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Integración de ingles Colegio: instituto adscripto san buenaventura

Integrantes: Barchiesi Agustín – Gioppo Mateo

Docente: Busso, M. Amanda

Curso: 4º “B”

Fecha de presentación: 28/11/13

Shoes and Co The company is called la shoes and CO it is a national company it is located in Buenos aires, argentina it employs two hundrend and nine people the founder was mateo gioppo and agustin barchiesi the company designs and produces athletic footwear and shoes its main competitors are ringo and puma shoes and Co had a turnover of $55 million. The future plans of company are produce to sell in other countries. It is expanding in all americ latina and the company open a new factory next week in cordoba

the office is located near the center of the city of Buenos Aires, has all the facilities that can perform all the work, on the ground floor to find the local public sale, on the first floor administrative office the location is situated at 1553 flows, has public parking and a bar for customers. office desks and has all the elements to perform the functions

in the production department employee count with all safety measures. these used gloves, helmets, aprons, face shield to avoid danger. also count with enough rest to suffer no physical problems and injuries...

Trabajo de ingles issuu  
Trabajo de ingles issuu