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To Bream or not to Bream is the question....Leaving a nice warm house

on a cold autumn morning what was I thinking, with the prospect of a cloudy day and a hint of rain in the air. Why did I pick this day to go?

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Baggin by Design. Frenzee. Based out of Newtown in mid Wales Frenzee are the new kids on the block with big aspirations. With this year’s range of new poles to accompany the already innovatory designed cupping range and a product portfolio that is set to explode during 2010, this is the company that all the big players are watching.

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Review of the new Colmic X5000 Match 16m pole....Well Colmic have

certainly done themselves proud with this pole, at 13m I can honestly say it’s the best pole I’ve ever handled. It’s super slim measuring just 40mm at the butt and is featherweight light with ultimate balance.

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contributors Matchfishing-scene Canal Conundrum....

With winter approaching Fred Davis looks back at a feature written about two of Londons top canal anglers At a time of year when bites can be hard to come by on commercials some anglers are returning back to canals and are reaping the rewards, Not a conundrum for these lads

Customised Seatbox Covers Brilliant Customised seat box covers, protect and look good all at once.

Chub Hunters of the River Lea..... With the recent capture of an-

other river record chub from the river lea of 8lb 14oz by Gareth Spurgeon on the flood relief Channel, I must admit it did not surprise me,

Matchfishing-Scene Club Jackets Top quality micro fleece jacket with embroidered Matchfishing-scene To Tit or not to Tit that is the logo on front and back and your question....Right the way back in April name or club. this year Jim Manc ran the opening match of the series. This jacket is windproof and showerproof and really does make you look Around 45 members attended this match good on the bank. from all over the country; the match was fished in the now familiar good spirits with Colour: Black Price: ÂŁ55.00 plenty of banter flying around the lake. Postage & Packaging ÂŁ4.95 Includes Individual Name embroidered onto item To order pm Animal or ring on 07899941104 or email



Colmic X5000 Match 16m Pole

techno-waz Whats new or has been tested by our members over the past 12 months Review of the new Colmic X5000 Match 16m pole. Well Colmic have certainly done themselves proud with this pole . At 13m I can honestly say it’s the best pole I’ve ever handled. It’s super slim measuring just 40mm at the butt and is featherweight light with ultimate balance. It’s a little short at 13m, measuring in at just over 12.60m, but the

half extension brings it back up to 13m. The pole has a very different taper to all the poles I’ve

owned previously. At the tip it is extremely fast tapered with only 8 inches of tip needing cutting off the power kits to accommodate the thickest of elastics…in fact I had actually used a 5.5mm internal bush on these so if you use 4.2mm then you will only need to cut them back by 4 inches. The match kits needed just 10 inches cut off the number 1 to fit an 8 elastic or my current elastic flavour of the month, pink Vespe bi core. The Joints all have a superb weaved carbon wrap on both the male and female joints, this helps reduce wear and stops the sections from sticking together when wet. It also has the Colmic Free Touch System, this is where the edges have been ground down so that you don’t catch your hands on the sections as they slide through your hands. This makes speed fishing a pleasure. The finish is also worth a mention. It’s almost rough to the touch yet flies through the hands…really odd, but I like it as it helps grip the

sections when trying to pull them apart. It’s almost contradictory. It’s super slim throughout the blank all the way to the 14.5m extension pieces which are all parallel and at a very reasonable £200 for extensions you can go as long as you like. I’ve used mine at 17.5m with no issues at all. Strength wise this pole is awesome. No it’s outstanding. The match kits will take no more than a 12 elastic, but then with a HM80 grade of carbon in them you don’t want to over gun the top kit. The power kits however are a little different. In fact there are two types available, the HM60 power kit and the FJ90 No Limit power kit. The HM60 power kits will take anything up to 18 elastics with ease or the equivalent hollow’s and have a very stiff action. You will be hard pressed to notice the difference with the power kits and the match kits apart from the weight. The FJ90 No Limit kits as specified have no elastic limit…they are super strong but don’t over balance the pole. Perfect for summer bagging. In fact if you get the No Limit number 4 as well you can use it as a margin pole. My honest opinion. Great pole, brilliant at all lengths, it does start to lose its stiffness at 16-17m but rigidity is still extremely high and I cannot wait to put it to the test in the summer

Pete Bailey Matchfishing-scene Matchfishing-scene


Competition Poles by Frenzee


Frenzee Competition Poles Precision Range P1 666/ P2 665/ P3 664 Frenzee sell three competition fishing poles - the P1 666, P2 665 and P3 664. The poles have all been manufactured using the highest-quality carbon available and have been rigorously tested by champion angler Andy Neal. This fishing pole joint alignment system provides superior stiffness and increases responsiveness at longer pole lengths for a better bite to fish ratio. Each joint on the fishing pole incorporates an extra strong weave to better withstand wear when ship-

ping and unshipping pole sections. Package can be supplied as 11.5, 13, 14.5 or 16mtr Pole 6 x Power top 2 kits Cupping kit with cups Short dolly butt section to fit 11.5 and 13 mtr sections Holdall /carryall/ double net bag will also be supplied with Frenzee Bushes whatever sizes required. With Standard Pole Pots and Precision Pole Pots to complete. All with 12 months guarantee. See also Frenzee’s range of fishing luggage including a stylish rod holdall and carryall/ net bag.

