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A N OTE FROM THE CAMPAI GN CO-CHAI R S As a generous supporter of Seattle Prep, you have made an investment in our future and we thank you for that investment. It is our privilege to be leading Building Our Future: The Campaign for Seattle Prep. We are excited about the possibilities that this important fundraising effort will bring to our current students and the many generations of students to come. This first campaign newsletter is an opportunity to share our success with you to date. We have recruited an outstanding volunteer Campaign Steering Committee of very dedicated current and past parents and alumni (listed on page 4). All of us are focused on making sure this campaign achieves success as together we build a 21st century Jesuit education for every Prep student. As you know, Building Our Future: The Campaign for Seattle Prep has two parts. The first area of focus will raise $13 million for the renovation and expansion of Peyton Hall, replacing Adelphia Hall. The other critical effort will raise $2 million for our endowment. It is our desire to begin construction as soon as possible, but it will depend on our continued fundraising success over the next several months. To date, we are pleased to report that more than $6 million has been John McKay ’74 and Michele Smith, Campaign Co-Chairs

pledged in this “quiet phase” of our campaign. When we reach $12 million we plan to “go public” with the campaign and reach out to our many alumni, past parents, current parents and friends. We hope you enjoy this update and opportunity to read a couple of donor profiles and gift announcements. They are indeed inspiring. Sincerely,

John McKay ’74

Michele Smith

Campaign Co-Chair

Campaign Co-Chair

Parent of Alex ’13 and Ryan ’15

“It was not easy for


my parents to afford a

With much gratitude, we share with you the exciting news of the

private education, but

the couple’s lead gift to the endowment portion of the campaign. This

establishment of the Rosemary and Lou Oberndorf ’63 Endowment through

they made it a priority

endowment fund will be designated to support tuition assistance for future

for which I am forever

made plans to leave Prep a very generous bequest of $500,000 to further

generations of Prep students. In addition to this gift, Rosemary and Lou have

grateful. My Jesuit

fund this endowment.

education set the

The Oberndorfs are long time supporters of Seattle Prep. Lou graduated in

foundation for what I

1963 and continues to “give back” to Prep. In 2006, he established the John

believe in today.”

and Della Rehnstrom Endowment to honor his parents who believed strongly in the value of a Catholic Jesuit education and made significant sacrifices to be able to send him to Seattle Prep. He says, “It was not easy for my parents to afford a private education, but they made it a priority for which I am forever grateful. My Jesuit education set the foundation for what I believe in today.” Lou goes on to say, “Any young person who wants to go to Prep ought to have the opportunity. Who and what I am today is owed to my experience at Seattle Prep, and the sacrifices my parents made so that I could go to Prep.” It is for this reason that Lou and Rosemary remain committed to helping build the endowment. They understand that the endowment provides immediate benefits and long-term support to meet the growing demand of tuition assistance, while also reducing the pressure placed on the operating budget. This helps keep Prep’s tuition as affordable as possible. Their leadership at this early phase of our endowment campaign will help set the pace in giving for others to follow. In addition, early gifts to the endowment will directly impact our current and future students by providing additional tuition assistance. We thank them for their

Lou Oberndorf ’63

efforts in helping us achieve our mission to be accessible to all deserving students who desire a Jesuit education at Prep. Lou currently serves on the Seattle Prep Planned Giving Advisory Committee.







Building Our Future: The Campaign for Seattle Prep is honored to announce that The Norcliffe Foundation has granted Seattle Prep a gift of up

What is the focus of the Campaign effort right now?

to $3 million for the renovation and expansion of Peyton Hall. The

The campaign is focused on two

first $1.5 million has been received

needs at Prep: a new building to

and the remaining $1.5 million

replace Adelphia, which is seismically vulnerable among other significant construction challenges, and also to build up our endowment. Student

will be given when our campaign fundraising efforts reach $13.5 million.

requests for tuition assistance continue to significantly outpace our

The Norcliffe Foundation has been


generous to Prep in the last two capital

What has been the early response to requests for support?

campaigns and this is their largest gift to Prep to date. The dedication of the

It has been simply terrific. While still early in the process, I find it amazing that every single person we have asked to support the campaign has said yes. I think the need is so clear that it engenders a desire to see this building succeed.

foundation to Seattle Prep and Catholic education in our community is truly astounding. This gift will ensure that generations to come will continue to

What are you personally most excited about in regards to the new building?

receive the best education grounded in

Well, now that my office is in the basement of Adelphia, I do look forward

The Norcliffe Foundation is a private

to moving out of a place affectionately nicknamed “the dungeon.” From

nonprofit family foundation established

a more “big picture perspective,” I am excited about a new building that will have larger classrooms with natural light, an environmental science center, a new strength and fitness room and larger spaces for student gatherings. All of this will provide an environment that enhances teaching and learning. I’m especially excited for our students. If the Prep community continues to enthusiastically support the project, when would be the earliest we could anticipate breaking ground? A January 2013 start date is not outside the realm of possibility, but we would need to be very fortunate for this to happen. The early response has been tremendously positive and significant, so one never knows!

the Jesuit tradition.

in 1952 by Paul Pigott for the purpose of improving the quality of life of all people in the community by the application of financial and human resources. The





extremely grateful for the generous support of the Norcliffe Foundation and its Board of Trustees.



SEATTLE, WA PERMIT NO. 1082 2400 Eleventh Avenue East Seattle, WA 98102-4098




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For additional information please contact April Collier, Vice President for Development, phone 206-577-2143, e-mail

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Newsletter for Seattle Preparatory School Capital Campaign.