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Algebra Linear Equation Algebra Linear Equation Algebraic Expressions is the most interesting and important topic of mathematics as it plays an important role in solving various different types of equations like linear equations and differential equations etc. Algebraic expression is basically an expression or statement that consists of one or more variables which is made up of the signs and symbols of algebra. Symbols used in Algebraic equations can be Arabic numerals, literal numerals, or mathematical operators. Example to understand the basic concept behind an algebraic equation: equation given 2x + 3y -- c Here 2 and 3 are numbers. x, y and c are variables and +, - are the operators. In 2x , 2 is the coefficient of x. Similarly in 3y, 3 is the coefficient of y. Friends linear equation and differential equations are the parts of algebraic equations. For solving linear equations and differential equations, you must understand the basic concepts of algebra. Like monomials, binomials, trinomials, like terms, and unlike terms. Know More About :- Two Digit Division with Remainders

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Monomial is an expression consist of single term whereas expression with two and three terms are known as Binomial and Trinomial respectively. Now moving further we need to understand what is a linear equation? A linear equation in two variables describes a relationship in which the value of one of the variables depends on the value of the other variable. Common form of linear equation of two variables x and y is: y = mx +b here m and b are constants and x and y are the variables. Let's take a general example to understand it in a better manner: Force = mass * acceleration F = m * a here force is directly proportional to acceleration. Pressure is equal to force per unit area. Means p = f/a if the area increases pressure will decrease and vice versa. Differential equation is an equation for a function consist of several variables which relates the value of function itself and its derivatives of various derivatives. It can be of two types ordinary differential equation and partial differential equation. Equation for differential equation : du/dx = cu + square of x. it is a homogeneous first-order linear constant coefficient ordinary differential equation. Algebraic equations, Linear equations, and Differential equations all these three are interrelated with each other, so for solving linear and differential equation we need to properly understand the basic of an Algebraic equation.

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Algebra Linear Equation