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Are you pursuing your passion?

Note from the President


teach a senior theology course, “Ignatian Themes in

whenever they judge it necessary or expedient, to penalize,

Scripture and Story.” I love teaching this class for a

moderately, students guilty of delinquencies or violation of

lot of reasons, one of which is a lesson we experience

School discipline.” I note that “moderately” seems open to

early in the semester. I ask my students to reflect upon the


five characteristics of the Jesuit Grad at Grad: spiritually

My seniors, though they enjoyed looking through the 1963

alive, open to growth, committed to justice, loving and

handbook as a window into their history and were gratified

intellectually competent. They are then asked to find

by the number of connections between then and now,

these characteristics in a 1963 Prep handbook. I think it’s

observed that its tone and language were often distant

important for our current students to understand how their

and detached. They did not see this as part of their Prep

experience connects to those


who came before them.

My response to them was

Here are a few of the

that, given the culture, it’s not

connecting points these 2012

surprising that affection was

Prep seniors found in the 1963

lacking in print. But that doesn’t


mean it wasn’t present, and I

• Spiritually Alive: One

asked them to look up the name

objective is “…to cooperate

“Fr. Joseph Small” in the list of

with divine grace in

instructors at the beginning of

forming the true and

the handbook. And I told them

perfect Christian, in ideals,

this story…

knowledge, habits, morality

Fr. Small was beloved by

and the supernatural love of one’s neighbor.”

generations of students. This 1967: Fr. Small, SJ, counsels a group of students.

• Open to Growth: Another

affection was grounded in his person, not in what or how

objective is “…to promote character (that is, personal

he taught. For years he would play the Dionne Warwick

integrity, self-reliance, and responsibility); good taste,

song, “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love…” to

perception of beauty; wholesome use of leisure; worthy

his students. And they would gladly, appreciatively listen,

social attitudes and habits; and physical health.”

because they knew its words were really his.

• Committed to Justice: “To over-estimate the need for a

Late in life, Fr. Small was moved to the senior care facility for

successful material career is an injustice to the boy and to

elderly Jesuits at Gonzaga. He was not allowed visitors to his


small room when his health declined and he was near death.

• Loving: “The student entrusted to (Prep’s) care is treated

So one evening, Fr. Small was helped from his bed and guided

as an individual – an individual boy with his own peculiar

toward a window that overlooked the grounds below. Outside

capacities and needs, limitations and problems.”

were hundreds of his former students, each holding a candle

• Intellectually Competent: “The Jesuit system of education assumes that the pupil is endowed with the intellect and

while they together sang, “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.”

will, must be strengthened, sharpened, steeled to proper

A student handbook can tell you a lot of things, but the story

conduct, guided to high and noble ambitions.”

of a heart isn’t one of them.

There is so much more to this handbook; it is fascinating reading and a wonderful glimpse into Prep’s historical culture. Graduates from that era may find it interesting, for example, that giving “hacks” flowed from an explicitly reserved right: “The School authorities claim the right,


Kent Hickey, Seattle Prep President

Spring 2012

“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life.” – Federico Fellini

A LUMN I DI RE CTOR’S L E TTER Dear Seattle Prep Alumni, I am typing this letter in my office in Peyton Hall, a former Jesuit residence built to replace the original Jesuit residence, which was “red tagged” after the 1965 earthquake. Peyton is currently home to our newspaper, yearbook, alumni/ development department, faculty offices,

Spring 2012

Volume 21, Number 1

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Contents FE AT U R E S


Pursuing Your Passion

cafeteria, a few classrooms and a chapel.

From working as a Jesuit Volunteer in Peru to

As with so many of my experiences

following a grandfather’s footsteps into journalism,

here, it feels natural to provide a

five Prep alums share their stories and a common

historical context because Seattle Prep

thread: the pursuit of their personal & professional

is a community with a rich history. It


is not about the beginning (all male, all Jesuit faculty) the middle, (coeducation,


Which Tree Will You Climb?

establishment of MRC) or future. Rather, it

Prep’s counseling team prepares students for college

is about the steady dedication and passion

and beyond.

of all who have chosen to be a part of this great institution.


Dr. Matt Barmore explains his passion for teaching

Passion is driven by mission. In this issue,

and return to the classroom full time.

we have great voices in Maureen McCarty ’05, Joe Mitacek ’95, John Rudolf ’97, Serena Cosgrove ’81, Fr. Dick Ward ’43 and Dr. Matt Barmore. Our Prep counselors (past and present) have provided and continue

20 25

Healy, S.J., a Prep icon whose very life is


photographs to accompany the reflection

Magis Award Recipient Campus Update Montlake Field renovation is underway.

an example of passion, and Rob Perry ’78 who shares one of his breathtaking

Q&A with Fr. Thomas Healy, SJ George Hofbauer

to provide terrific support to future alums. We also catch up with Fr. Thomas

Feeding the Soul


New Endowment Fund

poem. While I leave the duties of this job in July, I know the next lucky individual to sit in


this chair will come to know the blessing


Note from the President

of this community as I have. Thank you


Note from the Alumni Director

for giving me the joy of being a member


Athletics Update

of the Prep community for the last three

26 Calendar

years. Continue to be kind to each other


and continue to be kind to Seattle Prep!

43 Reflection 44

Class Notes & In Memoriam Then & Now

With my warmest blessings, Ellen Sweeney-Clawson Director, Alumni Relations

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Maureen McCarty ‘05 with Diana, one of her preschoolers, after a dance at DĂ­a Familiar, November 2011.


Spring 2012


Finding My Passion…as a Jesuit Volunteer If you had asked me during my freshman year at Prep where I thought I would be in ten years, I don’t think teaching English in a desert in southern Peru would have been anywhere close to what I was thinking. But now looking back on the path I’ve followed since I graduated in 2005, I can’t imagine my life any other way.


fter Prep I headed east to Holy Cross College in

teaching English classes in all three levels (preschool,

Worcester, Massachusetts to continue my education

primary and secondary), I also served both years as

with the Jesuits. At Holy Cross I participated in

a co-tutora for one class in secondary. The tutores

many immersion trips, both domestic and international,

are essentially homeroom teachers and guidance

and got involved with several service projects on campus

counselors rolled into one. We organized all class

and in the greater Worcester community. My participation

activities and field trips, served as liaisons between

in campus ministry activities also continued to be an

all of our students’ teachers and their parents, visited

important part of my life, just like it was in high school.

each student’s home at least once a year, and met with

I spent many hours in college hanging out in Campion

the kids for one hour a week to talk about anything

House (yes, at Holy Cross campus ministry is not just an

from study habits to healthy relationships. I was lucky

office, it’s an entire house!) planning retreats, preparing

enough to work with the same group of kids both years,

for service trips, and participating in faith-sharing groups,

so I got to know them really well and now feel like I

just like I did in the community ministry office at Prep. So when it came time for me to decide what I wanted to do after college, my choice was obvious: look for a full-time volunteer program. The Jesuit Volunteer Corps had always appealed to me because of the ties between faith and social justice, as well as the community component. Since I had majored in Spanish and Latin American Studies and studied

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps had always appealed to me because of the ties between faith and social justice, as well as the community component.

abroad in Spain, I was set on volunteering abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. So I applied to JVC International, and I was sent to teach English at Colegio Miguel Pro in Tacna, Peru for two years. In November 2009, I arrived in Tacna. I lived with four other Jesuit volunteers in a community built by Habitat for Humanity in the late 1980’s, about 15 minutes from the center of Tacna, and worked at Colegio Miguel Pro, a Jesuit school in the same neighborhood that serves mostly lowincome families. The tuition is 18 soles (about $6) a month per child, and many of our students are on scholarships because their parents can’t afford it.

have 24 little 14-year-old brothers and sisters. Tutoría was definitely a favorite part of my job. Those relationships ended up being one of the most important things I took away from my two years at Miguel Pro. The other main part of my ministry and experience here in Tacna has been music. Since the day I arrived I’ve been involved with the school choir, helping the music teacher direct and singing with the kids in all of our presentations. Every week I looked forward to Sunday mornings so I could sing with Carlos at Mass, and at the end of my second year we were able to record a CD* with

My main job at Miguel Pro was teaching English, but in my

a small group of our choir students. The CD turned out

experience the job was so much more than that. Aside from

beautifully and it’s one of the things I’m most proud of

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Maureen ‘05 and Fr. Fred Green, SJ at the beach, his favorite place in the world.

about my work at Miguel Pro.* I have always loved to sing, and I loved being able to share that with the people I lived and worked with here in Tacna. My experience as a JV came with many challenges, like teaching without any prior experience or training, learning how to live, work and make friends in a different country, language, and culture, living in intentional community without many of the everyday commodities that we’re used to in the States (washing machines, microwaves, cell phones, and wireless Internet just to name a few), and being away from family and friends for two years. But these two years have also been full of so many beautiful and unexpected blessings. I have

Miguel Pro was founded in 1992 by Fr. Fred Green, SJ, an inspirational American Jesuit who has lived in Tacna for the past 52 years. He was born in Hawaii, served in World War II, then became a Jesuit in the California Province. In 1959 Fr. Fred was sent to Tacna and has been there ever since. He not only founded Miguel Pro, but also Cristo Rey (the prestigious all-boys Jesuit school in Tacna) and orchestrated the construction of the Habitat for Humanity community.

absolutely fallen in love with Peru and everything about it: the people, the customs, the music, the food, the language, the hospitality and the dancing. I have learned so much from my students and colleagues at Miguel Pro. I feel like I have about eight Peruvian moms. And between my JV community mates and my Peruvian friends I have a whole new group of best friends that I know will be with me for the rest of my life.

taught me to care about the injustices in my world and inspired me to get involved. If it weren’t for the devoted teachers and passionate Jesuits and campus ministers I met during my education, I never would have ended up here. In JVC lingo I have been “ruined for life.” I hope that my ruined self will be able to return to the States

Many different people and experiences have led me to

and continue sharing my story. I feel so incredibly

where I am today, but the formation I received at Prep

blessed to be where I am right now, and thank God

played a huge role in getting me on the right path. The

every day for the people and experiences that helped

Jesuit mission and ideals that I learned in high school

get me here.

*Maureen’s CD is available for purchase. Funds support the mission at Miguel Pro. E-mail her at


Spring 2012

Jo e M i tace k ’95


Filmmaking and editing sounds fascinating. How did you get into it? Like most people, I have always enjoyed movies and television as entertainment. Somewhere along the way I became aware of the directors that were responsible for some of my favorite movies. I remember there was an unusual amount of behind the scenes material available for Star Wars, which introduced me to the actual craft of filmmaking – or as I saw it, grown-ups playing with toys (obvious appeal to an eight-year-old). Suddenly the hundreds of names and positions in the end credits started to make sense. It wasn’t until after college that I felt compelled to move to LA and give

Besides holding the position of Picture Editor for the hit television series Grey’s Anatomy, Joe Mitacek ‘95 also owns Morning Films where he directs, produces and edits his own projects. In this interview, Joe shares the interests and background that led him to a career in the film industry, and explains what it takes to get in the door.

it a shot.

So a move was necessary in order to pursue your career? The film industry can be found throughout the world, but it’s still centered in LA. I figured my best odds would be to move down and try and find work any way I could. This was an easy and exciting transition for me as I was looking for a change of scenery and had always liked LA. As far as job availability, it was basically naïveté and random luck that I ended up in prime time television.

How did you get your foot in the door? My first “real” job was the entry level film industry position known as Production Assistant (PA) for the FOX TV series Boston Public. I moved to LA the summer of 2001 and was hired in October. I was 24. Eventually I moved into Post Production. After Boston Public was cancelled, I did a brief stint as a Post PA on a failed David E. Kelley TV pilot The DeMarco Affairs. That fall, I was hired onto ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy again as a Post PA. Shortly thereafter, I became an Editorial PA (where I served the editors specifically). The second season I joined the Editor’s Guild and was promoted to Assistant Editor. Eventually, I was promoted to Picture Editor. As a side project, I wrote, directed, produced and edited the feature film Morning, which held it’s World Premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival.

