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Our products provide low-cost solutions for saving maternal and newborn lives in low-resource areas.

“[We] have been very happy with the contents of the kits and find them very practical and useful. We will be ordering more items from your organization in the future and thank you for your inspired commitment to practical technologies.� Jill, Haiti Village Health The trained midwife from Midwives for Haiti is using the WHO Colour Scale to determine if the new mother is anemic. By comparing the color of her sample to the colorimetric scale, she can determine whether or not the new mother is anemic.

Maternova is a nimble, independent, innovative organization creating value in unexplored niches in maternal health. We develop web-based, open access tools to facilitate more rapid exchange on issues, tools, and ideas relevant to frontline providers. We aggregate information, amplify voices from the field, promote innovation and map providers. Keep in touch and please send us your ideas!


Obstetric Kit

US $63

Designed for trained or skilled midwives and birth attendants, the Maternova obstetric kit focuses on preventing death from postpartum hemorrhage. Includes : ROTO Charger, solar headlamp, visor, calibrated drape, colour scale, AMTSL reminder cards, postpartum hemorrhage training DVD, instructions, and nylon mini backpack.


Power Pak

US $30

This simple pack equips a traveler or health worker with a solar powered light, adjustable visor, and a rotary mobile phone charger with three adapters for phones or other electonic equipments. Includes: instructions, nylon mini backpack, solar head-lamp, visor, and ROTO Charger. | phone:401.226.6294 . fax: 877.561.6291

product information & order form Calibrated OB Drape

US $5

This calibrated under-buttocks drape folds out into a large sterile surface for delivery and allows for blood to be swept into a large calibrated pouch that indicates when the danger points have been reached (500 mL is the official definition for PPH). The bag is meant for single use but with proper bleaching and washing could be re-used in very low-resource settings.

ROTO Charger

product information & order form Haemoglobin Colour Scale

US $17

WHO approved and CE registered, this colour scale accurately measures haemoglobin levels in the blood by comparing the blood’s color on a test strip to the chart. Results are immediate. Includes 200 test strips, colour chart in booklet, and instruction manual. Available in English or French. Not FDA approved in USA.

AMTSL Card Deck

US $12

Charge cell phones and other portable devices without electrical supply. The hand crank generates the charge and can be cranked using one hand even while you continue your phone call. A minute of cranking provides about 2-3 min. of talk time or about 20-30 min. of stand-by time. Comes with 3 pin attachments fo fit multiple connections.

US $7.50

Illustrated step-by-step reminder cards for skilled birth attendants who have been trained in Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor. Set of 13 cards. 2.5” x 3.5” (6.5cm x 9cm) EXCLUSIVE

Headlamp & Visor

US $17

Solar-powered LED headlamp and adjustable visor. Photovoltaic panels recharge lithium batteries; runs for 12 hrs. on a full charge. Each hour of sun provides an hour of bright light which reaches about 30 ft. Alternatively can be charged through electrical socket with converter cable (not included), and can charge even without direct sunlight.

Visual Databases of Facilities Our clinic maps allow you to create a quick visual database of your facilities and to keep data about each of those facilities. We can make a similar map of a continent or of the globe and allow comments and other fields, or create a widget that sits on your site. Visit our online demo online, or contact us at to discuss a custom database of your network of clinics. | |

phone:401.226.6294 . fax: 877.561.6291

phone:401.226.6294 . fax: 877.561.6291

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OB Calibrated Drape ROTO Charger Headlamp & Visor Haemoglobin Color Scale Color Scale Refill Test Strips AMTSL Card Deck

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