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architecture portfolio 2009-2011

01 mathew mamary


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03 mathew mamary


121 Riverside Drive Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 (908) 938 - 2369

EDUCATION VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE AND STATE UNIVERSITY, VA Bachelor of Architecture - May 2011 Minor in Building Construction (18/24 c.h.) Cumulative GPA 3.2 2009 Europe Travel Program


Solar Decathlon Screen Competition Finalist Participant in honors program for academic achievement Deans List


European Travel Program, Design Lab/Studio, Professional Practice, Building Cities, Building Analysis, Environment and Building Systems, Building Assemblies, Building Structures


Construction Practice 1 and 2/Integrated Lab, Construction Principles 1 and 2/Integrated Lab, Introduction to Building Construction and Management 1 and 2


May 2010 - August 2010 Generated hand drawings for residential projects including Design, Construction, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Documents. Visited project sites weekly to review design and specification consistency, work progress and craftsmanship.


May 2009 - August 2009 / November 2009 - January 2010 World Trade Center Construction Attended meetings regarding construction and design for the World Trade Center development. Aided in the re-coordination of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems for the Transportation Hub and Towers 2 and 3. Entered and maintained RFI, CO, OME, and scope database information.


Hand drawing techniques, Model making, Plaster, Wood working


AutoCAD, Rhino, V-Ray, Sketch-Up, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design)


05 mathew mamary

Thesis Project NFL Stadium New York, NY Fifth Year (In Progress) Thesis Statement

What makes an urban stadium/event space significant? Create an urban stadium/event space that systematically blends programmatic elements while addressing the urban context and experience of viewing the event and city.


The project provides the opportunity to design a stadium which not only accommodates the fans viewing of the game, but also allows for viewing the urban context.


The stadium allows the fan to view both the game/event as well as New York City. By manipulating the form: lines of site are created into and out of the stadium. The views out of the stadium are determined as significant landmarks/structures within New York/New Jersey. Focus on the form and program of the stadium as well as the experience of viewing both the game and the city from within the confines of the structure.

thesis 06

07 mathew mamary

thesis 08

Project: NFL Stadium Location: Pier 40, New York, NY Thesis (Fifth Year Studio)

Pier 40:



With a Footprint of over 14 acres, Pier 40 is one of the largest piers in New York City. Built by filling in several piers in 1963, Pier 40 was a last attempt to reinvest and retain some of New York City’s commercial cargo shipping industries on its shores.

Pier 40 is located along the waterfront on the west side of NYC. It is accessible by the west side highway as well as numerous subway lines. The pier is also located near a path/ferry station which allows easy access to and from New Jersey as well as other areas in NY.

Pier 40 Dimension: Approximately 1000’ x 1000’ Approximately 1 Million SQ FT 14 Acres

Subway Lines: 1 2 Houston Street A C E Spring Street A C E B D F M W 4th Street PATH Christopher Street Ferry Access Pier 45

Due to the dimensions of the pier, parking can not be located directly on the site. The surrounding areas provide numerous facilities for parking. This allows for the opportunity to leave the site open as opposed to having the stadium in a sea of parking lots. Since the stadium is located within walking distance to public transportation, parking is not as big an issue if it were located in a rural area.

09 mathew mamary

Views from Stadium

Meadowlands Stadium:

World Trade Center:

Empire State Building:

Currently home to both the NY Jets and NY Giants, the Meadowlands Stadium is the only stadium to accommodate two NFL teams. It is sharred by two teams but predominantly referred to as Giants Stadium, thus creating a legitimate argument for a seperate stadium. Additionally, both teams represent NY but play in NJ.

Since 9/11, and even before, the World Trade Center has been in the minds of not only New Yorkers, but the entire country. It has become synonymous with the city of New York, and the country.

The Empire State Building goes hand in hand when one is thinking/talking about New York City. For years the Empire State Building has been the iconic structure of New York, receiving its name from New York’s nickname, the Empire State.

thesis 10




The site is filled within the parameters of the pier providing program for the stadium. A cube is then removed from the center of the stadium to allow for the field. The corners are removed to allow access around the stadium as well as giving preliminary form to the structure. The interior is recessed to create the seating around the field.

