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Client Claire Sawdon – Photography

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Deliverables Hard back book Newspaper Promotional material for a proposed exhibition


Print Specifications Concept


The client is aiming to have the book placed in a heritage center in Hull. Its purpose is to act as an archive for future generations capturing something that is on the decline, Hulls unique cream telephone boxes.

As the book is going to be used for the purposes of an archive it was important that it had a solid design structure focusing on the main purpose of the book, the photography.

Book Width_317.5 mm Height_269.875 mm Bleed_3.175 mm Pages_148

In this case the target audience is anybody that may look at the book in the future.


The client wanted all the photography to stay the same format it was taken, with no cropping or full bleed images and choose a series of images to have as large as possible spread over 2 pages or on 1 page. 4 image sizes have been used throughout the publication in order to create fluency, interest, flow and allow for the specified large images to be placed in, in alphabetical order (based on the street names) without needing to leave blank pages before them. This also allowed for a maximum of 8 photographs on a double page spread making it possible to keep the page numbers down reducing the print cost. Brief 5_Board 2/5

Hardback Perfect Bound Full Colour CMYK digital print Premium Lustre Gloss Paper

Dust Jacket Width - 882.297 mm Height – 276.225 mm First Edition Number Of Copies_1 Cost_£105

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Target Audience

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Print Specifications Where



Full creative freedom was given to me for the newspaper with no restrictions on image size or cropping. As its purpose is to generate hype and awareness about the project I chose to develop the design for it based on playful typography and image placement. This was done to create an interesting visual aesthetic to draw people in to pick up the paper and read through it all informing them about the project and directing them to the clients website and blog to find out more.

The paper was initially printed in black and white and colour to allow the client to chose the most effective to be put into a print run of 200-300 to be placed around Hull in various locations.

Width_289 mm Height_ 380 mm Bleed_3 mm Pages_16

£54 for 5 copies of each (£5.40 per copy, free delivery) No cost difference for black and white and full colour due to them being digitally printed in full CMYK.


1st Print Run 5 Colur 5 Black and White

Brief 5_Board 4/5

Cost for 200_ £320 (£1.60 per copy, free delivery) Cost for 300_£434 (£1.44 per copy, free delivery)

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Proposed Exhibition Promotional Material. A2 poster and A5 flyer to advertise the exhibition. Set of nine post cards using one of the clients chosen images from the nine post codes of Hull to be sold at the exhibition.


at M han K

A3 folding leaflet containing information about the exhibition with a poster on the back.

Brief 5_Board 5/5

mat khan, final boards 01482  

M a t K h a n Deliverables Hard back book Newspaper Promotional material for a proposed exhibition Client Claire Sawdon – Photography Brief...

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