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Tell me what you find most enjoyable about being an editor. It’s hard to convey the impact

How often does Grey’s Anatomy shoot scenes on location in Seattle? Many of the Seattle shots

that an editor can have to a person unfamiliar with

used on Grey’s are from stock footage that the show

filmmaking. We almost always start by following

either owns or rents from facilities like Seattle-based

a script. I like to use a road trip as an analogy for

Getty Images. The show occasionally travels to Seattle

a film or TV show, with the script as a map that

for exteriors but it is becoming increasingly popular

outlines your journey. As the process unfolds, the

to film with green screen and drop in VFX plates as

editor, together with the director and producers,

backgrounds. Our VFX company will occasionally travel

searches for subtle nuances in performance and

to Seattle to obtain these specific elements.

rhythm. We may restructure the order of scenes and omit material that gives certain story lines an entirely different meaning. These are like slight deviations from your road map that help texture the show and hopefully provide a unique and fully realized experience. This exploration is, to me, the most satisfying aspect to the job. I also appreciate the immediate response that you get from a show

Are any Grey’s characters graduates of Seattle Prep? To my knowledge, we have never revealed the high schools that any of the characters have attended. My guess is that they don’t want the Prep admissions department overrun with applicants. But there has to be at least one! I’ll have to ask the creator of Grey’s, Shonda Rhimes.

airing on a major network. The turnaround from filming to air is especially fast in television and you get immediate feedback – good and bad.

What is a typical work week like for you? On Grey’s Anatomy I work approximately 50 hours a week. Depending upon our schedule, I may work a bit less or at times considerably more. It’s all based around our air schedule and how much time we have to turn the episode around. It can take anywhere from 17 to 45 days from the start of filming to the air date. That includes a 9 day shoot – where we are editing continuously – through all of post, which consists of color timing sound design, composing and mixing. Despite our busy periods, the set crew works consistently longer days all season long, so I can never complain. That, and we typically have two weeks off over the holidays and a couple months off in the summer. At the end of the day, everyone works hard, everyone complains and everyone has fun. As far as I can tell, it’s like any other job. That said, the romantic notions of Hollywood (real or not) are the reason most of us are here. And yes, everyone is writing a script.


Joe Mitacek ‘95 at work editing a scene from Grey’s Anatomy.

Spring 2012

his/her way up, starting with entry level positions. It really is a business of who you know. Companies don’t hire you, people do. We spend so much time

What are the top stereotypical Seattle trademarks in the show? We occasionally try to incorporate rain into the show to invoke a certain mood. Other than that, the Space Needle. We use it in stock shots all the time. Often, it is added to a shot regardless of accuracy.

together that we want to hire our friends. The trick,

Jo e M i tace k ’95

At the end of the day, everyone works hard, everyone complains and everyone has fun.... And yes, everyone is writing a script.

really, is getting your foot in the right door. If you want to work in movies, best to start there. If it’s TV, get a TV job. The different types of entertainment are very segregated. Scripted TV people don’t mix much with Reality TV people, etc. It’s best to isolate the field you want to work in and target that

What career advice can you share? The most

group specifically. Also, never hesitate to contact

important thing a person can do upon entering this

alumni. If you’re an intelligent, likable, determined

business is to think about his/her dream job and work

individual, all you need is your foot in the door.

Joe Mitacek ’95 was born and raised on Queen Anne Hill where he attended St Anne’s School. After graduating from Seattle Prep, he went on to study English at WSU and the UW. After college, he moved to LA to pursue a film career where he currently works as an editor for ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. In 2010, he wrote and directed the feature film Morning which premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival. He is happily married to Nicole Martorano.

A life coach asks: What are your “In everyone’s life, at some point our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the human spirit.”

– Albert Schweitzer

is Cindi Schoettler, past Prep parent, in es ializ spec who h coac a personal life transition, leadership and team development. As a Certified Coach,


Cindi asks the following key ques when working with her clients:

hter Sarah ’06

• What is important in your life now?

Cindi with son David, ‘09 and daug

• What’s working well for you?

s clients Cindi’s “leading from behind” help ion. find their strengths, voice and pass of self ess proc th mon six to Through a four al ation aspir of reflection, establishment i Cind es, goals and exploration of possibilit ts. clien inspires change in the lives of her

rn? • What do you want to change or unlea ng? • What is the cost to you if you do nothi up • How is your life’s purpose showing in what you are doing and how you are living?

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“I’ve come to see that my contribution is to foster global citizenship in our next generation of leaders so they can make this world a more equitable and just place.” Serena Cosgrove graduated from Seattle Prep in 1981 and is an Assistant Professor in the Matteo Ricci College at Seattle University. She is the author of Leadership from the Margins: Women and Civil Society Organizations in Argentina, Chile, and El Salvador (Rutgers University Press 2010).


Spring 2012


war zone?

fter three years at Prep and four years at Seattle

After my time in Nicaragua and then a couple

University, I had a firm foundation in the

of years in El Salvador doing the same kind of

Humanities and interdisciplinary thinking when

work, I realized that I wanted a theoretical frame

I moved to Central America in 1986. My studies

to understand everything I had witnessed and

had encouraged me to understand historical patterns,

help generate solutions. With this goal in mind, I

not shy away from injustice, and see that my knowledge

applied to graduate school and earned my Masters

needed to be tied to action. At no fault of Prep or SU, I

in Anthropology and Doctorate in Sociology at

also had a lot of naïveté and some hubris: I had decided

Northeastern University in Boston. This gave me the

I wanted to change United States foreign policy. The

knowledge and credentials to get hired at the AVINA

period under questions—the 1980s—was Latin America’s

Foundation where I spent twelve years supporting

move away from authoritarianism, and in true Cold War

sustainable development efforts of nonprofit and

fashion, Reagan was arming the Counter-Revolution

private sector leaders throughout Latin America. From

or Contras in Nicaragua to stymie the Nicaraguan

Argentina to southern Mexico, I managed grants,

Sandinista Revolution. Even after two and half years

measured impact, and supported knowledge exchange

living in the war zones of Nicaragua documenting the

between the foundation’s grantees across the region.

effects of the conflict on civilian populations, I still never

My commitment to Latin America had started with

understood the US Administration’s justifications for so

Central America in the 1980s and had become

much suffering. Under the auspices of the ecumenical organization, Witness for Peace, I lived in the mountains of Northern Nicaragua. I didn’t run a program; I had no magic bullet or solution; I was simply there as a witness. I lived with a ninety year old woman; I mention this simply because I learned most of my Spanish from her and for years spoke Spanish as if I were an elderly woman who had never left the mountains of Nicaragua and had no teeth. When the Contras attacked the town where we lived, her only son was killed. She became very concerned with my safety—didn’t want to lose another loved one—so any time I planned a trip further out into the mountains to visit isolated hamlets and their farming families, she pressed her nephews into accompanying me and keeping me safe. I probably owe my life to that woman. My work as a witness and human rights monitor in rural Nicaragua taught me that war leads to suffering, loss, and destruction. Any form of development needs peace to happen.

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Where do you go after a


continental by the time the new century started. n 2001, I decided the time had come to work in the United States; I wanted to put my knowledge and experience at the service of young people. I began teaching full time at Seattle University in the

Matteo Ricci College in 2009. In a commitment to being the best teacher I can be, I realized that I had to be more than a Latin Americanist. I have to understand more about what is happening in Africa and Asia for example. I traveled to Zambia in Sub-Saharan Africa last year to carry out poverty alleviation research with a colleague and two SU students. This June I’m traveling to Ghana with ten SU students and alumni to carry out an impact assessment of a micro-credit loan program there. This story isn’t about me. I may have thought it was back in the 1980s, but I’ve come to see that my contribution is to foster global citizenship in our next generation of leaders so they can make this world a more equitable and just place.


By Ellen Sweeney-Clawson, Director of Alumni Relations

One Person Two Professions

One Mission Imagine picking up your cell phone, reading the screen, and viewing the notification “missed call.” Fairly simple to imagine, as this is an event we experience quite frequently. Now imagine yourself picking up that same cellular device, seeing the same missed call notification from your “career path,” your “life journey,” your individual “mission.” Not quite the same everyday occurrence, yet this imaginative exercise can help to cultivate the idea of answering one’s calling. It is as simple as picking up the phone and for a select few, the call is answered, the message is received and the mission is clear.


ichard (Dick) Ward’s calls were as clear as the voice on the other end of a telephone and the message was received by his ears and accepted by his heart. Who was that voice? Fr. Ward states, “Jesus asked me to do many things beyond the norm.” No one would argue that point: Dick Ward ’43, is father of Tim ’69, Kevin ’72, Shelia, grandfather of Kaleigh Ward ’06, Caitlin Ward Grams ’04, Cary Ward ’02 and River Ward,

husband of Nora, and also a medical doctor and diocesan priest. One can appreciate the confusion, but on Dick Ward’s part there has always been a clarity to his life’s direction and work. At eight years of age, staring down the hatch of a naval ship, Dick Ward discovered his calling to become a doctor. Dick grew up in an apartment on Boren between Pike and Pine. He enjoyed the run of a large neighborhood and a window on the world including the St. James Cathedral and the Puget Sound. In 1933, that vision of blue water became decorated with battleships and sailors. As a young boy, Dick found himself drawn to these figures, and toured a


Spring 2012

often referred to as the medical team member whose

areas. Dick remembers enthusiastically running about

primary responsibility is holding the patient’s heart.

and at one point inquiring, “Where is the hospital?” The

By one definition, it is the anesthesiologist’s job to

sailor replied, “That is not for public viewing.” He recalls

keep the patient safe and comfortable during both

asking, “Well, how I can get down there?” The reply was

surgery and the recovery period. Once a patient

“only the doctors are allowed.” In that moment, the words

enters the operating room, the anesthesiologist never

spoken by the sailor settled into a place within Dick’s

leaves the patient’s side until he/she is safe and stable

heart and he knew with certainty medicine was both a

in the post anesthesia care unit.

declaration and a direction; he was to become a doctor.

How is it then that I found myself enjoying lunch with

A “calling”, when

not only Dr. Ward, but also Fr. Ward? The clarity of

answered, instigates initial

that particular calling was as absolute for Dick as a

movement, but what keeps

tap on the shoulder. While stationed in Wiesbaden,

individuals propelled

Germany in 1956, three years post medical residency,

toward their particular

Dick was sitting in the kitchen with his wife Norah.

path? In Dick’s case this

The noon news on the Armed Forces Radio Network

propulsion came from

announced, “Pope Pius announces the Catholic

work, resourcefulness

Church has a desire to explore married priests

and his beloved wife

serving within the vocation.” Simultaneously, Dick

Norah Muldoon Ward.

and Norah looked at each other and said “We need

As a public grade school

to look into that.” After Norah‘s death from cancer

educated individual, Dick

Dick followed the invitation he had heard to join the

spent weekends and nights cleaning

F R. RICH ARD WARD ’43 , M .D.

battleship, which provided access to public and private


“My father’s life is an example of the benefits of being open to what we are told and where we are led.”

–Kevin Ward ‘72

St. Joseph Parish. It was this Catholic connection which

Dick has been guided and has listened more than

lead him to Seattle Preparatory High School. Dick’s

most to “the call” for not only one calling, but

remaining educational efforts came into fruition as

multiple callings. By some measures, one could

a convergence of both military and spiritual forces.

argue that these callings have been individual paths,

The Navy provided Dick with his collegiate education.

however both pointed to a shared mission. Fr. Ward

After his first year of medical school, while working in

described to me a recent day when he was leaving

a lab in Bremerton, the commander was instructed by

the cathedral after morning Mass. In somewhat of

Fr. Schwitalla, dean at St. Louis University School of

a hurry to catch a ball game on T.V., he encountered

Medicine, to discharge Dick, allowing him to report back

a woman in the parking lot who seemed to be in

to medical school immediately.

despair. He engaged her in conversation and she

Dick completed medical school with thoughts of entering obstetrics/gynecology (OB/GYN) for residency. It was during an OB procedure that one of his mentors suggested anesthesiology. Once again, Dick’s ears, heart, and head assimilated this suggestion and anesthesiology became his chosen medical specialty.

shared her story. Fr. Ward’s medical knowledge combined with his priestly experience were crucial in being able to help her. Dick Ward, the anesthesiologist and the priest – one person, two professions, one mission – never leaves your side until you are safe and stable.