11 mathew mamary


Sections are removed to create views in and out of the stadium, allowing the viewer to experience the game as well as the city. By removing the sections circulation and programmatic issues are created. The sections removed are reduced in size and placed back into the stadium. Thus allowing some programmatic elements to be replaced in the structure, as well as creating circulation from one volume to the next.





Segments of the structure are manipulated, by pulling and pushing, to create a more cohesive form. This allows for fluidity throughout the structure while addressing the views in and out of the stadium. Also, by pulling and pushing, the structure is given body and size to allow for better use of the interior programmatic elements and more seating for viewing the event/city.

The arrows signify the line of site out of the stadium to the views of the city. The views were predetermined as significant landmarks/ sites within New York City/New Jersey. These views include the Empire State Building, World Trade Center, and Meadowlands Sports Arena. Not only are views out of the stadium achieved, views into the stadium are provided as well.

thesis 12

13 mathew mamary

thesis 14

-25’ - 0”

15’ - 0”




Roof Plan

135’ - 0” a.

15 mathew mamary

55’ - 0”

95’ - 0”

135’ - 0” 95’ - 0” 55’ - 0” 15’ - 0” -25’ - 0” Section b-b

South Elevation

Section a-a

thesis 16

Foundation Detail

Reinforced Concrete Slab

Water Level

3’ diameter reinforced Pile Foundation


6’ Reinforced Foundation: bell shaped to resist uplift Gravel

Scale 1/8” = 1’

17 mathew mamary

Floor Slab/Stair Detail

2” Handrail Metal Form Decking Seating Platform

2’ Reinforced Concrete Floor Slab

3’ Structural Steel Member Typ. Beam welded to stiffener plates and bolted to tab

Scale 1/8” = 1’

Structural Frame Detail

3’ Structural Steel Members Typ. Anchor Bolts Base Plate Reinforced Concrete Slab

Beam welded to stiffener plates and bolted to tab Nonshrinking grout

Water Level

3’ diameter reinforced Pile Foundation

Scale 1/8” = 1’

thesis 18

19 mathew mamary

thesis 20

The structural frames follow the exterior form, supporting the facade as well as the seating platforms.

Beams tie into the frame and run from the facade to the seating platforms, supporting the levels.

Three columns connect to the frame and the beams to transfer the loads of the structure.

Structural Frames



The platforms are reinforced concrete and supported by the structural steel frames throughout the stadium. The platforms rest on the beams and are broken up in certain areas to allow for the views in and out of the stadium.

The seating connects to both the structural frames as well as the reinforced concrete platforms. Like the circulation platforms, the seating platforms are cut in certain areas to allow for the views into and out of the stadium.

The facade is attached to the structural frame which supports the load of the facade. The facade is a screen which allows views and light into and out of the stadium. Facade

21 mathew mamary

The structure of the stadium is comprised of 26 structural frames which support the platforms, seating, circulation paths, and facade. These frames are made up of 3 foot steal beams.

thesis 22

Concept/Study Models

23 mathew mamary

Stadium Model 1”= 50’

Site Model 1”= 50’

thesis 24

25 mathew mamary

thesis 26

27 mathew mamary


World Trade Center Transportation Hub New York, NY Fourth Year


Design the WTC Transportation terminal, serving as the main transportation depot for all of Lower Manhattan. The site will directly connect to the 1-9 line, the Cortlandt Street Station (R and W) as well as Path train. It will also link pedestrians to the World Financial Center and its ferries through an underground concourse.


The site provides the unique opportunity to create a link between the hectic workdays of New York City’s Financial District to the memorial grounds of the World Trade Center site. The projects becomes more than just a programmatic structure, but signifies the relationship between the city and the WTC memorial. Design a structure which respects the WTC memorial site while accommodating the needs of a transportation terminal.


The above ground structure extends towards the Twin Tower memorial site, thus symbolizing open arms from the city to the memorial. This provides a comforting feeling for those lives lost in 9/11. Below ground holds all programmatic elements of the transportation terminal. This allows for the above ground portion to pay respect to the site.

wtc 28

29 mathew mamary

wtc 30

Project: World Trade Center Transportation Hub Location: New York, NY Fourth Year Studio


Tower 1 Tower 2 Tower 3 Tower 4 Performing Art Center Visitor Center


Transportation Hub: Located between Tower 2 and Tower 3, adjacent to the memorial site.


