just completed a bachelor of fine arts degree in photography at Western Washington University and also holds a degree in computer science, which he completed in 2004. His photographs often

involve conceptual themes that take place at the fuzzy intersection of memory and dreams. Over the last year, his photographs have been exhibited both nationally and internationally as well as being published in numerous magazines and newspapers.

John`s plans for the future are to continue developing his work and to begin the application process to enter an a master of fine arts.

Title: Selections from Sophia‘s Drama School: Western Washington University


| p. 50

Matt Sartain Matt Sartain grew up in California and received a bachelor of arts in English while taking a lot of photography classes at a nearby community college. When he graduated he moved to San Francisco to pursue a master's degree in photography. Being at the

Academy of Art exposed him to some new and interesting aspects of photography— namely the influence of retouching. He soon realized that he was no longer restricted to the mimetic nature of photography and that he could execute whatever he could

imagine. Matt looks forward to continuing to create images that inspire the imagination with a bit of charming absurdity.

Title: We Are On A Journey School: Academy of Art University


| p. 51

Ian Aleksander Adams Ian Aleksander Adams currently resides in Savannah, Georgia, where he works on his various projects. His obsession with information, visual and otherwise, has led him to achieve awards, publication, and international exhibitions. Ian is also currently running

is available for viewing online, two curated projects at with portfolios and a resume, at and "What Isn’t Art" is a slowly building searchable database of opinion on the nature of art. "Knees Are Weird" is an international call for entries with knees as a launching point. Ian's work

Title: Bad News School: Savannah College of Art and Design

Print Communications Single Page: Entries in the print communications category included posters, series of single-page posters, logos, flyers, invitations, or single-page print advertisements. Multipage: Entries included books, catalogs, newspapers, and all kinds of bound documents. | p. 52



Debra Bishop

Bob Wagner

Company: MoreÂŽ Magazine Title: Vice president and creative director

Company: Xerox Creative Services Business Title: Vice president

Debra Bishop is the creative director for More magazine. She was formerly vice president at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, where she worked on numerous publications including Blueprint, Martha Stewart Baby and Kid’s: Fun Stuff To Do Together, Body + Soul magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, and the catalog, Martha By Mail. She has won awards from the Society of Publication Design (SPD), the Type Directors Club, the Art Directors Club, AIGA and American Photo. She was given the prestigious design award from ASME for her work on Martha Stewart Kids, and Kids: Fun Stuff to do Together was awarded Magazine of the Year, by the SPD, two years in a row.

Bob is responsible for the marketing of advanced digital printing solutions to creative services businesses worldwide, including advertising agencies, direct marketing firms, graphic design studios and public relations companies. Prior to joining Xerox Corporation in 1991, Bob was a vice president / account director at Young & Rubicam Advertising. He holds an MBA in marketing from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and a BA in communications from Seton Hall University. He is an adjunct faculty member of RIT, where he teaches a Multimedia Strategies course at its School of Print Media.


| p. 53

Stefan Br채utigam Stefan Br채utigam was born in Marburg, Germany. After graduating from school and doing community service, Stefan completed an internship at a design agency in Frankfurt. He then enrolled in the communication design program at the Mainz University of Applied

Sciences. As a student, he completed several design classes, including typography, type design, corporate design, information design, illustration, creative writing, 2D and 3D animation, and photography. Stefan spent one semester studying abroad in Melbourne

at the Swinburne National School of Design. In his work OVERNEWSED BUT UNINFORMED he focuses on information design and typography.

Title: OVERNEWSED BUT UNINFORMED School: Mainz University of Applied Sciences


| p. 54

Kyong Eun Kim Graphic designer Kyong Eun Kim grew up in Korea where university entrance exams are extremely competitive. Fortunately, in high school she encountered a beautifully designed series of handmade books that inspired her to study design. Understanding

the power of design, she was admitted to Kookmin University and has been studying visual communication design. Because of her great curiosity about other creative areas and their processes, she has been working in architecture, the local music scene, and think

tanks. Kyong Eun will graduate this year and is looking forward to more adventures.

Kookmin University Visual Communication Design Graduation Show 2007 School: Kookmin University Title:


| p. 55

Gretchen Nash Gretchen Nash was born and raised in the midwestern town of Saginaw, Michigan. Her middle and high school studies were focused around the fine arts, which laid a strong foundation for her undergraduate studies in graphic design

at the California Institute of the Arts. Gretchen's design practice incorporates multiple mediums, constantly mixing handmade and digital elements. To keep things exciting and unexpected, she is careful to never constrain the possible outcome of any

given project. Keeping an open mind, Gretchen currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Title: Dear Gretchen School: California Institute of the Arts


| p. 56

Paul Grabowski Paul Grabowski was born in 1983 in Chorz처w, Poland; Silesia to be exact. He and his family moved to Germany when he was five years old. Because his hometown used to be German in the past, they soon received German citizenship. Though raised in Germany, he and his

younger brother kept their Silesiac roots. Paul received his university-entrance diploma in 2003, and then worked in an alternative civilian service job. He began studying communication design in W체rzburg in 2004. In 2007, Paul completed an internship at J. Walter

Thompson in Frankfurt am Main, where he worked for six months. Paul will graduate with a degree in communication design in February 2009.

Title: TDC NY on the drupa 2008 School: W체rzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences


| p. 57

Ken Meier and David Yun Ken Meier is a graphic designer from Chicago currently based in New York City. He met and collaborated with David Yun while pursuing a master of fine arts in graphic design from Yale University. Ken’s focus is on work for the arts and cultural

sector and he is the recipient of a 2008 Type Directors Club typography award. He has also been featured in Computer Arts and idN magazines. David was awarded the Barry Cohen Scholarship in recognition of outstanding work by a student from New York City and his

work has been featured in exhibitions at Yale School of Art and Artspace in New Haven, Connecticut.

