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Mateo de Guadalfajara Application

eNGINEER Mateo de Guadalfajara 25 year old Spanish Engineer, working on his PhD Master on Energy Systems, Sweden Master on Mechanical Systems, Spain

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Mateo de Guadalfajara Industrial Engineer (5 years, Spain 2004-2010) Master, Energy Systems (1year, Sweden 2008-2009) Master, Mechanical Systems (1year, Spain 2011-2012)

September 2011 - Today Working in a research project for the Thermal Engineering group GITSE in Zaragoza about Solar Heating and seasonal heat storage with district heating. With this investigation group I am also doing my PhD and a Research Master in Mechanical Systems. May 2011- August 2011 Quality Manager in Schindler Drive Systems. As quality manager I checked equipments of security for elevators and also prepare a quality management tool

March 2011 Presentation of Final Engineering Degree. Presentation of my �inal engineering project which is a continuation, adaptation and translation of my thesis project about ventilation by jet. March11 -Present Internship in Verdoger, Zaragoza. Engineering and Architecture �irm. Studies about passive house and Spanish construction normative. Insulation, ventilation, installations, research of materials and equipment for several projects in architecture and constructions with low energy consume.

Sept10 - Present Collaborator, Department of Constructions, Zaragoza University to create practice exercises for students about sustainability. For engineering students to prepare a project about district heating. For architecture students introduce into their projects criteria for low consume . July10 -Jan11 Project Manager / Scrum-Master, BitOceans, Vigo: Introduce an agile project management methodology and lead a group of �ive software engineers in a Spanish TIC company. June10 - July10 Compete in URBAN SOS concourse with an energy ef�icient neighborhood for Phoenix city that can solve sprawl problems and reduce energy consume of big cities. Sept09. - Sept10 Finish Engineering Degree in CPS Zaragoza. projects theory, industrial organization, construction, transports and equipment of elevation, quality and fabrication.

Dec09.- June10 Building Energy needs simulation to design optimized systems. My work consisted into obtain different building energy simulations of Hospitals with eQUEST according to different climatic zones for department of energy. Jan10. - June10. Redesign and calculate a PASSIVE HOUSE. Audit over a house designed to be Passive House. Calculate of thermal bridges and actions over the bigger heat losses of the house.


CV Mateo

de Guadalfajara Industrial Engineer (5 years, Spain) Master, Energy Systems (1year, Sweden)

June09 - July09 Investigator at Dept. Of Technology and Built Environmental, KTH’s Research school. To measure the ef�iciency of ventilation systems by impinging jet and revise a normative designed to measure the result of this systems.

Jan09 - June09 Energy System Master Thesis, KTH University of Gävle. Master thesis about air movement in rooms. Use of Laser Doppler measures videos an pictures to explain the air movements caused by jets in mixing ventilation. The results shows that it is needed to create jets with a Reynolds higher than 2600 to create a good mixing. Published:

Sept.08 – June09 Energy System Master, Högskolan i Gävle. Master in Sweden, about energy systems, simulations and optimization. - Thermodynamics preparatory course - Advanced Fluid Mechanics - Renewable Energy - Heat and power Generation - Energy Systems - Energy Utilization - Industrial Energy Systems - Energy Systems Optimisation - Energy and its market - Thermal Comfort and Indoor climate

July08 - Aug.08 Internship in “EID consultores”. Civil engineering �irm where I did topography with GPS equipment, maps with Auto CAD. Engineering of�ice tasks, calculation of urban installations.

Sept04 - July08 Industrial Engineering in Zaragoza University. “Centro Politécnico Superior” �ive years engineering studies about many engineering �ields: electricity, electronic, �luids, heat construction, logistics, mechanics, fabrication and business.

May03 – Present Volunteer association Tebarray. Mountain monitor, camp counselor of�icial tittle. Camp Director of�icial tittle. Planning and organization of activities for around 100 children with a group of 20 monitors. President of association since March 2010.


