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2003 Bow Specifications Chart Model

IBO Rating (FPS)

AMO Rating (FPS)








Mathews Legacy*




Draw Length

Draw Weight

Axleto-Axle Length

Brace Height

Riser Length


Physical Weight (Approx.)

Letoff (%)

4.25 lbs.



25 - 30 Half-Sizes 25.5 - 29.5

40 - 70


Legacy StraightLine MaxCam 3

24 - 30 Half-Sizes 27.5 - 29.5

40 - 70




4.35 lbs.




Concentric SoloCam

24 - 30 Half-Sizes 27.5 - 29.5

40 - 70




4.45 lbs.





StraightLine MaxCam2™

23 - 30 Half-Sizes 26.5 - 29.5

40 - 70



19 13/16"

3.7 lbs.





StraightLine MaxCam2™

23 - 30 Half-Sizes 26.5 - 29.5

40 - 70




4 lbs.





StraightLine MaxCam2™

24 - 31 Half-Sizes 27.5 - 30.5

40 - 70




4.3 lbs.


Conquest 3*



MaxCam Mini MaxCam Super Soft

28 - 32 24 - 29 28 - 32

40 - 70




4.4 lbs.

80 65** 60**

Ultra 2*



MaxCam Mini MaxCam

26 - 30 22 - 27

40 - 70



17 5/8"

3.7 lbs.

80 65**

Black Max 2*

330+ 330+ 340+


Black MaxCam Black MaxCam Turbo MaxCam

25 - 30

40 - 70




3.5 lbs.

80** 65** 50**




MaxCam Mini MaxCam

27 - 31 23 - 28

40 - 70




3.3 lbs.

80 65**

20 - 32

40 - 70




3.3 lbs.


Adequate Adequate Fin or Feather™


6 5/8"

High Performance Cam



Cam All Mathews bows come with a weight adjustment range of 10 lbs. (down). All have standard burger button, sight, and stabilizer holes. The cable slider on each model is a special nonsqueak Teflon® composite. The limbs are SlimlineTM laminated and come with an original owner lifetime warranty. The machined aluminum limb cups totally contain the limb butts and pivot with the limbs, so no matter what the draw weight, the limbs are always firmly contained within the cup. High inertia limb cups are also available at an additional charge. *Features Harmonic Damping System™ **These cams are all officially Pope & Young Club legal

919 River Road, P.O. Box 367, Sparta, Wisconsin 54656 (608) 269-2728

Driver/Bowhunter Tim Schendel and the Mathews Monte Carlo finished sixth in the 2002 NASCAR ReMax Challenge Series after winning at Pike’s Peak!

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Innovation after innovation after innovation...


ince its inception in 1992, and starting with single cam technology, Mathews has been responsible for a multitude of innovations that have not only enhanced performance by quantum leaps, but have also reduced complexity.

“The essence of engineering is to make something function better while also making it simpler” There is no questioning the pure simplicity of the single cam bow. Subtracting that last cam resulted in an impressive list of advantages (additions)

that have all but rendered the two cam bow obsolete!

• Most efficient (highest efficiencies ever documented) • Faster V-LOCK Zero • More accurate Tolerance Limb • More forgiving Cup System • Solid wall • Less maintenance (than any 1 1/2 cam or two cam bow – GUARANTEED!) • Less noise • Less recoil, vibration • No synchronization problems

“... machines that are first invented to perform any particular task are always the most complex, and succeeding artists generally discover that, with fewer wheels the same effects may be more easily produced.”

A long list of performanceenhancing innovations The whole idea is to get the arrow to the target as quickly and accurately as possible with the least amount of effort and the least amount of recoil vibration and noise. Step by step, innovation by innovation, Mathews has ascended the proverbial “Performance Mountain” arguably reaching the summit with the all new Mathews LX.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Second, the V-LOCK™ Zero Tolerance Limb Cup System assures that each limb locks into place. It’s the most reliable, most dependable and most accurate limb system there is.

“... the companies that succeed will be those that obsolete their own products before somebody else does.”

Perimeter Weighted HP Cam with Precision Ball Bearings

For 2003, Mathews has two more advancements to add to the already impressive list of functionally relevant, performance-enhancing innovations. First, the new LX features the HP (High Performance) Single Cam. This is the least complex, most advanced cam ever made. This straight line, high let-off cam is smooth shooting and smokin’ fast!

