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Subtraction Properties Subtraction Properties Commutative property does not exist for subtraction : Say we have to compute 2 - 3 , now if we do 2-3 = -1 and if we place the number as 3-2, it equals 1. Hence Commutative property is not applicable to subtraction. Associative property also does not exist for subtraction. Say we have 2-(3-4) = 2-(-1) = 3. Now if we change the order of subtraction, (2-3)-4 = -1-4=-5. Hence associative property also does not exist for subtraction. Identity : Same as that of Additive identity. 0+(-N) = -N , where N is positive. Inverse : N is the inverse of a number –N where N is positive, since N-N=0. Properties of Subtraction: -If we add the same quantity to or subtract the same quantity from the minuend and the subtrahend, we will obtain an equivalent subtraction. Which of the two parts of a difference are named first. Taking $700 from an account with $300 in it is very different from taking $300 from $700. For this subtraction is not commutative: a - b does not= b - a. Natural numbers are not equal in subtraction, because in order of subtract two natural numbers subtracted has to be higher than the smaller. If that doesn? happen that subtraction is not possible in the natural numbers so the result wouldn? be a natural number. Know More About :- Square and Square Root

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Communative Properties of Subtraction Formulas Any commutative properties of subtraction formulas like the slope and distance formulas where you can switch the two terms around right? For example: Slope Formula: m=(y2-y1)/(x2-x1) switch the terms it would be y1-y2, x1-x2 Also for the distance formula: sqrt((x1-x2)^2+(y1-y2)^2) Between , the numbers are suppose to be subscripts. subtraction does not commutative but you could say something like |x-y|=|y-x| . The first equation , since y1 The Distance Formula The distance formula is squaring the difference between x1 ,x2 and y1 ,y2 will make sure the answer is always positive. Subtraction is not commutative. Example of the slope formula is you are multiplying the numerator and denominator by -1. In the case of the dist. formula, using this property the square of any non-zero real number is positive.

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Subtraction Properties  
Subtraction Properties