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How a Renal Pre-Dialysis Diet Is Going To Help You By Mathea Ford, RD/LD

What Has Brought on the Need for A Renal Pre-Dialysis Diet? • High blood pressure and did not know it • Diabetes and you need to manage that along with your pre-dialysis renal disease

The Best Way to Control Your Renal Pre-dialysis is By Following a Diet Plan.

• How well you are doing with your diet is monitored by your Bun level

• As you retain more BUN, you are showing signs that your kidneys are not handling it well

What is BUN, anyway? • blood urea nitrogen (BUN) • BUN is made through protein being used • It’s a waste product of protein breakdown – What does this mean for my diet?

How Much Protein Should You Eat On A Renal Pre-Dialysis Diet? • Probably in the range of 60-80 grams per day • One ounce of meat contains 7 grams of protein but protein is in a lot of foods • Protein is also a part of pastas as well. • It’s in bread, vegetables, milk, cheese and a lot of other things.

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How a Renal Pre-Dialysis Diet Is Going To Help You