Among medical professionals, an anesthesiologist is

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JOH N RU DOLF ’97 14

Ink Runs in Our Veins By John Rudolf ‘97 I never really knew my grandfather, Fred Dickenson. He died when I was just six years old. My memories of visiting him in Sarasota are now thoroughly blurred with my mother’s faded color photos of him, showing a trim, dapper man with precisely combed silver hair. Still, he’s often on my mind these days – mostly because out of all the paths in life I might have taken, I ended up a journalist, like him. His life had the makings of a Frank Capra movie. He grew up in Chicago and never finished college, dropping out to find a job after his father died suddenly. As my mother tells it, he went day after day to the offices of the Chicago Tribune to pester the editors for a job, and every day they told the ‘kid’ to get lost, that they had nothing for him. Finally, an editor took pity on him and sent him to cover a minor news event. He wrote a few hundred words and the editor took a shine to him. He was hired. In 1929, the year of the great crash, his editors sent him out to a garage to cover a shooting. It was the height of Prohibition and gangland killings were a regular occurrence in Chicago. There was no reason to think it was anything but a run-of-themill homicide. So they sent the kid. There were seven bodies in that garage, mobsters mowed down with Tommy guns by the rival Capone gang. The papers dubbed it the “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.” My grandfather was the first reporter on the scene. He was about 20 years old at the time. He went on to a long and colorful career as a reporter in Chicago and New York. He covered the hunt for John Dillinger and the Capone trial, the crash of the Hindenberg

and the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby. He sold short fiction to the Saturday Evening Post and wrote ‘Rip Kirby,’ a comic strip about a private detective. The strip was syndicated around the world for decades. I sometimes wonder what Fred would make of the news business today. The Internet as we know it didn’t exist in 1986, when he died. Less than 30 years later, it has totally overthrown the old order and put great papers like his

There was no reason to think it was anything but a run-of-the-mill homicide. So they sent the kid. beloved Chicago Trib on the brink of insolvency. I live these changes every day. When I started my career in journalism a few years ago, I figured I’d write for newspapers and then jump to magazines. But while I worked for a few small papers, and eventually became a regular contributor to The New York Times, last summer I made the jump to a thriving online-only publication, The Huffington Post. Sure, my stuff doesn’t land with a thud on anyone’s doorstep anymore. But other than that, I don’t see a huge amount of difference. When I’m reporting a story I connect with my sources by phone or visit them in their homes and jot down what they have to say. Most afternoons, I find myself facing a blank screen, my fingers poised over the keyboard, the minutes ticking away until deadline. My boss is a seasoned newsman with a keen mind, a short temper and a big heart. And when my story’s done or

I’m out of time – usually the same thing – I shoot my copy to the news desk and argue with an editor over matters big and small. Then it’s published. I strive to get on the front page and to land the big scoop that will set the world on its head. I gnaw the end of my pens while I try to craft the perfect lead, an opener that will reach out and grab the reader by the lapels and shake him out of his slumber. I’m forever falling short of my ideals in every imaginable way. I’ve had some unforgettable moments as a reporter, like flying over the BP oil spill in a Coast Guard helicopter, or standing outside Georgia’s death row the night the state executed a possibly innocent man. If I’m lucky, maybe one day I’ll have a grandson to spin my yarns to about the old days,

before all the news came in 3-D. I never got to hear my grandfather’s tales, to my deep regret. But sometimes as my fingers dance furiously over the keyboard, or when I grab a note pad and head toward the day’s fresh crisis, I remember him and smile. The news bug, I think, must be transmissible by blood.

John Rudolf ‘97 is a reporter for the Huffington Post. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Spring 2012

By Jennifer Russell ‘99, Director of Communications

Which Tree will You

CLIMB? Choosing which tree to climb – or which path to take – starts early at Seattle Prep. Supporting students’ achievements, the counseling department guides students to think not only about college opportunities, but about their ultimate career paths.

Panther Tracks



was watching a movie the other day that depicted a high school student in her counselor’s office. She discussed her new boyfriend and plans to take the SATs. The scene clearly revealed a deep connection

between the pair and it occurred to me how unlike the average student/counselor relationship it must be. With education budget cuts and ever increasing counselor caseloads, it’s not unusual for the average teen to have very limited counselor contact or, in some cases, not have counseling support at all. In order to meet pressing student needs, counseling support is often “triaged” and those kids who do not require crisis intervention may not have occasion to meet their counselor until it’s time to think about college. And, even then, college support can often be as basic as filling out the required forms and sending letters of recommendation.

Krueger notes that our counseling program is

Prep, it is clear that things are different here. I had

set-up so that we have two fulltime counselors

the opportunity to talk with Kathy Krueger, Sandra

specializing specifically in college counseling.

Foy, Ron Zipse, Jolene Boyle and Jim Johnston about

Where many schools have all counselors working

Prep’s counseling program. What I discovered

with freshmen through seniors, our program

was heartening: our counselors not only respond

allows for our college counselors to travel and

to pressing student needs, but proactively work

meet with Admissions Directors, plan more

with our kids in thinking about and planning

extensive on-campus visit opportunities (Prep

for their future. They understand that the high

hosts over 100 colleges each year for student

school period is deeply formational and have built

interest meetings) and have more one-on-one

programming around helping kids determine their

meetings and planning sessions with students and


their families.

This process begins early at Seattle Prep. Here,

Naturally, this has benefits for our students in

freshman students are registered with Naviance

applying for college. The strong relationships our

(online career and college planning software) and

counselors have with colleges and universities

begin by taking a Learning Styles Inventory and

coupled with their personal approach to college

starting to build a resume. Freshmen then meet

counseling means that our kids have every

in small groups with their counselors to explore

advantage possible when entering the competitive

campus resources and begin to formulate goals for

game of university admissions.

their academic success. Sophomore year, students take a personality assessment and a career interest profile. The counselors then follow-up on this data by meeting the students in groups of ten. This allows for personal conversation and is helpful in students interpreting their individual results and better utilizing that information for college and career planning.


nationally respected college counselor) Kathy

When you speak with the counselors at Seattle

But more important than that, our counselors genuinely care for our students. It was clear in our discussion that the goal in working with an individual student is not to help him or her get into the most elite college possible, but to help the young person identify and follow the best that’s best for him or her. Sandra says, “We get to know our students and families well and we work

As is the case in many high schools, the counseling

together as a department to make sure students

emphasis during junior and senior year is on

receive the support and services they need. All

college planning and researching higher education

students have virtually unlimited access to their

opportunities. When asked what makes our college

counselors and can utilize their services and

planning program unique, head counselor (and

expertise as they need on an individual basis.”

Spring 2012

Ron Zipse At Prep since 1990, Ron works as a halftime math teacher and half-time counselor of freshmen, sophomores and first-semester juniors. He has been instrumental in training freshmen and

The Prep Counseling Team

sophomores to use the Naviance/family

Kathy Krueger

connection program,

Hired by Prep in 1979,

a web-based program

Kathy served half-

that assists students

time as counselor and half-time as Collegio

Sandra Foy

teacher. At this time,

Sandra has been a

Seattle Prep was MRC

counselor at Seattle

Form I and there was

Prep since 1979, with a

not a senior year; all

seven year hiatus from

students commenced

1984 – 1991 when she

to Seattle University.

spent time in school

When senior year was

administration and

re-introduced in 1984,

served as the Director

Kathy established a

of the Holly Park

college counseling

branch of Childhaven.

program at Prep.

She is now a full-time

Kathy is the Director

college counselor for

of the Counseling

Prep’s juniors and

Department and

seniors. Sandra is

works with juniors

currently secretary

and seniors, and is a

of the national

past president of the

organization of Jesuit

national organization

high school college

of Jesuit high school

counselors and will

college counselors.

serve as president in 2013.

Panther Tracks

and families in the college and career search process. Jolene Boyle Jolene has been with Prep for 25 years. Besides counseling at Prep, teaching a senior religion course and working with the

Jim Johnston

retreat program, she is

Jim completed his

also a licensed mental

Master’s in Counseling

health counselor and

last spring. He

maintains a private

works part-time as

counseling practice

counselor, teaches

working primarily

sophomore biology

with adolescents

and senior seminar

and their families.

and also coaches

Jolene designed

football. Jim initiated

and spearheads the

and leads the

sophomore Young

sophomore Young

Women’s Retreat.

Men’s Retreat.


By Dr. Matt Barmore, Seattle Prep Principal

Feeding the Soul St. Ignatius was a big believer in Psalm 139, which states, “It was You who formed my inward parts; you knit me in my mother’s womb.” Ignatius believed that God places in each of us a particular plan, a desire, an inclination and that when we act on that desire, we find happiness – not the short-term, fleeting happiness associated with a fun event or a good meal, but the kind of happiness that makes us feel fulfilled. Nowhere has the notion that God has a plan for me been clearer than in my call to be a teacher. I entered college knowing that I wanted to teach. I don’t know how or why (perhaps it was because I’d had some wonderful teachers when I was in high school), but I knew I wanted to be a teacher. At 18, I didn’t think much about it; but I pursued my goal and it ‘felt right’ throughout my college days and into my teaching career. Twice I’ve veered away from that call to teach – though admittedly not far away. I was first invited to be the principal at Seattle Prep in 1997. After eight years, I returned to teaching full time until, four years ago, I again returned to the principal’s office. In both instances, I was still enjoying teaching, but I felt an inclination to move into school leadership. Especially in my second stint as principal, I had a very real sense of promoting Jesuit education and the Ignatian identity of the school. I have been gratified by my work as principal and felt satisfaction in the work I’ve been involved with in my 12 years in the office. That said, I have continuously been drawn back to the classroom; specifically, back to the daily interaction with students. At first, I satisfied that desire by teaching a class while serving as principal, and that was great. But it didn’t lead to that internal peace that Ignatius speaks of when he talks about finding and responding to God’s call. So, after my first eight years as principal, I returned to the classroom full time, and again at the end of this year, I’ll go back to the classroom full-time. In some ways, my decision to leave the principal’s office is a difficult one. The school is doing well, and there’s a sense of accomplishment in being part of a leadership team of a strong school. But the reality is that this is a rather easy decision for me. I love teaching. My spirit, my soul, is fed by working with students. So I have an incredible sense of peace, comfort, and affirmation in knowing that I will once again be doing the thing that I was created to do. There’s a great sense of contentment in that feeling, a sense of rightness, and I look forward to working with students on a daily basis. And I hope that at least part of what I do as a teacher at a Jesuit school is to help students learn to continually ask, “What am I being called to do with the talents I’ve been given?” “What kind of work brings me a sense of fulfillment and enables me to recognize and honor God’s presence in my life?” Because at its core, that’s what Jesuit education invites us to ask, and in answering these questions that we discover what it is we are called to do.

Update! Seattle Prep is pleased to announce the selection of Ms. Maureen Reid as Principal. Look for her introduction in the Fall issue of Panther Tracks.


Spring 2012

I hope that at least part of what I do as a teacher at a Jesuit school is to help students learn to continually ask, “What am I being called to do with the talents I’ve been given?” “What kind of work brings me a sense of fulfillment and enables me to recognize and honor God’s presence in my life?” Because, at its core, that’s

what Jesuit education invites us to ask,

and in answering these questions that we discover what it is we are called to do.

Panther Tracks


Q & A WITH fr . thomas f. healy, sj “When Fr. Healy came to Seattle Prep in 1973, he was not sure he wanted to be President but he put his talents to work. He brought inspired creativity and his love for – and dedication to – Jesuit education and the tradition to enrich the community.”

– 1992 Echo yearbook dedication

Painting by Yosh Ohno ‘65

“It was God’s grace telling me, ‘this is for you.’”


– Fr. Healy on his application to the Jesuits

Spring 2012

Fr. Thomas F. Healy, S.J. is an iconic member of the Seattle Prep community. From 1973 to 1992, he spent 19 years as president including three years as president/principal and seven years as president/rector (Superior of the Jesuit Community). He also served as Prep’s Interim President from 1995-1996. Fr. Healy currently lives in Spokane, Washington in the Bea Community on the Gonzaga University Campus.

