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Brief This brief is split into two parts. Part 1 - To investigate print processes | binding and zine content Part 2 – Production and distribution of the zines. Background / Considerations The subject / topic possibilities are endless. It is up to me to decide on these. Although it is easy enough to create 1 well printed and produced zine how will it work when I have to produce 50? The cost of materials, printing and production time plus length has to be considered. Also will the zines work as a set of issues with the same zine title or will they all be completely different? Where and how will they be distributed, locally? Internationally? And how can this be achieved? Mandatory Requirements Generation of original images and content. Research production costs and an appropriate distribution plan put together. Deliverables 12 zines At least two put into edition production and distribution. A pdf explaining distribution, production and results - Deadline 30 / 05 / 2012 Studio Deadline 01/ 04 / 2012 Module Deadline 30 / 05 / 2012

The Problem There is a lot of zines out there, what will make mine appeal to zinsters and collectors and or a more local target group? How will the design and content effect how they will appeal to people and make them want to own one or pick one up for free depending on whether I decide to charge for them.

Why 1.Heavily research driven brief 2.Answers part of what I want to achieve from my statement of intent 3.Actually producing design that I can put out into the real world 4.Branding the zines 5.Potential collaboration to produce a more substantial zine / publication that my initially zine exploration will feed into

How it relates to my statement of intent 1.Looking at binding techniques 2.Investigating print processes 3.Publication layout and design 4.Production methods and distribution 5.Working within a budget

How the brief can be taken further. Firstly the brief was written as a collaborative project involving both our own initially investigations that would lead into a larger publication | zine that we worked on together. I have re-edited the brief to allow it to be substantial enough for me to meet the criteria of the module on my own incase the collaboration falls through for any reason or the brief doesn’t work out as intended. This was driven by my experience with what was brief 3, which has now changed due to concerns about it’s substantiality for a main brief and the concept that was driving it. To take this brief further a collaborative more substantial zine | publication can be produced. A further set of zines could be added to what I produce. A website or blog could be set up to promote my zines and others and give people a hub to order them from. A zine event or exhibition could be set up, either selling zines or to allow people to view them.

Initial Research Plan What is the purpose of zines? What drives the content of zines? Prices zines sell for How to distribute a zine Where can I distribute my zines? How to promote your zines Why do people collect zines? History of zines Look at existing zines Layout and binding Sign up for forums, speak to zinester

Brief 2 - Collection of zines  

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Brief 2 - Collection of zines  

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