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Contractor welcome pack Welcome to Matchtech at AWE Congratulations on your appointment with AWE. This guide is an insight into AWE and Matchtech, and aims to provide you with all the essential information needed for your time with us.

Corporate members of

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awe contractor welcome pack


About Matchtech Matchtech, the UK’s number 1 engineering recruitment agency, has 29 years’ experience in engineering recruitment. We have over 130 staff members and an annual turnover of £333m.

Matchtech is a corporate member of EngineeringUK.

We have a long-standing relationship with AWE and became a Tier 1 supplier in August 2010. Located only 45 minutes from Aldermaston means that we are frequently onsite and only a short journey away, should you need to meet us on a face-to-face basis. We are experts in providing total engineering coverage across the power & nuclear sector. Our dedicated permanent and contract consultants continue to place high-calibre candidates across a wide range of energy and nuclear jobs. Our specialist trained consultants have experience of recruiting engineering staff at all stages of the project lifecycle.

... and is also affiliated with the National Skills Academy

What we do for you

Our associated company, Connectus, is a technology recruitment consultancy supplying the UK and international markets. Their 15 recruitment teams provide contract and permanent staffing solutions focusing on specific aspects of IT, ICT, electronics and automation.

Our associated company, Barclay Meade, is a professional staffing recruitment consultancy with expertise across Finance & Accounting, HR, Marketing, Sales & eCommerce and Procurement & Supply Chain. Focussing predominantly across London and the South East their recruitment teams provide interim and permanent staffing solutions at a mid to senior level.

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Our service for contractors is based upon developing long-term relationships and our consultants play a vital role in this process, ensuring that you have a regular, reliable point of contact. Knowing your abilities and requirements enables us to make sure that our relationship with you is as positive and proactive as possible. We work with both PAYE and limited company contractors and we acknowledge that our contract recruitment service is measured by our ability to fill a vacancy quickly, with the right candidate. We therefore take time to ensure that you are happy with the information passed on to you and that the job offered meets with your personal expectations. We strongly believe in the importance of building good working relationships and developing trust, therefore if you want help or advice on market trends, pay rates or anything else that is important to you, all you have to do is ask. Many of our contract roles are filled via our website; this displays all of our vacancies, which are updated in real time. As a result of our speed, accuracy and professionalism, our contract service is an essential component in the everyday activities of many major companies across the world.

awe contractor welcome pack


Meet your contractor care team Our contractor care team has over 50 years combined recruitment experience and has spent a number of years servicing and supporting AWE. This team is dedicated to working with AWE so should you need to discuss any specific recruitment issues or problems on site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Matchtech account team Simon Wilson

Ben Hough 01489 898112 01489 898974

Andrew Brice

Adam Davies 01489 898282 01489 898217

Account Manager Power & Nuclear

Consultant Power & Nuclear

Team Leader Power & Nuclear

Consultant Power & Nuclear

Dan Zeff

Team Leader Science & Medical 01489 898259


Connectus account team James Mills

Team Leader Business Information Systems 01489 882506

Jon Martin

Team Leader Technology 01489 898886

Dan Polhill

Team Leader Controls & Automation 01489 898864

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awe contractor welcome pack


Barclay Meade account team Sally Spicer

Team Leader Accounting & Finance 01489 873470

Andrew Gerrish

Senior Consultant Procurement & SUpply Chain 0203 301 6825

Tansel Omer

Operations Manager HR 01489 873424

Financial Accounts team Mandy and Emma will ensure that you are paid accurately each week. They are responsible for inputting your hours and expenses. As long as your hours and expenses are approved and received before the deadline, then they will ensure that you are paid promptly. We currently payroll over 7000 contractors per week. Our accounts team currently payroll over 7000 contractors per week, operating to a 99.7% accuracy level. If you have any concerns with regards to timesheets/expenses, please contact your consultant from the Contractor Care team in the first instance.

Mandy Peplow

Accounts Consultant 01489 884327

Emma Blythe

Payroll Administrator 01489 884325

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awe contractor welcome pack


About AWE AWE has been central to the defence of the United Kingdom for more than 50 years. Tasked with maintaining the UK’s nuclear deterrent and supporting national nuclear security, AWE provides a truly unique working environment. Currently one of Britain’s largest high technology research and development facilities, their people, expertise and the work they do is truly innovative and world class. AWE recognises the important contribution made by their thousands of staff and contractors and ensures that AWE remains a rewarding and stimulating environment to work in. They also work closely with a wide range of outside bodies, including the MoD, their parent companies and external regulators such as the Health & Safety Executive, to ensure that your needs and expectations are taken into account.

Working for AWE AWE works to maintain a collaborative culture, with so many different groups involved in the organisation, a collaborative way of working is essential.

AWE’s commitment: Building on our proud heritage, our excellent people and technologies, we will create a unique and internationally recognised, trusted partner to the UK Government, delivering innovative and integrated national nuclear security solutions. uu


We believe the way we work with each other is as important as the job we are doing. AWE‘s corporate values form part of their employee appraisal system.

Pride We recognise past achievement and are proud to contribute to our nation’s security.

