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Tips to Understand Your Cholesterol Diet Plan Starting a low cholesterol diet plan is not as complicated as it may seem. All it takes is to create a simple meal plan that reduces your regular cholesterol and saturated fat intake.

What is a Cholesterol Diet Plan? Many people feel shock when they are told that they have high levels of cholesterol. Although this may be a serious problem, it is not difficult to reverse the situation. In order to lower the cholesterol levels in your body, it is necessary to follow a low cholesterol diet plan. It is, in fact, the first thing that a physician will recommend. It might get a little confusing when you put together a cholesterol diet plan for the first time, but there are many ways to help you better understand the process. Dietitians, cookbooks and even the internet will help you clear up any doubts, from food selection to the cooking process. You can purchase pre-done meal plans for a cardiac diet that are designed by a registered dietitian here, or find out more information in our cardiac diet hub. The main goal of a low cholesterol diet plan is to reduce the amount of cholesterol and fat that is consumed on a regular basis. It is also important to cut down on saturated and trans fats. Research has shown that these types of fat are more responsible for high cholesterol levels than foods that are naturally high in cholesterol, as most animal products contain cholesterol naturally (the liver makes it!).

Step 1. The first step to change the way we eat is to examine your daily meals and decide what to stop consuming and what to keep on consuming. Your daily consumption of red meats is one area of focus. Red meats should be consumed in moderation (one time per week or less) because of the high levels of saturated fat they contain. Instead of having red meats, you should replace them with chicken and fish. These lean meats contain less saturated fat, which will lead to a significant decrease of your cholesterol levels, as well as less overall fat. To continue reading the rest of this article please click here Š Healthy Diet Menus For You, LLC 2011

Tips to Understand Your Cholesterol Diet Plan  

Tips to Understand Your Cholesterol Diet Plan- Find out some of our easy tips for cholesterol management. Visit our Website for a FREE 3 da...

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