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Safety Tips in Using Elevated Platforms An elevated platform is a useful tool in maximizing the space in a warehouse, facility center, or building structure. It has many uses and applications such as additional office room, viewing deck, storage space, and more. When using an elevated platform, it is important to observe proper safety measures to avoid damage to the tool and accident to the users. Note the following points when using an elevated working platform. 1.

Inspect the platform thoroughly every time before use. Make sure that it is stable enough and may not cause any harm during use.


Ensure the load to be carried by the platform does not exceed the maximum safe working load as specified by the manufacturer.


Rest the elevated working platform on an even and solid ground to guarantee stability.


Extend the outriggers of the elevated working platform fully if the working platform has such provision.


Make sure that your elevated working platform is kept at a safe distance from overhead cables and that there are no obstructions within the perimeter of the platform.


Label all operation buttons for their usage and direction of operation so no confusion shall happen.


Secure all guard-rails of the platform.


Do not move the platform while there are workers standing or working on it.


Cordon off the working area of the platform to avoid other persons from being harmed.


Examine, test, and maintain the platform regularly and keep records. If any damage has been observed, contact your platform manufacturer right away to have it fixed.


Provide proper training and give adequate instruction to workers before assigning them to use the working platform. The training and instruction should include detailed safety operating procedure, limitations on using the platform, limits on loading, items to check before using the platform, demonstration and practice on the operating procedures.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a safe use of your elevated platform. For more information, visit us!

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Safety Tips in Using Elevated Platforms