Sizes & Weights * P1 - 11.5m - 725g * P1 - 13m - 1035g * P2 - 11.5m - 775g * P2 - 13m - 1085g * P3 - 11.5m - 750g * P3 - 13m - 1060g Prices * P1 - £2499 * P2 - £1899 * P3 - £1599



Firstpeg To Bream or not to Bream is the question Leaving a nice warm house on a cold autumn morning what was I thinking, with the prospect of a cloudy day and a hint of rain in the air. Why did I pick this day to go? I arrived on the bank of the Kennet & Avon canal in Devizes about 10am. I decided to fish the Black Horse pound, named after the pub that sits opposite. I made this decision after a phone call from my Devizes team mate Kevin Rowles suggesting that it might be the pound to go on for some skimmers. Having decided to set up three rigs to cover my three swims. You are very lucky on this part of the canal because it’s the same depth from 3 out to 13 meters so you can use all your rigs on the same line The first line was positioned at 13 meters to my left at 10 o’clock where I found about 5 feet of water. For this line I set up a 4x14 Drennan Pinkie on 0.8 Colmic RBS line straight through to a size 20 Mustad Canal Seed with a bulk of 4 number 8’s 14in from the hook with 3 number 12 droppers, this rig was matched to a Future number 4 elastic. My second rig was a 4x16 KC Chimp on .12 Ultima Power Silk with a 12in .10 Power Silk hook length to a size 18 Mustad Canal Seed with a bulk of 8’s 14in from the hook and 2 number 10 droppers, as this was a rig for better stamp fish I matched it to a Middy Hi-Viz 6 - 8 elastic. The other benefit of setting this rig up is that it can be used on all lines if the bigger fish turn up or if the canal starts to tow and with the amount of boats on this stretch of the K&A it will tow a lot today ! The second line was positioned to my right at 13 meters at 2 o’clock, I


decided to set up a 0.5gr Hillbilly Billy Bob on .14 Ultima Power Silk straight through to a size 16 Mustad Wide Gape Power and White Hydro for fishing chopped worm. My third line was at 5 meters straight in front this was set up just in case the skimmers wouldn’t feed and I would be able use any of the rigs on that line as it was the same depth as the other two lines. My set up might seem a bit light for the fish I will hopefully catch today but the last thing you want to do on the K&A is to bump a few skimmers because they will just disappear and you won’t get them back.

My ground bait mix for the day was one bag of Supercup, half a bag of Black Lake and half a bag of Formula Supreme with a little bit of black Tracix in it to darken it. This was mixed the night before and kept in the fridge to deaden it. Right, that’s the info out of the way now to the session. To kick things off on my 5 meter line i introduced 3 balls of ground bait laced with caster and squats, and on my 13 meter line to the left at 10 o’clock put in 6 balls laced with caster and squatt but the right hand line was left with no feed, as I intended to put chopped worm in there later. Be warned it can be a kiss of death sometimes, I don’t know why but it can be, so I only put it in when I intend to actually fish it.


I started on my short line at 5 meters to give my long line a chance to settle as the last thing you want to do is go in too early before the skimmers have got their heads down and are feeding confidently. I picked up my 4x14 rig and placed a single red maggot on the hook and first put I caught a nice little dumpy HB Billy-Bob TOP TIP roach of 2oz, this carried on for an hour and I had about 3 to 4lb of little When used with small baits keep lifting and roach and perch but at the same dropping the rig by the distance between time flicking 10 casters over my long the spread bulk and hook to attract bites. line every 2 minutes. In the first hour If using a heavy bait like corn on a sloping we had 5 boats move through the lake bed let the weight of the corn sink the pound so I decided to put two more float then ease the rig up the slope until just balls on my long line and leave it for the tip of the bristle is showing. 10 minutes before going on to it.


feature out but nothing proper shows up and only small roach and perch are willing to feed after the disturbance of the boat. After the swim had settled back dow a bit another 4lber was in the bag. As the session drew to a close I had manged 9 bream for 30 plus lb and 6 to 7lb of roach and perch. This is less than I would normally have expected but for 4 hours in October on the canal that no one wants to fish I was quite happy.

I shipped the same rig out on to my long line and first put in the float dips with a little roach. This continued on the next 10 put ins. I was starting to think there might have been too many boats for them to settle. Another ten minutes have passed and 7 or 8 more roach the float dips and the elastic starts to come out properly. This isn’t a roach! It wasn’t a skimmer either but a nice perch of about 1lb, never mind. After another ten minutes and more roach i’m into a better fish again. This time it’s a skimmer of about 1lb. Next put in I get another of about 1lb, then a dreaded boat came into sight. After the boat passes I put two more balls in and hope they are still there. Twenty minutes go by with only roach to show for my efforts then out of the blue a 4lber graces the net and things are looking up.


Another ten minute pass by with nothing so I switch to worm on the hook. That did the trick as a 3 lber ended up in the net. Its funny but by just changing the hookbait you will sometimes start to catch again when it seems nothing is in the swim.

Next put in a 4lber and then another boat so I re-feed again and go back

Tim “Firstpeg” Suttle MatchFishing-Scene


FOX MSB Euro System 2 MSB Euro System 2

Fox’s team of in-house CAD-engineers and Fox Match brand manager, Mark Pollard, wanted to create a box system that was light and compact with the flexibility for anglers to customise the box. It was also vital that the MSB Euro was designed to suit European anglers, hence it utilises 25mm round legs and includes a strong, sliding footplate. The MSB Euro is a modular design, meaning you can customise your box to suit your individual requirements. Additional trays and drawers are available to allow anglers to build up a box to suit their own, individual style of fishing. It is also packed full of innovative features to ensure that the MSB Euro is one of the best seatboxes on the market. Four-time World Champion, Bob Nudd, who has used many leading boxes over the years, believes the MSB is by far the best seatbox he has ever used!

