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A New Royal Baby. Abrams, Abby. "News." A New Royal Baby. N.p., 22 Julay 2013.Web. 30 Agust. 2013. <> â&#x20AC;˘ This Monday Kate the had a baby a new baby boy. This baby was born at the 6:00 am, of that Monday. He is the 3 in the line to become the King of Britanin. This news have travel throw all tha world. A. International: a group of country's like the UN that is international. B. Eagerly: a sinonimus of anxious like a interest news or theme. 1. How do you think that the uncle of this baby is filing, because it was replace from the 3 to the line to the 4 by a baby? 2. Do you think that this baby will be a good king.

Royal baby  

a new royal baby

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