Born in: Butte,


Favorite movie: The

Family siblings: One

brother living in Southern Illinois and one sister living in Spokane. High school: Gonzaga


Post High School education: Gonzaga

University, Loyola University School of Medicine, Philosophy studies at Mount St. Michael’s, Spokane; Santa Clara, Theology. Many accreditations, and an honorary doctorate from Gonzaga University

During my youth: After

high school I joined the army and served as a pharmacy technician in the first medical squadron, first Cavalry division at Camp Drake near Tokyo, Japan from 1946-1948.

Favorite songs in high school: “Rum

and CocaCola,” “I’ll Get By,” “Don’t Fence Me In,” “Chattanooga Choo Choo,” and “I’ll be Seeing You.”

Favorite pastimes in high school: Played

school band

I never thought I’d become… Jesuit,

become a doctor.

I always knew… Once

would be forever.

Panther Tracks

I thought I’d

I entered the Jesuits, it

One of my Favorite Books: “The

Anthony De Mello

trumpet in the

Song of the Bird” by

Godfather Saga. I enjoy everything about it... acting, directing, music; “Becket” and “A Lion in Winter”

Favorite Meal: Veal


Favorite vacation spot: Someplace warm, with sunshine. In the summertime I like to travel to Big Fork Montana, at the north end of Flathead Lake, and go to The Bigfork Summer Playhouse which brings talent from across the country to provide live professional theatre in the Northwest. If I could have one redo, what it would be… I

have been blessed with every direction God has taken me, and wouldn’t do anything over. When I think of my time at Prep… I

recall the energy of all the Prep constituencies, developing a new approach to education in the early years and meeting many different challenges.

I have great hope in… the

future of the Church which has gone through many struggles, particularly bad press and I have hope in the Province as we have come out of the dark tunnel. I see far more signs of hope than to be discouraged.” Favorite memory from my life thus far: Within

each part of life there has been something special and great...Life has been more than good to me; certainly my vocation to the Society has been the greatest blessing I could imagine.



he Girls Soccer team had another outstanding season in 2011, repeating as state champions

while posting an undefeated record. The Panthers finished the regular season


Sports Update

14-0-2 with 1-1 ties against Lakeside and Holy Names and were ranked #2 in the state going into post season play. Prep opened the Metro League tournament with a 1-0 hard fought win over Eastside Catholic to set up a title match with Blanchet. The Panthers prevailed 2-0 at the Southwest Athletic Complex to claim their second straight Metro title. The girls began their quest for another state championship against Timberline at Memorial Stadium. Prep soundly defeated the Blazers 3-0 to advance to the state quarterfinals. The Panthers beat Shorecrest 2-1 in a shootout at Shoreline Stadium to reach the state semifinals against Meadowdale at Sparks Stadium in Puyallup. Prep defeated the Mavericks 2-1 to set up a state title match against Liberty. The Panthers spotted the Patriots 2 early goals before roaring back for a 3-2 win and their second consecutive state title! Congratulations to Coach Andy Hendricks who notched his 300th career win in the match against Shorecrest. The Football team had a great season going 9-2 and playing in the 16 team state tournament for the first time since 1991. The Panthers opened the season against Mercer Island in the Emerald City Kickoff Classic at CenturyLink Field. Prep started strong and defeated the Islanders in overtime 36-35 on a blocked extra point attempt. Highline (47-7) and Garfield (42-7) fell to the Panthers in successive weeks. Prep opened league play with a convincing 28-15 win over Eastside Catholic, followed by wins over Bainbridge (24-21), Blanchet (37-0) and

Congratulations to Seattle Prep Girls Soccer, repeat state champions!

Rainer Beach (48-20). This undefeated streak set up a decisive Mountain


Spring 2012

Division match up with O’Dea in the

winning streak. Timberline (3-2) and

The Girls Cross Country team enjoyed a

last game of the regular season. The

Prairie (3-1) fell in the first two rounds

solid season by placing 3rd in the Metro

Irish prevailed 21-20 as the Panthers

setting up a semifinal match against

meet behind Lakeside and Holy Names

came up inches short on a two point

#1 ranked West Valley of Yakima.

(40-71-77). Prep’s highest finisher took

conversion attempt late in the game.

The Rams prevailed 3-0 in a hard

9th place. The Panthers then finished

Prep then defeated West Seattle 42-0

fought match. Prep then defeated Mt.

5th in districts paced by a 7th place

to clinch 3rd place in the Metro League

Spokane 3-1 to claim 3rd place in the

individual effort. They ended their

and Timberline, 42-28 in the round


season by taking 14th at the state meet

of 32. The Panthers’ season ended in Kennewick when they took on the home team Kamiakin Braves and lost 28-14.

The Boys Cross Country team again had a stellar season, easily winning

behind #55, #87, #92, #103 and #113 place finishes.

the Metro League championship that

The Boys Golf team finished 2nd

The Volleyball team also enjoyed a

was held at Lower Woodland Park.

to Bainbridge at the Metro League

banner year by winning the Metro

Prep harriers placed #1, #2, #5 and #6

championship tournament held at

League and district championships and

as they easily beat 2nd place Blanchet

Jefferson and West Seattle Golf Courses.

placing 3rd in the state tournament.

by 49 points (25-74). The Panthers next

A Prep golfer was the medalist with a

The Panthers went 8-2 versus Mountain

test was the SeaKing District race at

two day total score of 135 – 13 strokes

Division opponents and 2-0 against

Lake Sammamish State Park. Although

better than the runner-up! All six boys

Sound Division teams. Prep also won

Prep runners finished #1, #4 and #8,

qualified for the district tournament

9 matches in a row during the regular

a strong Bellevue squad edged the

which was held at the Willows Run

season. The team defeated Blanchet

Panthers for 1st place 30-42. Their

Golf Course. The Prep team placed

(3-0), West Seattle (3-1) and Eastside

strong showing at districts qualified

2nd at districts with four Prep golfers

Catholic (3-0) to claim the Metro title.

the entire team for the state meet at

qualifying for the state tournament by

Prep then beat Lake Washington, Holy

Sun Willows Golf Course in Pasco.

carding rounds of 72, 77, 78 and 80. The

Names and Eastside Catholic again in

Perennial state power North Central

Girls came in 3rd at Metro with three

winning the district championship.

of Spokane bested Prep for the state

Prep golfers qualifying for the district

The defending state champion Panthers

championship 59-80 even though

tournament. The girls districts, as

entered the state tournament at Saint

Panther runners finished #4, #10, #22,

well as both state championships, are

Martins University with a six match

#28, #41, #56 and #84.

contested in the spring.

Panther Tracks


The Girls Swim team qualified four

soundly defeated the Thunder at

Auburn Mountainview in the regional

swimmers for the state meet based on

Bellevue College to earn a trip to the

tournament at Jackson HS and defeated

Metro League and district times. Prep

state tournament in the Tacoma Dome.

the Lions to qualify for the state

took 24th place in the 100 Breaststroke

Prep edged O’Dea and Kamiakin in

tournament. Prep lost to University

and 22nd in the 200 Freestyle Relay at

the first two rounds at state to set up

from Spokane in the opening round

the state championships held at the

a rematch with Rainier Beach for the

but bounced back to defeat Lakeside

King County Aquatic Center in Federal

state championship. The Panthers fell

to set up a 4th/6th place game with


behind by 10 at halftime but mounted

Shorecrest. The Scots prevailed by 3 in

a furious comeback in the second half.

a hard fought game.

The Boys Basketball team finished 1st in the Metro League Mountain Division with a 14-2 record. The Panthers also defeated Dillard (Florida) and Desert


Prep simply ran out of time as the Vikings outlasted the Panthers to win the state title.

The Coed Swim team finished with a 4-3 record in Metro League meets. Prep defeated Bishop Blanchet, Chief

Vista (Arizona) while losing to Taft

The Girls Basketball team also won

Sealth/West Seattle, Franklin/Cleveland

(California) on the way to garnering 3rd

the Metro Mountain Division with

and Ingraham while losing to O’Dea/

place in the Mission Prep Christmas

13-3 record. The Panthers dropped a

Holy Names, Lakeside and Bainbridge.

Classic in San Luis Obispo, California.

Christmas break contest to visiting

The Panthers finished in 3rd place at

Prep also soundly defeated Federal Way

Gonzaga Prep before commencing

the Metro League championship meet

in the MLK Hoopfest at the University

play in the Slalom Slam Basketball

with 354 points, trailing Lakeside (608)

of Washington. The boys finished in 4th

Tournament at Prep. The girls defeated

and O’Dea/Holy Names (492) in the

place in the Metro League tournament

Metro League rivals Rainier Beach,

final standings. The boys then moved

with losses to Franklin and Rainier

Franklin and Cleveland to win the

on to districts which were held at the

Beach before moving on to the Sea-

tournament! Prep lost to Cleveland

Mary Wayte Memorial Pool in Mercer

King District tournament. The Panthers

and defeated Bainbridge to finish in

Island. Prep finished 7th in a very

staved off elimination with an exciting

3rd place in the league tournament.

competitive meet and qualified eight

win over Sammamish before defeating

The Panthers began district play by

swimmers for the state championships

Franklin and Lake Washington to

dominating Nathan Hale and Liberty

at the King County Aquatic Center in

set up a district championship game

in the first two rounds before losing to

Federal Way. The Panthers took 10th

with Rainier Beach. Prep beat the

Franklin in the semifinals. Prep faced

place at the state meet with 81.5 points

Vikings for the district title and drew

Cleveland in a 3rd/4th place game

behind strong efforts from a number of

Mountain View of Vancouver for their

and defeated the Eagles with a strong


regionals’ opponent. The Panthers

4th quarter. The Panthers next played

Spring 2012

By Michael Goodwin ’13


at St. Joe’s that made him a compelling leader, and by the time I graduated in 2009 he had constructed a tightly knit, spiritually alive and loving community. Undoubtedly, George would attribute this to the members of the community,

A tribute to George Hofbauer, recipient of the 2011 Seattle Prep Magis Award

but it is his leadership that made it all possible. He was the first teacher that got me excited about history, he offered me my first job, he wrote a letter of recommendation for my second job and I am certain that hundreds of kids could say the same. But one of the most lasting things he left his pupils with was his incredible sense of humor. This is a side of George that I am not sure everybody has seen, a side that is more often exposed to impressionable eighth graders than adults. George possesses the incredibly rare ability to make every person he meets feel like the most important person in the world. Despite having more friends than Mark Zuckerburg (that’s a ‘Facebook’ reference for everyone over 40 in the audience), he is able to

George Hofbauer with his family (left to right): Dane ’02, Paige ’04, and wife Debra.


s most of you know Magis, a

year-old boys, this interview consisted

Latin word, literally means

of such poignant questions as, “Would

“more.” And not the need for

you eat a gallon of corn chowder for 100

more things, more channels on our TV,

bucks?” And, “Why is your ring tone

more handbags to go with more dresses

Kelly Clarkson’s Because of You?” Despite

in more hip new colors and styles. But

this juvenile journalism, it was during

rather the “more” that is exemplified in

this interview and the rest of my eighth

the life and work of George Hofbauer.

grade year that I began to see the Magis

More love. This love is the stronghold of

in George.

connect on a deeper level with nearly every last one of those people. There is actually a Facebook group entitled “George is my hero” on which the posts range from, “A very profound influence on a large community. George continues to make a difference and influence lives for the better,” to “The Hof stole my skateboard.” By building close relationships with a wide variety of people, George not only

every aspect of George’s life. Whether

George first came to St. Joseph School

exemplifies Magis but also spreads it

you are a family member, a student, an

mid-way through the 1975 school year,

exponentially. He brings out the best

employee, friend or even a victim of one

almost 37 years ago. I am certain that

in people by making them feel valued

of his pranks, you can feel George’s love

if you had tried to tell the twenty-

and encouraging them to work for the

and it is this love that makes him such

something-year-old that he would


an excellent leader.

spend almost the next four decades

As an eighth-grader at St. Joseph School I was tasked with interviewing George Hofbauer for our 2009 yearbook. Delicately crafted by three thirteen-

Panther Tracks

there he would have either laughed at you or paddled you (if you were in his class probably the latter). But something happened early in his career

George, for 37 years you have loved each and every member of your community like we were your brothers and sisters. Now it is time for us to tell you that we love you too.