Site of two reflecting pools which are located in the footprints of the Twin Towers.

Ground Zero is the site of six new buildings, a transportation hub, and a memorial to the twin towers.The site also includes an underground connection to the subway as well as path lines.

Located in the heart of the Financial District of New York City, The World Trade Center Transportation Hub will now be serving as the main transportation depot for all of Lower Manhattan. The Transit Hall will connect the Financial District to the other main Transportation Halls, Penn Station and Grand Central Station. The site will directly connect to the 1-9 line, the Cortlandt Street Station (R and W) as well as the Path train (providing service to and from New Jersey.) The Transportation Hub will also connect to the 2, 3, A, C, 4, 5, 6, J, M, and Z lines, allowing for easy traveling.

31 mathew mamary

The Transportation Hub site serves as a connection between the downtown financial district and the Twin Tower Memorial site.

As a blank slate, the Transportation Hub site allows easy circulation through the World Trade Center site. The objective is to design a Transit Hub which serves the programatic nature as well as addresses circulation around the site.

wtc 32

33 mathew mamary

wtc 34





35 mathew mamary





Paths are created across the site to create the most direct route to and from different buildings within the World Trade Center site. The paths help guide the form of the structure and allow for a preliminary footprint of the transportation hub.

The footprint of the structure is raised toward the memorial site of the Twin Towers; thus, symbolizing open arms from the city to the memorial, providing a comforting feeling for those lives lost in 9/11. By placing the structure on the site, the paths are no longer accessibly through the site.

In order to allow for access through the site, the site must be manipulated. The interior portion is pushed down to create a path underneath the structure. This allows for both the paths and the structure to inhabit the site. Also by doing so, an interior plaza is formed which creates a nice outdoor space on the site.

The structure and site work together to create a form which honors the memory of 9/11. By manipulating both the structure and site a form is created which fills both programmatic needs and respect for the site.

wtc 36

The Transportation Hub site will directly connect to the 1-9 line, the Cortlandt Street Station (R and W) as well as the Path train (providing service to and from New Jersey.) It will also include sufficient space for retail, as well as a connection to the WTC memorial. 37 mathew mamary

wtc 38

Site Model

39 mathew mamary


wtc 40

41 mathew mamary


Art Gallery Blacksburg, VA Third Year Studio


Design an Art Gallery on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Va. The building is to accommodate a Richard Serra sculpture, two painting galleries, exterior gallery space, and offices.


The site is located on the edge of the Virginia Tech campus which provides the opportunity to create a connection between the campus community and the community of Blacksburg, VA.


Design a building which provides the necessary exhibit space while creating a connection between the town and campus. As an alternative to blocking off access by designing a building on the site, a “main street� is created through the site/building which allows direct access from one community to the other.

art gallery 42

43 mathew mamary

art gallery 44










Located in Blacksburg VA, the site lies between the Virginia Tech campus and the main downtown area of Blacksburg.

45 mathew mamary

The program is split to allow a path, or “main street,” which creates a physical connection between the downtown portion of Blacksburg, and the campus community of Virginia Tech.

By extending the exhibit space towards the school and the office space towards the town, a metaphorical connection is established between the two communities.

A portion of the building is removed to allow sunlight to reach the interior portions of the building. This allows light to reach the interior courtyard as well as the walkways between the exhibit spaces.

Exterior exhibit spaces are created by closing in a portion of the site. The path connecting the two communities is still present

The building is created to allow viewing of the artwork while passing through the building, as well as a reminder of the connection between the town and campus. A “Main Street� is created through the building to allow passage from one community to the other.

art gallery 46

View walking through the building towards the campus. Inside one of the painting galleries.

47 mathew mamary

Walking along the interior path overlooking the courtyard. View from above the Richard Serra exhibit space.

art gallery 48

49 mathew mamary

art gallery 50

51 mathew mamary

Sketches - Europe Study Abroad

sketches 52

53 mathew mamary

sketches 54

55 mathew mamary

sketches 56

Profile for Mathew Mamary

Mathew Mamary Architecture Portfolio  

Abreviated portfolio of my undergraduate work while attending Virginia Tech.

Mathew Mamary Architecture Portfolio  

Abreviated portfolio of my undergraduate work while attending Virginia Tech.


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