Features include: Hard wearing TPE upholstry Cellular polymer Memory foam seat Built in soft touch pole rest 25mm round legs 3 sprit levels 1 x front 2 x side Multi direction quick release hinges Interchangeable colour coded winder indictors, for easy indexing Robust aluminium chassis Removable padded shoulder strap, with Low profile strap retainers for easy carrying Integrated strap and sprit level frame attachment Magnetic locking drawers with rubber seals for shower proof protection Non marking leg adjustments on frame Telescopic legs for quick adjustment Fox Match mud feet Totally customizable


Frenzee. Based out of Newtown in mid Wales Frenzee are the new kids on the block with big aspirations. With this year’s range of new poles to accompany the already innovatory designed cupping range and a product portfolio that is set to explode during 2010, this is the company that all the big players are watching. Co owners of Frenzee, Brian Bancroft and John Pryce, plastic moulding and design experts have joined forces with Welsh commercial ace Andy Neal to design, develop and produce fishing tackle that ‘works’.

FP200 Pole Float by Frenzee

Contact Frenzee

Design Centre, Pentre Farm, Kerry, Powys. SY16 4PD Sales and Manufacturing. Mochdre Industrial Estate, Newtown, Powys, SY16 4LE Telephone: 01686 622 400


These robust paste floats are constructed using a sturdy plastic tip with a ‘spring’ type design eye attached (to prevent the eye being ripped out under pressure), best quality Balsa body and string carob

Andy says. ‘Competing at the highest levels takes a lot of time and effort. The work that needs to be done behind the scenes before you get to the bank is immense, when at the bank you need to have complete faith that your kit is up to the job. Quite simply, ours is! If it isn’t then it will not get as far as the shop! We spend a lot of time testing to make sure the tackle doesn’t just do the job but excels at it. With the inroads already made and a product range growing rapidly we firmly believe the big player market will have to make room as we join the fold.’

stem. Available in weights: 0.2g/ 0.3g/ 0.5g/ 0.75g/ 1.0g RRP: £1.85


With an increasing demand for a holdall to carry two keepnets, this durable double pocketed holdall bag has been designed to accommodate more than one keepnet or landing net with ease. The bag is supplied with a double stink bag, dual zip opening on top, padded carry handle and detachable shoulder strap plus the seams are fully sealed.

tached to the pole bag with clip straps. The holdall has a padded shoulder strap, handle, reinforced plastic base and will easily accommodate two 12ft 2 piece rods and reels. Size: 182x26x13cm. Prices * Rod holdall - £49.99 * Carryall/ Net Bag - £49.99 * Both bags as a set - £94.99

Size: 60x47x22cm. Rod Holdall Frenzee match holdall with six tube and three quiver pockets consisting of a double compart������������� ment combination with two full length two way zips, two full length pockets and two large zipped side pockets.

Fishing Luggage by Frenzee Rod Holdall/ Carryall/ Net Bag

The rod holdall also comes with two quiver bags having internal pockets for additional quiver tip storage. The quiver bags can be used separately or at-

Frenzee’s Precision Pots range offers precision feeding with 4 lid types to suit deployment of baits. The precision range is a low profile accessory that fits directly over the end of the pole- no more pushing forward! When used with the frenzee i-bush it provides a secure connection that prevents damage to your pole section. This is thanks to added design features and quality manufacturing that is integral to all products within the precision range. Available in three types: Precision Pinkie - for deployment of pinkies Precision Maggot - for deployment of maggots Precision Particle - for deployment of particle baits

Frenzee’s FP 500.

These selfcocking, slim bodied floats are good for all round fishing proving to be very stable even in windy conditions. They are also very robust due to their construction of Balsa body , long sturdy plastic tip with spring ey attachment and strong wire stem. Available in sizes 0.20g/ 0.30g/ 0.50g/ 0.75g/ 1.0g/ 1.50g.


your letters Dear Wazzmag,

Just a short note on the perceived success of the new MatchfishingScene website… Where do I start? Well I suppose I’d better start with the blossoming membership…well over 1000 blokes and blokesses have joined the site since it’s launch in January 2009, and what I will compliment everyone involved with, is the friendly banter that is apparent whenever you take a look at the brilliant “Chat-Box” facility. Some members (and I use that term loosely) seem to have made this place their spiritual home. Take Andy Kinder for instance…a lovely little bloke, full of knowledge and experience to impart to the masses, but it seems like he goes all “Jekyll and Hyde” when confronted with an audience…he turns into a woman ferchrissakes and amongst other disturbing traits, calls himself “Sarah”..! Then we’ve got the sites resident stalker “Billy-no-Fish”…a name that’s obviously quite apt as he’s very apparently a total spanner when it comes to the piscatorial arts. For want of a better description, he stinks worse

Hello gents,... I am Colin Ormston

(Billy No Fish) on the site. Along with Animal, Zinky, Scone, Andy T, Happydangler, Neptune and a few others we help keep things ticking over. Zinky has asked me to explain my view of the site. Well as most people know MFS was formed from our idea of having a site/ club/forum that gave more back to its members. Not just in terms of site content but in actual, physical benefits. So how does that work then? Well we have the Q&A’s with the Top Stars (all close personal friends)! I aim to have this run more regularly through the colder months as the plan is in the summer we are all on the bank more.


than a pan of mouldy hempseed. Nice bloke; vertically challenged (he a tad on the smaller side of four-foot-six) but makes the site banter tick…I suppose it’s easy when your skin is thicker than a thick thing that’s a bit thick… Zinky has arrived from the depths of TF…what he’s doing sticking an oar in is beyond me, but I suppose he does the best job or stirring some rather smelly stuff up and generally winding Rob Bailey up…(he’s another fourfoot-six giant of the angling world!)