Excellence We deliver excellence at every level, behaving ethically and professionally, continually striving for improvement.

Innovation We lead the way in delivering innovation and integrated solutions, pushing the boundaries of science and technology in the nuclear defence environment.

Trust We build trust in all that we do, meeting our promises and commitments to each other, our neighbours, our customers and our country.

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awe contractor welcome pack


Benefits of working through Matchtech We differentiate ourselves from other recruitment agencies by building a mutual trust with our contractors, resulting in the following benefits: Loyalty Our contractor care scheme rewards loyalty from placed contractors Issue resolution We provide prompt and accurate payment and quick resolution of any issues that you may have Online networking We use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to encourage networking and discussions about the marketplace and participants’ skills Social events We organise free social events, such as a Christmas party or after-work drinks to thank you for your hard work Umbrella companies If you opt to be paid via an umbrella company, we have a preferred supplier list to support you (See page 18 for a full list of our umbrella providers)


Prompt payment – an accurate weekly payment from our in-house Accounts & Finance team

Feedback We hold regular feedback forums for you to get in touch with us, which enables you to contribute in person, via email, telephone or anonymously if preferred Contractor centre Our online contractor centre provides CV writing tips, immigration support, downloadable timesheets, holiday forms, editable personal details and previous application history Professional Passport We offer free access to Professional Passport, an organisation that provides advice on ID and company validation, right to work confirmation, insurance policies and the latest legislation Legal updates We will inform you of any upcoming legislative changes and the appropriate action to take, if any Newsletters We will send you regular editions of our newsletter. These will detail current market trends, the latest opportunities and training & accreditation schemes


I was initially a permanent member of staff at Alstom, but was very keen on AWE and contract work. Matchtech was in regular contact with me and guided me through the lengthy recruitment and the even more lengthy security clearance processes, which reassured me in my decision. I found them to be conscientious and always on hand when I had any questions or issues. Since joining AWE, Matchtech has kept regular contact and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any of my friends or former colleagues who are looking for work at AWE. In summary, I felt the Contractor Care team went the extra mile, which is not always the case when dealing with agencies, they made a big difference and I guess gave me the confidence to see it through until the end.

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- Contractor at AWE, through Matchtech

I am very impressed with the level of support from Matchtech, which goes above and beyond anything I have experienced in my 15 years of contracting; no other firm has yet managed to offer me a service of this calibre.

Please accept my thanks for everything to date; I do hope that this is a long and happy arrangement that will continue to suit the needs of both parties. - Contractor at AWE through Matchtech

awe contractor welcome pack


Key information Security Clearance To access Burghfield or Aldermaston, you will require Security Clearance as a minimum. If you currently hold SC or DV clearance, then it will need to be transferred to AWE from the current holder. Please ensure that you provide us with the relevant security controller’s details and we will give these to AWE. The Pass Office at AWE will then co-ordinate the transfer of the clearance. If you do not hold clearance, you will need to complete the BPSS documents as supplied by Matchtech. Once completed, these documents will need to be returned with your Passport (or another form of I.D as instructed on the forms) to the following address:

If your post requires you to obtain DV clearance before starting onsite, then you will be required to attend a briefing with the Pass Office for them to validate your passport. Once this is complete, an email will be sent direct to your home computer in order for you to start this process. Due to the in-depth process involved in DV clearance, the process could take anything from 3 to 6 months, although we would advise you to liaise with your consultant for further clarification.

NOTE – Once you have submitted your clearance via the online portal, we suggest you log in on a weekly basis to check the status.

Rose Lochrie Building C21.2 Aldermaston Reading RG7 4PR Once these have been received, your I.D will be verified and the documents processed accordingly. After these have been processed, you will receive an email from the DBS, which will allow you to complete an application for SC. The SC process takes 4-6 weeks on average; however certain circumstances may result in the process taking much longer. Your consultant will provide a more realistic prediction based on the amount of detail you provide.

Timesheets We do not accept signed time sheets for AWE assignments.

AWE uses ‘Oracle’ as a means of recording their contractors’ hours. Upon arriving at AWE, you will be given login details for this system. Following completion of each working week, you will be required to input your hours for that week. Once you have submitted the hours, an email will be sent to your line manager for approval. Once the hours have been approved, we require you to send a screenshot of hours.

This must be recorded on Oracle, clearly showing the: • Name • Date • Number of hours you worked • Confirmation that these hours have been ‘approved’ Please see the example below of how an approved timesheet will appear. The screenshot (as below) should then be sent via e-mail to If the screenshot of the timecard is received before the 10:00am deadline on the Wednesday following your full working week, it will be processed in time for payment on Friday. *Please note standard number of working hours at AWE is 40.

Name here Approved

4th May


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awe contractor welcome pack


Limited companies/consultancies Matchtech will not pay off an invoice, only off a time card as directed on the previous page.