For more info, visit

APRIL 2012 1






















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Spring 2012

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Octo 21







Fame f o l l a 30 H 31 t Banque r 19 Octobe

S EAT TL E P R E P AT H L E T IC H A L L OF FA M E NOM I N AT ION F OR M Please print and fill out the entire form. Candidates must have graduated at least five years ago (2006 or earlier) to be eligible for nomination. You can also fill out online at





this l out it l i f e l Pleas and mai form Prep by to 1st. July


NOMINEE ACCOMPLISHMENT (Please reference athletic, personal and professional):

SPORTS PLAYED OR COACHED while attending Seattle Prep, and years played:

OTHER players or coaches speak about his/her/their accomplishments:

Please cut out this form and return it to Prep in the enclosed envelope by July 1, 2012.

Panther Tracks


Campus Update: Big Plans for Montlake Park In a unique partnership between

year, including reseeding the entire

and lacrosse seasons. An additional

Seattle Prep, Seattle Parks and

field, removal of existing turf and

major benefit to the park improvement

Recreation and Ohno Construction, the

importing thousands of pounds of sand

includes the ability to hold freshman

long-suffering Montlake Playfield will

and sod.

and JV football games and lacrosse

be improved to provide a great space available for year-round community and school use.

complete replacement of the current

games at Montlake in addition to practices.

grass with a synthetic turf surface

If you are interested in making a

Today, the field verges on unplayable,

made possible by a donation by Ohno

financial gift to support this project,

despite being utilized by a number

Construction (owned by Prep alum

please contact April Collier, Vice

of Prep athletic programs and PPD

Yosh Ohno ’65), Seattle Prep and

President for Development, at

classes. Prep alums would not be

individual donors. The new surface will

206-577-2143 or

surprised to hear Montlake Field

mean considerably less maintenance

described thusly in a 1937 letter by

and will make the field safe, playable

a City Engineer: “the site is a low,

and available for much more broad

Husky fans, take note!

swampy ground covered with swamp

school and community usage.

The field turf was

grass and rushes.” The area that Prep

purchased from the Following installation of the field

University of Washington after they

turf (slated to happen in spring 2012),

removed it as part of preparations

Seattle Prep will be able to safely use

for their new stadium. You can

In order to keep the field open and

Montlake Field for PPD classes and will

look forward to seeing the famous

in use, the city has had to perform

enjoy an exclusive-use agreement for

purple “W” at Montlake Park!

seasonal renovation projects each

specified days and times during football

students use for football practice and PPD classes was originally a peat bog.


The renovation plans call for a

Spring 2012

2012 Seattle Prep Alumni Board Executive Committee Dave Raney ‘95 Board Chair Sarah (Ostler) Morris ’94 Past Chair Ted Plumis ’92 Bill Sauvage ’86 Kelly (Nolan) Daniels ‘99 Co-chairs, Athletics/ Homecoming Kevin Beauchamp Smith ’79 Brian DiJulio ‘79 Co-chairs, Scholarship/ Endowment Fletcher Evans ’96 Luis Aragon ‘97 Co-chairs, Communications Marc Linafelter ’68 Tom Hoffer ‘80 Co-chairs, Day of Reflection Beth (Greger) Derrig ’77 MRC Michelle Diego-Smith ‘94 Co-chairs, Reunions Additional Board Members David Poitry ‘56 Yosh Ohno ‘65 Lanny Ching ’66 J. Brian Losh ’67 Susie (Brazil) Bailor ‘80 Rena Caso ‘80 Jane Powers ‘80 Eric Hampton ‘80 Stalin Harrison Jr. ‘88 David Ebel ‘89 Bill Brooking ‘90 Joe Hafner ‘93 Shelly (Hackett) Pfeiffer ‘94 Jennifer (Sullivan) Nunn ‘94 Jeff Arthur ‘96 Brandon Bede ‘96 Lindy Larson ‘98 Erin Flajole ‘99 Courtney Hutyler ‘99 Jennifer (Rogers) Hurst ‘00

Note from the Alumni Board Chair Dear Seattle Prep Alumni, For some reason after reading a book to my four year old daughter’s pre-primary class at St. Thomas, I found myself reflecting upon how much I look forward to and enjoy addressing the graduating senior class at Seattle Prep on their last day of school at the alumni-hosted breakfast. I believe I have had this pleasure now for seven or eight years. I am confident that these young men and women have gone on to a multitude of different life and career callings. I am also confident that, in addition to the education students received at Prep, these graduates have found the Prep community to be of significant value. The network that is Prep is a powerful and important community and it is the desire of the alumni board to create and refine our ability to connect with one another for mentoring, career assistance and of course the enjoyment of our community. We welcome your ideas, time, expertise and support in helping us achieve this next goal. Please take a moment and fill out the Panther update form below. Thanks for all you do for Seattle Prep and for one another! David Raney ‘95 Chair, Seattle Prep Alumni Board

PA N T H E R P R O F I L E We are interested in hearing from you. Please fill out this form and mail to: Seattle Preparatory School, 2400 Eleventh Avenue E, Seattle, WA 98102-4016, Attn: Alumni Association. You may use the attached envelope. Or, fill out the form online at





In your own words, describe the most important matters the leadership should consider as it plans for the future of the Seattle Prep Alumni Association:


Steve Coppess ‘03 If you are interested in assisting with Alumni Association events or participating on a committee, please contact Dave Raney ‘95 or the Alumni Office at 206-577-2149 or

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I am interested in volunteering my time and/or talent(s): Website Graphics Writing Photography Music Event Planning Class Reunion Committee Career Networking Community Service Other:____________________________ Thank you for taking the time to stay connected!


ClassNotes 1937 1942 1947 This is your reunion year! Plan to attend Panther Reunion Weekend July 20-22 as well as your class gathering. For more information contact the alumni office at 206-577-2149.


Fr. William Hayes, S.J. ’45 was honored in October as a 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee of Gonzaga Preparatory High School in Spokane. Fr. Bill Hayes has celebrated over 60 years in the Society of Jesus and currently is at Jesuit High in Portland where he has served for

over 29 years. Fr. Hayes is the consummate Jesuit high school administrator, having been the president of Jesuit High from 1984-1998, vice principal there for two years, a teacher at Marquette HS in Yakima, and most importantly the principal and, eventually, from 1972-1976, the president of Gonzaga Prep. Fr. Hayes was the first person to receive the JSEA President’s award; he has received Gonzaga Prep’s St. Aloysius Gonzaga Medal, the Pedro Arrupe Award, the St. Peter Canisius award from Jesuit High, and honorary doctorates from Seattle University and Gonzaga University. He is trustee emeritus at Gonzaga University. He is known in the province for many things, including his incredible fundraising skills and bringing co-education to both Jesuit High and Gonzaga Prep. John Sullivan ‘48 and his wife Janet are celebrating 60 years of marriage. Their family includes four grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Congratulations!

A great time was had by the Class of 1951 who celebrated their 60th Reunion. On Friday, September 20, 34 classmates and 20 guests gathered for dinner at the Seattle Yacht Club. Saturday, October 1 at Seattle Prep; 15 plus gathered for mass celebrated by classmate Rev. John Foster, S.J. followed by a breakfast and tour of the school. The committee writes, “For those who attended, thanks for contributing to a great party and for those who couldn’t, we missed you and urge you to participate when we get enough energy to do this again... say in 2016 or 2021... the one thing we can tell you, the next reunion will involve a different committee!” – Ed Hunt, Tim Flood, Jack Sullivan and John Youmans

Bob Kokesh ’49 gives a shout out to classmate and long time friend, Ron Regis ’49 for his recent retirement from the City of Renton Board. Ron was honored as the longest serving volunteer of Renton’s Parks and Recreation Department by having the newest park in Renton named after him – The Ron Regis Sports Park. Ron volunteered on the board for 47 years. As Bob states so proudly, “Ron felt it was his civic duty to give back to a city that had given him so much. He volunteered because “he wanted to make a difference in his community.” Ron, congratulations – you are living the Jesuit mission!

1950s Tim Flood ’51 writes, “Attended 60th Class Reunion with about 35 other graduates!”

Class of 1945 Reunion


Matthew McKay ’52 is happily retired for over 15 years from the Air Force and marketing.

1952 This is your reunion year! Plan to attend Panther Reunion Weekend July 20-22 as well as your class gathering. Class contacts: Gerry Welch, Jack Guise, Jack Haggarty, and Lou Roselli.

Jim Harney ’53 Jim is a recent world Champion Senior for Men’s Basketball, 75 years plus. Congratulations! Pat Carroll ’54 recently published “The Right Place for Love: Memories in Interesting Times.” Pat entered the Jesuits after his 1954 Seattle Prep graduation and was a Jesuit for 44 years. Since he left formal ministry in 1998, he has worked for Providence Health & Services in lowincome Elderly Housing for 10 years and the last 3 working in the central offices as editor/ coordinator of the annual Chronicles of all Providence Ministries.

Spring 2012


Thomas DeMan ’54 retired this past summer from being Chaplain and Director of St. Benedict Retreat Center at McKenzie Bridge, Oregon. He will celebrate 50 years of Priestly Ordination on Labor Day Weekend at the University of Washington Newman Center this coming fall. Don Ibsen ’55 and his wife Marie send “Best wishes to the Seattle Prep family and especially to the class of 1955!”

1957 This is your reunion year! Plan to attend Panther Reunion Weekend July 20-22 as well as your class gathering July 13-14. Class contacts: Frank Buono and James Stark. William Martin ’57 writes “The Jesuits are great” and goes on to say they knew never to take backtalk from teenage boys. He remembers only Fr. Christie McDonald was allowed to whistle in the hallways! Sean Malone ’58 sends “greetings from a little bit of Heaven on Quartermaster Harbor, Vashon Island, WA.”

Panther Tracks

“The Seattle Prep Class of 1961 celebrated our 50th Golden Anniversary Reunion for a three week period in September 2011. Activities included a Walla Walla Wine Country tour organized by John Cannon and hosted by Jim Moyer, co-owner of Fort Walla Walla Cellars, two Masses, one celebrated by Rev. Paul Magnano ‘60 and the other celebrated by Rev. Mac Raffo ‘61, a SAFECO suite for a Mariners/Yankees game, and a golf tourney scramble. We also enjoyed more brunches, social hours and dinners than you can imagine, then held our Grand Reunion Event. The locker room LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME! It may take a major remodel to exorcise (the earthy) odor of our class of 61’s socks, jocks, and T-shirts. A thank you to the Seattle Prep Alumni Office for their continued help to our committee during planning, and for support of our many Class of ’61 events.” Rick Markov ‘61 “Re-connecting with so many of you after so many years was wonderful. The bonds created by those years at Prep are very special. I hope that those connections will grow and that we can find excuses to get together from time to time.” Phil Sauntry ‘61 “It was great to renew friendships and relive a few of the memories. There certainly is much to celebrate and be thankful for. Prep was a great home and a great education!” Jon Egge ‘61 “You guys are great. Our class has some kind of special glue. After 50 years, mostly separate, it is amazing the happiness our reunion brought to all of us.” Gary Cummings ‘61 “Thanks to the class of ’61 and especially the Reunion Committee who made it all come together and included: Gary Cummings, Bob Flajole, Tom Stamnes, Tom Sifferman, Jack Combs, Mike Lamb, Bill Taylor, Bill Eisiminger, Kip Toner, Jon Egge, and Rick Markov.” Seattle Prep, your alma mater “We hope to schedule a yearly event to bring us together again before we do another ‘destination’ reunion. We plan to schedule it in conjunction with the Prep Golden Panther Mass and Lunch on June 14, 2012.” Your ’61 Reunion Committee Scribe, Bob Flajole ‘61

David Kennedy ’59 is currently serving as Co-Director of the Bill Lane Center for the American West at Stanford University. He also edited the summer 2011 issue of “Daedalus” on “The Modern American Military.”