Anyway…enough of my inane drivel. I hope the site continues to go from strength to strength and I also hope Derek Willan finally decides to put that bloody lobster down. Yours faithfully, Frank Pratt. Master of the Badfart

The best bit about the site though is the fact that the Midland Muppets are the best anglers, pound-for-pound, in the entire country. This was proven without a shadow of a doubt at this years Glebe event on day one…ok, they failed to turn up on day two due to the obvious fact that they also won the “I’m more p*ssed than you are” competition on the previous evening, but that don’t matter…proof is in the pudding as they say…Talking of puddings; did you know that Pete Bailey is not only sponsored by Spro and Ultima, but is now sponsored by Pukka Pies? Good on him I say..!

There has been the day out with Steve Ringer which 5 lucky members took part in. We also benefit from excellent support from our site supporters, Peg One, The Matchmen, Tigra Tackle, Bag Up Tackle, Got Baits, Ultima, Fox Match and Climax. We have the Champions League which saw over 200 members take part, culminating in the final held at the Glebe. This is the icing on the cake as there are a whole host of other matches being organised and run by members. One of the big aims was for people to meet and enjoy the craic on the bank as well as in the bar. That is happening and we would like to see more of it, with some of the newer members

getting along as well. Development of the site is going well. We have just purchased some new software with a view to upgrading over the next 6 months. As you all know these things take time and money. Needless to say it is all with the aim of improving what we have now. We believe we have the best site possible for the members and it is only going to get better. Tight Lines Colin


who we are ! Matchfishing-scene is a

brand new website that has been created specifically to answer the demands of the competitive angler. Whether it is a peg to peg battle with your mate, a 130 peg Fisho qualifier or even beating your own personal best, you will find the up to date info at that you need.

Our dedicated team at Matchfish-

ing-scene are all competitive an-

glers with years of experience fishing from club to the highest platform. We have created Matchfishing-scene to help fill the knowledge gap that exists. Anglers want to know the current baits tactics and best pegs on the venues, before they fish, not use information that is at best 2 weeks old. Here at Matchfishing-scene, we can offer an unparalleled information data base on venues right across each region in the country, and quite soon, across the globe! Our team of regional organisers aim to have your match results posted within 24 hours of the scales leaving your peg!

Matchfishing-scene has the added luxury of having some of the

finest match anglers in the country offering advice to all of its members, and there will be regular “live” chat sessions with these guys. Andy May and Derek Willan to name two, where you can have your question answered within seconds. No waiting a week for a star to come on line.

best catch photos… what ever you want, sign up now and get 14 months for the price of 12! Just think of the wealth of information on your fishery for new and existing anglers that will build up over time. An invaluable resource for all.

Matchfishing-scene is

scene also pride our selves on

run as a non profit organisation, a “proper fishing club” with the revenue from members and sponsors being ploughed straight back for the benefit of our members. Our aim is to have our members decide how we spend the money and what we do on the website.

For example: Matchfishing-

scene match peg fees, charitable

donations, trophies or helping out with the bait bills for the teams we put into national competitions etc. We have a few ideas up or sleeves to make for truly memorable days out that will benefit anglers of all abilities. For fishery owners/managers among us who become members, you can have your own dedicated website within Matchfishing-scene! You could have your own forum, results page,

The team at Matchfishing-

being specialists in the art of the social gathering, having spent many years organising and taking part in ‘Wazz Ups’ all over the country with other clubs, we can now offer all Matchfishing-scene members the chance to be a part of the “Wazz Up Club”. Partying is something we take very seriously, and do particularly well! It is the perfect way to meet the team, have a beer or three and get to fish some of the best fisheries in the country. Details of these much enjoyed meetings will be posted on the “Wazz Up” forum! Overall we want a club for anglers that reflects changing needs and gives back more than other forums can or want to.

JOIN Matchfishing-scene,

Angling Bait Club..... Our aim is to provide anglers with the best possible fishing baits and products at the lowest prices. We have an extensive range of baits from raw ingredients to make your own boilies, to ready made soft pellets and pastes. Our match winning range of liquids including GP365 Original, Red Detonator and Triple XXX are arguably the best on the market. The new Cypry-Spice Groundbaits are incredible fish pullers and we have many other innovative products. Whether you are a novice, occasional angler or a full time professional angler we are sure you will find baits and products to suit your needs. ABC Fishing Competitions......... Joining the Angling Bait Club will entitle you to enter Club Matches. These matches will set new standards in Club match fishing. The ABC’s innovative odds and evens rule will give every angler a chance to win a top prize. Details of all events will be published on site in the ABC Match Information section and in the angling media.


moorland’s farm open ma

walkthrough......Moorland’s farm open match. By Pete Well the day was wet windy and cold…totally uncharacteristic for then British weather…yeah right. So an open it was to be, Moorland’s farm fishery the venue of choice, this venue is great for the winter as certain pools will always throw up a few carp, even at the coldest times of the year. Now this isn’t an excuse as such…but then again maybe it is.

There are several pools at the venue and I get on with all but one, and the one I don’t get on with is Island pool, the deepest and most unusual pool on the complex. The depth varies from 2-5 ft in the margins to over 14ft in the deepest places and several sunken islands. I have drawn on this pool 4 times so far and the same 2 pegs. Peg 5 just behind the café and peg 17 in the far corner which is a do or die peg. The latter I’ve drawn just once. Peg 5 might as well have my name on it really. So the draw was to be made


at 9.30 and when I arrived Mal Watson, the fishery manager was taking the temperature of the three pools that were to be in the open, Moors, Bank and Island. Most of the pools were averaging 10 degrees, so looking good for a few carp at least. So onto the draw, I really fancied peg 12 on Moors as this has an excellent margin and deep water with the wind blowing away from it. So I was very very disappointed to yet again drew peg 5 on Island, I’m going to just set my gear on here permanently I think. My winders might as well have Peg 5 Island written on them for when I go again, I can just set up and then go and have a cup of tea. Anyway upon inspection of the peg it was windy and blowing slightly towards me, far from ideal. But hey ho that’s fishing, got to try and make the best of what I consider a poor draw. Well it’s bad by My drawing standards anyway. I decided on 3 lines initially, 1 at 14.5m towards the aerator in approximately 9ft of water which only just fits on my new very long power kits of my Colmic X5000 Match pole armed with a 12 elastic. This featured a 4x18 KC Carpa Chimp tied to 0.14mm Ultima Power Silk rig line direct to a size 16 Milo T213 hook. In winter I tend not to use hook lengths when carp fishing, it also featured

