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Kidney Failure Diet – What Is It? What Makes A Kidney Failure Diet The Best Choice? Kidneys in the human body perform several functions, the most important being the removal of wastes and excess water from the blood. Other functions include balancing of chemicals needed for the body, releasing hormones, helping in keeping control of blood pressure and production of red blood cells and production of vitamin D for bone tissue growth. When one of your kidneys are damaged or start to ‘fail’ due to various illnesses or consequent to trauma or injuries, the second one can take over the functions and work well for a long time. But in several cases both kidneys may become partially or totally dysfunctional, especially over time in persons who have diabetes or high blood pressure that is not well controlled. In such cases, use of dialysis is resorted to once the kidneys are not able to do their needed functions. Leading up to dialysis, a person will be advised to follow a kidney failure diet to ensure they are helping their kidneys to not work overly hard but get the nutrients they need.

When Does A Person Start Following A Kidney Failure Diet? Planning a patient’s meals using a kidney failure diet plan helps to limit the frequency and duration for which the patient has to undergo dialysis, and is preventive in nature. Here, the accumulation of body waste products in the blood stream is controlled and delayed by following a suitable kidney failure diet to keep it under control. Such special diets, managed by well trained and registered dietitians, are designed to ensure that proper balance of electrolytes, trace minerals, and fluid levels are kept to optimum levels depending on the individual needs of the patient for their kidney failure diet. Major aims of such kidney failure diets include limiting fluids to just the required levels, consumption of low protein foods, restrictions on salt, potassium, phosphorous and other electrolytes and at the same time providing enough calories for healthy living. Based on the advice of your physician, the dietitian would determine the appropriate kidney diet plan for your needs.

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Kidney Failure Diet – What Is It