Michael McQuaid ’59 writes, “I’m retired, healthy and happy.” He lives in Bellevue and regularly volunteers at the Woodland Park Zoo.

1960s Class of 1961 Reunion committee members including Mick McHugh reached out to all classmates asking for their financial support to establish a class endowment which will be designated for 31

ClassNotes tuition assistance. “It’s only appropriate, don’t you think, our goal should be a minimum of 50K? We made our mark in various ways with our God given multiple talents when we were here as students (from A to E!) and we did it again as 50 year alums, now let’s leave something in our classmates’ memories for generations to come.” Seattle Prep thanks the ’61 Panthers in their thoughtful establishment of this endowment and for their gifts totaling $20,354.61. The goal is to reach $50,000 by the end of 2012!

1962 This is your GOLDEN YEAR REUNION! Plan to attend Panther Reunion Weekend July 20-22 as well as your class gathering. Class contacts: Creg Howard, Jack Bianchi, Dan McKillop, Steve Hopps, Mick Deines, Pat McCarthy, Greg Rockwell and Bill Marti.

The Seattle Prep class of 1971 gathered at Ray’s Boathouse on Shilshole on October 22 for their 40th reunion. Alumni and guests were welcomed by reunion chair John Caputo. The attendees devoted time to recognize classmates who have passed on. A highlight of the evening was Matt Smith entertaining the 60+ attendees by acting out portions of his award winning one man play, “My Last Year with the Nuns.” Organizers are hoping the gathering builds momentum for an even larger turnout for the 50th. Please contact Matt Smith at or the Prep Alumni office at if you wish to be included in future gatherings.

Patrick Pressentin ’63 completed six years as a board member and officer of the environmental nonprofit People For Puget Sound and writes, “ I urge all Prep alumni to consider membership in this local environmental nonprofit.”

Service and Corrections and Judiciary. Mike graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in Political Science and earned his law degree in 1974 from Gonzaga University. Mike and his wife, Laura are parents to five sons.

Mike Padden ’64 was recently sworn in as the new State Senator from the 4th Legislative District. Mike, a 33 year resident of Spokane Valley and former Spokane County District Court Judge, serves on the Senate Ways and Means Committee, which considers tax and spending legislation. He is also on two other key committees: Human

Dennis McLaughlin ’65 has no plans to retire. He has started a publishing/writing company (McLaughlin Writers Group, LLC) and writes “I’m having a good time!” Including Dennis’ four years at Seattle Prep and Loyola Marymount along with his two boys (Rockhurst High, Boston College and Loyola Marymount), the McLaughlins have had over 25 years of Jesuit education collectively.

Gathering of friends from the class of ’67 (left to right): Mike Wilds, George Marble, Craig Klinkam, Bill Deary, Jim Martineau, Kevin Miller, George Mead, Jeff Brain, and John Garland.


Spring 2012

Bill Jenkins ’66 spent the summer months in Germany where he bicycled 4,500 km from the Alps to the North Sea. Bill adds, “I will bicycle in Europe every summer from now on until my knees wear out!”

1967 This is your reunion year! Plan to attend Panther Reunion Weekend July 20-22 as well as your class gathering. Class contacts: Jim Martineau, Craig Klinkam and George Mead.

J. Bryce McWalter ’68 is a Financial Advisor, First Vice President of Investments and is still working (and enjoying it) after 35 years in the business. He also currently serves as President of Rotary Club of Magnolia. James Larson ’69 currently is chair of the Department of Psychology at Loyola University Chicago.

1970s Mark Reynolds ’71 works for Pacific Lamp and Supply Company, a family owned and operated business celebrating a 100 year history. Seattle Prep sends congratulations on this milestone along with appreciation and gratitude for helping us “keep our lights on” through their generous lighting donation to McHugh Gymnasium.

Panther Tracks

Thomas Harvey ’85 writes, “another good year living in Florida with my wife Sue and our three kids.” Yosh Ohno ’65, catches some air while kiteboarding in Hawaii. The Prep alumni office applauds Yosh for staying so active and fit as he celebrates his 65th birthday.

1982 1987 1972 This is your reunion year! Plan to attend Panther Reunion Weekend July 20-22 as well as your class gathering. Class contacts: Russ Dawson and Joe Brotherton. William Dingus, ’75, DDS, has been practicing as an orthodontist for the past 15 years in Rochester, New York. He is a ’79 graduate from University of Washington and ’84 graduate from University of PA. He has five children. Rick Allen ’76 has lived in Lake Oswego, Oregon for 20 years where he runs the Northwest Branch of Heffernan Insurance Brokers and hopes to open an office in Seattle. Rick and Liz have been married for 30 years and have two sons; Ben (23) is a graduate of Santa Clara and Nicolas is a junior at Stanford. Rick adds, “Go Panthers!”

1977 1977 MRC This is your reunion year! Plan to attend Panther Reunion Weekend July 20-22 as well as your class gathering. 1977 class contact: Frank Heffernan. 1977 MRC contact: Beth Derrig

Timothy Dean ’78 is the owner of Clearwater Collision and Towing/the Warren Storage facility. He and Tracey, his wife of 26 years, are parents to four children; Zak (22) a senior at WSU, Danika (20) a sophomore at WSU, Kolton (18) a senior at Southbridge and Jaxon (13), a 7th grader at Highlands.

1980s Eric Rogers ’83 is sales director for the medical device company Accuracy. Eric’s two boys, Jeff, 13 and Charlie, 10 are enrolled at St. Joseph School. Eric writes, “Jeff’s highly regarded homeroom teacher is Bill Sauvage ‘86 Panthers cross paths!”

Chris Grivas ’83 introduces his first book “The Innovative Team”, a business fable that reveals the impact our underlying thinking styles have on our teams and their results.

This is your reunion year! Plan to attend Panther Reunion Weekend July 20-22. To help with your class gathering contact the alumni office,

Bryan Andersen ’88 in July of 2011 was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service in connection with combat operation against the enemy while serving as Civil Affairs officer in Afghanistan from October 2010 to May 31, 2011 in support of Operation “Enduring Freedom.” Bryan’s courageous leadership was vital in creating a civil military operations plan which reduced local support for the enemy in a district spanning more than 30 miles along the Helmand River. His efforts were vital toward significantly developing the transportation, education and agriculture infrastructure throughout Garmser. His team invested heavily in local Afghans though school builds, which increased school attendance by the thousands. His focus on developing and investing in the Afghan citizens throughout Garmser District significantly enhanced both security and stability and will have a lasting impact.


ClassNotes Ben Gaffney ’92 and his wife welcomed Fiona Fitzpatrick Gaffney into the world on January 11, 2012. Fiona joins big brothers Ian (7) and Alex (3). Susan (Susie) Cassels ’93 and Mike Jaeger and big sister Maeve welcomed Silas into the world in August of 2011.

Anne (Petesch) ’99 & Patrick ’99 Ramey welcomed son Matthew on April 19, 2011. Matthew joins big sister Katie (2 yrs. old). Selome Teshome ’98 and Abiy Mesfin are enjoying their 19 month old son, Isaac and are celebrating the engagement of Selome’s sister, Hewan Teshome ’01 to Alexander Benard.

Lucas Welch ’99 manages corporate and executive communications for EMC Isilon, a technology company with offices in Pioneer Square. Lucas lives in Ballard with his five year old daughter Brooklyn, who attends Saint Alphonsus School where former Prep teacher (and soon to be Prep principal) Maureen Reid is principal.

Erin (Sandstrom) Fuelscher ‘89 and her husband Matt welcomed Neil Edward and Annabel Natalia into their family on 11-12-11. Their 6 year old daughter, Evelyn, loves being a big sister. In the picture: Annabel is on the left and Neil is on the right.

1990s Natasha Anderson ’92 writes “Eva Faye joined big brother James Matthew...future Prepster?”

1992 This is your reunion year! Plan to attend Panther Reunion Weekend July 20-22 as well as your class gathering. Class contact: Matt Deines.

Cyril Benda ’92 writes “life is adventure after another living in the Redwoods with my 11 year old daughter.” Carolyn (Sumulong) ’92 and James Von Behren are living in Berkeley, California and are keeping busy with four kids and a fifth due February, 2012.


Flannary Collins ’94 and her husband Tom Hardy are delighted to announce the arrival of their daughter, Willow Pasieka Hardy, on January 27, 2012. She joins her young cousins from other Prep alums - Quinn, daughter of Matt Collins ’90 and Finley, son of Patrick Collins ’93. John Bencich ’95 and his wife Tricia are expecting a baby in March of 2012!

1997 This is your reunion year! Plan to attend Panther Reunion Weekend July 20-22 as well as your class gathering. To help with your class gathering contact the alumni office,

Rassilyers keep it all in the Seattle Prep and Seattle University family Renee Rassilyer-Bomers ‘00 is a Registered Nurse at Swedish Hospital and a Lecturer at Seattle University’s Nursing School. She is married to Shawn Bomers. They have three children: twins Shawn and Isabella, and five-month-old Wyatt. Angela Rassilyer ‘02 teaches Kindergarten at St. Anthony’s Parish School. She is engaged to be married this summer to Travis Greenfield. Bryce Rassilyer ‘04 is a Certified Public Accountant in public practice at Clark Nuber, P.S. Bryce is married to Cynthia Rassilyer and they have one child, Theodore. Brigitte (Rassilyer) Krier ‘05 is a Registered Nurse at Harborview Medical Center. Brigitte was recently married this fall to Jeffrey Krier. Brianna Rassilyer ‘07 is a Registered Nurse at Children’s Hospital. Blake Rassilyer ‘11 is an Humanities and Engineering student at Seattle University.

Spring 2012


Panther Reunion Weekend July 20 – 22 2012

Come back to campus! • Honoring classes of: 1937, 1942, 1947, 1952, 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002 • Presenting the 2012 Distinguished Alumnus, John Miller ’57, former faculty and head coach.

July 20 Graduates’ Reception at Seattle Prep, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. July 21 Off-campus class gatherings July 22 Campus Mass and Breakfast at Seattle Prep, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Further details will be mailed. Be “in the know!” Call or e-mail the Alumni office at 206.577.2149 or to make sure we have your up-to-date contact information. Puget Sound program that celebrates the achievements of the Washington State theatre community. The Gregory Awards are named

2000s Captain Ian Dietz ’00 graduated from Georgetown University in 2004 and was married March 17, 2012 to Captain Derin Kozlowski, a 2008 West Point graduate. Both Ian and Derin are currently based at Fort Lewis.

in honor of Gregory A. Falls (1922- 1997), a former chair of the UW School of Drama, who is often credited with creating Seattle’s vibrant theater scene. Ferron is currently working on a screenplay set in Spokane in the early-1960s.

2002 This is your reunion year! Plan to attend Panther Reunion Weekend July 20-22 as well as your class gathering. To help with your class gathering contact the alumni office,

Cole Mercer ’03 is living in Palo Alto, CA, working on customer acquisition and marketing at Lemon is a mobile financial services application putting a new spin on budgeting and expense management.

Cameron Lawler ’02 is pursuing a joint MBA/JD at Michigan State University. Neil Ferron ’02 was nominated this fall for outstanding playwright for the 3rd Annual Gregory Awards Ceremony at ACT Theatre. Ferron was nominated for his play Fabulous Prizes, which was produced by the Satori Group this past summer at the 619 Western Building. The Gregory Awards is a Theatre

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Griffin Day ’04, center, pictured with other Prep grads and Maureen Pleas Brotherton, is a Captain in the United States Army. Griffin recently returned home from a one-year deployment in Afghanistan. He was named the Teens In Public Service (TIPS) Intern of the Year in November, 2011.

Chris Hardy ’04 lives in Eugene, Oregon. Chris earned a Masters of Science in Mathematics at the University of Oregon in June of 2011. He is currently in the PhD graduate program and also teaches calculus.


