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It takes much more than luck to be the dominant buck…what does it take to get to the top? If you’re Mathews, it’s a history of innovation and an unwavering dedication to making the world’s best bows.

Mathews…A history of innovation! It all started in 1992 when Mathews introduced the first single cam bow. The single cam system is the ultimate in pure simplicity. It has a multitude of advantages (more efficient, more forgiving, more accurate, faster, less recoil, less vibration, less noise, less maintenance, no synchronization problems). But Mathews didn’t stop there… Zebra ® ZS Twist TM bowstring (1994)

V-LOCK TM Zero Tolerance Limb Cup System (2003)

Lighter, shorter bows Harmonic Damping System TM




Perimeter Weighted Technology TM (1997)

StraightLine dual feed single cam

HP (High Performance) Cam (with ball bearings) The InLine Grip

String Suppressors TM (2002)


Parallel limb design

Ball Bearing Roller Guard




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Does “EVERYBODY” shoot a Mathews?... If you’re a hunter who wants the best or a 3-D tournament archer who wants to win, you shoot a Mathews.

Mathews wins more than ever before! In a year (2003) when other companies claimed to have superior technology, Mathews wins more than ever before. What does that tell you? Who makes the most accurate, high performance bows in the world? The numbers don’t lie. It’s Mathews!

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The new Mathews OUTBACK™

Let off

It’s quieter –

(65% available)

Mathews most parallel limbs ever The more parallel the two limbs, the more recoil is cancelled. And less recoil means less noise.

xle a e-to l x a x.) o r Speed pp without ” (a

1 /2 1 3 t Jus

New InLine Gripdefines centerline A wood inlay shows you the center of the grip to establish centerline. Also ergonomically superior.

the kick!

New camo!

It’s shorter — just 311/2”(approx.) You can maneuver and shoot it where other bows don’t fit.

The new is way out in front when it comes to high performance features... HP (High Performance) Cam – with ball bearings • (smooth shooting, straight-line and high let off; the least complex, most advanced cam ever)

V-LOCK Zero Tolerance Limb Cup System – • perfectly machined V-shaped “limb pocket” guides TM

V-shaped limb into place for a snug, zero-tolerance fit

• the bowstring so, upon release, string vibration is reduced String SuppressorsTM – “fingers” reach out and touch

Ball Bearing Roller Guard – keeps cables away by rolling them • through machined wheels to reduce friction Harmonic System – • weights on Damping either end of the riser TM

that float in elastic and eat up riser vibration

Brass dampers (both sets included)


Perimeter Weighted Technology – over-sized Inertia Disc™ that rides around outside of cam in opposition to limbs to increase speed and reduce recoil

Zebra® ZS TwistTM Bowstring – virtually eliminates peep rotation

100% Fully Machined AeroRiserTM – most other bows have cheap extruded risers

Whether you hunt out back behind the barn, out back behind the cabin or out back in the far reaches of the mountains, plains or tundra, the new Mathews OUTBACK is the bow you’ll want to take! TM

Black anodized aluminum

Ball Bearing Idler Wheel – it’s smooth

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The Mathews LX features the StraightLine HP (High Performance) Single Cam, the...


New camo!

cam ever engineered! It’s superior to every cam we’ve ever tested. Everything, bar none! • • • • • • •

V-LOCKTM Zero Tolerance Limb Cup System StraightLine HP (High Performance) Cam with ball bearings Ball Bearing Roller Guard Parallel Limb Design Perimeter Weighted TechnologyTM Fully-machined AeroRiserTM Harmonic Damping SystemTM

70% Let-off with hysteresis

(officially Pope & Young legal)

All Mathews bows (except the Black Max2 and FX) are available in four flavorful colors.

Speed without the kick!

Speed without the kick!

Root Beer Blueberry Kiwi Black Cherry

• Now everyone with a shorter draw length (19” to 26”) can shoot a Mathews! • Draw weights up to 50 lbs. Zero Tolerance Limb Cup System

The StraightLine HP cam is smooth shooting, high let-off and smokin’ fast!

