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Mateel Community Center

2017 Summer Arts & Music Festival


Summer Arts & Music Festival

41st Annual Summer Arts & Music Festival Vendors

150 A Family Stitch 87 Dom Chi Designs 96 A Touch of Glass 88 DragonArt Glass 8 Acorn Learning Center 137 Dreamy Adornments 124 Adams Olives 89 Dress Tropical 61 Affordable Homeless House Alt Inc .69 Dube Woodworks 23 After the Gold Rush 84 Eco Gardening 95 Alkahest Leather 129 El Quino 102 Allegra Ceramics 90 EmaB’s Knees 121 Ambrz Art 97 Emerald Caravan 79 Amy Rose Moore Illustration 80 Endless Jewelry Arcata 81 Anne Quinn 31 EPIC 116 Architectural Ceramics Degin Roving Facepainting by Kathleen 132 Art & Surf 153 Fancy Clancy Tees 151 ArteSana Paisana 60 Fans of Divinity 30 Awanya 64 Fantasie Lane Fairies 115 Baltic Amber 136 Fatbol Clothing 152 Bamboo Mama 52 Fleur de Leans 56 Bead it Down 73 Forever Stoked 57 Big River Gems 36 Fortuna Husky Booster Club 26 Bill Francis 108 Four Feathers 139 Blue Moon 142 Free up Clothing 117 Bohemian Tattoo 91 Friends of the Eel River 114 Boutique Body Art 106 Frog Works 92 Broken Arrow Art 59 Fx Dressed 17 By Nieves 143 Gypsy & Loic, Inc 104 Caricature Arts 144 Hempress Arise 138 Coboo Creations 72 Herbcraft 48 Colorburst Studios 44 Hudson River Inlay 37 Congo Cafe 42 Humble Hammocks 101 Cool Shoes 134 Humboldt House & Garden 65 Daishu-In West Rupda Lambley 55 Humboldt Vibe Tribe 86 Dejavux Jewerly 53 Hunter Gilliam 12 Design By Ryan Scott 38 India Gourmet 70 Dias Artistries 99 Jammin’ On

7 Soroptimists International 74 Jubilee 33 Party Animals Puppets 98 Kalimba Baskets Roving Patty Sue and Company of the Redwoods 149 Soulshine Arts 5 KMUD 99 Paul Brauns 63 Southern Humboldt 76 Kona Pipes Hawaii 100 Paul Smith Community Health Dist 25 Krinkly Batiks Roving Peace Pops 32 SPARC Snow Cones 24 Kritter Klips 93 Peter Bailey 40 Spiros Gyros 41 Land of Merriment 35 Pineapple Express 3 Sprowel Creek Vol Fire Dept 46 Larissa Robyn Artisan Jewelry 77 Pixie Honey Company 120 Steve Nepove 85 Lazy Day Tables Roving Planned Parenthood 67 Sticks-n-stones 62 Linda Winkler 128 Poonkinney Forge 4 Sue’s Organics 103 Lost Coast Photography 112 Presh Inc 47 Summertime 136 Lost French Man 141 Quinn Sharp Jewerly 126 Swadeshi Leatherworks 154 Lynn Z Art 94 Ragged Thistle 15 TBA 27 Magnetic Memories 148 RedEye Laboratories 16 TBA 78 Malpais Alchemy 66 Redwood Coast Energy 11 Thai Thai BBQ 19 Mama Palazzo’s Herbal Remedies Authority 110 Thankful Earth Herbs 14 Margriet Seinen 145 Redzola Design 123 The Flaming Pearl 125 Mariah and Her Clay 34 Roman’s Kitchen 82 The Good Shnit 20 Mark Doolittle Studio 54 Round Tuit Spoons 68 The Pepper Forest Spice Co 21 Martha’s Pottery 130 Royal Gold 119 Trashion Passion 131 Mateel Meal & Juice Booth 50 Royal Restoration 111 Tree Myriah 58 Matt Jones Art 28 Royal Roots 146 Tribe Vibe Apparel 43 Meadow Rose Photography 71 Sacred Empire 135 True Humboldt 75 Meredith Smith 45 Sacred Light Studio 10 Wailaki’s Indian Tacos 13 Michael Gillum 127 Salmonberry Studios 29 Watermelon Kidz 49 Michelle Oyes Art Design 9 Sankofa 113 Wesley Thurston Art Glass 107 Moss Follows 18 Savage Works 6 Whale Gulch School 133 Mountain Creek Farms 140 Sew It Seams 109 Wild Caught 22 Mystic Fables Leather 118 Shanna Trumbly 42 WISH/Humble Hammocks 122 Mystic Lion Arts 39 Sistah Vegan 147 Wolf Peach 105 Nothing Obvious 51 SK Mirth 2 Outlaw Kitchen LLC 1 Smokin’ Moses 83 Pachamama Jewels

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Amie McClellan Ember Meserve Tanya Malley Richard Murray Annie Pergins Kira Graeff Pooba Jordan Jumpshot David Katz Rob Seifert-Gage Ray Moreta Honeybear Laura Ayllon Garth Epling Chris McCoy Bede Smith Denise Smith Dan Gribi Leanna Gribi Alisha Goodrich Charity Green Ted Sloan Shiloh Croy-Baker Nichole Chojanacki Genesea Black-Lanouette Casandra Taliaferro Marjory Brown Lucy Stanley Amber Wallan

Mateel Community Center

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General Information NO DOGS ALLOWED Watch Your Kids - Don’t leave your children unattended. Safety I.D. wristbands are available at both admission gates. Lost parents should check in at Security Central. First Aid Tent - Located next to the Trees Stage at the north end of the festival, stop here for sunscreen, band-aids and basic first-aid care courtesy of Redwoods Rural Health Center. Jah Med is also with us this year to offer expanded medical services. ATM – A solar powered ATM is located near the Trees Stage. Recycling – Recycling barrels are located throughout the festival grounds. Please use them! Don’t Drink & Drive – Take the shuttle or find a designated driver if you’ve had any alcohol. No Lifeguard On Duty – Swim at your own risk and watch small children carefully!


Hello art lovers and welcome to the Mateel Community Center’s 41st annual Summer Arts & Music Festival! Though not technically summer yet, this event has unofficially kicked off the summer festival season for many years now- and, four decades in, it is one of the longest running events in Humboldt County. It is also one of the County’s most representative, showcasing our great wealth of local creative arts talent in a beautiful natural setting amongst towering redwoods and the meandering Eel River. Summer Arts is also the quintessential offering of the Mateel Community Center, the non-profit organizer of this greatly anticipated annual celebration and a showcase of the many facets and programs of MCC in one big, weekend-long extravaganza. Music, dance, fine art, handmade crafts, youth offerings, food, fun for the whole family… Summer Arts has it all! And it is this diversity and local flavor, which has made it a perennial favorite and earned your recognition as the “Best Music Festival in Humboldt County”a distinction we are truly honored by and will look to continually build upon. As such, the 41st annual Summer Arts & Music Festival will deliver another idyllic weekend chock full of eclectic entertainment- with international artists coming to us from as far away as Peru, Jamaica, and New Zealand this year—along with national touring acts­—and the best of our local creative performing artists on multiple stages and throughout the festival fairway. And the fairway itself will showcase more than 170 craft, food, and non-profit vendors. A true vendor faire, Summer Arts is one of the few events that still features exclusively handmade crafts- created and sold by the artisans themselves, remaining true to the principles upon which the event was founded. Beyond this, there’s an all-media fine arts show, a Belly Dance Temple, Hearth’s world music jam tent, Circus Nature’s 3-Rings of Play, the alternative energy offerings of the Generation Green Dome, an Andean music area with the pan pipers of Huayllipacha, the sideshow peculiarities of the Circus Emporium Odditorium, a kids craft zone, and a night time DJ dance party at our SummerTronica Tent- all of which combine to offer something for everyone and make Summer Arts a truly unique and immersive experience. It’s also one of our most important local fundraisers, not only for the Mateel Community Center, but also for our larger non-profit and artistic community- so your good times translate to real support for the organizations and artists that make Humboldt County such a special place to live. So whether you’ve never joined us before- or been with us since the beginning, we’re sure you will find delights for the ears, eyes, body, mind, and soul in your 2017 Summer Arts experience…

Justin Crellin General Manager Mateel Community Center

The Summer Arts shuttle is the best way to access the festival. Offering regular service from 9:00am until shortly after close of the festival each evening- with expanded evening coverage to minimize wait times this year too! It will drop off/ pick up at the following locations*: Northern Route: • Dean Creek Resort/ Campground (on Redwood Dr in Redway) • Majestic Center (on Redwood Dr. in Redway) • Garberville Chevron (corner of Redwood Dr. and Sprowel Cr. Rd., Garberville) Southern Route: • Richardson Grove State Park • Richardson Grove Family Camp & RV Park (8:30am start) • South Benbow Dr. parking areas (as needed) * Limited parking is available in the vicinity of all festival shuttle stops. Please respect neighbors and businesses when parking in these locations.

PARKING INFORMATION The main parking area in Benbow is the Golf Lot. It costs $20/ day per standard size vehicles with no ins and outs. Beyond this, parking is very limited in the town of Benbow- and off South Benbow Dr.- with no parking allowed in residential neighborhoods. Attendees coming from the south are encouraged to park in the lot at Richardson Grove Family Camp & RV Park and ride the shuttle.

