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It’s a youth bow

WITH SOME VERY GROWN UP DNA. Don’t let the fact that Genesis® is considered a youth bow for one second give you the impression that this is a toy. Quite the contrary, Genesis happens to be the exclusive bow of the National Archery In The Schools Program (NASP, visit That means over 2-million kids (ages 7 to 18) shoot Genesis bows for fun and competition in over 9,000 schools across the country. Pretty grown up numbers if you ask us. Now there are some big boy facts worth mentioning here. For instance, the Genesis features a machined-aluminum 6061 T6 riser, machined aluminum Genesis cam and machined aluminum idler wheel, plus split composite limbs, a molded competition grip, a stainless steel cable guard, and a high-strength, durable bowstring – some fairly impressive components even by adult bow standards. Genesis is available in three models and nine popular colors. You can purchase just the bow or in a fully equipped kit – ready to go, sort of like your kids – except when it’s time for school.


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You get a lot more than family fun when you take home a new Genesis bow – you get a revolutionary piece of archery equipment. With a draw weight from 10 lbs. to 20 lbs., the Genesis appeals to kids from 5 to 50. That's because other compound bows that aren’t household names at the patent office, need to be adjusted for the individual draw length of the person who shoots it – and that means a trip to an archery pro shop, and less time shooting. Because of the Genesis’ unique, patented machined aluminum cam, there’s a draw length of up to 30” with no "let off", so it fits anyone and everyone without adjustment. It's literally the bow kids can't outgrow. That, and a host of other high-performance features, makes the Genesis the perfect bow for the entire family, once everyone’s done with their homework, of course.

Genesis FEATURES: • Zero Let-Off – Does not have to be adjusted for draw length – it fits anyone from kids to adults. • Machined Aluminum Genesis Cam • Machined T-6061 Aluminum Riser • Machined Aluminum Idler Wheel • Split Composite Limbs • Molded Competition Grip • Quick Replacement Arrow Rest • Drilled & Tapped for Accessories (sights, quiver, etc.) • Stainless Steel Cable Guard • High-Strength, Durable Bow String

The Official Bow Of:

The Genesis Bow has a draw weight from 10 lbs. to 20 lbs. and is certified compliant with the Consumer Products Safety Act of 2008.

Less BFF. More BPMs. Anything that gets kids away from the game console and out, moving around in the fresh air is good in our book. And few things can get a kid’s face out of a jelly worm jar and out the door faster than the promise of a great afternoon target shooting with a Genesis ® bow. But here comes the hard part, figuring out which model and color everyone in the family likes best. There's the original Genesis, the official bow of NASP, which comes in 9 hot color schemes. Or, you can pick the Genesis Mini that's just a tad smaller and lighter, designed for smaller framed youngsters, but still full-featured and available in 5 great colors – including pink. Finally, the Genesis Pro is a higher-powered version of the original, with a choice of the hottest new colors and the promise of lots of LOL.


Official bow of:

Genesis Mini:

The bow that started it all. Shot by over 2-million

Lighter, 6-inches shorter, with a lower draw

school kids, scouts and church groups, it's the

weight (6 – 12 pounds), this is the bow of

official (and only authorized) bow of the

choice for the younger set. A scaled-down

National Archery In The Schools Program

version of the original, the Genesis Mini

( and Centershot

features all of the same high-performance

Ministries (,

features, and comes in right- or

an interdenominational outreach ministry.

left-hand draw.

The original bow kids can't outgrow is available in right- or left-hand draw. Available in 9 color choices:

Available in 5 color choices:

Find more information about Genesis Bows and the many benefits archery can have on kids at

Genesis Kits: The Genesis and Genesis Mini are also available in complete, ready-to-shoot kits

Genesis Pro:

with a color-matched, durable vinyl tube quiver, color-matched

The Genesis Pro is identical to the original but

arm guard featuring reinforced,

with a higher draw weight (15 to 25 lbs.) and


draw stop (18 1/2 " to 30"). So, it's a little


beefier, a little faster and just a little more

target arrows, two multi-colored

bow for the older kids to shoot. Available

ringed target faces, and a copy of

in right- or left-hand draw.

the Genesis ® Owner's Manual

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that provides an easy-to-underAvailable in 3 color choices:

stand tutorial on how to safely get into the sport of archery with your new Genesis ® bow.

Each Genesis Kit includes: • Genesis® bow (Genesis or Genesis Mini) • Color-coordinated belt tube quiver and adjustable arm guard • 5 aluminum arrows • 2 archery target faces • Informative owners manual

Official bow of: 2035 Riley Road | Sparta, Wisconsin 54656 (608) 269-1779 Email:

Warranty: All Genesis Bows are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of one year to the original owner.

Genesis bows are covered by one or more of the following patents, with other patents pending: 5,368,006; 5,676,234; 5,752,496; 5,791,322; 5,809,982; 5,966,567; 6,446,619. | Š 2011 Brennan Industries

2011 Genesis Brochure  
2011 Genesis Brochure