After all is said and done, the ultimate proving ground is competition. The results speak for themselves...

Single-cam technology (1992) Lighter, shorter bows (1994) The first carbon cable guard (1994)

All other vs. brands combined


Zebra® ZS Twist bowstring (1994)

Even tiller, dual feed single-cam (1995) Parallel Limb design (1996) Perimeter-Weighted Technology (1997) TM

StraightLine, dual feed single-cam (1998) Harmonic Damping System (2000) TM

Add the HP (High Performance) Single Cam and V-LOCK™ Zero Tolerance Limb Cup System to the list

...leads to win after win after win!


String Suppressors (2002) Roller Guard (2002) HP (High Performance) Single Cam (2003) TM

V-LOCK Zero Tolerance Limb Cup System (2003)

Wins: Top 3’s: Top 5’s: Top 10’s:

43 128 205 404

vs. vs. vs. vs.

5 16 35 76

*All ASA & IBO Men’s Pro, Women’s Pro, Senior Pro and Limited Pro events in 2002

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Does everybody shoot a Mathews?

Can you match the Mathews Pro Staffer (photos) with their quote? (Answers below) A. “Twenty-seven years of shooting compound bows... I’ve found nothing smoother, quieter or faster than my Mathews.” B. “I’ve shot about every brand of bow but Mathews is the last brand I’ll shoot.” C. “I thought the Q2 was as good as a bow could get, then Mathews comes out with the Legacy... it just keeps getting better.”

Bob Robb Outdoor writer

Darren Collins Pro Staffer

Babe Winkelman Host, Outdoor Secrets

Jim Hill Pro Staffer

Dick Scorzafava Outdoor writer

D. “Even if I wasn’t a fanatic bowhunter I’d find time to shoot my Mathews every day – it’s that much fun to shoot.” E. “Nobody is harder on equipment than me and I’ve never had a problem with a Mathews bow.” F. “Dynamic efficiency is the all important measure of a bow’s performance. Mathews bows consistently demonstrate higher dynamic efficiency.” G. “On my wilderness hunts I need gear tough as a grizzly. That’s why I shoot a Mathews.” H. “Without a doubt, Mathews is the quietest bow ever!” I. “The String Suppressors and Roller Guard are the greatest inventions since single cam technology!”

Brandon Ray Outdoor writer

Dave Holt Outdoor writer

Gary Clancy Outdoor writer

Joel Strickland Host, Adventure Bound Outdoors

Tim Hooey Host, North American Fish & Game

J. “In the past I supposedly shot some of the best bows made but, honestly, nothing compares to a Mathews.” K. “Even at low poundage, my Mathews is quiet and fast. It’s the best bow I’ve ever shot.” L. “... the fastest, most forgiving and accurate bow I have ever shot. From Alaska to Alabama it performs like a champ.” M. “I’m going to shoot the bow I shoot best. I shoot a Mathews better than anything else.” N. “Quiet and ultra-dependable. That’s a Mathews bow.” O. “The quiet performance, consistent accuracy and unmatched reliability that I depend on from my Mathews bow was proven once again.”

Kirk Dooms Host, Show Me Outdoors

Dave Watson Host, Bushnell Outdoors

Jay Gregory Co-Host, Wild Outdoors

Tammi Gregory Co-Host, Wild Outdoors

Jeff Murray Outdoor writer

P. “After 15 years of applications, months of preparation and days of gut wrenching climbs in extraordinary weather, it all comes down to one shot. There’s only one bow I’d trust with that responsibility. Mathews!” Q. “My Mathews is, without a doubt, the most dependable and the most accurate bow I’ve shot in my 25 years of bowhunting” R. “Yet another ‘great whitetail adventure’ culminates with a perfect shot from my Mathews.” S. “A Mathews bow is dead quiet, right out of the box. There is no noise!” T. “I’m a pilot and in the aviation industry we’ve said that Douglas brought the technology while Boeing built the airplanes. In archery, one company does both. Mathews.”

