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Baby Bigfoot Camp #3 (of 3) January 31st, 2012

Mat Heagerty 973A S. Van Ness Ave. San Francisco, CA 94110 415-652-8537

Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty


PAGE 1 (ONE PANEL) PAGE 1, Panel 1. In a some what small super sleek space craft our “hero” Japache Jones soars through the stars. Determined as ever he glares forward. Japache wears his normal gee and bolo tie with just a small clear plastic breathing device over his nose and mouth. The ship has two pilot seats like a commercial air plane. CAPTION 1: Way up in space summer of 1985. JAPACHE: I’m coming for you son. For the first time in my life I’m gonna do right by you.

Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty


PAGE 2 (FOUR PANELS) PAGE 2, Panel 1. Large panel: Cody and Blair stand at the bars of their cell, the hood to their costumes off from mid-issue two. Smug as ever, Gwongaar strolls by on his patrol of the holding area. CODY: Hey you. Come here for a sec. GWONGAAR: What do you want beast? PAGE 2, Panel 2. Cody puts his face close to the bars as he holds them. I think a side view would work for this. CODY: To ask you some questions. I think we deserve some answers! GWONGAAR: Fine, but make it quick. I have a ship to run. PAGE 2, Panel 3. From outside the cell we see a very sceptical Blair from behind the shoulder of Gwongarr. An example of the kind of face I’d liek to see on Blair can be seen here... BLAIR: Ship to run? Wait you’re in charge? GWONGAAR: Of course I am. PAGE 2, Panel 4. Cody waves his hand as if to say “get out of town” his head tilted to the side. CODY: Yeah right. You aren’t the boss. Those two guys who caught us are.

Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty PAGE 3 (SIX PANELS) PAGE 3, Panel 1. Cody and Blair have angered Gwongaar. Close in on him. GWONGAAR: Petey and Zolaxian? In charge? You’ve got to be kidding me! PAGE 3, Panel 2. We see Blair form inside the cell. BLAIR: They never listen to what you say. PAGE 3, Panel 3. Close up again on Gwongaar who is getting even more furious. GWONGAAR: They listen to me! I’m the head of this vessel! PAGE 3, Panel 4. Cody smiles as he continues to patronize Gwongaar. CODY: Woah, calm down man it’s okay. We still like. You don’t gotta try and impress us. PAGE 3, Panel 5. Now Gwongaar has reaches his boiling point steam comes form his ears his eyes bulge. GWONGAAR: I don’t care what you mindless creatures think! I am in charge of this vessel!!! PAGE 3, Panel 6. Blair definitely points towards Gwongaar. BLAIR: Prove it, open the door to the cell. Only a high ranking person would have the keys.


Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty PAGE 4 (FIVE PANELS) PAGE 4, Panel 1. Now calmed down, Gwongaar crosses his arms. GWONGAAR: Nice try little ones I’m not gonna fall for that. PAGE 4, Panel 2. Cody turns to Blair who has her hands out to the side as she mocks Gwongaar. CODY: We know you can’t. BLAIR: Ha what dose he think we’re gonna do try and escape? To where freaking deep space? duh what a dummy. PAGE 4, Panel 3. Cody puts his finger in the air as he tries to get Gwongaar good and angry again. CODY: No he doesn’t think that we’ll escape. He’s just been caught in his lie so he’s pretending he thinks we are gonna break out because he really can’t open the cell door... PAGE 4, Panel 4. Gwongaar stand in front of the now open cell door his arms wide out with a big smile. GWONGAAR: Oh yeah!! PAGE 4, Panel 5. Cody and Blair run past Gwongaar whose eyes are closed while he gloats. GWONGAAR: I told you I was in charge don’t you feel dumb--


Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty PAGE 5 (FOUR PANELS) PAGE 5, Panel 1. Gwongaar looks on as Cody and Blair run away in the distance. GWONGAAR: Shit... PAGE 5, Panel 2. Cody and Blair run straight at us. We see Gwongaar far in the background. BLAIR: What now? CODY: I haven’t really thought that far ahead. PAGE 5, Panel 3. Close up: Out of no where Japache Jones comes hurdling through a wall debris flying everywhere. JAPACHE: Ouch. PAGE 5, Panel 4. Super close up: Blair and Cody look scared. CODY: Oh no.


Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty PAGE 6 (THREE PANELS) PAGE 6, Panel 1. Larger panel: Japache smashes into Blair and Cody knocking them to the ground. In the background through the broken wall we see a very large alien has thrown him through the wall. He dwarfs the rest of his shipmates. SFX 1: Smmmmaaaassssshhhhh. PAGE 6, Panel 2. Japache, Cody and Blair lay in a pile on the ground. CODY: Oww, who are you dude? JAPACHE: The names Japache I’m here to save you. PAGE 6, Panel 3. A net falls on Japache, Cody and Blair. As armed alien troops surround them. BLAIR: Good job with that...


Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty PAGE 7 (FIVE PANELS) PAGE 7, Panel 1. Japache and Cody both lounge similarly on the floor of their cell while Blair paces. BLAIR: Thanks for getting us caught again. We almost escaped! JAPACHE: To where? Do you have a space ship? BLAIR: We hadn’t thought of that yet. PAGE 7, Panel 2. Close in on just Japache as he earnestly delivers a weak one liner. JAPACHE: That’s what I thought. Don’t you two worry I’ll get you outta here. Those aliens are like flies and I’m giant fly swatter. PAGE 7, Panel 3. An angle of Japache and Cody. Japache looks frustrated. CODY: That doesn’t really work, they look like koalas not flies. Maybe if they look like bugs.. JAPACHE: Damn, my arch nemesis has a cricket motif. PAGE 7, Panel 4. Another wide view of all three in their cell. Cody yet again excited. Japache pouts. BLAIR: Crickets really? CODY: You should use it on him next time!


Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty PAGE 7, Panel 5. Japache pouts like a child. JAPACHE: I can’t do that I already just used it. Aggg you guys just don’t get it.


Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty


PAGE 8 (FIVE PANELS) PAGE 8, Panel 1. Blair puffs up in Japache’s face. BLAIR: No, I don’t think you guys get it! These things are gonna kill us. So we better start thinking of a plan and fast! PAGE 8, Panel 2. Cody shrugs as Japache points over to Blair. JAPACHE: Gees, is she always like this? PAGE 8, Panel 3. Japache’s watch begins to ring, he looks down at it in shock. Cody excited peeks over. SFX 1: Ring, ring. CODY: Is that like a communicator like Star Trek or James Bond? PAGE 8, Panel 4. Visibly nervous, Japache now hides the watch behind his back. JAPACHE: No this, it’s nothing just a timer. PAGE 8, Panel 5. Japache cringes as he tries to hide the watch. SANDRA: (OP) Japache, I’m begging you please. Please, find Cody for me. He’s our son dammit!

Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty PAGE 9 (FIVE PANELS) PAGE 9, Panel 1. Close in on Cody in shock. CODY: That’s my mom’s voice. PAGE 9, Panel 2. Japache stomps on the watch breaking it. CODY: Was that my mom? JAPACHE: What that? No, it’s just nothing. Don’t worry about that. PAGE 9, Panel 3. Cody looks up at Japache doe eyed. CODY: She said “our son” are you-- Are you my dad? PAGE 9, Panel 4. Japache rubs the back of his neck looking down as he talks to Cody. JAPACHE: Um-- yes? It’s a long story--PAGE 9, Panel 5. Cody hugs Japache who still is in shock.


Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty


PAGE 10 (FOUR PANELS) PAGE 10, Panel 1. Cody excited talks to Japache who looks squimish and very uncomfortable. CODY: Do you think maybe we could like play catch sometime or something? Wow, my dad’s a secret agent karate dude! Are you gonna move in with Mom and me? PAGE 10, Panel 2. Japache stands straight looking forward as Cody and Blair look up to him. JAPACHE: We got a lot of catching up to do, but first let’s get the hell out of this cell. I think I have a plan! PAGE 10, Panel 3. We see a wide view of the holding chambers as an aliens walk down them. CAPTION 1: Ten minutes later. JAPACHE: (OP) Shhh, shhh here comes one. PAGE 10, Panel 4. Cody is pressed belly up to the cell bars. Japache and Blair look on. BLAIR: Are you sure about this? JAPACHE: I’m sure about everything.

Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty


PAGE 11 (FIVE PANELS) PAGE 11, Panel 1. Small panel: Close in on Cody timidly looks back at Japache while still pressed against the cell bars. CODY: I’m nervous. What if I can’t go? PAGE 11, Panel 2. A big panel taking up the almost half of the page. Cody is peeing on the alien as he walks by! JAPACHE: Now Cody let her rip! PAGE 11, Panel 3. The alien furiously approaches the cell. ALIEN: Why you little-PAGE 11, Panel 4. Japache grabs the alien and slams him up against the cell bars. PAGE 11, Panel 5. The alien is on the ground knocked out. JAPACHE: You don’t ever touch my kid.

Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty


PAGE 12 (FIVE PANELS) PAGE 12, Panel 1. A wide shot: Blair and Cody in the foreground celebrate, in the background Japache is putting the key in their cell door. BLAIR: Holy molly it worked! CODY: Now what do we do? PAGE 12, Panel 2. Close up of Japache exiting the door. JAPACHE: We kill those fucking aliens. PAGE 12, Panel 3. Cody, Japache and Blair stealthily move down the hall. Their backs up against the walls. BLAIR: Easier said then done, there’s so many of them! JAPACHE: Don’t worry about that. I’ll take care of them all. PAGE 12, Panel 4. A wider shot of them going down the hall. CODY: What are we supposed to do?

Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty


PAGE 13 (FIVE PANELS) PAGE 13, Panel 1. Japache reaches down his into his sleeve. JAPACHE: I’m going to need you both to place these all over the ship, but stay close by me still. PAGE 13, Panel 2. Close in on Japache’s hand as he gives Blair and Cody several small red circles. They are little bombs. CODY: What are they? JAPACHE: Very dangerous, so be careful not to drop them. PAGE 13, Panel 3. Japache peers his head around a corner. JAPACHE: We need to go through here to get to my ship. PAGE 13, Panel 4. A wide view showing a full room of about twenty aliens including the really big alien from page six. (Gwongaar, Petey and Zolaxian are not in this scene!) Japache can be seen looking in from around the corner. He is not yet spotted. JAPACHE: This won’t be easy. But nothing worth while ever is. PAGE 13, Panel 5. Close in on Japache looking down at Cody. JAPACHE: This is it. You two ready?

Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty CODY: Ready!


Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty


PAGE 14 (FIVE PANELS) PAGE 14, Panel 1. Large panel: Japache enter the room all of the aliens look over at him. JAPACHE: Here I am aliens come and get me, you fucking losers! PAGE 14, Panel 2. Blair looks over at Cody who smiles with pride. BLAIR: Wow, your dad is bad ass. PAGE 14, Panel 3. Japache jumps above two aliens knocking both their heads together with his feet, very badly causing them to bleed. JAPACHE: Yeecow. PAGE 14, Panel 4. He breaks another aliens arm over his leg. ALIEN: Ahhhhhhhhhh PAGE 14, Panel 5. Close in on Blair grossed out. BLAIR: Gross.

Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty


PAGE 15 (SIX PANELS) LAYOUT NOTES: I’d love to have this broken up into a grid . 2 x 3 larger panels of Japache, smaller of the kids. Think of it as a 3 x 3 grid only each of Japache’s panels takes up two grid spots. Let me know if that’s confusing... PAGE 15, Panel 1. Japache rips the head off the large alien from page six. Lots of blood! JAPACHE: I’m gonna rip your head off! PAGE 15, Panel 2. Show Blair on Cody’s back placing a bomb up higher. CODY: He’s doing it we might actually get out of here. PAGE 15, Panel 3. Now with some blood on him, Japache mid-air kicks an alien so hard his eye balls pop out! JAPACHE: Eye am gonna make you aliens pay! PAGE 15, Panel 4. Cody and Blair place another Explosive. BLAIR: That’s the last one, don’t drop it! PAGE 15, Panel 5. Japache punches right through the stomach of an alien Japache is now covered in blood. JAPACHE: Eat fist!

Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty PAGE 15, Panel 6. Cody and Blair high five. BLAIR: We did it!


Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty


PAGE 16 (TWO PANELS) PAGE 16, Panel 1. Large panel taking up the first 3/4 of the page- Cody and Blair stand next to Japache who is completely covered in blood, a ton of aliens lie on the ground beaten. JAPACHE: I’ve done it! I’ve single-handedly killed or severely wounded every alien on this ship! BLAIR: You didn’t get all of them. PAGE 16, Panel 2. Frightened we see Zolaxian, Petey and Gwongaar all looking on from a hiding space around the corner. CODY: Yeah, the boss guy is still missing and the two guys who captured us.

Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty


PAGE 17 (FIVE PANELS) PAGE 17, Panel 1. A wide shot showing the backs of Gwongaar, Zolaxian, & Petey peeking in at Japache and the kids from around the corner. JAPACHE: I wouldn’t worry about them. You two placed enough explosives around to blow this entire ship to high hell. PAGE 17, Panel 2. Zolaxian and Petey cry as they panic over there impending demise. ZOLAXIAN: Oh man. This isn’t good. PETEY: We gotta get off this ship. PAGE 17, Panel 3. Gwongaar once more lecturers his troops. In an attempt to rally them. GWONGAAR: Pull yourselves together men! Have some dignity. If we’re gonna die here today, let’s do it with honor! Let’s go get those Earth creatures! Whose with me? PAGE 17, Panel 4. Frightened Petey and Zolaxian running away. PETEY: You’re speeches suck! ZOLAXIAN: You suck! PAGE 17, Panel 5. Gwongaar’s head hangs low.

Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty GWONGAAR: I know...


Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty PAGE 18 (FIVE PANELS) PAGE 18, Panel 1. Japache leads Cody and Blair into his ship. JAPACHE: We need to get out of here fast before this whole place blows! PAGE 18, Panel 2. Cody sits down in one of the two pilot seats. CODY: This is so cool. PAGE 18, Panel 3. Wide shot of the interior of the ship. Japache now sits next to Cody in the other pilots seat. JAPACHE: Ready for take off? BLAIR: Ready! CODY: Ready! PAGE 18, Panel 4. Exterior of the ship blasting away. JAPACHE: (OP) Holy crap I did it! You guys didn’t get killed! I did it, I saved everyone. PAGE 18, Panel 5. Close in on one of the holding cells two humans resembling Mother Teresa and Ronald Reagan sit bored in their cell. BLAIR: (OP) What about the animals... and the humans they captured?


Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty PAGE 19 (ONE PANEL) PAGE 19, Panel 1. A huge-mungously awesome explosion of the alien’s space craft. Japache’s craft flys away just far enough out of the explotions range. JAPACHE: Yikes, I kind of forgot about that. Ow well -- oopsie poopsie!


Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty


PAGE 20 (FIVE PANELS) PAGE 20, Panel 1. With the craft now landed in the back ground Cody runs towards his mother whose arms are out open. Commander Quigly and Blair’s parents are there too. SANDRA: Cody! Thank god you’re okay! CODY: Mom!! PAGE 20, Panel 2. Cody hugs his mom close. Sandra cries tears of joy. SANDRA: I was so worried about you! CODY: Dad saved us he was all like hiyahh and he ripped this guys head off! PAGE 20, Panel 3. Blair waves over to Cody as she is hugged by her dad. CODY: Plus, I made a friend Mom! She’s my age too! PAGE 20, Panel 4. Quigly and Japache look on the scene of the reunited familes. QUIGLY: You’ve saved the day Japache Jones. You’ve saved the world. Let me buy you a beer? PAGE 20, Panel 5. Japache looks over at Cody and Sandra. JAPACHE: No, I have some unfinished business.

Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty


PAGE 21 (FIVE PANELS) PAGE 21, Panel 1. Japache yells out as he walks over to Sandra and Cody. JAPACHE: Sandra, Sandra I’m sorry. PAGE 21, Panel 2. Large panel: Japache’s heart felt speech. JAPACHE: And Cody I’m even more sorry to you. I, I was scared and I left. I was young and I guess I was still just not ready to be a boring wifed-up father. But I’ve learned a lot today. From you Cody, my son. PAGE 21, Panel 3. Japache gets down on one knee and hugs Cody. We see Japache’s face. JAPACHE: I learned the pride a father feels for his son, I learned the importance of family... PAGE 21, Panel 4. Close in on Japache’s face as a tear falls form his eye. JAPACHE: I learned to love again. PAGE 21, Panel 5. Japache now stands up in front of Cody and Sandra. JAPACHE: What do you say guys, can I have a second chance?

Baby Bigfoot Camp, #3 of 3 Mat Heagerty


PAGE 22 (FOUR PANELS) PAGE 22, Panel 1. Close in on Cody one eye brow cocked up. CODY: Wait a second, earlier you said the reason you haven’t been around was complicated. I thought maybe you were kidnapped by Russian’s, or had a memory wipe, but this, this is complicated. PAGE 22, Panel 2. Japache pleads. JAPACHE: It must be hard to understand... PAGE 22, Panel 3. Cody now looking a bit angry. But still calm. CODY: No I under stand. I don’t want you in my life, neither does my Mom. It’s too little to late dead beat. PAGE 22, Panel 4. Japache in shock looks down at Cody. CODY: Go fuck yourself ass hole.

Baby Bigfoot Camp #3 (SCRIPT)  
Baby Bigfoot Camp #3 (SCRIPT)  

22 page Issue # 3 (of 3) for BABY BIGFOOT CAMP Written by: Mat Heagerty