ClassNotes Patrick Lawler ’04 is working at Amazon and applying to Business School. Alexis Young ‘04 is completing her final year at Willamette University Law School. Abigail Elliott ’05 is a Corporate Public Relations Analyst for Puget Sound Energy in charge of all Social Media. Jon del Toro ’06 has been accepted to medical school at Loyola Chicago. He starts in July of 2012. In the meantime, he is working at a UW research lab. CJ Cullen ’06 is a software engineer at Cypress Semi conductor in Beaverton, Oregon. CJ graduated in 2010 from the University of Portland

where he played baseball for four years. In 2010, CJ was named to the NCAA Division I first team academic AllAmerican Team. Alessandra (Ali) Bulzomi ’07 is currently working at UW Bothell as a Fiscal Specialist in the Auxiliary Services Department and is currently finishing pre-requisites for the Biostatistics Graduate Program. Collin Pointon ’07 graduated with a double major Summa Cum Laude from Chapman College in Orange County, California, and is currently in a Master’s Program at Marquette in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Tony Bianchi ’04 & Joey Brotherton’04 Climb for Clean Water The Rotary project involved nine climbers, two of which were Seattle Prep alums, Tony Bianchi ‘04 and Joey Brotherton ‘04, more than 6 months to a year of training and raised nearly $25,000 to support clean water for 13 Guatemalan villages. After three days of hiking the group reached the summit of Mt. Rainier. Tony writes “there was plenty of cheering and high fiving amongst the three of us as we took a few minutes to catch our breath. Little did I know that to summit Mt. Rainier you only need to make it to the large bowl on top. However, those who are interested can continue for another 15 minutes to the top of the bowl called Columbia Crest, which is the peak of Mt. Rainier. (Left to right Joey ‘04, friend Jeff and Tony ’04 who took the final challenge. Photographed at Columbia Crest.)


Ball Park Boys embark on Summer of 2011 Adventure Travis Smith ’11 and Kendal Young’11 and two of their buddies planned the trip of a lifetime this past summer. The week after their respective graduations, the teens hit the open road in a camper van with the goal of viewing one game in every major league ballpark. The boys departed Safeco Field on June 11 and returned to Safeco Friend on August 4, 2011. Check out their website and relive their adventure by going to www. to see stories, photos and all the ballpark impressions.

Spring 2012

ClassNotes 2011 Graduating Class The original class list printed in our fall issue of Panther Tracks erroneously excluded several of our graduates. Below is the correct list. Congratulations again—we wish a warm welcome to our newest members of the alumni community! Shane Bijan Adib Stephanie María Adib Nina Therese Andersen Alexa Perry Anderson Lee David Appelbaum Anthony James Ayres Brianna Elizabeth Balansay Sean Randall Barber Morgan Rose Kathleen Barnes Drew Antibes Beckman Evan Lemoin Beckman Jonathon Gregory Bell Gabrielle Elizabeth Bird-Vogel Joseph Powers Bjorkman Kevin Mark Bocek Joseph Dixon Bosch Kathleen Rose Boyle Cameron Killian Breen Andrew Jacobson Brindle Payton Marie Burnett Nicholas Robert Cammarano Sarah Mary Cardoza Avery Jane Carruthers Kristin Cha Peter Joseph Christiansen Carly Sweeney Clawson Riley Joseph Coleman Sawyer Fallon Coleman William Daniel Cooper Matthew Allen Crawford Diego Julian Daba Anthony Griggins Davis Shanley Maureen DeFrancia Patrick Netter del Valle John Patrick Delaney Laura Rae DelVillar-Fox Kelly Michael Dennehy Minerva Alverio Dimla Nikola Djokovic Alexis Leigh Doerfler

Robert Alan Dohrn Jeffrey Fang Christopher T. Feldsine Michael William Fletcher Dillon James Connor Frisco Katherine Keeley Gallaugher Robert Anthony Reyes Gavino Blaire Bergstrom Ginnever Sean Denis Grady Lisa Claire Greene James Thomas Hall Charles Callison Hanafin Mackenzie Bryn Hardinge Michael Theodore Hardy Jessica Ashley Harms MacLean Van Horn Harned Natalie Claire Harrington Craig Anthony Hebert, Jr. Connor Thomas Henn Carley Myrtle Henning Taylor Marie Hogan William John Holmes Nicholas Holt VI Alexandra Donovan Iseman Sara Lindsay James Erika A. Jensen Sarah Patrice Johnston Anna Kristine Kocer Christopher Michael Kranda Patricia Pemberton Laramore Patrick Kevin Swezey Leary Jacqueline Ann Lee Clara Rose LeeWays Matthew Alexander Leff Garrett Matthew LePenske Margot Caroline Lewis Terence Hao Wen Looi Steven Scott Lorenzen Elizabeth Marie Lundberg Dominic Xavier Johnston Lusk

Kari Newton Luttinen Michaela Mari Frances Lynam Alexandra Margaret Machetanz Ashley Elaine Madden Kate Elizabeth Magee Matthew Jacob Mallick Anthony John Kimball Malshuk Maria Louise Marra Connor James Martin Shuhei Matsuya John William Maurer Kristin Lee McCarthy Megan Ann McCarthy Sean Patrick McDonald Benjamin Michael McKenzie Lucy Catherine McQueen Clare Mary McReynolds Naomi Leibold Medley Scott Allen Villavicencio Meyering Alexander Kyrie Monroe Nicholas Edward Morales Olga Maria Morales-Garcia Nicholas Mitchell Morton Thomas Stearns Motzer Madison Lynn Underwood Nelson Kelly James Neupert Nathanial Hart Newman Sarah E. Newman Andrea Lien Nicholson William Russell Niehoff Meaghan Ann O’Neil Patrick James Opie Kathryn Blue Page Kate Rachel Pattison Alexander Joseph Paulsen Michael Martin Peñuelas Colin Harris Peterson Michael Joseph Rheaume Peter Kinnear Richards Michael David Rochford

Natalie Ann Salazar John David Salem Robert Walton Sargeant, Jr. Mary Colleen McLoughlin Sauter Annie Regina McChesney Sauvage Clare Renee Scheer Spencer Rebecca Sefcik Emily Christine Sheehan Alexus Lauren Shefts Zachary Braybrooks Simon Luke Stephen Simpson Travis Parker Smith Keith Patrick Souza Charles Henry Spencer-Davis Emma Elizabeth Irene Stacey Cerise Olivia Steel David Timothy Strand Alexandra Dorlen Streamer Allison Wheaton Teplicky Amanuel Matheas Teshome Nicole Pauline Tidwell J. Carson Tidyman Nathan Phillip Tollner Tierney Elizabeth Vial Alexander Walker Vincent Clint Robert Vorauer Samuel William Wahl Emily Elizabeth Walker Joseph Daniel Walker Nicholas Francis Wang Simeng Wang Ryan Patrick Wheatley Stefan Harrison White Nicholas Blackman Wilgis Emily Rachel Wise Samuel B. Wishkoski Kendal Michael Young Vanessa Louise Young Alexander John Zarutskie Sammy Hasan Zeer Jacob Daniel Zottoli

Maximize Your Contribution to Prep on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 On May 2nd, an exciting event will amplify the impact of your Annual Appeal gift to Seattle Prep. • giveBIG is a one-day, community-wide giving challenge created by The Seattle Foundation. • stretch your support to Seattle Prep by making a gift to the school through The Seattle Foundation’s website. The Seattle Foundation and local businesses will match a share of every contribution made to Seattle Prep through The Seattle Foundation's online Giving Center between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. PST on May 2nd. Please join Seattle Prep alums, parents and friends in providing funding to help sustain Prep’s faith-based education and bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating The Seattle Foundation

each student. If you have any questions, please contact Maureen Wishkoski at (206) 577-2237 or

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InMemoriam Correction: in the 2011 fall edition of Panther Tracks In Memoriam section, John Merlino ’56 was incorrectly listed as the brother of Gary ’58 and Donald ’60 Merlino and uncle of Bradley Merlino ’89. John ’56 was father of John Merlino ’82, uncle to Rick Lund ’82 and cousin of Brett Ferullo ’91. Ernie Ferullo ’51 was John’s first cousin and business partner. Son John ’82 adds, “Many of my dad’s lifetime friends were made while he attended Prep.”

Alumni 1930s

John P. McGeough, ’36 died September 21, 2011. John was born in Brooklyn, New York and spent his early childhood in Butte, Montana moving to Seattle in 1932. After graduating from University of Washington School of Forestry. He was a US Merchant Marine and drafted into the US Army. John worked for the city of Seattle at Seattle Transit System and Seattle Engineering Department, retiring in December of 1980. In retirement, John enjoyed travelling and dancing. John was known as a dedicated family man of great faith.


Richard J. Corrigan ’38 father of Richard “Rick” ’64 died October 27, 2011. Dick grew up in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle and two of his eight siblings (John ‘27 and Barrett ‘29) became Jesuits. In 1942, Dick joined the US Army and married his childhood friend, Florida Perri. In 1948, Dick graduated with a business degree from Seattle University. He had a long and distinguished career in business and finance working primarily in the construction field. Dick and his wife hosted many lively events at their home, welcoming their six children, 17 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren. Involvement with their large extended Irish-Italian family ensured vibrant memories. Dick’s Catholic faith was an integral part of his life and he had a long commitment to the poor and disenfranchised. He was blessed with a quick wit and dry sense of humor. Well into his 80’s, Dick maintained a longstanding east-side meeting with the “lunch bunch” a group of former classmates from grade and high school.

Thomas M. Ryan ’38, father of Tom Jr. ‘63, died December 30, 2011. After Prep, Tom continued his education at Seattle University earning a degree in English Literature while also playing varsity

basketball as a point guard, where later he went on to become the varsity basketball coach. Tom earned a Master’s degree in science and physical education from the University of Washington and served as a Lieutenant in the US Navy. After the war, he worked for the Seattle Parks Department rising through the ranks to serve as Superintendent of King County Parks Department and Deputy Executive of King County. Tom and his wife of 66 years, Mary, raised seven sons and celebrated 22 grandchildren and 8 greatgrandchildren.

stationed, Fr. Joe was known for his amazing faith and love that touched so many lives.

Frank M. Donaghy ’39 died March 14, 2011. Frank, as noted in the ’39 Echo, was involved in Sodality and Ski Club.


Fr. Joseph B. Danel, S.J. ’39 died January 25, 2012 in Lusaka, Zambia. Fr. Joe entered the Jesuits soon after his graduation from Seattle Prep and was ordained in 1952. He spent his early teaching years at Holy Cross Mission, Alaska, Seattle Prep and Bellarmine Prep and later 20 years at Jesuit High School in Portland. In 1981, Fr. Joe travelled to Zambia where he taught for ten years at Canisius Secondary School and another 10 at Charles Lwanga Teachers College, both in Chikuni Mission. In his later life, Fr. Joe moved on to Xavier House, the Jesuit novitiate in Lusaka, where he assisted in the Library and directed retreats. Wherever he was

John A. Herkenrath ’40 died August 29, 2011. Jack grew up in St. Joseph Parish where he attended grade school. Jack attended Seattle University where he received a BA in Economics and the University of Washington. In 1942, he joined the Naval reserves and was discharged for medical reasons in 1943. Jack worked for a brief time for Mobile Oil and for 26 years he worked as an industrial engineer for Boeing. Jack never married but provided wonderful care for his mother who lived with him until her death at age 100. Jack loved snow skiing, golf, handball and long bicycle rides with friends. One of his favorite hobbies was buying and selling cars, of which he had quite a collection.

Spring 2012

InMemoriam Jerome C. Smith, Sr. ’46 died peacefully on the evening of September 25, 2011. He was proud of his accomplishments in education, including undergraduate studies at Gonzaga University, a Master’s from St. John’s University and a Fulbright Scholar. Jerry took his talents and credentials to school classrooms in Southern California and inspired all whom he taught. At home, his brilliant mind afforded him the ability to recall passages of classical literature and poetry from memory which earned him the unofficial title of “Jeopardy champ.” Jerry was known as a modern day Renaissance man who left all those who knew him aspiring to match his intellect, zest for life and loyalty to his family.

