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I N S I D E TH E C AM PAI G N WITH P R E S I D E NT H I CK E Y As I look back over this past school year it is clear to me that our progress has been truly remarkable – on all three fronts. Construction: We authorized our architects, LMN, to complete construction documents for the new building. This is the final phase in the process. This will allow us to “pull the permit” in early fall. The project cost is $25 million, a number based upon actual bids from subcontractors (not just estimates) and one that should hold into 2013. Finance: Our Feasibility Study indicated that we could raise at least $15 million in a campaign - $2 million for endowment and $13 million for the new building. We have known for some time that successful completion of the project would require a loan, likely at $12 million. We recently began discussions with potential lenders. Given the very attractive interest rates, this is a great time to secure a loan and we hope to enter into an agreement by the end of this calendar year. Fundraising: It is hard to believe that we have reached $7 million in Kent Hickey, President, Seattle Prep

contributions and pledges in such a short period of time. What we have found is that the cause is compelling: We need to construct a new building and we need to provide more tuition assistance for the future Panthers who will learn within it. Our intermediate goal is to reach $12 million by the end of 2012 (12 x 12). Doing so will allow us to break ground on the new building in June of 2013. All of the paths – construction, financing, and fundraising – are clearly merging into one. The success we have achieved in each has been due to the extraordinary efforts of exceptional volunteers and the generosity of those so committed to Prep and our Jesuit mission. Thank you! We move forward with alacrity and passion. As said by an early Jesuit, “We live always with one foot in the air.”

“This is a huge improvement


for the kids versus the mud

In a unique partnership between Seattle Prep, Seattle Parks and Recreation

hole we practiced in!”

and Ohno Construction, the long-suffering Montlake Playfield has been

– Steve Koehler’62

transformed into a state-of-the-art field available for year-round community and school use. As many of our alums will remember, the Montlake Field was originally a peat bog. Until this recent renovation, the field was on the verge of being unplayable despite the seasonal efforts to improve the substandard conditions. The renovation included a complete replacement of the current grass with a synthetic turf surface made possible by a donation from Ohno Construction (owned by Prep alum Yosh Ohno ’65), Seattle Prep and individual donors. With the insight of several of our alums, Prep was able to purchase the field turf from the University of Washington after they removed it as part of preparations for their new stadium. Numerous inkind donations from our alumni and friends made this vision a reality. The project also included renovating the track surface around the playing field. The new turf will mean considerably less maintenance while providing a safe, playable field available for much more broad school and community usage.

Save the Date for the dedication of the upgraded Ohno Field at

Seattle Prep will now be able to safely use Montlake Field for psycho-physical development (PPD) classes, benefiting all Seattle Prep students. Prep also has an exclusive-use agreement for specified days and times during football and lacrosse seasons.

Montlake Park on Saturday, September 8 at 9:45 a.m. Join the Seattle Prep


community as we dedicate the new playing field at Montlake

K AT S P E L L M A N - M I N E R ’ 87

on Saturday, September 8th. Cheer on the freshman football team in the first official Seattle Prep athletic contest on the new field with game kick-off at 10 a.m. The dedication will begin shortly before the game. Enjoy coffee, treats and Panther spirit as we celebrate this historic event.

Kat Spellman-Miner ’87’s passion for Jesuit education is evident through her multi-faceted involvement with the Seattle Prep community. As a member of the Board of Trustees, Campaign Steering Committee member for Building Our Future: The Campaign for Seattle Prep and an active alumnae, Kat contributes in countless ways to her alma mater. For Kat, giving to Prep is both a personal and family decision. She made her first gift to Prep while still in college. Now married to alum Stuart Miner ’85 with two growing boys, she says, “We have family on both sides who have attended Prep (father Governor John D. Spellman ’45, uncles Francis Murphy ’48 and Gerald P. Murphy ’55, brothers Bart Spellman ’74 and David Spellman ’77 for Kat; brothers Kelly Miner ’78 and William ’Chip’ Miner ’81 for Stuart). The education we received and the style of active learning has helped both of us in our careers and in our lives.”