CAMPING INFORMATION There is NO CAMPING available on the festival site. Campgrounds that are walking-distance or on the festival shuttle route include: Benbow Valley RV & Campground, Dean Creek Resort, Richardson Grove State Park, and Richardson Grove Family Camp & RV Park. More info on local camping and hotel accommodations is available at

THE MATEEL INFORMATION & MERCHANDISE BOOTH Open 9:30 am to 10 pm both days Offering… • Program Guides, Stage Schedules and Other Festival Info • Summer Arts & Music Festival T-shirts • Mateel Memberships and Community Center Information • Mateel Merchandise including T-shirts, sweatshirts, tanks, hats, CDs and more • Raffle Tickets- chance to win from over 120 prizes – 1 for $2.00 or 3 for $5.00 (Drawing will be held on Sunday at 5:00 pm) • Stuff Check - for $5.00 you can check your stuff in a safe location while you enjoy the fair. All items must be picked up by 9:30pm. Free for MCC members. • Lost & Found- stop here for lost and found (or at Security Central after hours). All unclaimed lost & found will be returned to the Mateel office in Redway and be available for pick up beginning Wed, June 7. 2017 Summer Arts & Music Festival


Head liners, SATURDAY, JUNE 3 8:40~Easy Star All Stars This roots Reggae and Dub collective of all star musicians and vocalists based in New York City perform deep roots originals as well as Reggae versions as a tribute to some of Rock’s greatest albums including Pink Floyd’s iconic record remade as Dub Side of the Moon in 2003, and the Beatles’ classic album remade as Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band in 2009. Released on the Easy Star Records label, founde d by band member David Goldwasser who along with esteemed producer Victor Axelrod are the masterminds behind these Reggae Dub meets popular Rock cover albums. Dub Side of the Moon has remained on the Billboard Reggae charts since its release. The collective have since released a tribute album to the late Michael Jackson entitled Thrillah, and Radiodread an interpretation of OK Computer, the album by Radiohead. The Easy Star All-Stars have toured to over 30 countries on six continents, performing at many of the world’s largest music festivals, amassing a dedicated following that comes to experience these Reggae, Dub and Ska interpretations of Rock compositions in the live setting. The band has nearly 3 million followers on Soundcloud, a testament to these unique tribute concept albums. A seasoned set of players, they blend genres and add complex vocal harmonies over a solid rhythm section, making them one one of the top international Reggae acts on the scene today.

The Easy Star All-Stars have toured to over 30 countries on six continents, performing at many of the world’s largest music festivals, amassing a dedicated following that comes to experience these Reggae, Dub and Ska interpretations of Rock compositions in the live setting.

7:00~The Brothers Comatose Returning Summer Arts festival favorites, real life brothers Ben and Alex Morrison play guitar and banjo respectively, and are co-lead vocalists fronting this Southwest-tinged, rowdy string band that formed in San Francisco with players Ryan Avellone on vocals and bass, Gio Benedetti on banjo and vocals and Philip Brezina on fiddle. Their first release Songs From the Stoop (2012) received rave reviews for its honest, authentic, songwriting and organic production values. The band’s latest album City Painted Gold reflects the changes in the San Francisco landscape for artists. To create the set of songs, they returned to their home of fourteen years in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. Ben Morrison explains “We wrote this album living in San Francisco as it was changing from a weird, art friendly mecca to a place that only super rich tech workers could afford…things started changing – venues were closing down, and artist and musician friends moved away. What is San Francisco without its weirdos?” The resulting album answers this question and showcases the continuing maturity of this talented group. Performing live as a string quintet they bring a sing-along, stomp-along vibe that makes for one big extended Morrison family house party.

Performing live as a string quintet they bring a sing-along, stomp-along vibe that makes for one big extended Morrison family house party. 6

Mateel Community Center


10:00 11:25 12:00 Bonus set 1:15 Bonus set 2:35 Bonus set 4:00 Bonus set 5:25 Bonus set 7:00 8:40

Long Valley Dance & Laytonville High School Band All Star Theatre Arts Feet First Arianna Guillette Wicklow Atwater Savannah Rose The Zydeco Flames Paul Turner Elektric Voodoo TBA La Inedita Del McCain The Brothers Comatose Easy Star All Stars


10:00 Savannah Rose 11:05 Mystical Lion 12:20 Farmhouse Odyssey 1:40 Seed 707 3:00 Jenni & David and The Sweet Soul Band 4:25 Fresh Coast Connection 5:50 Marley Project 7:20 Soul Ska 8:50 Motherlode LAWN STAGE

10:00 Bret Harte Breakers 11:15 Off The Chart 12:30 Gatehouse Well 1:50 Garberville Town Band 3:10 JD Jeffries Band 4:30 Kindred Spirits 5:50 Chubritza 7:15 Pura Vida 8:50 Goodshield Aguilar & Angus of BROTHER YOUTH STAGE

10:00 Circus Nature 11:00 Mickey The Clown 12:00 Ty & Hawk 1:00 Kinetic Paranormal Society 2:25 SPARC Program Students 3:05 Circus Luminescence 4:10 ClownSnotBombs 5:20 Circus Emporium Roadshow Late night show 9 pm Circus Luminescence

Head liners, SUNDAY, JUNE 4 TREES STAGE 10:00 Joanne Rand 11:00 Chris & Peter 12:00 Feet First Bonus set Delaney Rose 1:15 Hot October Bonus set Mark Goo 2:35 Durand Jones & The Indications Bonus set Alex Kent 4:00 Dustin Thomas Bonus set Panda 5:25 Jah9 & The Dub Treatment Bonus set Malakai Schindel 7:00 Carolyn Wonderland 8:40 Locos Por Juana SOLAR STAGE 10:00 Mark Goo 11:05 Square Heads 12:20 SoHum Girls 1:40 Ghost Train 3:00 The Non Prophets 4:25 Asha Nan 5:50 Diggin Dirt 7:15 Candelaria 8:50 Stymie & The Pimp Jones Luv Orchestra LAWN STAGE 10:00 Mihael Kavanaugh 11:00 Humboldt Capoiera 12:20 The Real Sarahs 1:45 Planet 4 3:10 EZ Money 4:35 Band O Loko 6:00 Scary Little Friends 7:25 Hera Has A Heart 8:50 The Sturgeons YOUTH STAGE 10:00 Circus Nature 11:00 Mickey The Clown 12:00 Ty & Hawk 1:00 Kinetic Paranormal Society 2:25 Whale Gulch School 3:05 Circus Luminescence 4:10 ClownSnotBombs 5:20 Circus Emporium Roadshow

8:40~Locos Por Juana Making their inaugural Summer Arts appearance, this Grammynominated bilingual Latin Jam band presents a sound that is a hybrid of Latin, Caribbean and American rhythms. The heart and soul of their style emanates from Colombia as the three founding members share this cultural background. Founded in Miami, the band consists of vocalist Itawe Correa, guitarist Mark Kondrat and drummer Javier Delgado as well as Lasim Richards on trombone and percussionist Carlos Palmet. Horns and percussion season the sound to explore Cumbia, Champeta and Afro-Colombian patterns fused with Hip Hop, Rock, Funk and Afrobeat to present an ultra-energized live performance. Their latest album Caribe features collaborations with several artists including Vaughn Benjamin (Midnite, Akae Beka) on the title track, plus rapper Talib Kweli and Collie Buddz. The Los Angeles Times defines Locos Por Juana’s style as “a funky, pan-Latin amalgam, pulling listeners into a reverse Gulf Stream churning through the Straits of Florida south to Jamaica, Venezuela and Colombia, and over to Puerto Rico.” Due to the danceable quality and eclectic style, the band has a devoted fan following from Europe to Central and South America to Puerto Rico and the U.S. This set will serve as an epic finale to a weekend full of diverse Summer Arts performances!

Due to the danceable quality and eclectic style, the band has a devoted fan following from Europe to Central and South America to Puerto Rico and the U.S.

7:00~Carolyn Wonderland This Austin, Texas-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, mandolin, trumpet, piano) has won numerous awards for her unique sound that is primarily Blues but incorporates elements of Country, Swing, Zydeco, Gospel, Soul, Latin and Jazz. Dynamic musicianship with her vocal instrument as the driving force, her singing reaches ecstatic heights, rising in a crescendo from the deepest part of her soul in a powerful voice that garners comparisons to Janis Joplin and as a guitar player and vocalist, on par with Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi. Her song “Miss Understood” released in 2008 remains a classic favorite in regular rotation on the Blues airwaves. Carolyn Wonderland exudes the pure joy of playing, recording, and performing live music- making her a popular performer on the national festival circuit. Her Summer Arts debut is sure to be a highlight of the fest.

Dynamic musicianship with her vocal instrument as the driving force, her singing reaches ecstatic heights, rising in a crescendo from the deepest part of her soul in a powerful voice that garners comparisons to Janis Joplin and as a guitar player and vocalist, on par with Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi.

2017 Summer Arts & Music Festival


Trees Stage, SATURDAY, JUNE 3 10:00~Long Valley Dance & Laytonville High School Band Long Valley Dance is Laytonville’s community dance and fitness center, offering classes in a wide variety of styles for children and adults. For the past decade, the Long Valley Dance Collective, an adult performing troupe, has choreographed and performed a variety of dances while mentoring younger dancers. LHS has had a rock band program for many years under the direction of Dennis Hogan. The program produces both a beginning and advanced level rock band comprised of students from different musical backgrounds. The students choose the repertoire and are excited for this opportunity to perform in front of a festival audience.