What if I am unable to send a screen shot? If you are unable to send a screen shot, but are able to submit your hours, then the procedure outlined below will be followed: • Matchtech and AWE have a self-bill arrangement. Every week, we receive a report outlining all of our contractors’ hours; these are cross referenced against the time sheets we have on file • If we do not have a screen shot, but your hours are approved, then your time sheet will be processed as normal – providing the report is received before our deadline (10:00 Wednesday) • Along with an approved screen shot, you will need to ensure Matchtech have copied of your Certificate of Incorperation, VAT certificate (if applicable) and your Limited company back details


Rate rise

We appreciate that during your contract assignment with AWE that you may be required to travel or visit clients for business purposes. In some instances, AWE will make arrangements for this travel.

Once a PO has been raised for your assignment, your rate will be fixed for the 12 month period.

Should you be required to claim back your expenses, please note the following: • We cannot pay any expenses without a valid expenses purchase order number – therefore an expenses purchase order number must be raised by your manager • You must fully complete either an AWE (available on the Intranet) or Matchtech (available from your consultant) expenses form – this must include a line manager’s signature and valid receipt

If, after a reasonable period, you feel that there are sufficient reasons to justify a rate rise, then we advise you to approach your line manager directly. It will then be at your manager’s discretion as to whether or not a business case will be put together. If your manager chooses to produce a business case, it will be presented to a rate review board, who will either reject or accept the rate increase based on the evidence presented. We recommend that you approach rate rise discussions at least 8 – 10 weeks before your contract renewal date.

• Send your expenses claim to: If all of the above relevant information is submitted, we will then process the expenses claim with your timesheet on a weekly basis.

PAYE If you choose to work on a PAYE basis, you will need to provide your consultant with your personal bank details. To comply with employment legislation, you are also required to meet your consultant before you start your assignment to enable them to verify your I.D. The identification must include a passport or driving licence (both parts) and a utility bill that has been issued within the last 3 months.

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NOTE – There is not a standard rate rise given to contractors at a contract renewal stage.

We would openly encourage you to liaise with your management on a regular basis to ensure that you are fulfilling your tasks to the required levels.

awe contractor welcome pack

Holiday If you wish to book annual leave, we ask you to advise the following people at the earliest possible opportunity: • Your line manager • Your Matchtech consultant Most line managers will have no objection if sufficient notice is given. If you are a PAYE contractor, then please submit a signed holiday form (as attached with your contract) clearly identifying the days/weeks that you are not working. Provided that this form is completed correctly, our Accounts & Finance team will ensure that the holiday form is processed for the correct week.

Sickness/emergencies If you are feeling unwell or are not fit for work, we advise you to contact your line manager, or another member of staff in your office, to advise them of your absence as soon as possible.


Dosimetry If you are working in a radiologically controlled area, then you will need to ensure that you are signed up to AWE’s on-site dosimetry monitoring services. Please speak with your consultant for more information.

Referrals We are always looking to expand our presence on-site. If you are aware of someone who is interested in working in this field, please do not hesitate to pass their details to a member of our Contractor Care team who will be happy to discuss any upcoming vacancies with them. We hope that you enjoy your time with AWE and working with us. If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Care team, whose contact details are on page 5)

If you are unable to get hold of someone onsite, then please contact your consultant who will endeavour to get a message to the relevant managers. In the event of adverse weather conditions and you need to find out if the AWE site is open, please call the following number, 0845 604 6873.

Finding AWE

Location Map of AWE

To Wallingford & Harwell

To Bristol, South Wales & Oxford

To Maidenhead


To Oxford

To London (Paddington)


To Bristol, South Wales & The West


13 12


A34 Padworth


To Hungerford

Aldermaston Wharf


AWE Burghfield


To Westof England

Aldermaston Village





Burghfield Common

AWE Aldermaston

Ashford Hill Tadley

To Andover




11 Three Mile Cross

To Bracknell

Wokingham To Bracknell & Ascot

To Guildford & Gatwick Airport

A33 Mortimer


Pamber Heath

B3051 A32 A34

AWE to

To Heathrow Airport & Central London


Reading Newbury Basingstoke



Pamber Bramley End


11 Miles 9 Miles 8 Miles



Motorways & Junctions



Sherborne St John


Hook Chineham



Railway Lines & Stations


To Winchester

To Aldershot To Farnham



To Exeter


To Southampton & Portsmouth


To Southampton 7

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M3 To Alton

To London To London (Waterloo)





To Alton

AWE Main Entrance

awe contractor welcome pack


Umbrella providers* Please see below the details of our pre-screened list of approved umbrella providers:

0800 197 6516 Nicola Hughes 0151 443 6829 Faye Owens 0151 443 6418 Hayley Meharry 0800 230 0213

Gareth RIchardson 01253 600 140 Ryan Morton 0844 324 7700 07872 970 723 Olivia Frost 0800 458 01818 01925 645 233 Dexter Dyer 0800 121 6513 01625 544 460

*This list is compiled on the basis of intermediaries who have passed compliance checking procedures undertaken by Professional Passport or FCSA. For full information regarding our Umbrella Suppliers and our disclaimer please visit our website http://www.

1450 Parkway Solent Business Park Whiteley, Fareham Hampshire PO15 7AF 01489 898989

01341 awe v2 mt  

Contractor welcome pack - AWE

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