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Kite Patch Mackes Humans Invisible to Mosquitoes. Dolaisa, Mera. "kite Patch Makes Humans Invisible to Mosquitoes!" DOGnews. N.p, nd. Web. 30 Agust. 2013. <http// â&#x20AC;˘

This amassing idea of the kite patch, was made inspayer by JK Rolwing and his " Ivisible wach". This amazing Kite Patch made by Dr. Brown and his time. But befor that mousy university's of the USA and scientist hade tring to do something similar. This new invention have been working good iside of the laboratories, so they will send 400,000 kite patch to Africa and some places of South America.

A. Odor: is synonymous of smell, it can be a sensation or something similar. B. Visual: is type of action or something that you see with the eye. Like the visual sky or the visual dog. 1. Do this kite patch do work on Africa and South America against the mosquitoes? 2. In what other places do you think the kite patche will be requested?

Kite patch  

a new invention against the mosquitoes

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