11:25~All Star Theatre Arts The ATA Allstars are Humboldt County’s one and only elite musical theatre troupe comprised of children ages 9-19. They travel throughout California sharing their passion for music and the performing arts with all who see them.

12:00~Feet First Part of Summer Arts since its genesis, this group exemplifies the love of dance as an art form with three generations of local dancers. Performing a wide scope of dance and theatrical pieces centered in a variety of styles, they attract a devoted following for their annual presentation.

Bonus Set~Arianna Guillette A singer songwriter and Humboldt local who performs all original music on her ukulele.

4:00~Elektric Voodoo Inspired by the West African sub-genre of Afrobeat, which was first made popular globally by Fela Kuti from Nigeria, this San Diego-based band blends Blues, Latin, and vintage Rock to present songs that can flow into lengthy jams. Performing as a five piece ensemble, the group uses vintage keyboards, layers of guitar sounds and percussion to drive the groove. This five piece ensemble was started by Scott Tournet (vocals, guitars, keys, harmonica), best known as guitarist for Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, who began recording new songs in his living room just for fun. After recording the majority of an album he connected with some like-minded musicians who loved what they heard and the recording project morphed into a proper band that includes Mark Boyce on keyboards, Ty Kiernanon on percussion, Matt Bozzone on drums and Evan Lucas on bass.

Bonus Set~TBA 5:25~La Inedita Peruvian Chicha meets Jamaican Raggamuffin in this hot band from Lima, Peru! Their sound is rooted in a style of Latin Cumbia known as “Chicha” that is influenced by Surf-Rock and Psychedelia, and mixed with the rapid “Raggamuffin” singing style reminiscent of Reggaeton music. The band first formed in 2010 when they learned of each other’s musical ability through their network of friends. They initially got together to jam and have fun but from that first session came this musical fusion of styles that developed into their signature “Chichamuffin” sound, and they released an album of the same name in 2012. Afropop Worldwide said of the project, “The group’s blend is made more impressive by their evident instrumental talent; the guitar solos sting and bite, the rapper can really flow, the rhythm section is able to generate both genuinely threatening intensity and a dance floor filling groove (and often both at the same time).”

Bonus Set~Del McCain Performing a soulful, energetic & unique blend of insightful, sometimes funny original music that is melodic and powerfully rhythmic.

1:15~Wicklow Atwater Hailing from Los Angeles, this five piece acoustic, Americana, Roots, Bluegrass, Folk, Punk fusion band met as childhood friends in the Atwater Village area and started playing music together. Vocal harmonies in the string band style with acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica, mandolin and violin set the pace for lyrical poetry that expresses angst and romantic tension with a dose of anarchy. The ultimate goal of the band is simple, to serenade the nation and to live and experience the beauty that this country has to offer through touring and performing on the road.

Bonus Set~Savannah Rose Humboldt County locals Shelsea Savannah and Lindsay Rose perform heartfelt originals and give a fresh take on Country favorites.

7:00~The Brothers Comatose See Saturday’s Trees Stage headliner description

8:40~Easy Star All Stars See Saturday’s Trees Stage headliner description

2:35~The Zydeco Flames One of the premier Zydeco bands on the West Coast, they perform music that has its origins in Cajun country of the American south. Singing in both English and Cajun French, the band has released six albums and played this timeless, festive music at many prestigious stages throughout the US for over two decades. The Flames’ sixth CD release Fire It Up, provides fans with hot Zydeco in the tradition of masters like Clifton Chenier, Buckwheat Zydeco and Queen Ida.

Bonus Set~Paul Turner This guitarist has a style that ranges from contemporary Folk to Jazz. He weaves a sensual journey of love and compassion interlaced with crosspicking guitar. 8

Mateel Community Center

Summer Arts Beer Booths Conveniently located at each end of the festival, cool off with a cold one from our Beer Garden- featuring over 8 brews from Lagunitas, Eel River, Anderson Valley, Ace Cider, Six Rivers and more. Fine wine by Frey Vineyards and refreshing mimosas will also be available. Both bars close at 9:00pm. Drink tickets required for purchase. Please enjoy responsibly and remember to stay hydrated.

Trees Stage, SUNDAY, JUNE 4 10:00~Joanne Rand Now in her fourth decade of making music, this psychedelic Folk singer-songwriter released her 16th album, Southern Girl in 2015, which was called “One of the year’s freshest, most distinctive offerings” by Roots Music Report.

11:00~Chris & Peter Folk duo Chris & Peter have been playing together for more than 40 years and have performed at nearly every Summer Arts since the festival’s inception. They play a mix of traditional and original material on Dobro and guitar, bringing you a taste of the old-time festival magic and will be playing selections from their brand new, and first album ever, appropriately titled, Finally.

12:00~Feet First

2:35~Durand Jones & The Indications Originally from Louisiana bayou country, Durand Jones writes original Soul music in the vintage American tradition. He and the band The Indications formed in Bloomington, Indiana and released their self titled debut album in 2016 that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel deemed “Soul music that’s so much of the old school that it might as well drive a car with fins.” Durand Jones got his start singing in the church and in college he was selected to join the legendary Indiana University Soul Revue. It was through his involvement in this group that he met writer/ producer duo Aaron Frazer and Blake Rhein and the three began writing original Soul music and recording the compositions live “off the floor” in the studio to create their impressive album.

Bonus Set~Alex Kent

Bonus Set~Delaney Rose

Keeping the fires burning for the music of the Grateful Dead, inspired by the guitar playing of Jerry Garcia, his playing brings joy to Dead Heads when he performs.

A dynamic 12 year old singer-songwriter performing empowering and uplifting songs.

4:00~Dustin Thomas

See Saturday’s Tree stage description

1:15~Hot October This high energy, five piece, Bluegrass group from Los Angeles are some of the best pickers in southern California. Players include SoHum native Jesse Olema (fiddle, vocals), along with Paul Fuller (banjo, vocals), David Tranchina (bass),  Sasha Birrittella (guitar), and Craig Ferguson (mandolin, dobro) who together perform wellcrafted original songs with a high lonesome sound and evocative harmonies.

Bonus Set~Mark Goo Jammin’ rhythms and lyrics in a southern Humboldt dab-step style.

Known for his evocative and unifying performances that manifest as sing-a-longs in a style that is part “beat-box” and part SoulFolk, this singer-songwriter has cultivated an extensive grassroots following. Tourin as a support act, the artist has shared the stage with the biggest names in conscious music including Rising Appalachia, and Nahko and Medicine for The People with whom he played bass for several years. As an advocate for both social and environmental justice, Dustin Thomas uses his platform to inspire both awareness and consciousness on issues that all of humanity face by delivering messages to empower us to work through the hard times and ultimately to love ourselves, love the planet, and love each other.

Bonus Set~Panda From New Zealand comes a one-man powerhouse, this singer/songwriter blends folk, blues and soul in originals sung with an agile vocal style, playing a soft ballad one moment, and in a gritty honky tonk style the next.

5:25~Jah9 & The Dub Treatment A favorite locally, this band makes their Summer Arts debut. Led by vocalist and songwriter Jah9, the group’s sound is defined as “Jazz on Dub”. Hailing from Jamaica, Jah9’s vocals soar in the tradition of jazz with vibrato, inspired by the open spaces of instrumental dub of 1970’s Jamaican roots music that serves as a sonic bed for messages of spiritual reawakening, cultural preservation and upliftment, addressing poignant social issues from the female perspective. Jah9 “sings for justice”, directing the conversation toward the leaders, “I speak and I know, words are reserved for the truth, not perfect but aware of the example I set for the youth…. I know from experience, the system is flawed and unfair, so I live outside it, as much as I possibly dare”. In 2016 she released her second album titled 9, an homage to the number nine as the symbol of creation and womb of the universe.

Bonus Set~ Malakai Schindel A multi-dimensional Elfin wind-master, he is known throughout the Pacific Northwest for his exciting rhythmic style on flutes and panpipes and has been delighting audiences around the world for more than twenty years.

7:00~Carolyn Wonderland See Sunday’s Trees Stage headliner description

8:40~Locos Por Juana See Sunday’s Trees Stage headliner description 2017 Summer Arts & Music Festival


Solar Stage, SATURDAY, JUNE 3 10:00~Savannah Rose

7:20~Soul Ska

Humboldt County locals Shelsea Savannah and Lindsay Rose perform heartfelt originals and give a fresh take on Country favorites.

This 9 piece Bay Area collective serves up original and classic Jamaican and UK Ska covers of songs that ushered in the Two-Tone Ska revival movement in 1970’s UK. Combining elements of Ska, Reggae and its predecessor Rocksteady with elements of Punk Rock, the songs reach frenetic energy levels inspiring movement. They feature alumni from a number of esteemed NorCal groups like Vinyl, Les Claypool’s Electric Apricot, Monophonics, Albino! and Stymie & The Pimp Jones Luv Orchestra.

11:05~Mystical Lion This five piece band features singersongwriters Jenifer Breeze and Ras Linga. Since 2016 they have performed original songs with a lovers rock/ roots vibe and devotional lyrics that bring messages of hope and unity over classic Reggae rhythms.

12:20~Farmhouse Odyssey Formed by five college students in a small farmhouse in the fall of 2012 in Arcata, the band has an improvisational writing style inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Songs flow freely between moods and styles influenced by progressive Rock, Psychedelia, Jazz, Funk, and World music, while always retaining the distinct musical personality of the group.