a strung out shotting pattern with a bulk 2 ft from the hook. My second line was at 8m directly in front and in again around 8ft of water a 4x16 KC Carpa Chimp tied with 0.14mm Ultima power silk and a 0.12mm hooklength to a size 18 Milo T213 hook and a soft 10-12 hollow elastic and pull bung.

This was for the skimmers and the odd carp.My last line featured a 14 latex elastic armed with 0.15mm Ultima power silk tied direct to a size 3 Tubertini 175 hook and Cralusso float. This had a simple bulk and 2 droppers set 6ft from the margins 7 sections to my right in around 5ft of water.


atch walkthrough

er Bailey My bait table was as follows, 1 ½ pints of casters, 2 pints of 4mm pellets and a tin of corn with a few expanders for the hook. This is nice and simple, but give it another month it will change to 1 pint of micro pellets and a small tin of corn. I’ve had nets of fish approaching 120lb in the winter on this.

for a small feeder.

The last line would be a bomb rod towards the right of the aerator at around 19m away, the Spro Picker 40 rod was my choice matched to a Red Arc reel and 4lb Ultima power steel mainline, alongside a 0.14mm hooklength and size 16 Middy KM1 hook with a hair rig, corn or expander pellets where to be the hook bait of choice.

11.15am, Time to look on the pole line at 14.5m with a single grain of corn and see if anything has found my bait yet

10.45am, All in...On the all in I put half a pot of pellets and 30 grains of corn at 14.5m, a ¼ pot of pellets and casters at 8m and a half pot of pellets on the margin line, I would leave all these lines for the first 15 minutes whilst I looked for a carp on the pellet cone. 11.00am, No movement on the pellet cone, no liners either. Angler opposite me has had 2 carp in 2 chucks on a small pellet feeder. I change my cone

11.10am, Still nothing…..time to worry, Angler opposite has now had his third carp and the guy to my right has had one on the waggler idly chucked towards the middle. Something I can’t do due to where my peg is situated.

11.30am, I’ve spent 15 minutes looking for a bite on this line, both on corn and an expander pellet with no luck, so I re-fed this line with another ¼ cup of pellets and 10 grains of corn, whilst also potting in a little bait on the 8m line 11.35am, The 8m line is now calling, so baiting up with a 4mm expander I waited for a bite for 10 minutes, working the bait, adding a tosspot and even trying a caster…nothing. I’m struggling now and the angler opposite has started to catch skimmers on his long pole line and a few carp have come out in a few other pegs now. I’m falling behind, so I needed to make something happen and fast. 11.45am time to re-feed the margin line and have another

look on the 14.5m line…I looked like a gnome for the next 20 minutes waiting for a positive take after suffering a liner and a fruitless strike. 12.00pm Still not a positive bite or a fish despite looking on the 8m line again for 5 minutes… …I’m getting desperate. At this point I have to say I was almost tempted to pack up and go home as it had started to rain and the wind was blowing into my face, this makes fishing very difficult if you wear glasses as the rain gives you several hundred different pole floats to look at.

12.30pm I’m sitting on the pellet cone drinking a cup of tea when finally out of the blue my tip has gone round and this roach/skimmer hybrid has taken my hook bait…… Hooray!!! at least I have not blanked, although well behind the field now, but with the average sized carp in this pool I’m sure I could still pull it back if the margin line goes………… my fingers were crossed.


moorland’s farm open ma 13.00pm No further action on the 8m pole line or the pellet cone, I have now re-fed all the lines except the margin line…time to go kerb crawling. 13.07pm, my float has shot under and I’m into my first carp from the edge, at last could this be the start of things to come? At a healthy 7lb it was a very welcome carp

15 minutes later. This was a very poor match for me with very few bites and probably not enough thinking to be honest. The other pools fished very hard with just 40lb winning Bank and even less on Moors. My lake was won with over 50lb of pellet feeder caught carp. All in all a disappointing match for me off a peg which I really don’t rate in the winter. Would I have done anything different…sure! Dynamite? Perhaps I should have stayed on the pellet feeder from the start, but with such a small space to chuck into I don’t think I would have ended up with too many more carp, the lack of liners told me that.

13.31pm, I’ve had a few more liners and have put a little more feed into the margin swim with the hope of getting a few more carp to feed. Time to go back onto the pellet cone. 14.01pm, weather is still rubbish, but my tip has gone round and I’m playing my second carp, and again at a good 8lb this common carp was a welcome moral boost if nothing else. Now I wont go through to much more as I only managed 1 more carp from the margin at around 3pm and lost a foulhooker some


Perhaps I should have fished maggot over the pellet at 8m and looked for anything that swam or even 14.5m, although that’s a long way for you to bring back 1 oz fish. Oh well winter is now upon us and hopefully this is the last time this peg has my name on it. See you all on the bank!

Pete Bailey MatchFishing-Scene


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MFS Champions League Right then way back in April this year, Jim Manc ran the open-

ing match of the series. Around 45 members attended this match from all over the country; the match was fished in the now familiar good spirit with plenty of banter flying around the lake.

