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IJRs midway meeting

the road trip

James & Mateo Great Britain | 1-5 December 2011

At the beginning of this month, Mateo flew over to join James in Leeds for the first part of our midway meeting (MWM). This is the second opportunity for us to meet and work on our plan for the year. We were lucky to have a ‘Start-way meeting’ After shortly after AIM. During these four days, we not only worked through our agenda of issues and projects to work on, but were also lucky enough to join the EJB Team in Nottingham, meet with IJB Team member Helen in Manchester and also Denise, CISV International’s Communications Officer in Newcastle. We also arranged many Skype meetings or phone calls with IJB Team members and other contacts. We achieved a few tasks such as complete IJB Thinks #18, and also addressed some ongoing issues, replying to emails and discussing these with people. Beyond this, we discussed a range of issues which are listed below. Enjoy!

1. Organisational Review The report of findings is about to be released, with conclusions the consultant, Mike Caudrey, has reached. We spoke to him on Sunday afternoon to discuss some of his conclusions about JB. Two main things were highlighted for us to think about in the coming months: • How do our current structures and processes (goals, regions, IJB Team, global training strategy, etc.) fit into official documents which describe our purpose (Terms of Reference). Do they achieve what we want or are they addressing something different? • How can we better integrate into CISV International. Mike suggested that a lot of this depends on CISV International’s committees, departments and chapters opening up to us, but we should also think of how we are approaching them and what we have to offer, and how can we fit. We spoke to Laura Green, our IEC liaison to convey this, and also get feedback from her how we should approach the coming months. We also spend most of Monday at Denise’s house, and we had long and very useful conversations where she gave us a lot to think about in terms of how we set our strategies and plans, and how this might change or be affected within a changing CISV. We are very grateful to Mike, Laura and Denise for their time and efforts to include us in the process, and also offer very useful advice.

2.IJB Team work We went through the IJB Team group by group, discussing what they were currently working on and how to contribute, and how to proceed in future.

Regions We joined the EJB Team for the end of their MWM on Friday, and then skyped both the APJB Team and ARM Team on Sunday afternoon and evening. We discussed each team’s current work and year plan progress, but a major theme was how to work on regional cooperation. Suggestions included: Shared guidelines for teams | The teams felt there was no consistency between how different teams worked or understood their role. They felt that by working together on creating guidelines for regional teams, firstly it would be easier and more constructive to compare different teams’ ways of working, and offer suggestions on how to improve, and secondly it would be easier for new team members entering the role to understand their expectations and responsibilities.

Sharing planning for regional meetings | While different regional meetings have different needs and dynamics, in the past there has been overlap in planning, and some goals were shared, so teams felt it was important to send each other plans for meetings this year. They had a few exciting ideas about sharing activities, so watch this space!

Educational Content We spoke to the Content ladies on Sunday afternoon, and their plan for the next year. They are currently working on wrapping up the 2011 theme ‘Conflict & Resolution, and then next year, they are making plans to create some kind of ‘Theme Travel Pack’ to introduce the 2012 theme ‘Sustainable Development’. We also spoke to Rupert, the Educational Officer on Monday evening, to tell him about these plans, and see how they fitted into the International strategy for the theme. We saw that it fitted well, although the resources we create need to be regularly updated, but we are looking forward to the results.

Training Training Curriculum | On Sunday we spoke to Anna & Francisco who are working on developing the training curriculum for our JB trainings. Work is progressing very well, and Anna is now in contact with the Leadership Training Committee to ensure the work so far is in line with CISV’s training approach. Trainers and Trainings | We visited Manchester on Saturday night and stayed with Helen, who is in charge of making our list of trainers. She’s working now to find out more information about people on our list of TTTcertified trainers, and after that, will work with Nik to find out more about training needs in the coming year, and make suggestions. One example we’re already thinking about is looking for 2 trainers for our JB Training at the RTF in Guatemala next year, and she will help us find solutions for this.