8:50~Motherlode A 10 piece Arcata-based Funk/Jam band comprised of all-star local musicians, they play original music influenced by James Brown, Herbie Hancock, Parliament/ Funkadelic and the more contemporary funk sounds of Galactic. Representing the next generation of The Funk they offer complex arrangements and earthy 1970s style instrumentation that is sure to make you move. Horns and a bumping rhythm section keep the pace in celebration of their latest album All In Good Time- which features collaborations with legendary artists like Fred Wesley, Bill Summers and DJ Logic- all of who occasionally join them in live performance!   


The Summer Arts and Music Festival is broadcast live on your local community radio station KMUD. 91.1 SoHum. 88.1 NoHum, 90.3 Mendo, 99.5 Shelter Cove. Tune in during the event to hear main stage acts, recordings of acts from other stages, artist interviews and more. KMUD is volunteer driven listener supported radio and thanks the North Coast community for their enduring support for nearly 30 years!

All original Mendo Rock, Reggae & Blues from Laytonville. Players Mary, Joe, Dustin, Gary & Ivan have kept the love of music alive by performing together since 2003. Writing all original music, this husband and wife led band is a combination of Joplin-like vocals, strong Rock rhythms, and melodic Blues leads.

3:00~Jenni & David and The Sweet Soul Band This bluesy, funky, soulful band hails from Eureka. Comprised of seasoned players who perform originals and classics with their own distinctive style, a full sound drives the groove with vocals and baritone sax from Jenni Simpson, guitars and vocals from David Childers, Julie Froblom on four types of saxophones and vocals, Justin Hobart Brown on bass guitar and Peter Krueger on drums and vocals.


4:25~Fresh Coast Connection ft. Berel, AC The Coolest, Pete Da Sav Hailing from Humboldt, Mendo, and the Bay Area, the FCC create a sophisticated party experience laced with 90’s beatslap and feel-good lyrics that represent the Hip-Hop sound of the Golden State. This will be the group’s first time performing at Summer Arts, so expect some special guests dropping in and don’t miss the party.

5:50~Marley Project This all star band of musicians from Humboldt County plays the music of Bob Marley and the Wailers and features multiple vocalists from the local Reggae community singing both lead and support throughout their sets including Lorenza and Madi Simmons, Prince Levy, Ju Drum and more. They also feature members from a number of top local groups including Woven Roots, The Dubba Dubs and Vidagua, among others. 10

Mateel Community Center




Solar Stage, SUNDAY, JUNE 4 10:00~Mark Goo

5:50~Diggin Dirt

Jammin’ rhythms and lyrics in a southern Humboldt dab-step style.

Rooted in Humboldt County since 2011, they perform in a style that ranges from Roots Rock Reggae to Afrobeat to heavy Funk- and always with strong elements of gritty Soul. The band forages the earth for the dirtiest of grooves to make you dance and enjoy every bit of life- all of which is impressively showcased on their recent release, Full Season.

11:05~Square Heads Hailing from Nor thern Mendocino, this four piece jazzfusion-rock band made up of young musicians Charles Dilks (keys), Vinnie Gossman (drums), Jayden Losee(bass) & Devin McCafferey (guitar) formed when they met at Laytonville High School.

7:15~Candelaria From the Bay Area come a group that combines Colombian Cumbia rhythms with horns, rockabillystyle guitar and female vocals, mixed in an Electronica/Dub style using real time effects and adding more seasoning with African High Life guitar lines and Indian ragas. Returning again by popular demand, Candelaria have become Summer Arts regulars and always draw a strong crowd for their lively cross-cultural performances.

12:20~SoHum Girls Combining Funk, Jazz, Rock, Country, Blues with a touch of New Orleans second line, this group is putting the final touches on their 4th album. Featuring Richard Barnick on bass and vocals, Brigette Brannan on vocals and percussion, Tina Garsen on sax and clarinet, Chris Manspeaker on guitar, Marcia Mendels on keys and vocals, and Bill Moehnke on drums and vocals.

8:50~Stymie & The Pimp Jones Luv Orchestra From the Bay Area come an elevenpiece funk ensemble founded in 1996 by Sean “Stymie” Sharp. The band has a reputation for bringing an eclectic performance style and was voted “Best Funk Band” by San Francisco Weekly. Performing original material, they have been headlining shows, releasing recorded works and keeping the party going with a variety of veteran musicians and new blood for over two decades. No stranger to Summer Arts audiences- they will serve up an appropriately funky menu to close out our 2017 Solar Stage offerings.

1:40~Ghost Train Based in Humboldt County, this band plays an eclectic mix of R&B, Funk and Soul with a hint of Rock n’ Roll and features a full band sound with soulful vocals. Members include Sam KaplanGood on drums, Jamie Carroll on vocals, William Mitchell on bass, Sly Holladay on keyboard, Leah Mahan on support vocals, and both Zachary​ ​ Zwerdling and Jimmy Foot on guitar.

3:00~The Non Prophets Humboldt ’s homegrown purveyors of progressive rock and roll are back. They’ll be debuting songs from their newly released album, Sudden Saints and cranking-up some jam classics. Special guest, Francine Allen will be joining Cynthia Martells on vocals. The feeling is real, the delivery is hot and the music is all their own.

4:25~Asha Nan Asha Nan delivers a soulful blend of Brazilian, African, Reggae, Funk, and Hiphop grooves. Their original music supports positive lyrics of peace, unity, and spiritual transformation. A multigenerational group of musicians from diverse backgrounds come together to create a communal musical experience celebrating love.

LEAVE NOTHING BEHIND~ Please use the recycling bins throughout the grounds. 2017 Summer Arts & Music Festival


Lawn Stage, SATURDAY, JUNE 3 10:00~Bret Harte Breakers

4:25~Kindred Spirits

A Folk/Rock/Bluegrass outfit playing smokin’ original tunes along with some tricked out covers. Humboldt county crowds have been shaking and grooving to them for years.

An acoustic roots band founded in the Fieldbrook area of Humboldt County in 2008. Old-timey vocals and improvisational instrumentals draw from the vintage styles of Lead Belly, Bill Monroe, Johnny Cash and the Grateful Dead. Original compositions are flavored on occasion with reggae rhythms as well as a wide scope of tempos, from Bluegrass, to ballads and to jamming Rock grooves that encourage our kindred connection through music.

11:00~Off The Chart Well-regarded for their Latin Jazz standards and original compositions, this group transforms to a Gypsy caravan for Summer Arts Festival. Dance to their Gypsy infused Jazz sounds.    

12:20~The Gatehouse Well A progressive folk trio of Dominic Romano, Evan Morden, and Michael Dayvid performing mixtures of catchy originals, classic foot-stompers, and traditional fiddle tunes. They bring a fun, energetic experience while maintaining the authenticity that is the essence of the Folk genre.

1:40~Garberville Town Band From the heart of Humboldt, this band features many top local horn players and percussionists, they bring Latin, Funk, World music styles sharing their instrumental talents as individuals taking solos during their sets and playing off of each other.

3:10~JD Jeffries Band

A band led by JD Jeffries, a musician who has been playing in the NorCal area for over 40 years, this singer-songwriter performs on guitar, singing songs from an extensive repertoire of Rock, Blues, Country, Bluegrass and Motown. On lead guitar, mandolin and vocals is  Devin Paine; on bass guitar, keyboards and vocals is Teri Lockhart; and Scott Hill is on drums.  

5:50~Chubritza This Arcata-based group performs Balkan, Eastern European and international folk music played on instruments like accordion, flute, mandolin, dumbek drums and tambura, a traditional stringed instrument. They have been together since 1993 delighting local audiences with their authentic cultural presentations.

7:15~Pura Vida Playing Afro-Caribbean rhythms like Cuban Son, Cumbia, Merengue for a spicy Salsa picante to get you dancing. Add to the mix, Flamenco and Samba with a little bit of funk and they bring pure life (the translation of Spanish pura vida) to the party.

8:50~Goodshield Aguilar with Angus of BROTHER Multi-instrumentalist of Lakota and Yaqui heritage Goodshield Aguilar has traveled the world sharing his culture, stories and original “Indigenous Soul” music. He uses his art to be a voice for the voiceless, like the buffalo in Yellowstone and the many struggles of indigenous people and their environments all over Turtle Island (America). Goodshield is joined at SAMF by Angus Richardson, a founding member of the band BROTHER, renowned for hypnotic tribal rhythms, insightful lyrics and the sound of bagpipes. Goodshield and Angus have recently come together to form this exciting new project/sound.

Supporting green initiatives with the Mateel Community Center


Mateel Community Center

Lawn Stage, SATURDAY, JUNE 4 3:10~EZ Money

10:00~Mihael Kavanaugh

A Southern Humboldt based band comprised of Tom Lasbury, Jeanne York, Randy Clark, Brad Jenkins and Richard Barnick- they are always fun to sing, dance and groove to. Check them out and you’ll find yourself saying things like, “Hey, I’ve heard that song before!”

Playing acoustic finger-picked guitar, blended with inspirational vocals and accents of solo flute, this artist first played SAMF over thirty years ago.

11:00~Humboldt Capoeira

4:35~Band O Loko

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial arts practice that combines movement, music and acrobatics. Humboldt Capoeira Academy is dedicated to sharing cultural awareness and offers classes for all ages and levels. Directed by Mestre Canguru, who first began his studies in 1978 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he has since traveled the globe presenting workshops. The presentation will feature master practitioners alongside a mix of other skill levels.

