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Storing Canned Food the Right Way Storing canned food is essential to keep its flavor at its finest. The freshest produce can be preserved efficiently when the right storage system is considered. This is true when the food has to be stored for later use, or when an ample stock of canned food is to be sold commercially. It does not take a lot of effort to store canned food; just know the enemies, the right pallet racking system, and the factors that can jeopardize the canning process. Knowing the Enemies Canned goods are susceptible to discoloration when exposed to light. This is particularly true when using clear jars. The light can penetrate on the veggies, fruit, or meat inside the packaging, causing browning and any other discoloration. Using tin cans may also need protection from heat and light. These cans are conductive, so they can heat the food inside and affect its quality. The temperature can also be a culprit in canning goods. A high temperature storage condition can create moist, so molds and other microorganisms can attack the jars and cans. Further, it also causes rust which may compromise the safety of the food. Be sure to keep the goods at the ideal range of temperature to maintain the right quality of food. Proper Shelving For bulk storage, it is best to use a sturdy shelf. The canned goods may be too heavy when it is stored on a particle board. This is why it is important to use a stable pallet racking system. The shelves can be made out of wood, metal, or plastic. Just make sure that it will hold the total weight of the canned goods. Shelves are important to keep the jars dry at all times. It also encourages proper air circulation so the jars or cans will not have any rust even when kept for a long time. Other Tips It is also good to know when the food will expire. Canning prolongs the shelf life but only at a considerable amount of time. When a can has a bulge, dent, or rust, throw them away immediately. For more information about storing items, visit

Storing Canned Food the Right Way