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Menu Planning for Kidney Disease Renal Diet Menus and the Important Part they Play in Your Overall Wellness Patients who have been diagnosed with Kidney Diseaseor renal failure may become overwhelmed with the news and the knowledge that their life will now include the care and maintenance of a serious illness. When the physician diagnosesthe diseaseand the type of treatment that will best to correct the illness, medication or possibly dialysis treatments will begin along with a recommendation to follow a proper renal diet menu.

Why is a good renal diet plan important to managing renal failure? Along with dealing with medication and treatment, diet becomesa serious consideration on the path to wellness. The foods you eat and the liquids you drink play a big part in how quickly your body will stabilize. Your diet is not a cure by any means but it definitely makes a huge difference in how the body is able to function and recover. For instance, think about what you would do if you had a cut on your arm. The cut needs to be cleaned and properly dressed so it has the opportunity to heal. Everyone knows it is best to use an antibiotic ointment and then apply a clean bandage. If the wound is not cleaned and covered, dirt will infect the open area causing problems when it heals. The diet plan you follow for your failed kidney problems works the same way. Loading your system with too much sodium, fat, sugar, chemicals and high proteins will only cause more of an overload to your already struggling kidneys and impede the successof any medication or dialysis treatments you may be using to correct the problem. Facing some hard truths: Menu planning for kidney diseaseis not a choice but a necessity. An individual, who suffers from renal failure, especially when accompanied by diabetes, does not have the luxury of overloading their body with the wrong food and drink choices. It is not only about proper food and drink choices but also about the combinations of foods consumed at one time and the amounts consumed at one sitting as well as throughout the day based on overall intake. To continue reading the rest of this article please click here

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Menu Planning for Kidney Disease  

Menu Planning for Kidney Disease and Renal Diets