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All About Football Betting Predictions Diving is rife in English football (and the rest of Europe for that matter). The favourite villain of the moment comes in the shape of Luis Suarez - not that he does himself any favours! He clearly makes the most of any contact in or around the penalty area but is he the only one? We have taken a look at some of the most outrageous dives in Europe and consider world cup final referee Howard Webb's view that players must dive in order to get decisions! Firstly lets consider Webbs comments which will hopefully put into perspective the actions of some of todays elite footballers. Full details of the report are here: Webb said that Blackpool players determination to stay on their feet made it hard to give them decisions - surely a foul is a foul? I believe most fans would prefer it if EVERY player made their best attempt to stay on their feet rather than expect a referee to decypher whether a theatrical dramatic ballet-esque tumble actually began with a foul 18 rolls on the floor earlier? This for me is where the real problem lies, this suggestion that the referees need help identifying genuine fouls by asking players to exaggerate any slight contact? This bizzare concept has essentially set the precedent that if you dont go to ground it is not a foul?! How can that be right? I have been trying to recollect an incident when a player could have dived but didn't to highlight an example but thats not what people talk about - its not controversial enough. So I've tackled it from another angle... can you ever remember seeing Alan Shearer dive? or Paul Gascoigne? what about Matthew Le Tissier? No? nor me. I believe this 'Webb' view also creates a greater problem - what if you do get a little nudge and you do go to ground but could've stayed on your feet and you were in a goal scoring position? your gamble has potentially let down your team mates, the fans, the club and manager. That decision could affect the rest of the game/season/career - so why consider it at all? The only reason is because the referees actually WANT players to make a meal of it and dive more! I believe this is why players like Suarez are beginning to be more dramatic and over the top in their exaggerations. He didn't get a number of indebatable decisions that 9/10 people would confidently call as fouls and penalties, based on what we know and what appears to be the general rule of thumb, he must need to try harder to 'assist the referees'. There inlies the problem - I think we all know that he is at a point where at times he looks ridiculous and now it looks so put on that it has the counter effect - it just looks made up. I won't criticise him for it however as I believe a lot of the time he HAS been fouled and this embarrasing display is a result of the advice from people like Webb and compounded by the fact that so many obvious fouls have not gone in his favour in sports predictions, he is simply trying harder. My advice would be to tone it down a bit - give them what they want not what they expect, hopefully the end result would be more correct decisions although i strongly believe that is still fundamentally the wrong approach. I believe that if players can stay on their feet they should, if they cant and end up on the ground surely that makes any referees decision much easier?

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Diving is rife in English football (and the rest of Europe for that matter). The favourite villain of the moment comes in the shape of Luis...