Tom Miranda Host, Advantage Adventures

Lon Lauber Outdoor writer/photographer

Don Dvoroznak Outdoor writer

Greg Miller Outdoor writer

Larry Woodward Co-Host, Outdoors In The Heartland

U. “A Mathews bow is like a good marine, ALWAYS FAITHFUL.” V. “When I draw down on dangerous game, confidence is everything. That’s why I shoot a Mathews.” W. “Over the years my Mathews bows have seen a lot of abuse... knocked over, stepped on, even dropped out of a tree. I’ve never even had to resight my bow...” X. “When it comes down to making that critical shot I can always trust my Mathews.” Y. “This picture is my 1000 words... Mathews is a great shooting bow.”

Mark Scroggins Co-Host, The Fever

Mike DeSario Host, Outdoor Expeditions

Brad Clinton Outdoor writer, Seminar speaker


Cathy Scroggins Co-Host, The Fever

A. Bob Richardson B. Larry Woodward C. Babe Winkelman D. Jeff Murray E. Kirk Dooms F. Dave Holt G. Lon Lauber H. Cathy Scroggins I. Mark Scroggins J. Jay Gregory K. Tammi Gregory L. Bob Robb M. Brandon Ray N. Gary Clancy O. Mike DeSario P. Darren Collins Q. Dave Watson R. Greg Miller S. Brad Clinton T. Tim Hooey U. Don Dvoraznak V. Tom Miranda W. Joel Strickland X. Dick Scorzafava Y. Jim Hill

Bob Richardson Co-Host, Outdoors In The Heartland

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Harmonic Damping System Harmonic Damping System

The Mathews LX features the new HP (High Performance) Single Cam – it’s the


V-LOCK Zero-Tolerance Limb Cup System Black anodized aluminum dampers

Brass dampers (both sets included)

Mix or match Harmonic Dampers 100% fully-machined AeroRiser (most of our competitors use cheap extruded risers)

• Two heavier brass dampers for maximum damping • Two lighter aluminum dampers for damping with minimal weight gain • Or mix dampers for a custom feel • Carbide dampers (2x heavier than brass) also available

cam ever engineered! It’s superior to every cam we’ve ever tested (other single cams, 11/2 cams,* two cams). Everything. Bar none!

The list of features just keeps getting longer!

patent Patented pending

• V-LOCK™ Zero Tolerance Limb Cup System

Harmonic Dampers

(reliable, dependable and accurate)

• HP (High Performance) Single Cam (smooth and fast) • String Suppressors™ (stifle string vibration) • Ball Bearing Roller Guard (less friction than cable rod)

• Parallel Limb Design Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

(absorbs shock vibration)

• Perimeter Weighted Technology™ (increases speed while reducing recoil, noise) (virtually no peep rotation)

Parallel Limb Design


Ball Bearing Roller Guard

• Zebra® ZS Twist™ Bowstring Competiton Grip

• AeroRiser (lighter weight) • Ball Bearing Idler Wheel

Patent Pending


• Ball Bearing Single Cam Technology

Over-sized perimeter weight (reduces recoil)

Zero Tolerance Limb System

(the "franchise" innovation)

Zebra “ZS” Twist bowstring (the string that won over $2,000,000)

Believe it or not it’s more reliable, more dependable and more accurate than our long-standing tournament-proven, highly successful limb cup system that it replaces

Speed without the KICK!

One big reason Mathews wins more tournaments is tight manufacturing tolerances. And one of the most critical areas on a bow is where the limb connects to the riser. Thanks to Mathews’ new V-LOCK Limb Cup System, the tolerance just got tighter!

String SuppressorsTM Premium Bowstring

The perfectly machined V-shaped "limb pocket" precisely guides the V-shaped limb into place where it locks in for a perfectly snug, zero-tolerance fit. This is the most reliable, most dependable, and most accurate limb system ever devised!

The new HP (High Performance) Single Cam Perimeter Weighted HP Cam with Precision Ball Bearings

This smooth-shooting, straight-line, high let-off single cam is smokin’ fast! When it comes to describing a cam, you’ve probably never heard "smooth-shooting," "straight-line" and "high let-off" used in the same sentence as "fast." The new HP (High Performance) Cam from Mathews changes that. This exquisitely engineered cam is, apples to apples (brace height and draw weight being equal), the fastest cam we’ve ever tested.

Aluminum limb cups – 100% fully machined (with liner)

Root Beer



Black Cherry

The LX is also available in four flavorful colors.

*We built the world’s first “cam and a half” system way back in February of 1993. Our testing proved it to be inferior to the single cam.

