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PERSONAL JOURNAL May 16: Today achieve my mom talk about my vacation and I was in the house of my grandmother May 17: Today talked with a friend who lives in Bogota and I will visit him next time May 18: when I get home my dad told me I was going to give a sport shoes who sold a friend May 19: The friend of my dad showed me not the sport shoes and at night I told my dad was visiting yesterday that had happened to the guallos May 20: Today I went to train and began to do agility drills and exercise to lose a lot of weight May 21: Today I woke up in with terrible pain and I went to sleep caused by exercise and stay up late May 22: Today the teacher gave us a home work, I come to class and we were talking May 23: Today I went to eat ice cream with my brother four years and when I finish eating I felt like going to the bathroom May 24: I told my dad that I had a friend who sellssport shoes and I left them cheaper May 25: Today I went with my mom to pay for school football and we had to four months and then we pay much to play May 26: Today I know a guy of United States and brought many gifts rich and sweet that I had never tried May 27: Today was a very amazing long day did not share much time with my family May 28: still not quite as fun day today I went to the movies and I bought a new shirt May 29: Today I saw a movie with my cousins in my house called batalla naval May 30: I'm worried about my performance at school for English that almost do not understand the issues May 31: Today I went to play soccer on a sand freld with the team of my dad June 1: Today is a very beautiful day for my brother game month of life

Student: Matheo Sรกnchez Alfonso

PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE Student: Matheo Sánchez Alfonso

I am in front of Multicentro

I am in front of Catedral

I am inside to Cathedral

I am in Dario Echandía Library

I am beside of Sim贸n Bolivar monument

I am in front of government wall DC

I am on the Murillo Toro Place, I am beside Murillo Toro monument

The mayor麓s building is behind me.



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