Performing traditional surf rock as a power trio of drums, guitar and keys, they released their first album Tunnel Of Fun in 2016. With nice hooks, phrasing and meaningful lyricsenjoy the ride...  

6:00~Scary Little Friends The rock brainchild of trio Chris Jones (vocals, guitar), Charlie Knote (drums) and Jon Payne (bass), after a few years of performing around the Bay Area they have refined their blend of originals with lilting power vocals, surfs-up guitar, and classic rock rhythms. With a little bit of swagger from the 70’s, some sway from the 80’s and lots of sweat from the 90’s delivered with an honest, unapologetic pop sensibility that is both disarming and refreshing.

12:20~The Real Sarahs This female vocal trio sing Blues, Folk and Country harmonies. The songwriting draws from the stories of their own life journeys/ experiences, and their latest album Afternoon With the Dirty Birds was released in May.  

7:25~Hera Has A Heart A dynamic power trio, their music is created with the intention to encourage the power of love to overcome the love of power. This year the trio is releasing their first concept album, The Mirror and will be performing songs from the album at SAMF.

1:45~Planet 4 Vocalist Beth Wells sings lead, Andy Barnett is on keys and trumpet, Peter Weissman is on bass, and Orlando Morales on percussion. Stellar interpretations of Jazz standards and a presentation of funky originals are what’s in store.

8:50~The Sturgeons

Lost & Found

at the Mateel Information Booth

• No Sulfites Added • Vegan Friendly • Gluten Free


Based in Arcata, this is a punk rock, surf thrash band that formed in 2015. Prolific recording artists and performers, they released Live on Local Lixx earlier in 2017, and both Uh Oh! It’s... and ‘Neath the Demon’s Wings in 2016.

rey ineyards since 1980

organic & biodynamic® wine

Visit Our Tasting Room In Beautiful Redwood Valley! Open weekdays 11:00am - 4:30pm, weekends by appointment

800.760.3739 • • 14000 Tomki Rd, Redwood Valley 2017 Summer Arts & Music Festival


The Humboldt Sun Growers Guild is a growing network of Humboldt County farmers that have joined together to oer support and resources for the local cannabis farming community. We have teamed up with many local business to oer deep discounts for our members. Reduce your overhead without cutting corners. See how we can help you save today. Call 707-444-TRUE to set up an appointment.

Old Growth graphics


Mateel Community Center

2017 Summer Arts & Music Festival


Youth Stage, SATURDAY, JUNE 3 & SUNDAY, JUNE 4 10:00~Circus Nature Nani Nature and A.O’Kay Clown invite you to join Circus Nature in “Save the Earth-Pass It On” Performance and Circus Game. They will show how we can join together to create a better future for all of us. Led by Denise and Bede Steenblock-Smith, Circus Nature returns to the festival for their 21st year of innovative performance and play.  

11:00~Mickey The Clown

3:05~Circus Luminescence Prepare to embark on a vaudeville vision quest for the ages in the Odd.I.See of Clubman! Follow a cartoon like prophet on a journey through a universe of infinite imagination that pits him against his dreaded foe, the Frown Queen. Combining their knee-slapping comedic wit, award winning technical skill, and state-ofthe-art-technology this circus ensemble from Portland, OR creates a whirlwind adventure filled with incredible prop manipulation, feats of danger, and uproarious laughter.

See In The Kid Zone description

4:10~ClownSnotBombs 12:00~Ty and Hawk This young Native American comedy duo use comedic skills and role play to delight audiences. These multitalented performers also write funny songs, sometimes use puppets in their act, and have their own YouTube comedy channel. Returning to SAMF 2017, they present a hilarious variety show format during their set.

1:00~Kinetic Paranormal Society A pair of socks travel in a magical wardrobe through time and space to investigate all things supernatural. Bartleby and Artemus find themselves foiling evil plans, while nearly destroying the world themselves. Live music backs this performance of puppets, comedy, magic, and suspense.

2:25~SPARC Program (Saturday only) The Mateel Community Center youth orchestra, SPARC (Spring Arts Collective), is a multi-generational orchestra blending students and experienced musicians to perform as a polyrhythmic ensemble and experiment with improvisation. Instrumentation includes marimbas built by local artist Bryce Grey, plus bass, soprano to tenor recorders, and voice.

2:25~Whale Gulch School Music Program (Sunday only) The Whale Gulch School Music Program has been evolving over the last 6 years and the middle and high school students are prepared to showcase their talents. Students were asked to choose songs that reflect the times and they will be performing a mix of original songs and cover tunes with a variety of instrumentation.

FIRST AID Near the Trees Stage 16

Mateel Community Center

Based in Berkeley, this nonprofit physical comedy performance company is composed of multi-talented artists, circus performers, and musicians. They captivate audiences with their humor while teaching youth programs and hosting a free weekly circus skill-share. The company has appeared in an exciting performance-based television show called Fake Off on TruTV, and released an album, Goldtooth.

5:20~Circus Emporium Roadshow Step right up to see these most dangerous and breathtaking acts! This is an authentic Roadshow, a 10-in-1 sideshow experience, straight from Coney Island, New York. You may see the Human Blockhead, the Pain-Proof Girl, the Elastic Man, and a parade of human anomalies. Seeing is believing, and you will never see anything like this as long as you shall live.

In The Kid Zone, SATURDAY, JUNE 3 & SUNDAY, JUNE 4 SATURDAY & SUNDAY Children must be accompanied by an adult to participate in the following activities

11am-6pm~Circus Nature Presents The Three Rings Of Play 11am-6pm Join in the fun with Circus Natures under the RainbowStar Circus Pavilion to embark on circus adventures in The Three Rings of Play. Led by Denise and Bede SteenblockSmith, Circus Nature returns to the festival for their 20th year of innovative performance and play!

Every kid’s favorite attraction, the Bouncy House is offered free of charge all weekend in a supervised environment. Defy gravity and come take a romp.

Make Believe Theater - Skits and Puppets with Wizardly Storytelling. Plus bubble magic and animal balloons Circus Skills Extravaganza - Show off your Circus Skills with hoops, balls, juggling pins, pogo sticks and stilts, jump rope, hopscotch, and more

Ring 3: Peaceful Pandemonium

- Enjoy active play in a Kind and Rowdy way, such as tug of peace, parachute chase, springboards and tumbling mat acrobatics. * And be sure to meet under the RainbowStar Circus Pavilion at 6:00pm each day to get your props and join in the Celebration of Life Parade!

The earth is our Art Studio and in the Family Arts Tent we utilize natural local art supplies as well as recycled and reusable items to create magic and beauty. We encourage families to work together to create something lasting so your child remembers the Summer Arts Festival all year long. Supplies are constantly rotating, so you can come back to the tent throughout the weekend and always find something new to get your creative juices flowing.

Bouncy House: 10am-7pm

Ring 1:

Ring 2:

Family Arts Activities Tent: 10am-6pm

Circus Emporium Odditorium

Circus Nature Presents A. O’kay Clown & NaniNature

Juggling Jesters & Wizards of Play

Performances for all ages. Magical adventures with circus games and toys

Festivals, Events & Parties (707) 499-5628

The Circus Emporium is Arcata’s premier amusement institution and museum of oddities, curiosities and other circus memorabilia. The Circus Emporium is dedicated to preserving the Americana folk art tradition of Circus Sideshow. This is a rare opportunity to see a display of the odd and the unusual. You may see a jakalope, you may see P.T. Barnum’s original Fiji Mermaid, you may see mutant piglet preserved in formaldehyde… you never know what could appear at the Circus Emporium Odditorium!

Mickey The Clown Mickey is America’s premier musical clown and with his bamboo kazoo, one of a kind voice, and original songs, he makes an instant fan of everyone. Having worked with some of the most respected names in international circus, his skills have led to appearances on Circus Of The Stars, Romper Room, and Bozo- and his engaging shows deliver a message highlighting self-respect, environmental awareness, and just plain growing up. Look for him as a roving performer throughout the Kid Zone and don’t miss his performance on the Youth Stage each day.

Captain Bubbles Captain Bubbles is back with his bubble magic, where we bring smiles, excitement, and a lot of fun, fun, fun! Try and hit the giant balloon falling from the sky, or relax and enjoy the ancient sounds of vibration to sooth the mind body and soul with crystal and Tibetan singing bowls.

Da Grand Pooba Performing random ambience throughout the festival and as the Solar Stage emcee, Da Grand Pooba is a storyteller, clown, and master of ceremonies, all rolled into one audacious package. Through laughter, original costuming, and puppetry, his jovial presence brings out the kid in all of us.

Parades Spontaneous parades led by a variety of theatrical and musical characters will depart at random from the kid zone all weekend. Keep an eye out and join in the fun as we march around the festival. And be sure to meet us under the RainbowStar Circus Pavilion at 6pm to grab a prop and embark on the daily Celebration of Life Parade!

Vending Booths A wide variety of vendors offer activities, costumes, fun, and foods especially for kids.

Round Calendar Kids Area

811 I St. Arcata • 25 4th St. Eureka

Though not technically in the Kid Zone, the Round Calendar area at the far south end of the festival will offer an opportunity for kids to paint rocks, make fabric sun disks, learn about the seasons, and dance their way around a giant Round Calendar.