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Harmonic Dampers

How good is the Mathews Legacy? Consider that it has been the hottest selling bow Mathews has ever made.

How good is that!

Why is the Mathews Legacy

so hot?

It is the Mathews bow that introduced four more advancements or enhancements to what was already the most innovative line of bows made.

Ball Bearing Roller Guard AeroRiser

Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

... the pioneer of Parallel Limb design!

Competiton Grip

Parallel Limb Design

2. Zebra “ZS” Twist bowstring

Premium Bowstring

Over-sized perimeter weight


An over-sized perimeter weight for even more recoil reduction The Mathews Legacy StraightLine MaxCam is equipped with an Inertia DISCTM that is nearly twice as heavy as previous perimeter weights. When this disc takes a ride around the outside of the cam (in opposition to the limbs), it creates serious reduction in recoil!

Ball Bearing Roller Guard zaps unwanted friction


Friction is a bad thing when it comes to the performance of a bow. The traditional cable guard kept the cables out of the way by forcing them to slide along the rod. This created friction. The Roller Guard keeps cables away by rolling them through a pair of machined wheels. This reduces friction and untimely wear on the string and cable.

Speed without the KICK!

Mathews Legacy StraightLine MaxCamTM 3

String TM SuppressorsTM


Parallel limbs that are even more parallel It’s a fact of physics that as bow limbs approach parallel, their vibration is cancelled out. The limbs on the Mathews Legacy are even more parallel than previous models. And, more parallel means more vibration cancellation. We are the pioneer of parallel limb design!

String Suppressors stifle the string

Root Beer



Black Cherry


Perimeter-weighting counteracts recoil. Harmonic Damping quells riser vibration. Parallel Limb design reduces limb vibration. What’s left? The “ringing” vibration caused by the bow string. Now it’s stifled, too! String Suppressors reach out and touch the string, so upon release, string vibration is reduced.

The Mathews Legacy is also available in four flavorful colors.

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Prefer a longer bow? The 38" Q2XL will deliver

The Icon’s Concentric SoloCam® mirrors the shape of the idler wheel for consistency and accuracy

Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

Competition grip

Speed without the KICK!

• • • • •

Competition grip

Concentric SoloCam® String Suppressors/Roller Guard Harmonic Damping 37'' axle-to-axle (approx.) 70% let-off (approx.)

Speed without the KICK!

• • • • •

Harmonic Damping StraightLine MaxCam 2 Parallel Limb design (27'' riser) 38'' axle-to-axle (approx.) 70% let-off (approx.)

Premium Bowstring

Premium Bowstring

Ball-bearing Idler Wheel Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

The third generation of the Mathews model that has won more tournaments than any other bow in history Keep it short and to the point with this 31" powerhouse

Competition grip

Speed without the KICK!

• • • • •

Harmonic Damping StraightLine MaxCam 2 31" axle-to-axle (approx.) 3.7 lbs. (approx.) 70% let-off (approx.)

Competition grip Speed without the KICK!

• • • • • •

V-Lock Limb System Harmonic Damping Original MaxCam (standard) Parallel Limb design (271/8” riser) 41” axle-to-axle (approx.) 80%, 65% or 60% let-off (approx.)

Premium Bowstring Premium Bowstring

Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

One of the best selling Mathews bows of all time

Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

The quickness of a rattlesnake without the rattle

Competition grip

Speed without the KICK!

• • • • •

Harmonic Damping StraightLine MaxCam 2 Parallel Limb design (23'' riser) 34'' axle-to-axle (approx.) 70% let-off (approx.)

Competition grip Speed without the KICK!

• • • • •

Harmonic Damping Original MaxCam (standard) 320+ fps IBO; 245 fps AMO 3.7 lbs. (approx.) 80% or 65% let-off (approx.) Root Beer Blueberry Kiwi Black Cherry

Premium Bowstring

Premium Bowstring

The Icon, Conquest 3 and Ultra 2 are also available in four flavorful colors.

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Mathews Genesis ... ensure the future of archery TM

Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

A brand new version of the fastest bow on the planet – now with String Suppressors TM and Harmonic Dampers

“Zero let-off” means no specific draw length

Starter Kit includes:

Because the Genesis SystemTM eliminates let-off on light draw weight bows (where it’s unnecessary), there are no specific draw length requirements. The result is a bow that fits virtually everyone (15" to 30") and that a young person can’t outgrow.

