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“Stories you´ll keep in your memory...�

This was the reason why the designer Sara Coutinho found the brand MATER jewellery tales, a contemporary jewellery brand defined by exclusive and unique design that promotes individualization and elegance based on a historical, cultural and human legacy. MATER jewellery tales is defined by the search for an ideal, the search for something real in the imaginary. MATER means origin, the mother of all things, the matter origin, the origin of the dream. The icon, a fairy or the protecting angel, is represented by three hearts together, symbolizing the con nection of the woman with the world, which results in the many stories the brand wants to tell.

The Jewels

19kt gold jewelery with precious and natural stones and sterling silver 925 jewellery with semiprecious, natural and synthetic stones. Customers can collaborate in the creative process, whether through bespoke service in the collection Fine Jewellery (Gold) or through the possibility of online interactive modification of some features in the collection Fashion Jewellery (925).

The Differentiation

Differentiation by product, in a particular unique product design and in the ability to co-authorship with the customer. MATER jewellery tales wants to offer a unique product providing a different experience, emotional and unique! Differentiation by design and creative process; Differentiation through innovation and expertise provided to the customer; Differentiation for customization.

The Mission

Surprise and thrill women by offering contemporary jewellery, based on a historical, cultural and human legacy.

The Values

Emotion and Sharing; Individuality and Exclusivity; Historical, Natural and Human Legacy; Credibility, Reputation and Honesty.

The MATER jewellery tales Collection Highlights

I have a strong wish, , and my wish, because it is strong, enters the world substance. Ă lvaro de Campos*

* One of the most known heteronyms, true alter ego Portuguese Writer Fernando Pessoa

Pyxis You become real when you are what you have been dreaming

Ring, Gold 19 Kt, 11,9gr & Diamonds 0,14ct

Earrings, Gold 19 Kt, 4,7gr & Diamonds 0,82ct

Tube When a circle is completed, it is time to start new others or time to open spaces

Ring, Sterling Silver 925, 10gr & CZ’s

Earrings, Sterling Silver 925, 6gr & Marcasites

Calçada Sea of stones that floods our streets, singing hard poetry.

Ring, Sterling Silver 925, 6,7gr & CZ’s

Bracelet, Sterling Silver 925, 17gr & CZ’s

Leixões It has to be seen by touching

Ring, Sterling Silver 925, 7,1gr

Necklace, Sterling Silver 925, 33gr

What they say about us

Diário Económico Daily Economic Newspaper 12 Dec 2015 joalharia-portuguesa-a-conquista-do-planeta_247146.html

AORP - Portuguese Jewellery Trends (Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association) 04 Mar 2016

POLYVORE / ByPT The Best of Potugal 08 Mar 2016 luxe/collection?id=5274488

Vida Económica Daily economic Newspaper “Jewels told stories in Portugal Fashion” 24 Mar 2016

What they say about us

VOGUE Portugal ( Online edition) 15 Abr 2016 (Online edition) 11 Apr 2016 “The newest talents of portuguese jewellery” atualidade/os-novos-talentos-da-joalharia-portuguesa/ Imagens de (Online edition) 11 Apr 2016 “The newest talents of portuguese jewellery” atualidade/os-novos-talentos-da-joalharia-portuguesa/ (Online edition) 12 Apr 2016 “The newest talents of portuguese jewellery” da_joalharia_portuguesa.html

Some events

PortoJรณia - Porto jewelry Fair Exibition Exponor Porto 24 Sep 2015

Fair entrepreneur-ANJE (National Association of Young Entrepreneurs) 20 Nov 2015

Innovation Gala of Porto University Porto Cruise Terminal 12 Dec 2015

38ยบ Portugal Fashion -Jewellery Exibition Alfandega do Porto 18/19 Mar 2016

Some events

Cracktheegg Presentation of Young Portuguese Designers National Museum of Natural History and Science - Lisbon 7 Abr 2016

“Faz Sentido” - SIC Mulher TV “Portuguese Jewellery Newborn” SIC TV Studios - Lisbon 7 Abr 2016

15 Portuguese Jewelry Brands You Need To Know - IVANIAS MODE 3 Aug 2016

PORTOJÓIA - 29 SEP TO 2 OCT 2016 Portuguese Jewellery Exhibition Fair. EXPONOR-Porto-Portugal

Some events

Precious Gallery Espace de Tendances Sep2016

MATER jewellery tales at BIJORHCA 2017

Hall 5 Sector : A100 - Bijouterie argent / vermeil Booth number: D 027

What are the main new collections that MATER jewellery tales will present at Bijorhca Paris 2017? In this edition of Bijorhca, MATER jewelery tales will present its latest collection inspired in the Portuguese pavement called “Calçada”, 925 sterling silver with cubic zirconia and Marcasite. The Portuguese pavement is a great historical heritage and covers many of the streets and squares of Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries. The Portuguese pavement is the result of the irregularly shaped stones, usually in black and white limestone, which can be used to form decorative patterns or mosaics by contrasting the stones of different colors. It is today a distinctive element of the portuguese identity. MATER jewellery tales will also present the Leixões collection, in 925 Sterling Silver inspired in a new architectural element of Porto Cruise Terminal, in Oporto, by the Arq. Luis Pedro Silva, the coating hexagonal tiles with varying provisions, that as the incidence of daylight change color. The perception of the “unruled” tiles that covers a large part of Leixões Terminal building causes an empathic zig zag that is better felt with your hands.

After Dark Edition - ROOF Magazine

After Dark Edition -Jewellery Editorial; ROOF Magazine Fotografia Deyvis Malta, © ROOF – An IN & OUT Maga-

Porto Cruise Terminal, Arqº Luís Pedro Silva, APDL

Photos by FG+SG

The Team

Sara Coutinho | Bernardo Pavia

Where to find us

Jewellery Stores Anselmo 1910 - Rua das Carmelitas,70, 4050-161 Porto-Portugal Ourivesaria Oliveiras - Forum Aveiro, Loja 1.13 Aveiro-Portugal Ourivesaria Sarmento - Rua Ă urea 251, 1100 Lisboa-Portugal Serralves - Rua D. JoĂŁo de Castro, 210, 4150-417 Porto Portugal ID Concept Store - Av. Central 120-124, 4710-228 Braga-Portugal Online Stores Online Store ByPT - Tincal Lab -

How to contact us

MATER jewellery tales Rua Paulo da Gama, nยบ629 4169-006 Porto Portugal (351) 220 108 000 (351) 914 257 798 | (351) 912 799 266

MATER jewellery tales Catalog

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