Languages: - Spanish: Native. - French: B1

Programs: -Word, Excel... -Auto-CAD -eQUEST -Adobe Photoshop, Gimp

- English: C1 -MS-Project -All plan -Design Builder Adobe Illustrator, Indesign





My name is Mateo de Guadalfajara, I am a young engineer and I want a job in architecture/engineering �irm that believes as me that the future of construction, architecture

and urbanism comes by the hand of mixed teams between architects and engineers that together may answer the big questions about how we live and how we have to live without consuming the resources of future generations.

I started engineering eight years ago because I was very kind in school in Maths and Physics and I didn´t have an speci�ic vocation. Since I started this career I have dedicated many time

studying and reading �inding my path. I have read: Asimov, Bukowsky, Tom Wolfe, Tom Sharpe, Jack London, Vargas Llosa, Cortazar and also books about engineering architecture and urbanism from Richard Rogers, Rem Koolhas, Norman Foster, Mies Van der Rohe and others.

In my forth year of engineering I started to focus more and more in constructions cause I had a

very interesting course about industrial constructions. The following year I did a Master in Sweden (in Erasmus program) about energy systems for constructions. I think that exists a big

�ield to work about energy ef�iciency in buildings and I wanted to learn from a country like Sweden that has very low temperatures in winter and know so much about energy ef�iciency.

In Sweden I learned a lot about energy systems, consume of energy, auditory, optimization...

and also about simulation tools to design new systems and check them before building them. With this knowledge I have performed several projects in Spain about low consume buildings and about estimation of energy needs for big buildings.

Now that I have �inished my studies I want to start to work in a team with people that want to build the future. That want to build houses with low energy consume and high comfort, that

want to use the adequate renewable source for each case and that want to do things because they care about solutions.

I would like to work with you. Thanks,

Mateo de Guadalfajara



Consume way of life Short life cycle of products Car transport dependence Social Inequality High energy consume Low efficiency demographic grown individual strategies abuse of natural resources Short term Planning solutions

for toda y, not f or tomor row


sustainability... Passive House Low Consume Cogeneration Heat Storage Reduce transports Work at home Local production Wind turbine Reciclate Solar panels


erations n e g e r u t u or f Solutions f


20th Century evolution Templo Ephaistos

Structure Evolution

Metallic Structure , Steel rainforced Concrete

Taller and cheaper buildings

Le Courbusier

500m 300m 100m 1890



As new materials and technology appeard, architects with engineers where able to design and build tall buildings and skyscrapers generating the new cities of the world with the highest population and job density that the world have ever met.





This new structures come from architects and engineers that wanted to pass over the convencionalism and create huge towers as the Eiffel tower or to use new materials from the mixing of iron and concrete.


EVOLUTION Caja Madrid Tower,

Caja Madrid Tower,













REv o

lu tio n


Good Insulation Passive Measures NEW technologies

This new century comes with a new challenge. This change will be the energetical change. It is necessary to create a new way of construction with a lower energy consume along the full life cycle of the buildign. This means that new buildings needs more insulation, new ventilation systems, new heatign and cooling systems, passive measures to reduce energy needs, a low consume design...

Architecture is changing and green budings are the new fashion but it is not enough to put green walls and green covers it is needed that also the inside and the design is low consume, low emissions and low cost.

low consume design Telecommunications Ventilation, confort


December 2010

The energy department of Zaragoza University had a project about simulations of hospitals and buildings from the third sector to design then better cogeneration equipments. This project was performed with eQuest software > Heating energy demand: 40,6 Kw/h m2 year > DHW energy demand: 12,9 Kw/h m2 year > Cost of a gas heater: 700 €/house > Transport heat losses: 10% > Number of houses: 10.000

> Location: Valdespartera, Zaragoza, Spain

It is possible to introduce a District Heating system in Spain for DHW and Heating? Which ef�iciency does it have? How much is it ? Rentability?Return period?