Genesis Bow, 5 arrows, quiver, arm guard and two colorful targets. Kit is coordinated in 6 color combinations.

Performs like a bow with higher poundage

• •

Competition grip

Speed without the KICK!

36'' axle-to-axle (approx.) Black MaxCam – 65% (approx.) or 80% let-off available (approx.): 330+ fps IBO; 252 fps AMO Turbo MaxCam – 50% let-off (approx.): 340+ fps IBO

A GenesisTM bow, set at 20 lbs. (it’s adjustable from 10 to 20 lbs.), stores and releases energy comparable to that of a 35 lb. recurve! Plus, with zero let-off, it has the “holding weight” necessary to “pull the string from your fingers,” making it easy to shoot.

(Bow also available separately) Colors: Red Cherry, Key Lime, Lemon Yellow, Blue Raspberry, Wild Berry and Realtree X-tra camo

• Kids can’t outgrow it – because there is no specific draw length

• It’s simple to buy –


no need to measure or fit for draw length

• It’s easy to shoot – beginners won’t develop bad habits because the draw length is always right

Premium Bowstring

Introducing the Genesis Pro –

Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

a competition-quality bow with an adjustable draw stop that lets you customize your draw length! • • • •

Get plenty of thrills from this no-frills design. Small profile – big power

Official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program

Ensure the future of archery

Join the Genesis Project!

Competition grip

• • • Speed without the KICK!

3.3 lbs. (approx.) Original MaxCam (standard) 80% (approx.) or 65% let-off available (approx.) 34'' axle-to-axle (approx.)

You shoot the best. Now wear the best! Waxed cotton jacket... nice!

Premium Bowstring

This classic and impressive waxed cotton jacket features a quilted plaid flannel lining, leather collar and pocket trim and an embroidered Mathews logo front (left chest) and back (full). Sizes: S-3XL

Ball-bearing Idler Wheel

For bowfishing and upland bird hunting, where quick shots and instinctive shooting are called for

Higher draw weight Adjustable draw stop Larger centershot clearance Nickel-plated or black riser

Hooded sweatshirt... a favorite! Competition grip

• • • • Premium Bowstring

3.3 lbs. (approx.) Fin or FeatherTM Cam offering low (almost imperceptible) let-off Lets you release an arrow anywhere in the draw cycle 34'' axle-to-axle (approx.)

Heat-Seal Patch... put it on your own garment Now you can put a Mathews SoloCam embroidered patch on any garment. Can be sewn-on or heat-sealed.

Everyone’s favorite, this pullover hooded sweatshirt will keep you warm. Wear it outside or underneath. Cotton/poly blend. Mathews logo front. Sizes: M-2XL

All-new lineup of Mathews and Zebra caps show ’em what you shoot! One size fits all. Sandwich bill black cap with Velcro® adjustment. Leather bill natural-colored cap. Two-tone, leather bill cap with leather patch front, embroidered logo on the side. Two-tone Zebra cap with Velcro® adjustment. Camo cap (Realtree® X-traTM) with natural-colored logo

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Innovative technology and fine craftsmanship. Experience it in our bows and in our accessories. ArrowWeb™ Quivers

Mathews premium bow case

• Adjustable grippers hold five carbon or aluminum arrows • Machined aluminum construction for lightweight durability • Harmonic Dampers eat up vibration and noise

Both distinctive and durable, this bow case is crafted from the very finest materials and will protect your bow from the rigors of transportation.

Two sizes: Standard: for bows longer than 35" Compact: for bows 35" or shorter

Rich leather grips

Two compartments one for your bow, one for arrows

Dual outside pockets

Two-piece One-piece

Rugged 600 denier outer fabric

Non-detachable: fits all Mathews bows except the SQ2 and MQ-32"

Detachable: fits all Mathews bows 38" or shorter (longer bows require original one-piece quiver which is still available)

“ZS TwistTM” bowstrings... the only strings with counter-twisted strands Your peep won’t rotate as you draw with revolutionary ZS Twist™ bowstrings. All Mathews bows come with Zebra® ZS Twist™ bowstrings as standard equipment.


wins over

$2,000,000 in the last 3 years. Obviously, it’s the real winners choice!

“Making the Shot” CD-ROM...