One big reason Mathews wins more tournaments is tight manufacturing tolerances. And one of the most critical areas on a bow is where the limb connects to the riser. Thanks to Mathews’ new V-Lock Limb Cup System, the tolerance is even tighter! The perfectly machined V-shaped “limb pocket” precisely guides the V-shaped limb into place where it locks in for a perfectly snug, zero-tolerance fit. This is the most reliable, most dependable, and most accurate limb system ever devised!

Perimeter weighted cam

Harmonic Dampers

String Suppressors

Roller Guard

(more speed, less recoil)

(reduce riser vibration)

(reduce string vibration)

(less friction)

The MUSTANG is available in draw lengths ranging from 19” to 26” and in peak draw weights from 20 to 50 lbs. There is a MUSTANG for virtually every short draw length shooter – man, woman, or child!

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New camo! Harmonic Dampers

Competition Grip

When the tournament is on the line, this is the bow you want in your hand InLine Grip

One of the hottest selling Mathews bows ever Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

Speed without the kick!

Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

Roller Guard

The new Ovation is fully loaded with the Mathews innovations that will put you on the podium! • • • • •

Speed without the kick!

40" axle-to-axle (approx.) V-LOCKTM Limb System Harmonic Damping SystemTM StraightLine HP Cam String SuppressorsTM

• • • • •

String SuppressorsTM Ball Bearing RollerGuard Over-sized perimeter weight Harmonic Damping SystemTM 34"(approx.) axle-to axle

All Mathews bows (except the Black Max2 and FX) are available in four flavorful colors.

String Suppressors TM Over-sized perimeter weight

New camo!

Root Beer Blueberry Kiwi Black Cherry

Harmonic Dampers

Fast, compact and light as a feather, the all-new Classic proves that good things do come in small packages! InLine Grip

Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

Speed without the kick!

The Classic features two vibration-quelling technologies – Harmonic Dampers and String Suppressors TM for smooth, quiet shooting! • • • • •

3.6 lbs. (approx.) 36" axle-to-axle (approx.) MaxCamTM Harmonic Damping SystemTM String SuppressorsTM

Flat out – the fastest bow independent tester, Norb Mullaney, has ever tested

Competition Grip

Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

Black Max riser

Speed without the kick!

String Suppressors TM

• 36"(approx.) axle-to axle • Black MaxCamTM 65% (approx.) or 80% let-off available (approx.): 330+ fps IBO; 252 fps AMO • Turbo MaxCamTM – 50% let-off (approx.): 340+ fps

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The third generation of the bow that’s won more tournaments than any other

Harmonic Dampers Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

• • • • • •

Competition Grip

V-LockTM Limb System Harmonic Damping SystemTM Original MaxCamTM (standard) Parallel Limb design (27 1/8" riser) 41" (approx.) axle-to axle 80%, 65% or 60% let-off (approx.)

Speed without the kick!

The bow that everyone can shoot! Now available as a kit! Starter kit includes:

Harmonic Dampers

Competition Grip Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

The Icon’s Concentric SoloCam® mirrors the shape and size of the idler wheel for consistency and accuracy

Roller Guard

• • • • •

Concentric SoloCam® String SuppressorsTM / Roller Guard Harmonic Damping SystemTM 37"(approx.) axle-to axle 70% let-off (approx.)

Speed without the kick!

A small-profile, no frills powerhouse of a bow

Speed without the kick!

• Kids can’t outgrow it – because there is no specific draw length • It’s simple to buy – no need to measure or fit for draw length • It’s easy to shoot – beginners won’t develop bad habits because the draw length is always right


a competitionquality bow with an adjustable draw stop that lets you customize your draw length

Available in 6 colors • Higher draw weight • Adjustable draw stop • Larger center shot clearance • Silver or black riser

Because the Genesis System™ eliminates let-off on light draw weight bows (where it’s unnecessary), there are no specific draw length requirements. The result is a bow that fits virtually everyone (15” to 30”) and that a young person can’t outgrow.

• 3.3 lbs. (approx.) • Original MaxCamTM (standard) • 80% (approx.) or 65% let-off available (approx.) • 34" axle-to axle (approx.) • Also available with Fin or FeatherTM Cam

Competition Grip


“Zero let-off” means no specific draw length

Ball-bearing Idler Wheel String Suppressors

The Genesis bow...

