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2 Digit by 1 Digit Multiplication 2 Digit by 1 Digit Multiplication When we are going to discussing about the mathematical operations then some of the operations come into our mind that is addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These are most common and widely used mathematical operations that provide helps in understanding & solving other mathematical concept. In the category of mathematical operations multiplication can be consider as highest weight value operations because when we perform several operations on the numbers together then multiplication operation has highest priority to execute first. In mathematics, multiplication can be considered as a mathematical operation for performing the scaling of one number in comparison of other number. It also be consider as one of important part of elementary arithmetical mathematics. The need of using this operation arises only when we required performing the addition of same value multiple times. The execution of this task required more time. So to overcome from this problem mathematician suggests the use of multiplication that solves the problem in very efficient manner. Suppose we have to perform the task addition of same value multiple times like 2 + 2+ 2+ 2 then what will be the result. In the above process we need to perform the addition process three times that consume more time. to overcome from this problem we use the multiplication operation. As shown you below: 2 + 2+ 2+ 2 = 8 Know More About :- Geometry Kite

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2*4=8 This is a very example. The multiplication operations can perform their task with two or more digits values. In this section we demonstrate the process of how to perform the multiplication between decimal values. Decimal values are the type of number system that contains the decimal point between the digits of number. It means to say that a decimal numbers are those numbers that has the base of tens. Let’s understand the decimal number by example: 23.45 The given number is a type of decimal numbers where 2 and 3 have a place value of tens and once respectively. On the other side of decimal point 4 and 5 have place value of tenths and hundredths. Now the questions arises in our mind that how to perform multiplying decimals numbers. To perform the task of multiplication of decimal number is same like multiplication of whole numbers but at the time of multiplying decimals we need to follow some of the points that are given below. A ) First of all perform the multiplication between the decimal values while ignoring the decimal points on the numbers. B ) After performing the multiplication, put the decimal point into the final result. At the time of placing the decimal points between the digits of final result we need to remember two points that are given below. (a) First of all count the total numbers after decimal point in all numbers. (b) Then put the decimal point from right hand side of final result. If no. of digits in final answer is less than the no. of decimal digit then put the zero from left hand side for remaining digits. Example: Perform multiplying decimals that are 22.5 and 1.5? Solution: First of all perform the normal multiplication between the given decimal values. Let’s show below: 22. 5 * 1.5 -----------------1125 222* ---------------3345 Now we need to put the decimal after two digit which should be done from right hand side: 33.45 Read More About :- Congruent Figures Definition

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2 Digit by 1 Digit Multiplication