FR . PAU L FIT TE R E R , S . J . G IVI N G BACK TO P R E P It is with pleasure that we announce a gift of $100,000 to Building Our Future:


The Campaign for Seattle Prep. This gift is

The new Environmental Science Center will allow students to experience

Fitterer Family Trust on behalf of Fr. Paul

a dynamic and engaging learning facility. The classrooms will be equipped

Fitterer, S.J. with deep gratitude to the

with new furnishings arranged to maximize lab work, cooperative learning

Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus.

made possible by the Mary A. & Louis P.

and instruction. The gas jets and water faucets will be placed peripherally to maximize desk space for data collection and the strategic arrangement

Fr. Fitterer, along with his family,

of lab tables improves the safe flow of both students and lab supplies. The

designated this gift as a way to honor

addition of windows to the classrooms will provide much needed natural

the legacy of their parents, Mary and

light and ventilation.

Louis Fitterer. In difficult times, they worked hard, saved their money and

The outdoor Environmental Learning Garden adjacent to the science center

were generous to their children and the

represents a unique learning opportunity. Students will be able to design

Society of Jesus.

experiments in the soil (testing the growth of plants for example) and all data collection will be performed “in the field,” as students exit their classrooms and enter the outdoor space. Outdoor probes connected to computer software allow for the transfer and analysis of information collected outside.

For Kat, the focus of Building Our Future: The Campaign for Seattle Prep on renovating Peyton Hall and building the endowment is significant. She sees both as being vital components of a bright future for Prep. “The social responsibility emphasized at Prep is unique; it’s not just about the grades. Students do amazing projects in the community. When I attend liturgies and see student involvement across social spectrums, it is very powerful. I want a Prep education to be accessible for all students who want to attend Prep.”

Fr. Fitterer returned to Seattle Prep in

The facilities aspect of the campaign is also timely for Kat. “We have a historic spot on Capitol Hill that is beautiful, but it has limitations. We need a facility that is accessible to all students, with classroom space and science equipment that supports learning.” When Kat was a Prep student she recalled the parking lot that took the place of what is now the quad. “We have great green space now,” she comments. “These building plans are in keeping with the previous improvements that have shaped and enhanced the Prep campus.”

2010 specifically to help with Building

“Prep has given us so much as alumni,” Kat reflects. “We will continue to support Seattle Prep. It is part of who we are.”


Our Future. He feels strongly that this campaign, by addressing the seismic issues facing Adelphia Hall with the renovation and expansion of Peyton Hall, enhances our Jesuit education for our students today and long into the



SEATTLE, WA PERMIT NO. 1082 2400 Eleventh Avenue East Seattle, WA 98102-4098




Anonymous Anne Read-Andersen & Erich Andersen Karen Andersen ’79 & Mike Matthews ’79 Eric Anderson Veronica Asui Aven Foundation Nancy Hanson & Matt Barmore Treva & Glenn Barnhart Kath & Rich Barth Susan & Roger Belanich ’56 Fr. Jack Bentz, SJ Joseph Berson Christie & Todd Biesold Mary & George Birchfield Fran & John Bradley ’56 Liz & John Brennan Julie & Robert Breshock Karen & Curt Bryan Carol & Robert Bubar Michelle Doyle & Jeff Cantor Teresa & Shane Carew Glynis & John Carrosino ’75 Clarissa & Lanny Ching ’66 Janet & Kay Clawson Carol Bracken Clemency & John Clemency Laura & Max Clough Julie & Dan Coleman ’74 April & Jim Collier Frank Coluccio ’76 Vada May & Jack Corkery Estate of Jack Corkery Serena Cosgrove ’81 & Martin Bosworth ’81 Molly & Bob Davidson Ann & Anthony DeRocco Barbara & Brian DiJulio ’79 Robin & Robert Dullea Jon Egge ’61 & Deanna Sundvick-Egge Estate of Ina Marie Henry Estate of James Henry Mimi & Todd Fairchild Victoria & Mark Fanning Carolyn Feldsine


