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architecture portfolio.

Matej Mintál +421 908 206 014 EDUCATION


2005 - 2009 Gymnázium Jozefa Gregora Tajovského / college / Banská Bystrica / Slovakia /

Business incubator (2015) / masters thesis / Bratislava / Slovakia /

2009 - 2015 Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava / Bratislava / Slovakia / Faculty of Architecture / architecture and urban design / M. arch. /

Slovenka workshop (2014) / participation / Banská Bystrica / Slovakia / Axor H2O story (2014) / participation / Bratislava/ Slovakia /

WORK EXPERIENCE 2011 - 2014 AMŠ Partners | / junior architect / Banská Bystrica / Slovakia / My first opportunity to work in architecture environment during my studies. There I gained essential skills such as drafting, model making, wood and paper cutting. 09/2015 - 09/2016 De Jong Gortemaker Algra | / junior architect / Rotterdam / Netherlands / International experience involved working on two major healthcare projects in Slovakia. I was also participating on several competitions in Netherlands, Belgium and China. I was able to apply all skills gained during my studies and as I was directly working with experienced senior architecs I developed set of skills necessary for proffesional environment and project cooperation.

Professional highlights Family house | private investor (2013) / concept & realisation / Banská Bystrica / Slovakia / Sport-bar | (2013) / interior & logo design / Banská Bystrica / Slovakia /

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/ biking / alpine touring / skiing / hiking / reading / playing guitar / drawing / beer /

As an young person and junior architect I would like to gain as much valuable experience as possible. I really like to work and cooperate in creative group. There I can use my skills to combine and improve ideas and find optimal solution. I like to contribute with my sense for rationality and conceptual thinking. I can also offer variety of computer skills necessary for effective work.

Driving license /B/ Language Slovak / native / English / fluent speaking and writing /

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Research Analysis

Drafting Concept

Content Tianfu medical center - Sichuan provincial hospital / hospital / competition / Cheng-du / China / Next generation hospital Bratislava / hospital / preliminary design / Bratislava / Slovakia / Ijsseldijk adaptation / landscape / concept / Deventer - Zwolle / Netherlands / Slingeland hospital / hospital / competition / Doetinchem / Netherlands / Hoboken elderly housing / residential / competition / Antwerpen / Belgium / Drawings / St. Peter’s basilica - ink / Study of a woman's body - pencil /

TIANFU MEDICAL CENTER / 2016 / competition / dJGA / Aim of the competition was to design a hospital with several clinics for booming district of Cheng-du city, China. We decided to divide wards into smaller objects to bring back concept of traditional chinese living. That creates oportunity for many spaces with different purposes such as gardens, community places. We were also reffering to and ancient chinese city with highly efficient and clear organisation. I was involved in project in every phase from concept to presentation.

View from hospital entrance

Chang’an ancient capital 200-195 BC

Urban grid




NEXt Hospital Tianfu Medical Center

Traditional chinese living unit



wards specilised clinics public core

future possible development

wards general hospital staff core

shops along promenade healing gardens glass screen entrance visitor general hospital

hot floor specialised clinics entrance specialised clinics and commercial functions

emergency entrance hot floor, logistics, outpatients, emergency, offices underground parking Exploded axonometry

Section - central core


R 5m

20 m 10 m


NT Section - entrance

Tianfu hospital - night view

NEXT GENERATION HOSPITAL BRATISLAVA / 2016 / preliminary design / Dutch Health Architects (dJGA + EGM) / It’s going to be most advanced hospital in Slovakia with completion in 2021. I was working directly under two experienced senior architects where I was solving several problems such as urban setting, facade solutions but I was also contributing on floorplans. Since I was with the project for the whole preliminary design stage of such a big project I consider this experience as the most valuable.

Hospital entrance

Entrance hall

Wards organisation

IJSSELDIJK ADAPTATION / 2015 / landscape design / dJGA / Dike between cities of Deventer and Zwolle has plenty of potential. We created 3 possible profiles - silent dike for nature relaxation, - dynamic dike for cultural relaxation at places with historical hotspots and village dike in village and urban areas. We were also counting with possible floodings within timespan of 50 and 100 years. Project was supported by opinions of people living near existing dike.


Silent dike

Dynamic dike

Village dike

Silent dike - collage

Dynamic dike - collage

SLINGELAND HOSPITAL / 2016 / competition / dJGA / Slingeland hospital is supposed to replace old existing hospital in Doetingem city. Main concept was to bring gardens closer to patients to stimulate healing process. This was achieved by terraced shaping of the building. In addition several patios were designed to create also interior meeting gardens and to let more natural light in. There is also huge parklike area for walks and relax in nature.

Situation with functional diagram

Green patios

Terraces in contact with park

Wards organisation

Patio from interior view

Entering hospital - collage

HOBOKEN ELDERLY HOUSING / 2016 / competition / dJGA / Hoboken is part of the city Antwerp with dense urban grid. Task to fit 85 living units into city block with many regulations and restrictions was really challenging. We tried many forms and concepts to bring three regular blocks eventualy. We solved with parking with buring them partly underground. We also finished uncontinous city block with new form. Part of the competition was also community center.

Front view

Axonometric situation

View from community garden

St. Peter’s Basilic - black & white ink

Study of woman’s body - pencil

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Architecture portfolio

Portfolio mintal  

Architecture portfolio