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Canopy Cleaning Is the process of selectively removing dead and diseased wood from the crown to improve the appearance of the tree and reduce the risk of falling debris.

Canopy Restoration Is the reshaping of the crown after wind damage.

Crown Lifting The selective removal of lower limbs to raise the height of the canopy and allow better access to gardens, driveways, footpaths and roads.

Crown Reduction Is a pruning operation to reduce the size of the canopy while retaining its natural shape. Usually 15 to 30 percent of the growth is removed with utmost care ensuring the trees natural beauty remains.

Pollarding & Coppicing Is a style of pruning to encourage controlled growth.

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Crown Thinning Pruning away excessive growth from the canopy to allow more light into your property whilst maintaining the natural aesthetics of the tree species and too keep the growth in check.

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