Replacement bow grips...

Mental coach Lanny Bassham and teacher Frank Pearson show you how to perform under pressure (to win a tourney or bag a big buck). Also available is their Accelerated Archery CD-ROM – one for compound bows, one for recurves.

Rich black walnut grips are available in two styles – classic and competition. Either can be personalized. Competition grips are also available in many exotic woods...



Red or Blue anodized risers Two-tone styling

Two-piece (raised) Raises arrows so nocks don’t extend beyond cam. Non-detachable; fits SQ2, MQ-32" or any Mathews bow (for those with long arrows).

Rugged, doublestitched construction

Heavy-duty lockable zippers for security

Mathews Micro Rest (now with drop-away conversion)

Embossed fine leather logo

Rubber-cleated bottom feet for protection

You can get the Q2 or Q2XL with either a red or a blue anodized riser. When combined with contrasting black limbs, they give you a beautiful bow everyone will notice.

Storage galore - six compartments in all

Our precision-engineered rest that features independent micro-adjustments, a solid double-encased bushing system, an internal spring that won’t foul or bend and a full-length safety guard. It now comes with a drop-away conversion, too! Sizes: 0" or 1" overdraw; left or right hand; silver, black or Realtree® X-tra™.

Carbide Harmonic Dampers Want even more damping power? These Carbide Harmonic Dampers are nearly twice as heavy as brass dampers for even more vibration-stopping weight-in-motion.

Even if you’re not out hunting, let ’em know you’re thin king about it. Wear Mathews logowear. Mathews t-shirts...

Mathews shooter shirts...

100% cotton crew neck t-shirts. Black and white feature Mathews logo on the left chest. Blue with white tie-dye stripe features Mathews Genesis logo. Sizes: M-2XL

What the tournament archers wear! 3-button polos with logo on front. Tan available in women’s V-neck. Zebra logo available on black only. White: S-4XL, Black: S-2XL, Tan: S-4XL

(back shown)

Sport jackets... sizes to fit kids, too! Some call these baseball jackets. They feature a smooth nylon outer shell with quilted lining. Logo front and back. Available in Mathews SoloCam or Zebra ZS Twist. Adult sizes: S-3XL Youth sizes: S-XL

Fleece pullover... soft and warm!

Camo jacket... perfect afield

Fleece is perfect all year long. It’s comfortable and lightweight. This pullover has a 1/4 zippered front, high collar, two side pockets, elastic cuffs and a corded elastic waist. Logo front. Sizes: S-3XL

Zippered front, insulated jacket features Realtree® Xtra,TM the same pattern you’ll find on newer Mathews bows. Knit cuffs and waist. Perfect for hunting. Natural-colored embroidered logos, front and back. Sizes S-3XL

Button-down shirt... Reversible vest... nylon to fleece in black denim! A 100% cotton denim shirt that features double-stitched seams for extra durability. This is one tough shirt! Button-down collar; logo front. Sizes: M-2XL

Your choice - nylon out/fleece in or fleece out/nylon in. Either way you’ll look good. Features a double-zippered front with a zip-through short collar. Logo front inside and out. Sizes: S-3XL

Camo henley... in the woods or around the house 100% heavyweight cotton long sleeve henley features Realtree® XtraTM camouflage. You’ll wear this for warm weather hunts. Natural-colored logo front. Five-button placket. Sizes S-3XL

Letter jacket... show ’em you’ve arrived! Symbolic of accomplishment, this letter jacket features a heavy, 24 oz. wool body with set-in cowhide leather sleeves and a warm quilted lining. It also has leather-trimmed side slash pockets and the Mathews logo embroidered on front (left chest) and back (across). Sizes: S-3XL

Crew neck sweatshirts... with bold front logos! Black henley... one good-lookin’ shirt Long-sleeve henley is made of 100% preshrunk cotton and features a three-button placket. Logo front. Sizes: M-2XL

These medium-gray, mid-weight sweatshirts feature either the Mathews or Zebra logo spanning the front. Sure to become your favorite sweatshirt. Sizes: S-2XL

Mock turtleneck... classy look! Long-sleeve, 100% pre-shrunk cotton mock t-necks are available in black or white. Mathews logo embroidered on left chest. Sizes: S-3XL

2003 Mathews Catalog  
2003 Mathews Catalog