Robert was a proud member of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish for 48 years. Robert H. Larsen ’52 died December 9, 2011. After graduating from Seattle Prep, Bob graduated from Seattle University, where he was a member of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. He retired as lieutenant colonel from the U.S. Army in 1978. Bob ended his career with the military in Maine as an advisor to the Maine Army National Guard. He also served as chief negotiator for the state of Maine for 17 years, retiring in 1994. Bob and his wife Donna had one son, four nephews, five stepchildren, two grandchildren and 14 stepgrandchildren.


Robert R. Denini ’53, brother of David ’57, father in-law of Andy Hendricks ’83 and grandfather of Garrett ’10 and Alex ’14 Hendricks died October 16, 2011. After graduating from Seattle Prep, Robert attended Seattle University and was a proud member of the Intercollegiate Knights. He served 27 years in the Washington National Guard retiring with the rank of Master Sergeant and retired from the Boeing Company of Seattle in 1995 after 35 years.

Panther Tracks

Michael C. Murphy ’52 died January 22, 2012. During his years as a Panther, Michael served as class officer all four years and was an active member of the Panther Club and Prom Committee. The ’52 Echo notes his favorite saying as “That’s the way the old ball bounces!” Michael and his wife of 52 years, Mary, have seven children and 14 grandchildren.

William Ward ’57, died January 15, 2012. Bill was ordained Deacon to the Diocese of Salt Lake City. Bill and his wife, Pilar, raised four children and have eight grandchildren. Deacon Ward was known within his vocation, as a model of “humility, obedience, faithfulness and care in service to those God had given over to his care.”


Joseph C. McCarthy, Jr. M.D. ’60, Captain (Retired) USNR, brother of Patrick ’62 and Donald ‘66 passed away August 20, 2011. Joe graduated from Seattle Prep, the University of Santa Clara, and the University of Washington School of Medicine ‘68. He was drawn into the U.S. Army by the Vietnam Conflict, and attended Airborne and Ranger schools. He completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Madigan Army Hospital in Tacoma, followed by a residency in pediatrics at Tripler in Honolulu. He was board certified in these specialties in addition to family medicine. This was followed by a four year break in service on the Family Practice teaching faculty at the OHSU Medical

School in Portland. His military career spanned 20 years, including assignments in Nürnberg, Germany and Madigan, and an inter-service transfer to the Navy, retiring in 1994 at USNH Bremerton. Following his military career, Dr. McCarthy worked in both family and emergency medicine at USNH Bremerton and Madigan. Joe was known for his appreciation and enjoyment of family and friends, medical peers and coworkers, residents in training, and many of his patients. During his early years he enjoyed competitive athletics and later gravitated to the outdoors—backpacking, horse camping, skiing, sea kayaking, books, travel, the opera and symphony. Joe and his wife of 38 years, Carolyn nee Grace have two children and one grandchild. Lawrence F. Gatter ’66 died October 27, 2011. Larry received his education from Briscoe School, Seattle Prep and University of Central Florida. Many words describe Larry: christian, humorist, professional salesman, “political” and “pontificator” for the middle class. While at Seattle Prep, Larry was a star point guard for the Prep Panthers. Larry’s many classmates recall his rich sense of humor and his being a man who appreciated a fun time!


InMemoriam In March of 2010, she realized her dream of opening up a restaurant, Nettletown. Her business partner at Nettletown noted she was “always the nurturer, the one who fed everyone.”

Friends of Prep

Charles Monary ’68 brother of Rocco ’67 died on September 23, 2011. Chuck is described in the ’68 Echo as “the ‘68’s most loyal student.” He was a versatile Prep student having participated in Glee Club , football and baseball and noted as “having a cheerful attitude for everyone!”


Christina K. Choi ’95 sister of Theresa ’88, Elizabeth ’91, Theodore ’98 and Christopher ’00 died December 28, 2011. Christina graduated from the Seattle Central Community College Culinary Program in 1997. She worked as a chef at many restaurants in the Seattle area and in 2011 cofounded Foraged and Found Edibles. Christina also created and published the Wild Foods Calendar for 2009 and 2010.


Paul L. “Len” Benson, father of Michael ‘87 and John ‘90 passed away on May 24, 2011. After honorably serving four years in the U.S. Army, Len rejoined Washington Natural Gas (PSE), where he worked for 51 years. Len found joy in traveling and reading books which he enthusiastically shared with both family and friends. Helen Clynch a beloved, longtime former Prep employee and retiree passed away peacefully December 4, 2011. Helen worked in Seattle Prep’s Principals’ office during the 1990’s, serving under both Chris Conroy and Matt Barmore. Agnes K. Ohno, MD, sister of Yosh ’65, Fr. Natch ’66 Ohno, SJ, aunt of Marcus ’01 and Zach ’11 and Taylor Ohno ’12 died December 16, 2011 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, after a long illness.

Angelina Assuda (Scarano) Monary died June 9, 2011 and Carl Albert Monary died October 3, 2011, parents of Rocco ‘67 and Charles ‘68. Carl and Angelina were married for 64 years, had three children, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Carl was known to work hard but often told his family his “life was given meaning and direction through the Catholic Church, the Marine Corps and the love of his life, Angelina Scarano Monary.”

Seattle Prep extends its condolences to the families and friends of those community members who have passed away. If you would like to make an in memoriam gift to honor someone special, please contact Liz Brennan, Seattle Prep Development office at (206) 577-2151 or

Governor Albert D. Rosellini, whose numerous grandchildren attended Prep, died October 10, 2011 at the age of 101. More than 600 people attended his funeral mass where former Governor Locke spoke, (Rosellini) “accomplished more than all of the governors and elected officials assembled here combined, he championed those who had no champion. The poor, children and the elderly had no better friend than Al Rosellini.” Michael Sauter, son-in law of Robert Gilmore ’51, father of Ryan Knight ‘99 and Mary Colleen Sauter ’11 died November 29, 2011. Mike grew up in Magnolia, attended O’Dea High School, Jr. College in Chehalis and graduated from Seattle University. Mike worked for St. Joseph on Capitol Hill for many years, increasing his ever growing circle of friends. Mike entered real estate and eventually started his own firm. Mike’s passion was his family. Mike also found time for spirituality. He held his relationship with God dear to his heart.

Spring 2012

InMemoriam Jack Corkery March 15, 1917 – December 15, 2011 Jack Corkery will be forever remembered at Prep. He was a great man who dedicated his life to making the world a better place. He was the ultimate philanthropist – never asking for recognition or attention. Jack wanted to make a difference in the lives of young people. This, he and his wife, Vada May, have done. They continue and will continue in perpetuity to make a difference for many students at Seattle Prep by providing them the opportunity to have a Prep education. Jack, father of Craig ’65, died on December 15, 2011. Jack graduated from Franklin High School and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management from the University of Washington. Jack worked in the timber industry, the Department of Agriculture, and the Boeing Company before entering the United States Coast Guard. Jack married Vada May Lawrence in 1944, which was the beginning of 67 wonderful years together. Jack left the Coast Guard in 1946 and, with his brother George, started the Corkery Brothers Painting Company. Jack was happy to have a paintbrush in his hand and be up on a ladder for over 50 years. Jack loved the outdoors and nature, hiking, boating, blackberry picking and traveling around the world. He was never happier than working in his yard, mowing the lawn, weeding and planting flowers. He thoroughly enjoyed talking to and learning from all whom he met during his life. Jack and Vada May have lived a life of generosity and giving back to the community. In 1989, Jack and Vada May established a Seattle Prep endowment in memory of their son, Craig ’65, to support tuition assistance. Jack and Vada May valued the Jesuit education that their son received at Prep and wanted others to have the same opportunity. Over the years, the Corkerys contributed generously to the Craig Alan Corkery ‘65 Endowment. This endowment currently enables five students to attend Seattle Prep through financial assistance. The endowment will continue to benefit future generations of Prep students. Jack and Vada May always commented on how much they enjoyed and appreciated the thank you letters they received from the students who benefited from their endowment. Unbeknownst to Prep, Jack made a provision in his estate plans to make a legacy gift upon his death. This generous gift will be designated to the Craig Alan Corkery ‘65 Endowment. The impact of Jack and Vada May’s generosity will be felt at Prep for numerous years to come. Seattle Prep President Kent Hickey stated, “I honestly don’t know if I have ever met as kind or sincere a person as Jack. He and his wife, Vada May, have been very good to Seattle Prep, all from a love of young people and desire to support them in their growth. A life well lived indeed!”

Panther Tracks


Amanda Knox ’05 Scholarship Endowment Announced We are pleased to announce the establishment of a new named endowment fund at Seattle Prep: the Amanda Knox ’05 Scholarship Endowment. The fund, established by past parent Tom Wright, will provide tuition assistance to students in need. Here, Tom talks about why tuition assistance is such a critical priority and why he chose to honor Amanda with the scholarship fund. Please tell us about your relationship with Seattle Prep and your experience of the school as a parent. “My daughter Sara was in the class of ’05 and thrived at Prep throughout her time there. She ran cross-country, sang in musicals and

Good friends Sara Wright and Amanda Knox at graduation in 2005.

Left to right: Tom Wright, Amanda’s mother Edda Mellas, Amanda Knox ’05 and Kent Hickey.

enhancing the high school experience for all – if only he or she can afford to attend. That’s the scholarship recipient we’re looking for.”

Please share a bit about naming the fund in honor of Amanda. Why did you choose to honor her in the naming of your endowment fund?

pursued a rigorous course of

“Sara and Amanda were good friends at Prep. They played

studies. Most importantly,

Von Trapp sisters in The Sound of Music and orphans in

she was immersed in

Annie and took a lot of courses together. With this fund,

the spiritual values of a

our family wants to honor the courage of Amanda and her

Jesuit education, among

family. They displayed great dignity and fortitude enduring a

teachers who engaged her

wrongful prosecution on foreign soil. During years of unjust

in a personal, caring way.

incarceration, the school supported Amanda through prayers

She was plenty ready for

and letters of support. Prep acted in the Jesuit spirit by

university life when the time came and went on to do well

seeking social justice and helped to win a fight for freedom

at Harvard University as a result of the excellent foundation

worth remembering. This endowment fund is meant to

she received –in academics, athletics and the arts – during

commemorate the lasting bond of friendship formed at Prep

her four years at Seattle Prep.”

as well as the lifelong commitment the school makes to its graduates.”


How did you come to the decision to start an endowment fund at Seattle Prep? Is there a reason you wanted to focus on financial aid in particular?

What are your hopes for the fund? What type of students do you want to see benefit?

“I’ve always believed a school flourishes most when there’s a

“I would hope the fund grows over time and always supports

diverse student body. Subsidizing a portion of rising tuition

talented students who might not otherwise be able to attend

costs can provide greater opportunity for kids of differing

Prep. These students, like Amanda, may have demonstrated

backgrounds. With each entering class, some new student

moral courage, strength of character under duress and a

may have the potential to make a unique contribution –

sincere desire to help others in need.”

Spring 2012

Photo ©Rob Perry ’78

Therefore let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion; that it may sing; And let it direct your passion with reason, that your passion may live through its own daily resurrection, and like the phoenix rise above its own ashes. I would have you consider your judgment and your appetite even as you would two loved guests in your house. Surely you would not honour one guest above the other; for he who is more mindful of one loses the love and the faith of both. Among the hills, when you sit in the cool shade of the white poplars, sharing the peace and serenity of distant fields and meadows - then let your heart say in silence, “God rests in reason.” And when the storm comes, and the mighty wind shakes the forest, and thunder and lightning proclaim the majesty of the sky, - then let your heart say in awe, “God moves in passion.” And since you are a breath in God’s sphere, and a leaf in God’s forest, you too should rest in reason and move in passion.

Panther Tracks

Kahlil Ghibran





2400 Eleventh Avenue East Seattle, WA 98102-4098

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1968: Fr. Small, SJ, Senior Counselor (seated), with Fr. Jones, SJ, Junior Counselor, Fr. Sullivan, SJ, Freshman Counselor and Fr. Walsh, SJ, Sophomore Counselor.

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Spring 2012 Volume 21, Number 1

2012 Counseling Team: (left to right) Janet O’Neil, Jolene Boyle, Jim Johnston, Sandra Foy, Kathy Krueger, Ron Zipse

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Panther Tracks Spring 2012  

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