This match seemed to set the precedent for the rest of the matches fished as qualifiers for the League! The League was devised to encourage MFS members to organise matches in their area of the country and to encourage other members to clock up the mileage to attend these matches. To an extent this has been the outcome. MFS matches have been organised from as far south as Somerset right the way up to NE Yorkshire, something that rarely happens on any other internet based fishing club! Each of these matches rewarded the anglers with a point’s score. If 30 anglers attended, the winner would receive 30 points, plus another 10 points for winning the section. The League was decided by each anglers best 6 (or number of matches’ fished if less than 6) matches in regards to points scored. Although it proved to be a “bit of a task” for Andy T to work out the points from each match, the system has proved to be the fairest by far! We have had getting on for 200 members attending at least one of the matches


this year! From the very, very best in the sport all the way down to BNF…. A true cross section of ability I’m sure you’ll agree. The top twenty anglers in the league after the final match, which incidentally was a right grueller at Blake Hall in Staffordshire, were invited to fish a final at the Glebe Fishery, on the fantastic Pool 1. Sadly due to prior commitments 3 of the finalists, Simon Enticott, Gary Thorpe and Pete Bailey couldn’t make the final which left the way open to the guys who had finished just outside the twenty. This proved that the extra effort from those guys to score points, or better their points total was well worth the effort! As MFS continues to strive to of-

fer its’ members the very best club events available, there will be a few changes made to this competition for 2010, the basic format is going to stay the same, but tightening up on a few criteria will ensure that the members who “give something back” have more of a chance to qualify, yet still retaining the competitive edge a league like this should have.

The Final.

A damp, windy but still quite mild October 24th, was the day of the final. 19 of MFS’s finest anglers were all chatting away outside the marquee, where the draw was going to be held. The 20th angler, Poolsfodder (Steve May) had decided to be fashionably

late, but did turn up in plenty of time to set up and get comfortable. With such a high calibre of angler spread down the length of Pool 1 coupled with the ever changing weather conditions, predicting where the winner could come from was really down to guess work, but each of the competitors were adamant that everyone else’s peg or section was going to fish better than theirs… The “all in!” was shouted around the complex by Andy T, who was also acting as the roving reporter, camera man, photographer and bank runner for the day, and pole pots and feeder duly despatched their loads with varying degrees of accuracy into their respective pegs. With the ever increasing wind blowing toward the high 20s, this was the area the camera man made his way to, to try and get some early action shots from the pegs most were tipping to throw up the better weights. With anglers like Scone, Dotteddown and Rob Austin all on form pegs this made perfect sense. A steady amble down from peg 30 proved fruitless, until Andy arrived at Dotteddown’s peg where he was doing his best to shake a skimmer from the hook on the feeder, this he managed to do just as it got to the net! Another 20 minutes passed as Andy continued his stroll toward the middle of the lake, where Roly Lucas was busy trying to stop an angry carp pulling his tip rod out of his grip! This according to the guys on the adjacent pegs was Roly’s 4th or 5th fish! So the early leader was established. Further down the lake, Pikey was sat quite smugly beneath his brand new and shiny Korum Brolly, hanging onto his pole that was spewing out black hydro! It turned out to be a foul hooked fish though and only the scale ended up in Pikey’s keep net.


Something that does need a special mention though, Pikey was fishing at 11mtrs with caster!! Who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks? Once he learns how to feed it correctly he may well start to figure quite highly in matches where the paste doesn’t dominate… Further down the lake, Jadstar and Crowy were catching small carp relatively quickly on the feeder, with Crowy proudly stating he was giving Poolsfodder a good kicking off the next peg! Poolsfodder did retort with a comment along the lines of, Crowy was catching the “mug” fish, and once he had caught all of them he would struggle! We would only find out if this was an accurate assessment after the 4 hours remaining of the match had elapsed! When Andy had reached the last pegs on the pool Eels was fishing the pole down the left hand margin! This is the thing to do on Peg 1, when the fish are queuing up to be caught, if they’re not, the feeder is the only plan of attack! Andy pointed this out to Eels, who changed tack and promptly gave a display of how not to chuck a feeder when being filmed! (This video will be available for viewing on MFS in the next week or so). So, the 1st hour had seen most catch a few fish with Roly Lucas storming into an early lead, but strangely the

“fancied” pegs in the high 20s just not producing! The next 3 hours saw the weather go from not very nice, to bloody horrible! Pikey’s brolly seemed to be performing very well in the tough conditions, No Hopes pole wasn’t…. Scone had given up, Poolsfodders’ prediction had been proved correct, and Dotteddown was still fishing 16mtrs, and catching proper carp! And Firstpeg wasn’t! Roly was still putting regular carp in to his net though, and seemed to be uncatchable at this stage! The walk along the bank for the last hour helped to illustrate what a great bunch of anglers we had fishing this final! Everyone was still at their peg, and everyone was trying their hardest to catch fish, even though most knew they had no chance of winning the final! Rob Austin, Scone, Firstpeg and Slider all had a run of carp in the last few minutes! HappyDangler, had changed to an up in the water skimmer rig, and was putting a few flatties in the net to go with his 2 carp caught earlier. Happy Dangler was almost disqualified in the 1st hour in regards to the elastic rules for the Glebe! He was seen to be using Wilky orange! However, the committee decided that Andy had been a little harsh with the disqualification, as the elastic was only

being used in HD’s catapult! RossN had his first bite, with 10 minutes to go! He even landed the fish whilst being filmed! Roly Lucas however

was now fishing a big waggler 2/3rds across! I found out later that Church 007 (formerly known as Fishy 007), had started to catch fish from mid way through the match by fishing the feeder, and casting very frequently. This had had 2 effects, Church 007 had started to catch, and Roly’s’ catch rate had slowed to an almost stop! Had Church 007 done enough to overtake Roly?



