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Artswork Publishing Lab Printing from InDesign CS3 Printing a page or a spread File > Print On the general tab, select the correct printer. Colour printer DYG01 A3 prints both A3 and A4. Colour printer DYG03 prints A4 only. There is an A4 mono printer in both DYG01 and DYG03. Adjust how many copies and the range you want to print. Tick spreads if you want to print spreads rather than individual pages.

On the Setup tab, select your paper size and orientation. Remember that two portrait pages will make a landscape page if printing spreads. Adjust the scale options or select ‘Scale to Fit’ if the paper that you are printing on is a different size to your document.

If necessary, on the Marks and Bleed Tab, tick any appropriate options. To change the print tray or to setup automatic duplexing (print double sided), click the ‘Printer’ button at the bottom.

If duplexing is required, select Layout and change the two side option to long edged or short edged binding, depending on the setup of your document. Select Paper Feed if you need to print from a particular print tray. Click ‘Print’ and then ‘Print’ once more when you return to the original print window. Once the print job has been sent to the printer, release the job by uisng the print job validation link (Firefox > Bookmarks bar)

Printing a booklet To print booklets in a magazine format from the lab printers, ensure your document is a multiple of 4 pages (add or delete pages if necessary). File > Print Booklet. For booklet type, select 2-up Saddle Stitch.

Click on the preview tab. If there is a yellow warning triangle, it means the paper and printer setup are not correct in order to output your booklet.

Click on Print Settings to change the setup. Select the correct printer If you are printing an A4 portrait booklet/magazine, you will need to select A3 landscape for the paper size. If you are printing an A5 portrait booklet/magazine, you will need to select A4 landscape for the paper size. You may need to ‘scale to fit’ or scale down slightly as the lab printers don’t print to the very edge of the paper. Click OK Booklets need to be printed double sided, so click printer and select the appropriate binding option from the layout menu.

Now check that the preview assembles your document as intended and that the warning triangle has disappeared. Warning - the print booklet command doesn’t like blank pages, even if you intend to have a blank page. Please see technical demonstrator if you are printing a booklet with blank pages. Click print and release your job using the print job validation link (Firefox > Bookmarks bar).


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