Title: No Independent Thought School: Yale University


| p. 58

John Passafiume A recent graduate of Indiana University and aspiring little league baseball scout, John Passafiume has squandered copious amounts of spare time into the budding eight-yearold prospect circuit. Despite many wasted hours, his work has been recognized by the Art

Directors Club, Print magazine, Graphis, Dallas Society of Visual Communications (DSVC), and the American Advertising Federation. A once promising tennis career has been replaced with variously successful design-related endeavors—a development owed in part to

his collaborations with one Daniel Simon of Studio Simon. He is a resident of Louisville, Kentucky but (sadly) does not own a horse.

Title: (Process) School: Indiana University Bloomington

| p. 59

| p. 60

Honorable Mentions Noriaki Okada | Derek Olson | Tim Stutts | Andrew Tan | Che-Wei Wang | Yan-Ting Chen | Nat Dart | Elena Tree | Philip Vose | Jason Fawcett | Nathan Freise | Adam Freise | Randy Del Rosario | Bill Ferenc | Han-yee Jang | Dai Woong Kim | Joram Salisbury | Chong Wei Cong | Devon Gibbs | Yan-Ting Chen | Peng Cheong Foo | Li Mei Tan | Kaitlyn Emerson | Parris Whittingham | Yingli Xu | Annie Chen | Minsun Eo | Yangseop Joo | Jakyoung Min | Stefan Ruetz |

| p. 61

Acknowledgements: The Adobe Design Achievement Awards Advisory Board Erik Adigard Gail Anderson Anne Connell Hillman Curtis Richard Doust Gloria Lee Laura Silva Richard Weinberg

M-A-D SpotCo Carnegie Mellon University hillmancurtis, inc Royal College of Art University of Texas at Austin Art Center College of Design University of Southern California

The generous companies that provided studio tours for the finalists AKQA C&G Partners frog design inc. karlssonwilker inc. Mucca Open Studio Pentagram SpotCo The Barbarian Group Eyebeam OpenLab Trollb채ck + Company WDDG

| p. 62

Special Thanks to the 2008 ADAA Sponsors Category Sponsors

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Ho-yeon Kang | Derek Kapa | Matt Kelm | Ah-young Kim | Chul Hwee Kim | Dae-Il Kim | Eunyoung Kim | Jeongho Kim | Kyong Eun Kim | Suhyun Kim | Sarah Kleinschmidt | John Knoebber | Oleksandra Korobova | Christopher Kosek | Kate Koyama | Tatiana Krasovski | Bea Krämer | Ryan Krause | Maya Krauss | Jason Kuhrt | Kathryn Kuo | Elena La Placa | Jihad Lahham | Barry Lane | Nick LaShure | Caroline Latawiec | Stephanie Laursen | Jonathan Lawrence | Christopher Le | David Lee | Eulie Lee | Eunsang Lee | Hye Jin Lee | Hyun-Tae Lee | Janet Lee | Kyung Min Lee | Mindy Lee | Shine Lee | Juan Leguizamon | Katherine Lemley | Kevin Leng Ker Lun | Jennifer Levreault | Amun Levy | Chun Yeong Liang | Adam Lonczynski | Elizabeth Lose | Edward Lovett | Pamela Lucian | Benjamin Luoma | Sara Mantle | Aletti Marx | Katrina Mascho | Kate McCarthy | Terrence McCarthy | Brad McNally | Ken Meier | Jakyoung Min | Joonkee Min | Elizabeth Mock | Jessica Moffett | Grace Montoya | Phello Moorosi | Sujatha Moraes | Justin Morgan | Rachel Mui | Hanna Myeong | Sang-Uk Na | Gretchen Nash | Jennifer Nelson | Michael Nesmith | Jared Nietfeld | Christina O`Connor | Kyungmin Oh | Harumi Okoshi | Zeynep Orbay | Nikelle Orellana | Dale Owen | Evan Palmer | Carol Pan | Anton Panajon | Hyebin Park | Seung Park | John Passafiume | Sumit Paul | Kimberley Pereira | Jessica Piccirilli | Larry Pipitone | Andrea Pippins | Ellen Poirier | Gavin Potenza | Juliana Press | Dan Price | Shravan Rajagopal | Livio Rajh | Nivi Ramesh | Michael Reagan | Jennifer Rider | Keisha Ridwan | Phil Robinson | Benjamin Rocha | Tanesha Rogers | Gesine Rohrbeck | Daniel Romanoski | Stefan Ruetz | Michael Skylar Salisbury | Natalie Schultz | Jennifer Seal | Ari Segal | Wong Seng Yee | Sergio Serrano | David Shaulov | Kristen Shemanski | Daniel Shinn | Rebecca Siahaan | Martin Sitta | Julie Sledgister | Len Small | Octavia Soebiyanto | Jane Song | Rae Ann Spitzenberger | Jacob Starley | Eliana Stein | Ben Stevenson | Kathryn Stracquatanio | Liz Sung | Timothy Sutton | Lindsey Swopshire | Ho Yin Tang | Ryan Tatum | Brian Thomas | Kristy Tillman | John Transue | Bancha Tunthavorn | Jaime Van Wart | Suzan van Wyk | Pedro Veneroso | Tony Venne | Irinn Vinaiphat | Sara Wilde | John Wise | Rosanne Wong | May Wong Hui San | Wei Xiong | Ling-Ling Yang | Ting-Fang Yen | Amy Yip | Jongho Yoon | Young Jun You | Yeonjae Yuk | David Yun | Roxane Zargham | Christina Zee | Matthew Zeghibe |

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