MFS Champions League Up at the other end of the lake, everyone seemed happy to have had a decent days fishing. Every method employed had thrown up some fish, and those who had fished worm had caught some cracking silvers, with perch well over the 1lb mark! At 3.30, Andy called the all out, and Pikey came running up the bank looking like a tubby Batman! His cape blowing in the wind behind him! It turned out though, that the cape was in fact his brand new shiny brolly! It has a “quick release button” on the pole, and during some of the almost hurricane gusts of wind in the last 30 minutes of the match, Pikey thought he had better use this button and fold the brolly away, before it blew away! But, “the stupid button won’t work!” cried Pikey. A quick inspection by Andy, and once the button had been ….. Pressed…. Then, what remained of the brolly, folded down really quite easily! No one laughed….. much! Well done to Roly, a great win in tough conditions. For the win, Roly gets a day out with Andy May, £150, and now represents MFS in the Garbolino Club Angler of the Year competition in 2010. Many many thanks to all the MFS match organisers, without you lot, there wouldn’t be a league! If you fancy a crack at winning some great prizes in next year’s MFS Champions League, keep your eyes peeled for the announcements regarding next year’s comp! If you ain’t in it, you can’t win it!

Andy Toplis Age 43

Favourite style of fishing, Feeder fishing for bream. Long pole shallow for carp and paste in the margins. Biggest match weight 205lb from pool 5 at the Glebe. Favourite fishery, Glebe and Alders Farm Sponsored by GOT Baits, Scone Zone Floats.


Favourite bait, pellets and corn all sprinkled with loads of ATOMIC CORN. This is the best additive every created. Started match fishing with Ripley and District Angling Club, where I learnt from some of the country’s best bream anglers. Discovered the joys of internet based fishing clubs a few years ago, which introduced me to commercial carp fisheries. Started to regularly attend GOT Baits sponsored matches at Rolfs Lake in Oxford, and began to pick up the odd section win and a few placings. I eventually plucked up courage to ask Trevor Price and Gary Thorpe about how to gain a sponsorship deal, which resulted in a deal being offered there and then. The learning curve has been very steep since being involved with GOT Baits and is still continuing! The guys at GOT are incredible, nothing is too much trouble, they will tell you everything you need to know about the venues they fish, and they create THE best pellets on the market! I was part of the group of rebels… that had initial input to MFS and remain a site moderator and regular attendee of MFS matches. Top tip;If you are starting out of the match fishing circuit, and need some help, get yourself along to one of the MFS matches. These are attended by some of the country’s finest open match anglers, all of whom will openly guide anyone in the right direction! THE key to being successful when fishing, is feeding! Top quality bait is important but how and when you put it in makes the difference! Lastly, If you don’t know…. Then ASK! Almost every angler who has just won a match, or who regularly frames can’t wait to tell someone how they have done it! This is the info you need if you are going to compete!



Got Wan GOT BAITS Dare to make a difference GOT Soft Hooker Pellets. Prepared from the same dry expander pellets that we sell in bags, these handy sized tubs of ready prepared pellets are idea for keeping in your carryall as back-up or for those anglers that do not wish to prepare their own hook pellets. The soft hooker pellets are prepared using our own unique process that enables the pellets to be cast on long distance feeder tactics, but still be soft enough for the hook to pull through when pole fishing! Each tub contains more than enough pellets for a whole match (or more depending on the size of the pellets), and is re-sealable so there is no wastage. In our own opinion, as well as other anglers’ opinions, these prepared hook pellets are the best on the market. Available in several sizes and several flavours, there is something in the range to suit all anglers’ requirements. Available in 280ml re-sealable tubs, in the following sizes & flavours:

4mm..... Natural, White Coconut, Pineapple, Red Liver, Shellfish, Black Aniseed 6mm 11mm.....Natural, Liver, Orange-Pineapple, Black Halibut, Catmeat, Strawberry



canal conund With winter approaching Fred Davis looks back at a feature written about two of Londons top canal anglers At a time of year when bites can be hard to come by on commercials some anglers are returning back to canals and are reaping the rewards, Not a conundrum for these lads When Top Class anglers get together on the bank you can rest assured sparks will fly, In an effort to stay ahead of the game practice is vital if you want to be competitive in matches, in an age where most tackle is top drawer and advice is very easy to obtain, a good standard can be achieved by most anglers in most disciplines. However what gives the better anglers that little bit extra? Attention to detail? What separates the prime Donna’s from those that actually cut the mustard? Its okay to Talk the Talk, but it’s walking the walk that truly matters! I catch up with two top class canal anglers who think hard work on the bank is more appropriate than chatting in the tackle shop, not decrying these sociable discussions which can be very informative, however most good anglers put in the leg work and get a feel for the venue they fish, getting to know the moods of the venue can be critical if you are to reap the rewards, these normally show themselves in the shape of brown envelopes filled with cash! When two top class anglers from London get together for a friendly Practice on the canal it was going to be a very lively but interesting day. Lol Breach of Oakwood has always been a canal nut and won the individual title in the Luton League, achieved in his second year of fishing the league, having won various canal team championships such as the wey navigation league, the Division three national team championships his pedigree on these boundaries is without question top drawer.





