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Safety Tips: What to Do in Case of Mezzanine Accidents No matter how a mezzanine manufacturer sturdily installed the storage system in your warehouse, if proper caution is not observed by workers in the facility, accidents may happen. And they have happened indeed.

Here are the things you should know in case accidents happen on or near your warehouse storage system, such as falls, trips, and stumbles. If you are the one involved in the accident: 1. Stay calm and seek for help. If you need to shout, do so. This is to call the attention of the coworker standing nearest you.

2. If you are conscious and know what happened, tell all the details to your co-worker or the company nurse. Identify which parts of the body are seriously affected. 3. For serious injuries, have someone call an ambulance immediately. Otherwise, determine if the wound or scratches can be treated with first aid at the office clinic. 4. Report immediately what is damaged in the storage system and what needs to be fixed or readjusted. Have someone call the mezzanine manufacturer to have the problem solved and avoid further accidents. If a co-worker is involved in the accident: 1. Do first aid as necessary. Be sure that the company has an available first aid kit that can be used to treat minor wounds and scratches. 2. If you are not fully knowledgeable with first aid, call someone who is. Or bring the victim to the office nurse if he can be moved. 3. If victim is unconscious, check pulse and heartbeat. Call an ambulance right away or bring him to the nearest hospital. These are just some safety tips that every worker in the warehouse needs to know, so that in cases of emergency, you will know just what to do and how to handle the situation. For more information on mezzanine installations and repairs, visit

Safety tips what to do in case of mezzanine accidents