Organisations We discussed this role and emailed Björn for his input, and we felt that in fact this role was only a liaison for the Organisational Relations Committee, and that in fact, it was better if the IJRs took this on. Our experience these months has been that the proposals that ORC have forwarded to us needed to be addressed by IJRs rather than this role, so we will be taking over this role from now onwards. One particular proposal we are looking at is creating a team who will curate a web page about sustainable development on the website However this involves a high level of responsibility, so we are looking at an application process, together with the Educational Department. This not only raises CISV’s profile but gives IJB a lot of exposure.

Communications Area We again encouraged this area to proceed with the communications review by the end of the month, but things appear to be progressing well. We also tried to contact people in the IT committee to help us upgrade JBPedia to deal with some issues there. However, overall we were very happy with the work of this area, and look forward to more exciting results! We also had an update about the website, which should be launched in February. The next stage is to write content for it, so we will be asking the team to work on that.

Evaluation Currently this group (and in fact knowledge management) have not started working. We discussed this and suggested this was perhaps due to the vague nature of the tasks. Having had feedback from some members of the committee before, we decided to take a different approach, where next year we will undertake an evaluation of JB experiences, or a ‘JB Evaluation’ across JB World (external evaluation). This should cover a lot of ground,

but one part will focus on our leadership structure, and get feedback for how we are as a team. We will then try to go through the process of creating a structure for the IJB Team that works best for IJB (internal evaluation). We will make sure all team members and many juniors around the world are involved, and also that we contact the Evaluation and Research Committee (EVR) to get support and feedback about this.

3.Plan for 2012 Following these discussions, we prioritised amongst our projects, and set out a plan for the coming year until IJBC/ AIM December • Communications review - finish the form and release it, encouraging responses. • Help Training group finalise elements of curriculum so they may draft the final version. • Revise International Guidelines on Regional Cooperation (IGoRC), and finish JB Intro, JB Guide and Welcome Pack. • Encourage Regional teams to begin working on guidelines, working with updated IGoRC. • Create promotional material (flyers) for IJBC 2012 and IJR Candidates. January • By 15th, open nominations for IJR Candidates. • Start working with APJB Team for JASPARC 2012 planning. • Finish communications review, drawing conclusions from the survey and setting communications goals and a strategy for using our communications tools. • Encourage Content to work on ‘Theme Travel Pack’. February • Encourage Regional teams to share planning for regional meetings, and work on shared content. • Ensure all basic content is in place for website launch. At second MWM: • Launch the process for the JB evaluation alongside working group. • Respond to organisational review’s recommendations, working with other committees and trustees, potentially proposing motions, or undertaking work to address issues. • Start setting goals for IJBC. March/April • Start collecting responses for JB Evaluation. • Focus on JASPARC and EJBM, attend and run. Use these meetings as a platform to a) get responses for JB Evaluation and b) begin work towards IJBC. May/June • Using responses from JB Evaluation, start analysing data and drawing conclusions, and forming a proposal through an inclusive and consultative process. • Start panning with ARM Team for ARMM. • Introduce IJR Candidates, and start collecting Equalizers and NRF data for Global Training Strategy. • Pre-IJBC Meeting, to plan IJBC with candidates, structure and sessions. July/August • Finish planning, attend and run IJBC/AIM.

Final thoughts This was a very productive meeting, and we did a thorough analysis of our current situation, and discussed concerns for the upcoming months. We see our challenges in the next year to be responding to the organisational review which is likely to have a big impact on us, and we have discussed how we might respond to certain situations. We also see the JB evaluation as fundamental to creating not only a working and valid leadership structure for the team, but to include juniors across the world in this process so they feel ownership, and that the conclusions we arrive at properly reflect our purpose and actions. Thanks to everyone for their hard work, and we look forward to working further on these challenges! Mateo | James IJRs 2011-2012

IJR midway meeting GB Dec2011  

Mid-way meeting report IJRs (James & Mateo)