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Choosing a Pre-Dialysis Diet Plan Why Do I Need a Pre-Dialysis Diet Plan? A kidney is an essential organ in our body which serves vital life sustaining functions. When our kidneys become impaired due to diseases they are unable to remove waste from our body. Then the procedure of dialysis helps to remove waste from our blood as an alternative to kidney function. Dialysis is not as efficient in removing wastes as a healthy kidney can do, so to get maximum benefit from dialysis we have to limit the accumulation of waste in our body by adjusting our diet.

Which Pre-Dialysis Diet to Follow? Learning how easy is it to follow a pre-dialysis diet plan is something that anyone can do. There are 5 different stages in kidney deterioration. The dietary needs at different stages of disease advancement are different. A person at the initial stages of kidney disease should have a lower protein diet, but those who are at the end stage of the renal disease should increase their protein intake when on dialysis. It is a bit challenging to identify when to make changes in diet plans, and your doctor will give you more specific information based on your laboratory values. But as you progress, there is still an opportunity to slow down the damage to your kidneys through careful management of meals and diet planning. To continue reading the rest of this article please click here

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Choosing a Pre-Dialysis Diet Plan  

Choosing a Pre-Dialysis Diet Plan for Renal and Kidney Diets

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