Designing Pipes for Different power needs

Pot diseño(MW) T entrada T salida Dif temp rho*cp (J/(l*K)) Calor Agua (MJ/m3) Caudal (m3/s) Nº de tuberias Caudal/tub Vmax (m/s) Area hidr.(m2) Diametro (mm) 1200

0,2MW 0,2 120 40 80 4220 337,6 0,0006 1 0 1 0,001 27,464 Dmin: 27mm

1MW 1 120 40 80 4220 337,6 0,0030 1 0 1 0,003 61,412

10MW 10 120 40 80 4220 337,6 0,0296 1 0 1 0,030 194,202

40MW 40 120 40 80 4220 337,6 0,1185 1 0 1 0,118 388,404

200MW 200 120 40 80 4220 337,6 0,5924 1 1 1 0,592 868,498

500MW 500 120 40 80 4220 337,6 1,4810 1 1 1 1,481 1373,216 Dmax: 1220

The results of the engineering students that did the

1000 Heat loss MW

exercise that I prepared showed that the cost of a


distribution DH system for a neighbourhood as big as


this one it is smaller than the cost of the gas survey-


ing system and the burners equipment in the houses.

200 0 0,00 0,02 0,04 0,06 0,08 0,10 0,12 0,14 0,16 Insulation Thickness Heat loss through pipes depends on the insulation and distance. For short distances it is sometimes not necessary to use insulated pipes because heat loss are very small.


heat loss across the distribution systems are

lower than 3% of the heat that it is transported.

This two results gives us information about considereing to introduce District Heating in Spain for new big centres.


Decembre 2010 / June 2011


0 1

In the Industrial Construction department we develope a low consume house for a client that wanted to have a Passive House in the North of Spain. This house will be designed with very high insulation and ventilation system with heat exchanger. The result is a low consumo house with high comfort in summer and winter. kWh/m2 year

4 3 2


1 0




-1 -2

n atio






mneed j

y erg


ow a l r fo j

su con a

ed sign








Cooling Heating

-3 -4

AuditorinG simulation



Heat GAINS Luzuriaga

10,8 kWh/m2año

14,9 kWh/m2año

15,0 kWh/m2año 14,9 kWh/m2año

15,3 kWh/m2año

19,3 kWh/m2año

18,2 kWh/m2año 3,1 kWh/m2año

Internal gains General Lighting Catering Gains Computer + Equip Occupancy Solar Gains Exterior Windows Zone/Sys Sensible Zone Heating

The simulation Results shows that the house need only 12kWh/m2 of energy per year. In the same climate zone a standard home needs around 70kWh/m2 so our low consume house can reduce the energy needs to a 20% of the original needs.

Insulated house with thermal bridge. U=1,10W/m2K

Heat loss Luzuriaga 10,1 kWh/m2año

0,6 kWh/m2año 10,9 kWh/m2año 10,8 kWh/m2año

8,0 kWh/m2año 4,6 kWh/m2año 2,8 kWh/m2año

47,6 kWh/m2año

6,0 kWh/m2año

Glazing Walls Ceilings Ground Floors Roofs Doors and vents Floors (ext) External Vent. Total Cooling

Insulated house without thermal bridges U=0,20 W/m2K


June 2010

Fividoc hire me as intern for several projects My main task was to organize the projects, scheduling and workers task to focus resources and �inish projects before deadline. I actulized the branding, coopoerate in the international expansion and communications. Also I worked in marketing and selling tools. Fividoc is a TIC company with an interna-

tional projection that needed an intern with some background in project management to research develop and introduce a

project management system different from the classical waterfalls systems.

The objective was to introduce the project management system known as Scrums adequate for TIC companies.

the tasks for the next weeks based in Agile by the whole team and the success of

the sprint is the success of all the task that must be done between all the people. This task are planificated for two or three weeks. This two weeks planificated are the “Sprint”. The sprint need to be solved With this system we measure aquarate time needed to perform a project or a Task, the date that all the projects where going to be finished and reducing the time needed to close projects. and Crititcal Chain .

This system starts with the plani�ication of

As lateral improvements the office environment become better as the internal communications between developers and people from sales management.

the work for the next weeks. This work

divided in task is sized by the software developers and rated by the


owner. Then the Scrum Master with the data

of developers and product owner planificates Comic Fividoc 4/6 Diciembre 2010

Fividoc, la firma electrónica en papel Attested Signer, la compulsa automática.

Fividoc comic 3/6 Diciembre 2010

Comienza la compulsa manual de las 700 páginas del proyecto.

Fividoc, la firma electrónica en papel Expedientos académicos protegidos

Un estudiante con un escáner y un programa de edición está falsificando el expediente académico, subiendo la nota media de su expediente para ser elegido.

