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Solving Linear Equation in One Variable Solving Linear Equation in One Variable In algebra we define the different types of equations that are known as algebraic equations. There are one of the equation that is known as the linear equation that means the highest power of the variable is equal to one known as the linear equation. In the linear equation there are one or more than one variable. In any equation if there is variable like p^2 then it will not be a linear equation, the maximum power in the equation of the variable is equal to one. In algebra linear equation is define as the simplest equation and all other equation are more complicated than the linear equation. Normally we can solve the linear equation as if there is an equation as 2 +3 = 5 ,is define as the linear equation and if there is an unknown variable in the equation as x + 3 = 5 is also come into the category of the linear equation and for solving the linear equation we have to follow some of the basic steps of solving linear equation. A linear equation is define as the equation that does not have the exponents or in which no two or more than two variables are multiplied with each other and also not define the root or square root of any variable or value. A linear expression is just the combination of the values and variables with maximum power that is one. There are several examples of linear equation as follows: a) 2 x + 3 = 7 or b) 5 p – 2 = 6 or Know More About :- Factoring ax^2+bx+c

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c) 2 a = 7 a + 15 or d) 6 p – 2 q + 4 = 2 p + 5 q + 5 2p–q=8p–4q e) 2 s + 4 = 10 etc. In the linear equation (d) there are two unknown variables in the equation so there are two equation in the set that is known as the system of linear equations. For solving linear equations there are some predefined steps as follows: First of all for solving the linear equation shift all the variables at one side and all the constant values at one side. After shifting the variables and values solve it as the operations define into the equation but one thing should keep into the mind that at the time of the shifting of the variables and values change the sign means if there is a variable having positive sign then after shifting the variable it having the negative sign on other side of equal sign .It is also define as whatever do on one side must be done on other side of the equation.We can take one example for solving linear equation as follows. If there is one equation is a – 3 = - 5 is solved as Shift all the constant values at one side and variables at one side and change the sign of the variable as in the above equation we shift the -3 from the left side to the right side as a = -5 +3 a = -2 is the answer . It will check by putting the value of the variable as in the given equation A – 3 = -5 put the value of a = -2 -2 – 3 = -5 -5 = -5 . so we can see that both side of equation having the equal value that means answer is correct. To get the value of the variables we can also use the method of hit and trial. In this method, we will place the different values of the variables in the given equation and check which value satisfies the equation. If the left side of the equation and the right side of the equation are equal, then we conclude that the particular value of the value is the solution of the given equation. Now in the above given equation, 3x + 5 = -7x + 15 we say that to find the solution of the equation, we first place the value of x = 0, we get: Now we will check how to find the solution for the pair of linear equations with two variables. For finding the solution, in terms of x and y, we say that the values of x and y will satisfy both the equations. It can be done by graphic or by algebra method. Through graph, we can get the solution to the given pair of equation by plotting the graph and then observe the meeting point of both the lines. Read More About :- Linear System of Equations

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Solving Linear Equation in One Variable  
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