Phil Feldsine Amber & Vincent Ferrese Cindy & Frank Firmani Sheree & Brad Fisher Fr. Paul Fitterer, SJ Mary & Alan Frazier Terri & Joe Gaffney ’63 Diane & Mark Gary Gloria & Dick Gedrose Alisa Luber & Joe Genster Casey Gibson ’03 Chelsea Gibson ’13 J.B. Gibson ’10 Kristy & Michael Gibson Margaret & Erik Giesa Kate & John Goodwin Margaret & Jon Hallgrimson Kay & Doug Hanafin Brenda & Tom Heflin Cindy & Jay Henning Terry & Kent Hickey Carolyn & John Hickman ’70 Fr. Pat Howell, SJ Ginny & Bart Hutchinson Cathy & Kevin Hylton Terri & Michael Killeen Carol & Steve Koehler ’62 Mary Ann & Tom Kofler Kathy & Walt Krueger Lynne & Norman Langseth Martha Ways & Tim Lee Anne Freitas & Michael Leslie Carla & Donald Lewis Betsy & Brian Losh ’67 Maria & Jorge Madrazo Fr. Paul Magnano ’60 Stacie & Greg Maurer Cherise & Rob McAuley, Jr. Michele & Patrick McClean Pat McCullough ’66 Elisa McGee John McKay, Jr. ’74 Patricia & Scott Meden Kat Spellman-Miner ’87 & Stuart Miner ’85 Joanie & John Moran

Kanjamat & John Mullally Nicki & Mike Nelson Rosemary & Lou Oberndorf ’63 Karen & Yosh Ohno ’65 Kellyann & Kevin Padon Janet & Brandon Pedersen Lisa & Don Percival Louise Piacentini Andrea & Richard Piacentini Judy Pigott Pioneer Educational Society Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus Lisa & Joe Piper Pamela & Paul Plumis ’66 Michelle & Nick Psyhogeos Lisa & Bob Ratliffe Jean & Kirk Robinson Mary & Greg Rockwell ’62 Kelly & Marc Rudd Nancy & John Rudolf Helen ( Sauvage ) ’79 & Bob Santucci ’77 Ronna & Peter Schmidt Seattle Prep Parent Advisory Board Ann & Matthew Shanahan Michele & Brad Smith Karleen Snetsinger Anne Ward & Donald Soriano Angela & Ron Souza Terry Gillespie & John Stanton Lisa & Doug Stewart Ann ( Kokesh ) ’80 & David Stout Denise & Mark Tabbutt Katie & Bill Teplicky ’76 The Norcliffe Foundation The Russell Family Foundation The Seattle Foundation Jeanette & Brad Thorson Mary McKay Vial & Peter Vial Nancy Bird & Dale Vogel Ruth & Phil Waters ’51 Jeannette & Mark Wheeler ’69 Sandy Brouwer-Wright & Tom Wright Sharon Stone & Ron Zipse

For additional information please contact April Collier, Vice President for Development, phone 206-577-2143, e-mail

John McKay ’74 Michele Smith Members Curt Altig Karen Andersen ’79 Bob Baur Jack Bentz, SJ Erin Cordry Paul Fitterer, SJ Jay Henning Jennifer Gleason Hyde ’82

Kevin Hylton Kathy Krueger Cherise McAuley Kat Spellman-Miner ’87 Jim O’Neil Denise Tabbutt Dan Twining Jordan Wheeler ’06 Mary McKay Vial Dale Vogel Staff Kent Hickey April Collier Liz Brennan Angela Dugan

Prep Campaign Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 2  

Newsletter for Seattle Preparatory School Capital Campaign.

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