2017 Summer Arts & Music Festival


Vendor Spotlight

A favorite feature of the Summer Arts and Music Festival since the beginning, you’ll enjoy more than 150 handmade craft, food, and non-profit information booths lining the fairway. Below is just a random sampling of the creative offerings that await, so be sure to check out the festival map for a complete listing. ALKAHEST MOCCASINS & LEATHER CRAFTS~95 Hailing from the m o u nt a i ns of Southern Oregon, we are a homespun outfit specializing in custom-made leather moccasins, hip & shoulder bags, journals, wristwear, and other accessories. Our aim is to produce the finest, most eye-catching, enduring, healthful and personalized leather products on the market.  Come on by!



Endless Jewelry Arcata, where edgy fashion meets fine jewelry. One of a kind adornment fabricated in Humboldt County with quality metals and hand selected semi precious stones. Each piece is made with distinctive craft(wo)manship designed to meet the desires of every woman for every occasion. The bold statement pieces are created with the intention of empowering us to live freely and love wildly.


Locally sourced delicious Indian cuisine.Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free curry choices as well as chicken and lamb curry,basmati rice bowls,nan wrap burrito style, samosa slider, mango lassi, chai tea. On site baked Tandoori nan bread. Come taste our delights!



Spencer Reynolds has two lifelong passions: the ocean and art. As a canvas he uses reclaimed woods, often scavenged from local beaches. Spencer finds the roughness of this natural material lends itself perfectly to the raw ocean elements he works to capture; whereas oils allow a freedom to capture the depth and diversity of color. He features originals, prints, hats and other merchandise in his booth.


Over the past seven years FATBÖL has been creating a lifestyle brand that represents a collective artistic voice of Humboldt County, California. FATBÖL is taking the clothing industry to the next level by representing interdisciplinary living and genre defying style. The Music, Art, Clothing, and Culture that FATBÖL represents is all about a New Revolution of thinking, and as we know, Every Generation Needs a New Revolution. Hustle With Integrity.

Larissa Robyn Artisan Jewelry creates one of a kind pieces utilizing mainly sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Growing up on the Mendocino coast. Her stamping techniques and hammered textures create a truly unique style. After 10 years of jewelry design, she is excited to share her craft with the community. Inspired by nature, and brought to you with love.



Bohemian Tattoo is owned and operated by Galen Luker who has been an artist his whole life and has been doing so professionally since 2009. All tattoos and paintings are original and custom to fit each client. Capable of all styles of art, specialties include art nouveau, asian styled, animals,  skulls,  portraits,  floral,  color and black and grey.


The Flaming Pearl features eclectic and hand-fabricated modern jewelry from the Pacific Northwest. The work is mainly created from sterling silver or fine silver with semi-precious stones.  Pamela also creates pieces combining different metals such as bronze and copper with sterling silver.   She has also been known to combine colorful translucent polymer in her work.  Come have a look!

A native Californian artist and plant nerd, Malpais Alchemy seeks to tell stories through silk screened illustrations and to beautifully adorn with hand crafted leather work depicting flora and fauna from this bio-region and others throughout the world. I am now offering sustainably harvested and wild crafted hydrosols, intentional scents and salves to soothe, brighten, and uplift the spirit.


HUMBLE HAMMOCKS~42 From the sounds of surf to the gentle misty breezes blowing through the mighty redwoods. Kick back, relax your soul and humble your being, in our family made high quality handwoven hammocks and swings.

Dreamy Adornments ~ Art created by Southern Humboldt locals, Liana English and Johanna Markham Miray. Original art by both artists, along with prints on metal, canvas, and clothing. Jewelry, along with altered pieces and dolls, were all made with sacred intention, and a passion for the Goddess in her vibrant form of creativity. 18

Mateel Community Center

Martha Giotes turned her love for painting into functional and fun ceramic art. The process includes wheel thrown or sculpted and carved ceramics that are glaze painted and kiln fired. Items include mugs, bowls, jewelry, dispensers, soap dishes, wall art, doorbells, and more. Creative options are endless and the variety of merchandise makes sure there’s something for everyone.

Vendor Spotlight PEACE POPS~ROVING

Peace pops are made by hand with all natural and organic ingredients. We are a family owned and operated business. We use fresh whole fruit and sweeten with agave syrup! This is our 5th summer season selling peace pops at california music festivals !! Come find us and give our pops a try!



A sustainable environment company, locally owned since 1995. Offering consulting, rural property, and grow site development, building light dep, full term, retrofit, and custom greenhouses–in addition to the EcoNeem product line.


Sistah’s Vegan has built a reputation on offering the most delicious, nutritious, organic, gluten-free, vegan products for retail and wholesale customers. We offer a variety of international cuisine from Thai to Italian to African and Caribbean. We are known as the vegan food booth from around the world.



Pineapple Express Hawaiian Plate Lunch serves authentic local food-a mix of Hawaiian, Japanese, and Portuguese to name a few. Come try one of our more traditional dishes, such as the Shoyu Chicken, or take a leap with a modern spin on the classics, like our Kalua Pig Sliders. E komo mai (come on in), we’ll be waiting!


While building my first canoe, the need to propel it become apparent and a plastic paddle would not do. This was when I first turned a piece of Western Red Cedar into a form dating back centuries. The paddle form finds it’s way into serving boards and decorative sculptured hangings and Mash paddles for brewers while the ‘scraps’ transform into Culinary Utensils fulfilling my no-waste philosophy.

SACRED EMPIRE~71 Planned Parenthood Northern California will be a “roving vendor,” offering safer sex kits, male and female condoms, lube, and dental dams. Health Educators will answer reproductive/sexual health questions. and ageappropriate information & supplies. PPNC champions healthy communities and increases access to quality health care, information and reproductive freedom by providing medical services, education and advocacy.


Quinn Sharp Jewelry Designs is a collection inspired by the ocean and elements of nature. It has a beachySacred Empire specializes in Humboldt made fashions that are designed, cut and sewn by Lindsay Koupal, out of sustainable fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton, and bamboo. Don’t miss our one of a kind pieces that were made exclusively for the Summer Arts Fair booth.  Items sell out fast so find us early!  

Jade is found all over the world. Many of our pieces feature the unique patterns found in Northern California material. We offer sculpture, jewelry and many functional pieces such as belt buckles, hair sticks, snuff bottles and buttons. Jade Artists Jim Kelly and Marina Shoupe are thrilled to be at MSAF this year. Please come by our booth

STICKS-N’ STONES~67 These unique wall sculptures are based on the ancient Japanese art form of Ikebana. Its principles of balance and harmony help guide the viewer on an introspective journey through life in the natural universe. Crafted from local materials selected for their individual character, these pieces are creative, fun, and will keep you smiling on your own personal journey.  Enjoy!


SHANNA TRUMBLY~118 boho feel, with a modern bohemian edge. Fun, trendy, and high quality designs for free spirits and gypsy souls who love to adventure.


Powerful and beautiful energy from the Earth in the form of handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry. A variety of necklaces, from feminine to masculine, and something for the young ones too.  Each stone has a vibration, and offers the wearer qualities that can benefit and enhance their lives.  Please come by and learn more about the gifts and abundance from the Earth.

Inspired by all of the resources that go to waste in our farming community, I’ve created limited edition insulated cooler bags out of soil bags to be used for shopping, the river, and keeping your snacks cool while you work in your gardens this summer.  I’ve also created recycled t-shirt fashions and organic screenprinted t-shirts with nature-inspired designs. Each of my paintings begin to form from a place of childlike wonder.   Where imagination is free to dance, to weave together stories of nostalgia with the luminous spark of the yet untold future.  Come by my booth so I can share the magic with you!

See page 4 for a map and listings for over 150 other vendors!

2017 Summer Arts & Music Festival 19

Focus On Fine Art

All-Media Fine Arts Tent

SPARC Exhibition

The All-Media Fine Arts Tent will showcase dozens of exquisite paintings, drawings, sculpture, functional pieces, photographs, and mixed-media artwork by many of our region’s top artists. Most pieces are for sale with proceeds supporting both the artist and MCC.

The Fine Arts Tent will also highlight an exhibition of mixed media works by youth artists created in conjunction with the Mateel Community Center’s 2017 edition of the Spring Arts Collective Program (SPARC)- including pieces from an ongoing “lady liberty” series.

Poster Retrospective After a very special debut in 2016 for our 40th anniversary, the Fine Arts Tent will again feature The Art of Summer Arts- 40+ Years of Festival Posters- a poster retrospective that will highlight posters and original art from four decades of festival history- with designs by many esteemed local artists.

Family Arts In The Kid Zone In the Family Arts Tent we utilize all kinds of natural, local and found, up-cycled and recycled art supplies. Everyone is welcome to come create as we stretch our imaginations and bring home lasting memories in Art. Jump into the wild world of creative bliss and make festival magic while taking a little break under our cozy canopy.

Performance Painting Drawing inspiration from the music on our various stages, look for improvisational performance painting by a variety of local and regional fine artists throughout the festival both days.

Servicing North Coast Homeowners, Contractors & Gardeners for over 50 years


Mateel Community Center

Fairway After Dark


Take a stroll down the fairway at night for an exciting Summer Arts experience. In addition to evening musical sets on the Trees, Solar, and Lawn Stages, a variety of engaging performers and performances will also emerge after dark throughout the festival. Check out the following performances or just expect the unexpected!