• Genesis bow • 5 Easton® aluminum arrows • Color coordinated arm guard • Color coordinated belt quiver • Two targets • Informative Owner’s Manual

Introducing the Genesis Pro…

Performs like a bow with higher poundage A Genesis™ bow, set at 20 lbs. (it’s adjustable from 10 to 20 lbs.), stores and releases energy comparable to that of a 35 lb. recurve! Plus, with zero let-off, it has the “holding weight” necessary to “pull the string from your finger,” making it easy to shoot.

(also available in Realtree™ Camo)

Mathews is a proud supporter of the National Archery In The Schools Program When Matt McPherson developed the revolutionary Genesis bow, he did so with the intent of re-introducing archery to our nations youth. Through the efforts of many, that is happening, especially in the state of Kentucky where 90,000+ students participated last school year.

What nobody anticipated is the profound effect that archery would have in transforming the lives of students who weren’t the fastest, strongest or most athletic. Students who excelled at archery gained valuable self-confidence. And, while teachers knew archery would give them a

subject to base math, science and physics, lessons on, nobody anticipated the extent to which archery would impact attendance – students don’t want to miss archery day. Give kids a shot in your state. Contact your DNR, Dept. of Education or local school. Tell them about Genesis (

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Innovative accessories for your Mathews bow! ArrowWeb™ Quivers • Adjustable grippers hold five carbon or aluminum arrows • Machined aluminum construction for lightweight durability • Harmonic Dampers eat up vibration and noise • Available in Realtree® X-tra or Hardwoods HD

Show them that you shoot a Mathews!

Mathews premium bow case

Hooded Sweatshirt

Both distinctive and durable, this bow case is crafted from the very finest materials and will protect your bow from the rigors of transportation.

• Gold inside hood • Gold tie strings • 80/20 cotton/poly


Standard: for bows longer than 35"

Compact: for bows 35" or shorter

Rich leather grips

Dual outside pockets


Two compartments one for your bow, one for arrows

Rugged 600 denier outer fabric


Camo Jacket

Non-detachable quiver becomes intregal part of bow

One-piece Detachable; fits all Mathews bows 38” or shorter (longer bows require original one-piece quiver which is still available)

Two-tone styling Rugged, doublestitched construction

• 100% cotton duck shell • Quilted lining • Double closure front with snaps, brass zipper • Logo front and back

Fleece Pullover



• Zippered front • Logo front • Two pockets • Corded elastic waist

Embossed fine leather logo

Two-piece (raised) For those with longer arrows. Raises arrows so nocks don’t extend beyond cam. Non-detachable.

“ZS Twist™” bowstrings… the only strings with counter-twisted strands


Your peep won’t rotate as you draw with revolutionary “ZS Twist” bowstrings. All Mathews bows come with Zebra® ZS Twist™ bowstrings as standard equipment.

wins over

$2,800,000 in the last 4 years.


Heat Seal Patch Heavy-duty lockable zippers for security

“Making the Shot” CD-ROM… Mental coach Lanny Bassham and teacher Frank Pearson show you how to perform under pressure (to win a tourney or bag a big buck). Also available is their Accelerated Archery CD-ROM — one for compound bows, one for recurves.

Rubber-cleated bottom feet for protection

Storage galore six compartments in all

• Embroidered • Sew-on or iron-on

Black Denim Shirt •Logo front •100% cotton denim •Button-down collar •Double-stitched seams M-2XL

Replacement bow grips Get a new grip! Classic and competition are all black walnut. InLine has wood inlay to show grip center. All can be personalized.

Reversible Vest • Nylon to fleece • Logo front (both sides) • Double full-length zipper • Zip pockets

Spring/Fall jacket • 100 microfiber • Double entry zippered pockets • Inside accessory pocket • Logo front and back S-3XL


Sweatshirts Mathews T-Shirts


• 100% cotton • Black or white with Mathews logo front S-4XL • Blue/white tye-dye with Mathews Genesis logo M-2XL


Black Henley

Competition grip available in many exotic woods

Mathews Micro Rest (now with drop-away conversion) Our precision-engineered rest that features independent micro-adjustments, a solid double-encased bushing system, an internal spring that won’t foul or bend and a full-length safety guard. It now comes with a drop-away conversion, too! Sizes: 0” or 1” overdraw; left or right hand; black, Realtree® X-tra™ or Hardwoods HD.

