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Adding Fraction and Whole Number Adding Fraction and Whole Number In mathematics, any number which start from 0 and include all positive integers to infinity are known as whole number. In the case of whole number fractions, decimal numbers and negative numbers are not taken. If these number are combined with any number then it is not taken in whole number. For example: 0, 1, 8, 56, 443, 892 and so all positive taken in whole number. Fraction numbers can be defined as numbers that can be written in form of q /r. For example: 4/9, 17/27 all are fraction numbers. Now we will see some steps to add a whole number to a fraction. Step1: For adding whole number to any fraction number first of all we have to take two numbers one is whole and other one is fraction. Let we have 5 and 5/ 8. We have to add both numbers. Step2 : Then using definition given numbers are whole and fraction numbers. Then write both numbers in addition form. So it can also be written as: = 5 + 5 / 8. Step3 : Now we have to find the LCM of above given number. We can easily find LCM of given number because in case of whole number we have to calculate the LCM of numbers. So LCM of given numbers is 8. = 5 / 48. So, value after solving is 5 / 48. Know More About :- Cubes and Cube Roots

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Step4 : Then we have to multiply 5 by 8 to add both numbers, we get 40. In mathematical form it can be written as: = (40 + 5) / 8. Step5 : Now we have to add both numbers. On adding the above numbers we get 45 / 8. In decimal form it can be written as 5.62, using above steps we can add whole numbers to fraction. For example: Add 6 to 13/14. Solution: It can be written as 6 + 13 / 14. Here 14 is LCM, so multiply 6 by 14 we get: = 84 + 13 / 14, = 97 / 12, on further solving we get, = 8.083. This is required solution. To divide a fraction by a whole number we need to follow some steps which are shown below: Step 1: To divide the number first of all write have to take two values. Step 2: Then after we have to write the given value in dividing manner. Step 3: When we divide fractions by whole numbers if no value present in the denominator parStep5: Now we can easily solve the fraction values.

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Adding Fraction and Whole Number  
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