7:00~8:00: Mr.415 Making his debut festival performance at Northern Nights 2015, Mr.415 always aims for musical diversity in his sets, touching on Moombahton, Hip-Hop, Trap, Glitch, and Techno, but always with House music at his core. Above all, Mr.415 enjoys the live environment, so be sure to catch him in every event where music might find a place, from house parties to weddings, campus events, radio, clubs, and silent discos. When not spending hours developing custom MIDI mappings or honing his live production setup, Mr.415 is almost always searching for new tunes to play, and new ways to play them.

SUMMERTRONICA E-Music Tent (Located next to the Andean Music Area) 7-10 pm Saturday & Sunday

SUMMERTRONICA is back at Summer Arts 2017. A space dedicated exclusively to dance music and featuring some of the top DJs from our community. Come and dance freely to the best house and electronic music!



7:00-8:00: The Middle Agent

7:00-8:00: Mr. 415

8:00~9:00: DJ Knutz

8:00-9:00: DJ M

8:00-9:00: Knutz

9:00-10:00: Marjo Lak

9:00-10:00: ZeroHouR

Kyle Stasse (aka DJ Knutz) started crate digging in 1999 east of Los Angeles, and soon thereafter began to DJ live events as an outlet to share his new tunes. Since moving to Arcata in 2004, he has relentlessly played hundreds of events, parties, and festivals, and held residencies at yoga centers and bars alike. Moving seamlessly from one genre to the next, Knutz is happy mixing classics we muse over with obscure beats n’ pieces. Although funkiness is often a key ingredient, sets are usually improvised for the moment, embracing and uplifting the collective energy of the people there.

SATURDAY, JUNE 3 7:00~8:00: The Middle Agent For the last 17 years the western seaboard has been privileged to experience the musical talents of The Middle Agent. TMA executes sounds of genres that normally don’t play well with others and makes them carry each other’s signatures like they were signing a pre-nup. Whether it be House, Techno, Breaks or any sub-genre within, there’s a prescient quality about TMA that allows him to do all this and tailor his sets toward what he reads in the crowd for any given event. As co-founder of the well-revered Deep Groove Society, a music collective who has become a major asset to the ever-expanding electronic music scene of Northern California, The Middle Agent (a.k.a. Loren Meltzer) continues to provide upper echelon professionalism to his craft.

9:00~10:00: ZerohouR ZerohouR, the time when it’s about to go down! Keeping it fresh with nothing but the best. Dropping Break Beats, House, Trap and Hip-Hop.

Nighttime On The Youth Stage: Circus Luminescence Saturday night only~9pm

8:00~9:00 PM: DJ M

Circus Luminescence presents a vaudeville vision quest for the ages. Combining kneeslapping comedic wit, award-winning technical skill, and state-of-the-art-technology to create a whirlwind adventure filled with incredible prop manipulation, illuminated juggling, and feats of danger!

Influenced by Hip Hop, Breaks, Funk and House music, DJ M is a popular name around the dance music scene in Humboldt. The 2011 Redbull threestyle DJ Champion is known for his turntable skills, with precise mixing and an amazing variety of tunes that will keep you dancing all night long.

9:00~10:00: Marjo Lak Originally from Brazil, DJ Marjo Lak is a CA resident for the last 10 years and can often be spotted spreading her buttery beats on dance floors throughout Humboldt County. For the past 6 years, she has become known in the Humboldt dance music scene for her creative and strong sets, frequently playing with local favorites as well as headlining electronic music events. Marjo Lak’s passion is the slippery sounds of buttery bass lines that inspire entire dance floors; a musical force that whips bodies into rhythmic movements. Her eclectic soundscapes range from Tech-house, Electro Swing, Brazilian Pop, World, Soul, Funk, Dub to Disco to make the dance floor sizzle.



325 Shelter Cove Rd. Ste 1, P.O. Box 216 Whitethorn, California 95589 707-986-7288 fax: 707-986-9798

so’hum law center of richard jay moller criminal Defense & appeals telephone: 707-923-9199 email: 2017 Summer Arts & Music Festival


Other Attractions

See the festival map for locations of the following attractions

BELLY DANCE TEMPLE Saturday, June 3rd

Sunday, June 4th

12:00 Sassafras Belly Dance Co. 1:00 Rockin’ Rubies 2:00 Joweh 3:00 Tribal Oasis Belly Dance 4:00 Moonstone 5:00 Lakshmi’s Daughters & The Gypsy Theater

1:00 Moonstone 2:00 Joweh 3:00 Special Guest Artists (Isa, Eva & Alexandra) 4:00 Rockin’ Rubies 5:00 Lakshmi’s Daughters & The Gypsy Theater

Lakshmi’s Daughters & The Gypsy Theater Once again, these festival favorites will tantalize us with the magical energy of live music, sensuous dances of the Orient, and uplifting songs from around the world. Their offerings celebrate life, the Goddess, and the sacred in all things.

Joweh With a strong foundation in the Egyptian and American cabaret styles, Joweh have grown and evolved creatively since 1996. Study of the various folkloric forms of Middle Eastern Dance has included Moroccan, Saudi, and Tunisian. Several troupe members have backgrounds in modern and jazz dance, which lends a lyrical, highly expressive element to choreographies. Joweh has embraced fusion of Middle Eastern Dance with other dance styles, including flamenco, classical Indian dance, and hip-hop.

Tribal Oasis Belly Dance

Catch some shimmies with Tribal Oasis Belly Dance! Their shining swords and swirling skirts draw from the traditions of the Silk Road’s nomadic tribes, where dance is a vibrant celebration of life. Directed by Megz Madrone, Tribal Oasis’ middle-eastern dance performances are improvised in the moment, grounded in our connection to the music, the earth, and the tribe.

Sassafras Belly Dance Co.

The Generation Green Dome Located at the far south end of the festival, the Generation Green Dome is the place where we celebrate all things “green.” Brought to you by Greenwired, the Dome will feature the latest in alternative energy products and information. A list of the confirmed displays, activities, and participants include: • Greenwired- off grid power system, solar cooling and water pumping • Electric vehicles • Wild Child Forest School • Grow It Right Aquaponics- on site aquaponics display • Sol Man/ Sol Solutions- solar gadgets and LED lights • Mother Earth Engineering/ Consultants • Humboldt Green- keeping Humboldt Green!

Huayllipacha’s Andean Music Area All afternoon both days Huayllipacha (Why-Lee-Pacha) was conceived in 1987 by several Peruvian youths from the Andes mountains. As a tribute to their culture and with respect for their ancestors, they named their group in the ancient tongue of Inca-Quechua. Meaning “Singing to the Earth,” it is in this spirit that their music is offered. Over the years, they’ve expanded their style to include traditional and contemporary music of the Andes, as well as flavors from other regions in South America and beyond- including pop hits. Truly a cultural treasure- one listen to Huayllipacha will sweep you away to the Peruvian highlands.

Hearth’s World Music Jam Tent Random jams and performance all weekend A world beat gathering place where you can bring your own drums or try various shared instruments provided by the Hearth Ensemble. Facilitated by expert players, come to jam, to listen, or just to try something new. All ages and abilities are welcome and dancers are especially encouraged. Please be respectful of the instruments and your fellow musicians when joining in the fun.

Sassafras Belly Dance Company has been stealing the attention of audiences in Humboldt County for the past 4 years. Sword balancing, veil spinning, cymbal clapping and booty shaking, the ladies of Sassafras intoxicate spectators with alluring presentation and sultry sass. Directed by Laura Ayllón and based out of Eureka, these dancers offer a fun variety show you won’t want to miss!

Rockin’ Rubies The SoHum dancers of Rockin’ Rubies Belly Dance are inspired by the beautiful and soulful sounds of Middle Eastern music. Together since 2009, the Rubies draw on styles and traditions from Morocco to Persia for their fun, upbeat dances.

Moonstone Moonstone is a Tribal Fusion Belly Dance duo from Ukiah, CA. Sonja Shattuck and Jenny Yearwood mix Middle Eastern Dance with flavors from the west. They have been friends for over 20 years and Belly-Dancing together since 2007.

Special Guest Artists: Isa, Eva & Alexandra will delight with their solo dance pieces. Isadora Sharo is trained in multiple styles and enjoys expressing her creativity in various art forms; Eva Brena has studied and performs various styles including modern, ballet, jazz, and hip hop; and Alexandra Stock is recently back from Egypt and an avid student of Middle Eastern dance. 22

Mateel Community Center

Summer Arts 2017 Round Calendar

Located at the southern end of the festival by Generation Green The Summer Arts 2017 Round Calendar is a giant calendar formed of painted river rocks. The Solstices: North and South & Equinoxes: East and West will be highlighted, giving the viewers a visual representation of the four seasons. People are invited to walk the Round and give thanks. There will be a table for children to engage in various arts and crafts activities.