• Realtree™ Hardwoods HD camo • Quilted lining; knit cuffs, waist • Full zip front • Logo front and back

Garment washed jacket


• 100% preshrunk cotton • 3 button placket • Logo front M-2XL

Carbide Harmonic Dampers Want even more damping power? These Carbide Harmonic Dampers are nearly twice as heavy brass dampers for even more vibration-stopping weight-in-motion.

• Mid-weight • Medium gray • Mathews or Zebra Logo M-2XL

Long Sleeve Camo T

Ball caps • Sandwich bill black cap; Velcro® adjustment • Leather bill natural cap • Leather bill twotone with leather patch, side embroidery • Two-tone Zebra cap, Velcro® adjustment • Realtree™ X-tra cap natural logo Cap, natural logo • Realtree™ Hardwoods HD cap, natural logo

• Realtree™ Hardwoods HD camo • 100% preshrunk cotton • Logo Front Mock Turtleneck • 100% pre-shrunk cotton S-3XL Shooter Shirts • Long sleeve • 3 button, logo front polo • Logo front • Black, white, or tan – S-4XL (embroidered) • Black available with • Black, white Zebra logo or tan • Tan available with M-3XL women’s V-neck S-2XL

2004 Bow Specification Chart Model

IBO Rating (FPS) (Approx.)

AMO Cam(s) Rating (FPS) (Approx.)

Draw Length

Draw AxleBrace Physical LetWeight to-Axle Height Weight off Length (Approx.) (Approx.) (%) (Approx.)




40 - 70 31.5"



26 - 30 Half-Sizes 26.5 - 29.5



40 - 70 35"



25 - 30 Half-Sizes 25.5 - 29.5

280 @ 26"/50#

Mustang Performance Cam

19 - 26 Half-Sizes 22.5 - 25.5

20 - 50 31.75"

5 3/4"

3.2 lbs.


StraightLine OVHP Cam

28 - 32 Half-Sizes 28.5 - 31.5

40 - 70 40"


4.5 lbs.


27 - 31

40 - 70 36"



StraightLine OTHP Cam StraightLine LXHP Cam









Mathews Legacy



Legacy StraightLine MaxCam

Black Max2

330+ 330+ 340+


Conquest 3







7 5/8"

4.3 lbs.

80* 65

6 5/8"

4.25 lbs. 80* 65

65 7"

3.6 lbs.

80* 65

24 - 30 Half-Sizes 27.5 - 29.5

40 - 70 34"

7 1/2"

4.35 lbs. 70**

Black MaxCam 25 - 30 Black MaxCam Turbo MaxCam

40 - 70 36"

5 1/2"

3.5 lbs.

80* 65 50


MaxCam Mini MaxCam Super Soft

28 - 32 24 - 29 28 - 32

40 - 70 41"


4.4 lbs.

80* 65 60



Concentric SoloCam

24 - 30 Half-Sizes 27.5 - 29.5

40 - 70 37"

7 5/8"

4.45 lbs. 70**



MaxCam Mini MaxCam

27 - 31 23 - 28

40 - 70 34"

7 1/2"

3.3 lbs.

80* 65

Fin or Feather Cam All Mathews bows come with a weight adjustment range of 10 lbs. (down). All have standard burger button, sight, and stabilizer holes. The cable slider on each model is a special nonsqueak Teflon® composite. The limbs are SlimlineTM and come with an original owner lifetime warranty. The machined aluminum limb cups totally contain the limb butts and pivot with the limbs, so no matter what the draw weight, the limbs are always firmly contained within the cup. High inertia limb cups are also available at an additional charge.

* Under new Pope&Young rules is legal but will be entered with an asterisk indicating high let-off ** 70% (with hysteresis), 65% AMO (P&Y legal)

919 River Road, P.O. Box 367, Sparta, Wisconsin 54656 (608) 269-2728

2004 Mathews Catalog  
2004 Mathews Catalog