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Maternova Obstetric Kit

US $63

Designed for trained or skilled midwives and birth attendants, the Maternova Obstetric Kit focuses on ensuring a safe delivery for mother and newborn. Includes: rotary mobile phone charger, headlamp and visor, calibrated drape, color scale for anemia detection, postpartum hemorrhage training DVD, AMTSL reminder cards, and nylon mini backpack. Currently saving lives in: Timor Leste, Haiti, and Uganda.

Power Pak

US $30

Equips a traveler or health worker with a solar powered light, adjustable visor, and a rotary mobile phone charger. Includes: instructions, solar headlamp, visor, a rotary mobile phone charger, and adapters for phones or other electronic equipment. Providing power right now in: Syria, Peru, and Haiti.

We love the NASGs. They work very fast to bring blood pressure up and reduce symptoms of shock after hemorrhage. We have already gifted a pair to an ambulance service in the Himalayan mountain region of India, as well as our own two pairs we keep in our birth center. — Vicki, Philippines

Foldable Pole Stretcher

US $200

A revolutionary stretcher weighing in at just 12 lbs/6 kg. It is pandemic resistant, and easy to clean. This award winning design has 3 strong secure straps, retractable handles, and no sharp edges that can tear clothing. This device is ideal for both medical transport as well as disaster response. This state-of-the art lightweight stretcher is used in humanitarian settings around the world.

Kelly’s Pad

US $25

The Kelly’s Pad is a simple medical device to funnel blood to a collection device in order to help detect postpartum hemorrhage. The pad is washable and sterilizable, making it far more cost-effective than a plastic collection drape. Reusable indefinitely. Working to detect PPH now in: Namibia and Germany.

Adult Sized Thermal Bag

US $28.60

The thermal bag is made of 3-tier foil (90 My) which is thicker and more durable than standard bubble-wrap. Hypothermia is a dangerous condition for mothers and for infants. Women in transport or awaiting care in cold climates must be protected from hypothermia.

Adult Hypothermia Hood

US $8.25

The Thermal Hood is designed to protect and prevent hypothermia. The product is made of bubble wrap that provides protection from the elements of wind, rain, dust and snow, etc. The transparent material allows for visual observations of the patient’s injuries. If available and necessary, any other insulating material should be used.

AMTSL Card Deck

US $7.50

Illustrated step-by-step reminder card for skilled birth attendants who have been trained in Active Management of Third Stage Labor. 13 cards take the users carefully through this protocol critical to preventing postpartum hemorrhage. Guiding safe births in: Timor Leste and Tanzania.

Adult Mylar Wrap for Emergency Transport

US $4

The sterile mylar warming blanket keeps a mother warm by reducing evaporative and connective heat loss. The blanket is particularly effective in colder settings where mothers need to be transported from homes or facilities to hospitals.

ThermoSpot™ Stick-on Hypothermia Indicator

US $10

ThermoSpot™ is a non-invasive hypothermia indicator for infants. It adheres directly onto the skin. The device changes color when the baby’s core body temperature changes, making it ideal for non-literate and non-numerate parents and health workers. Each thermometer is reusable after washed in soapy water, making it very cost-effective. There are 5 strips of 5 thermometers in each pack. Saving lives today in: Pakistan, South Africa, India, and Mozambique.

MUAC Bracelet

US $30

The MUAC (Mid-Upper Arm Circumference) bracelet is wrapped around a child’s arm to determine severity of malnourishment and determine an appropriate treatment plan. The sturdy, sterilizable bracelet is made of bendable polyethylene. Comes in a set of 10 bracelets. Used around the world to detect severe acute malnutrition.

Infant Thermal Bag

US $19.20

The Thermal Bag is designed to protect and prevent hypothermia in infants. The product is made of bubble wrap that provides protection from wind, rain, snow, dust etc. Made of 3-tier foil (90 My).

Ambu ® Bag Infant Silicone Resuscitator

US $101.40

The state of the art solution for resuscitation. The ergonomic bag design secures optimal user handling and support during extended ventilation. The bag has superior surface and grip properties. The hand strap ensures a good grip, which helps to reduce fatigue during manual ventilation; also for users with small hands. The patient valve with swivel enables free positioning of the bag without removing the mask from the patient. Ambu ® Oval Silicone Resuscitators is easy to disassemble. An effective procedure for cleaning and sterilization can be used. Can be autoclaved at 134°C.

Mylar Infant Transport Blanket

US $3.50

The sterile mylar warming blanket keeps an infant warm by reducing evaporative and connective heat loss. The blanket has a hood to wrap over the baby’s head and folds over at the bottom. It is particularly effective in colder settings where mothers need to be transported from homes or facilities to hospitals. Warming newborns today in: Pakistan, Nepal, and Peru.

Rotary Mobile Phone Charger

US $9

Charges cell phones and other portable devices without electrical supply. The hand crank generates the charge and can be cranked using one hand even while you continue your phone call. A minute of cranking provides 2-3 min of talk time or 20-30 min of stand by time. Comes with 3 pin attachments to fit multiple connections.

Haemoglobin Colour Scale & Test Strip Refill

US $25

The Haemoglobin Colour Scale accurately measures haemoglobin levels in the blood by using the colour of the blood on the test strip and comparing it to the colour chart. It is WHO-approved, CE registered, and the lowest cost hemoglobinometer on the market. A box of 200 test strips for refills is also available (US $7.50). Protecting mothers and babies from anemia now in: Haiti, Turkey, Syria, Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

Sharps Disposal Covers

US $160

This unique cap snaps on a soda can to create safe sharps disposal device for low-resource settings. Sold in a package of 160.


US $13.95

CycleBeads™, a color-coded string of beads representing a woman’s menstrual cycle, is a family planning tool that helps a woman track her cycle, identify whether she is on a fertile day or a non-fertile day, and monitor that her cycles are in range for effective use of this family planning method. Helps plan or prevent pregnancy easily and effectively.

Urine Test Strip

US $9

These simple dipstick tests are used in antenatal care to test for glucose, protein and ketones. No analyzer is needed; a color based comparison to a master chart tells the user the results within 30 sec. to 2 min. There are 100 strips per bottle.

Maternova Catalog August 2013  
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