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2017 Maternity Care Coalition

Working to strengthen families & inspire change

HELLO AGAIN, In announcing my retirement, I find myself reflecting on my tenure at MCC, remembering what was then and what is now; how things have changed and what remained. MCC was founded in 1980, the same year my son Sage was born. I joined the board in 1983 as a representative of Booth Maternity Center when I was very pregnant with my daughter, Cory. Now, my children have become parents and my grandbabies, Indigo and Sienna, have vividly illustrated the importance of the earliest days and years for babies and families. I became MCC’s first full-time Executive Director in 1989, reinvigorated for public service after staffing a disappointing Presidential campaign. I took what I had learned about voter outreach in low income neighborhoods to create a vision of MCC outreach via a flashy MOMobile vehicle. Ironically, I leave MCC following another Presidential election that has brought tremendous uncertainty about the policies and programs we have helped secure and alarming disregard for the families we serve. Today MCC has more engaging communication tools to support our organization, our advocacy agenda, public education and service to our clients. We are partnering with the PA Department of Health and Penn Health System to create an online curricula and sophisticated multimedia community wide Safe Sleep Campaign. I am fortunate to have had such a dynamic career where my passion for supporting women, children and families could be expressed so deliberately and creatively. I look forward to joining you and MCC’s extended family as a donor and advocate for strengthening families and inspiring change. Thank you.

JOANNE FISCHER Executive Director

“I am fortunate to have had a career where my passion for supporting women, children and families could be expressed.”

Remembering what was then... Maternity Care Coalition in the 1980s

We worked in just one Philly neighborhood We now work in 4 counties, we have 11 sites and 41 MOMobiles.

We had a staff of three Today, with our merger with Child, Home & Community we have a staff of 158.

17/1000 infants died before age 1

JoAnne with Sage, 1980

Now, those rates have more than halved. Nonetheless, racial disparities persist with twice as many Black infants dying before their first birthday.


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Why we do what we do


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Working to strengthen families and inspire change

What’s at stake? Across Pennsylvania:

1/10 Families are unable to provide adequate food for their entire household.

24% of children

have had 2 or more adverse childhood experiences.

7 out of 1000

infants die before their first birthday.

19% of children ages 0-17 do not have adequate health insurance.

17 out of 100,000 mothers die during pregnancy or childbirth. Source: America’s Health Rankings

How we respond: 75% of our clients without food support were enrolled in WIC. 67% of clients successfully attended their postpartum doctor’s visit. 63% of our clients without medical care obtained a primary care provider.



Placed babies on their backs to sleep

Compared to 68% of other PA moms


Initiated breastfeeding

Reduced their risk for depression

Only 15.3% of PA infants are exclusively breastfed for their first 6 months



Across all of our programs

12,503 HOME VISITS Across all of our programs in the last year.

with trained community doulas.



Of enrolled children, 87% demonstrated improved approaches to learning.

2017 MCC Annual Report  

Working to strengthen families and inspire change