Los expedientes académicos son documentos muy importantes en los cuales se refleja el trabajo de los estudiantes.

La compulsa es un proceso lento y poco fiable. Si se pudiera automatizar se simplificaría el trabajo en la administración y en notarías reduciendo el tiempo y coste de las compulsas

Si no están protegidos estamos beneficiando a los falsificadores y devalorando el valor del estudio.

El documento original en papel se escanea y se protege con fividoc

Se merecen estar protegidos para dar seguridad a los

El escáner verificó todos los documentos y detecto que un expediente sobresaliente habia sido

Fividoc protege a los buenos estudiantes de los tramposos y permite que la persona que recibe los documentos pueda confíar en la autenticidad de estos.

Los documentos compulsados se verifican con un escáner de forma automática.

Fividoc agiliza el trabajo de la administración y las notarías. Además aumenta la seguridad pues los documentos con compulsa fividoc se cotejan con mayor fiabilidad que el modo manual.


June 2010 - December 2010


0 2

The energy department of Zaragoza University had a project about simulations of hospitals and buildings from the third sector to design then with the data new energy systems based on cogenaration, storage and solar ganancy more ef�icent. This project was performed with eQuest software


September 2009 - June 2010

For projects subject in Engineering me and a group of students prepare a project of day care center for APASCIDE. This center has been builted from and old �lat in Zaragoza. The experience was big for working in a non pro�it association for people with special needs

Apascide, asociation for relatives and friends of blind-deaf people, order us to prepare with Architect Sancho España the remodelation of an old center into an addapted for blind deaf people care day center. Also we introduce into the center tratements and equipment for the education of people with multisensorial problems The center has been built in 2010 with the monetary help of the council and the spanish Government.


January 2009- June 2009


0 3

For 6 Months, I could investigate about jets in KTH research school. My master thesis was a project about ventilation by jet in rooms. The results of the project are being used in other projects and thesis about ventilation and �luid simulations.

To see the full thesis: Jet expansion

Jet Collision with lateral walls

The results shows how to design ventilation systems in rooms to get the best mixing of the air with a lower consume of energy. Also shows how to avoid draughts in a the living area of a room. The jet collision with a lateral surface produce an aire tendency to move around a vertical axis and also generates draughts in the habitable zone. This kind of ventilation orientation is not suitable for spaces where people works because it will increases the effect of the sick building syndrome.


Practice exercise prepared for engineering students about sustainable installations for cities B i b l i o g r a p h i c

I n f l u e n c e s

Sustainable Engineering and Architecture Cities for a Small Planet

Richard Rogers

S, M, L, XL

Rem Koolhaas

The Technology of Ecological Building

Klaus Daniels

Climate Change Cities for a Small Planet

Richard Rogers

The Revenge of Gaia

James Lovelock

Ages of Gaia

James Lovelock

Literature Bon�ire of Vanity

Tom Wolfe

The Great Gatsby

Francis Scott Fitzgerald

A Man in Full

Tom Wolfe


R e f e r e n c e s

EID Consultores:


Civil Engineering �irm from Zaragoza

Enrique García Vicente, Civil Engineer

my forth year of career.


where I worked along summer 2008 in

Hogskolan i Gävle, Sweden


phone: 0034 976 75 42 62 Contact:

In Hogskolan i Gavle I did my master

Taghi Karimipanah

about ventilation with scale model.

phone: 073-906 70 92

(2008/2009) and my master Thesis


Sancho Espana Architect


With Architect Sancho Espana we

Architect, Sancho Espana

prepared a project for a day care center for blind-deaf children. (2009/2010)


Construcciones Industriales, Dept.


I have been collaborating in the depart-

Prof. Enrique Cano

many projects, 2010/2011


ment since I came back from Sweden in

Universidad de Zaragoza, CPS




Name Borned living

Telephone e_Mail Skype







Mateo de Guadalfajara Pinilla

5th Fvebruary 1986 Zaragoza, Spain

0034 628 20 34 57 mateo_mw


Mateo de Guadalfajara Portfolio  

Personal description of my jobs and projects. Portfolio