2017 Summer Arts & Music Festival


Reggae On The River Celebrates Year #33~August 3-6 On the weekend of August 3-6, Mateel Community Center will present the 33rd annual Reggae On The River. Located approximately 10 miles south Garberville- at French’s Camp- the event is one of the world’s most iconic celebrations of Reggae music and fans from around the globe make the pilgrimage each year.


t Ti a e r G eA

av H d n A

The 2017 artist lineup draws from the wellspring of Reggae’s greatest songwriters, singers and musicians, offering something for every Reggae lover. Artists who shaped the music since its origins in Jamaica, those that make rare US appearances, and groups that are part of the expansive global Reggae family are all part of this year’s roster. Headliners include Assassin aka Agent Sasco, an artist who has continued in the path of the firestorm of Jamaican dancehall and whose lyrical bars are found in Hip Hop collaborations with artists Kendrick Lamar & Kanye West. Sly & Robbie have performed and recorded as a drum and bass duo on thousands of tracks. They are part of a showcase with Bob Marley’s I-Threes harmony singers Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt who along with next generation artist Cherine Anderson will perform some of the classics along with songs from their solo catalogues. West Coast style Reggae artists Slightly Stoopid come to the ROTR stage with an all-star set of musicians and full horn section. They formulated their sound by learning from Jamaican Reggae’s greatest mentors and blending this with their own Cali Rock vibe. Kabaka Pyramid performs two sets during ROTR 2017, one with DJ/producer Walshy Fire from Major Lazer as part of their ACCURATE MIXTAPE collaboration to close day one and a set with his band The Bebble Rockers, mixing Jamaican rhythms with Hip Hop and the artist’s conscious, sharply delivered messages. There are two artists that originate from the foundation of Jamaican Reggae, the first is Ken Boothe, who started out singing Rocksteady in the 1960’s reaching the top of the Jamaican and British charts and Winston “Flames” Jarrett was part of harmony trio The Flames, chanting over one drop-rhythms. Three Reggae artists on the lineup descend from Reggae royalty that have passed on; Nkulee Dube from South Africa is the daughter of Lucky Dube and she makes her third ROTR appearance; Culture featuring Kenyatta Hill continues the legacy of Joseph Hill the lead singer’s late father along with original founding member Albert Walker and longtime harmony singer Telford Nelson; and Marla Brown the daughter of the “Crown Prince of Reggae” Dennis Brown comes from the UK. The lineup also includes Reggae from around the world in its hybrid forms including Ojo de Buey from Costa Rica who mix Reggae with Salsa, Rock and Electronica. From Brazil come Sensimilla Dub who sing in Portuguese and play “heavy Reggae” influenced by deep roots and acid Rock. World music artists Ibibio Sound Machine mix West African Funk & Disco with Post-Punk, Electronica and evocative Nigerian poetic imagery for a hip sound that is sweeping the globe. And these acts only scratch the surface of the incredible talent set to grace the stage this year- including J Boog, Junior Kelly, Stick Figure, Lutan Fyah, Dezarie, and so many more. Reggae on the River will also host more than 60 craft/ non-profit booths, a wide choice of food options, a lively KidLandia, and the camping, community and irie vibes that make “Reggae” famous. 3 and 4-day passes are available at local/regional ticket outlets, a list of which can be found at, where you can also purchase tickets online. Available in a limited amount is the Ambassador Pass with the ultimate in perks and access- including the best camping on site, the Ambassador’s Lounge, deluxe restrooms and access to the side stage viewing deck. RV space is on sale now too. And, for some extra comfort while tent camping, make a reservation in the Premier Campground, which offers grassy, mixed shade camping adjacent to the concert bowl. Call 707 923-3368 for more info. 24

Mateel Community Center

Proud sponsor of

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Residential Commercial Industrial


2017 Summer Arts & Music Festival


Mateel Programs Mateel Programs Benefit The Entire Community Throughout the year Mateel sponsors arts and social programs for children, youth and adults. We welcome proposals for new programs as well. Here is a sampling of the programs offered by the MCC.

Mateel Aikido Sensei Russell Wisby provides low cost training for children

and adults in the Japanese martial art of Aikido. Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm to 6pm throughout the school year. For more info or to sign up, contact Russell Wisby at 986-7054

Missoula Children’s Theatre MCT sends an actor/directors team of

two, along with scenery, costumes, props, make-up, and basic lighting- everything it takes to put on a full-scale, musical theatre production. Up to 60 southern Humboldt kids from kindergarten through 12th grade, are chosen through an open audition- to be held on Monday, September 11th this year. The kids then learn lines, songs and choreography, and rehearse for a public performance that will be on Saturday, September 16th.

Recycled Youth This theatre program

San Francisco Mime Troupe

Every summer the Mateel sponsors a performance of Tony award-winning San Francisco Mime Troupe that performs hilarious satirical plays about current political issues. The title of their 2017 show is yet to be announced, but its guaranteed to be another great show and will be happening one night only on Saturday, July 15.

Random People Theatre Project This experiential program, provides

a stage for Humboldt residents who wish to write, act and/or direct their own skits. The result is a mix of theatrical vignettes that range from comedy to drama, all set within a common venue. The plays are performed each spring at the Redwood Playhouse in Garberville.

for teens starts in September and is under the direction of local theatre professional, Joani Rose. The teens use comedy, physical theatre and music to explore and express their questions and views of the world and their lives. The result is a series of vibrant skits that are highly entertaining, comedic at times, moving and always thought-provoking. 2017 performances will be held on November 30 and December 1-3.

Mateel Community Lunch - is a CalFresh-supported Lunch Program

Spring Arts Collective - SPARC is an 8-week, after-school arts and

teen-driven organization sponsored/ funded by MCC that provides opportunities for local youth to build relationships with peers and adult role models through activities in the arts, outdoor adventures and community service. Activities are generally free and transportation is provided. For a current schedule of events or more information, email or visit / www.

music program for youth, ages 10 to 17. It is run by local accomplished artists and musicians who act as teacher/mentors to students interested in exploring arts and music. The classes culminate in an exhibit of the students’ art and a performance of their music as part of the Artists of the Emerald Coast Art Show and Wine-tasting that happens in April at the Mateel.

Food Preservation Classes This program is a collaborative effort of the CalFresh program and the Humboldt County UC Cooperative Extension’s Master Preservers. They cover canning, freezing and drying food throughout the year with whatever fruits and vegetables are in season. Future class dates TBA.


Mateel Community Center

that serves more than 5000 hot meals annually to hungry people each year. Overseen by Mateel staff, the program utilizes the help of many dedicated volunteers to create a delicious and nutritious meal every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from noon to 1pm.

For more info about Mateel programs visit or call the office at 923-3368.

Youth Alive! is an active, year-round,

2017 Summer Arts & Music Festival


Home-Brewers & Grill Masters Sought For SoHum Beer Fest & BBQ Smoke Off ~ September 3rd On Sunday, September 3rd Mateel will host the 9th annual SoHum Beer Fest & BBQ Smoke Off, Humboldt’s original combination Beer & BBQ competition. While the event may be a ways off still, now is the time for all you local brew masters to start brewing your entry for this year’s competition. It’s never too early to start deciding what you might want to grill too! The event will take place at the Mateel Community Center in Redway from 4pm to 8pm and will feature unlimited micro/ homebrew tastings in a free commemorative tasting glass, a smorgasbord of BBQ samplers from the competing contestants, a free plate a side dishes/ complimentary breads, and the chance to help decide the competition’s winners by voting for your favorite BBQ dishes and beers, plus great live music with Diggin Dirt and more in an outdoor setting on the Mateel Back 40. To sign up for the BBQ competition or to enter your homebrew, call 923-3368. Please note that BBQ contestants must provide their own ingredients, serving utensils, and grill (if needed) plus make enough of their dish to serve bite size

samplers to a crowd of approximately 300 people. Home-brewers should make enough beer to provide samplers for the same. Two free admissions are offered to each BBQ contestant or home-brewer who enters. Prizes, bragging rights and a commemorative plaque go home with the top three winners in both the Beer and BBQ categories, plus a limited cash reimbursement on expenses. Visit for more info on participating breweries, prizes, contest rules, and other event details.

Welcome to Southern Humboldt and the 41st Annual Summer Arts and Music Festival! Stop the the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center for all of your information needs. 782 Redwood Drive Garberville California

(707) 923-2613 visit us on facebook!

Thank You to Our Loyal Members!

Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District ----Jerold Phelps Community Hospital / Southern Humboldt Community Clinic ----Healy Senior Center -----Inn of the Lost Coast


Mateel Community Center



Butterfield Dodds



1271 Evergreen Rd. #423 Redway, CA 95560


2017 Summer Arts & Music Festival


Mateel Events Saturday, July 15: San Francisco Mime Troupe Doors & Dinner at 7pm/ Music at 7:30/ Curtain at 8pm Tickets at the door August 3-6: 33rd annual Reggae On The River French’s Camp - 657 US Hwy 101 More info & advance tickets at Sunday, September 3: 9th annual SoHum Beer Fest & BBQ Smoke Off Home Brew & BBQ Competition with live music by Diggin’ Dirt and more. 4pm-9pm. Tix at the door. Saturday, September 9: Anthony B with Kool Johnny Kool and Altar Tones More info & tix at Residency Week, Sept. 11-16: Missoula Children’s Theatre September 11~ auditions September 16~ performances Saturday, September 30th: 13th annual Humboldt Hills Hoedown A beloved celebration of Bluegrass & Beyond with music on 2 stages More info & tix at For a complete and current list of Mateel Community Center programming go to


Mateel Community Center





















HUMBOLDT Established in 2011 Southern Humboldt’s Original Medical Cannabis Dispensary


78 Bear Canyon Road, Garberville, CA 95542 (Behind Renner’s Gas Station) • 707-923-2175 Tues-Sat 10-4 pm • • @wonderlandnursery • Wonderland Nursery

2017 Summer Arts & Music Festival


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Summer Arts & Music Festival 2017 Program Guide  
Summer Arts & Music Festival 2017 Program Guide