feature Phil Speakman is also another well known angler with many individual match wins and placings to his credit, Unfortunately although I was invited to fish with these two great anglers/friends I declined as someone after all has to take the photo’s, I had already started practising on canals for a forthcoming event but with both anglers applying different methods on today’s practice on the grand Union canal it was an opportunity to watch contrasting styles, I for one would rather watch than compete in the conditions we found ourselves when we arrived on the canal. Not fishing was a wise choice for as I arrived on the canal I couldn’t believe the choice of pegs that the lads had opted for, no comfortable 13 metre features like bushes to fish too, purely open water with the cold wind howling down the canal resulting in a steady drop in air and subsequently water temperature today had all the ingredients of being a really tough session, what better conditions to watch a practice in? As they would have to work at their fishing in these conditions, I always feel that watching top class canal anglers can be better than actually fishing as it helps to confirm thought patterns that you may have when it comes to feeding and sorting out the peg. I have always been an advocate of watching other anglers, although I don’t recommend copying anyone’s style, you can always incorporate different techniques into your own way of fishing to reap rewards, the loss of a days fishing for me was no big deal as I had been practising on a pound the week earlier taking advantage of the mild January conditions and had some very good bags of fish topped by a big 20lb at Boxmoor, however prior to this day we had a period of mild weather with lots of rain but today with the cold wind blowing on the Grand Union Canal


pound the lads had chosen to fish which was situated at Hemel Hempstead just below the Sainsbury’s superstore, not only was it brass monkey weather but the water had become very coloured due to the river Gade which flows in and out of the canal through most of these pounds the River Gade itself had become swollen with flood water due to the copious amounts of rain we have had in the days prior to this feature.

9 shot with 4 x 13 Preston stotz as droppers, where as the second London squatt float was a lighter rig comprising of a 4x12 float which had a spaced out bulk and again the stotz droppers to give a gentler drop for fishing lighter baits like squatt and pinkie, Lol did emphasize that although he uses these squatt floats on shallower pounds he does prefer to use La-

Cold coloured canal water, I like to practice but in these conditions? I did not envy these anglers the task in hand however the days story was about to start to unfold. Lol Breach was setting out his stall to fish with a variety of baits as his bait table included the full range of canal baits from bread punch, pinkies, squatts, maggots, casters and chopped worms, and seemed to be targeting everything that had fins, although Lol did comment that the bread punch might not be so productive due to the colour of the water which was on further, closer, examination very coloured he still felt it was worth a try, his main attack was going to be chopped worm, squatt and big maggot over the squatt line, a close inspection of his rigs revealed he is obviously a big fan of Mick Bassett floats, . Setting up 3 top kits one with a a dedicated MB chopped worm float, Lol was very enthusiastic about this float, emphasizing how with the long cane bristle the worm hook bait could be worked by lifting and dropping the bristle on the rig, he felt it was a certainty for enticing bites even on the hardest of days, the shotting pattern consisted of a bulk of no 9 shot with 2 x 10 droppers, the other two rigs were both set up with MB London squatt floats, the first float, the larger of the two, was a 4x16 and would be used for fishing maggot over squatt and had a bulk of no

timer floats on the deeper pounds of the canal.

All Lol’s rigs were made up using Ultima Power silk as he felt this line is ideally suited to canal work.

Fred Davis MatchFishing-Scene



September 2008 magazine 25



Atomic Cloud in a CAN ? Dare to make a difference GOT Atomic Cloud Never before has a bait hit the match circuit with such force! During the trials of Atomic Cloud, the anglers using it cleared up on almost every match they fished, such was the effectiveness. As the name suggests, Atomic Cloud gives a superb cloud in the water which attracts fish to it from a wide area. A cloud coming from the bottom of the venue gives off the impression to other fish that there are fish feeding, so they come in to take advantage of a ‘free meal’. Equally as effective fished in a feeder or cupped in sloppy, Atomic Cloud is only limited to the anglers thoughts and not a ‘one trick pony’ like some other additives. Due to the richness of Atomic Cloud it can also be used as a superb bait dye for changing the appearance of otherwise bland bait, as well as adding a flavour. Even specimen anglers are using this instead of liquid flavours and separate powdered dyes in their boilies, and having great success. In short, anglers that have looked at this as something they do not wish to use or a hype, have been suffering compared to others that have realised the superb benefits! Available in 250g sachets in the following flavours and colours: Red Strawberry, Green Halibut, Black Aniseed, Purple Catmeat, Yellow Pineapple, Atomic Worm



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rampage in

the kid Matchfishing-scene




In a recent interview whilst on a holiday in Cuba, our Derek said: “It’s too bruddy hot…it make me rook rike Robster, so I decide to eat Robster. Fing is, that eating Robster make me want to fry home to Manchester because I get the shits” He went on: “Then I get pole out with simple four-by-eight ligg set up to fish on deck…This make me feel like I am at home again but bruddy Robster take bait and I have to eat another…eating this much Robster has now made me rook even more pink colour even dolphins won’t swim with me now because I smell of Thermadore sauce…” Derek is now somewhere on the JCB South Lake blending into the pink surroundings with the plastic flamingos. The helicopters have been searching, and have found him nestled on one of the lakes many islands, smoking great-

china big brown roll-ups whilst wearing nothing but cut-off pyjama bottoms and an old pair of espadrilles.


chub hunters of th


With the recent capture of another river record chub from the river lea of 8lb 14oz by Gareth Spurgeon on the flood relief Channel, I must admit it did not surprise me, I have mentioned in previous articles that the river lea is an extremely large area of water encompassing not only the old and new river, (canalised) but also including all the relevant side streams and tributaries and the flood relief channel including the meads which are a vast series of 3 large lagoons which is part of the flood relief channel,

The opportunity for a fish to remain uncaught and grow to extra ordinary specimen size is there, what with the abundance of chub feed, American crayfish in abundance and plenty of hi protein baits from carp and barbel anglers the fish are without doubt getting bigger, last year I had a six pound chub virtually every week running up to the end of the season topped by a fish of 7lb 2oz in a cracking 60lb bag from the crown fishery which was good enough to win me the angling times weekly Drennan cup award, Don’t get me wrong this is not an idle boast, fish of this size are not an uncommon place amongst those who chase the chub, although the number of fish caught throughout the canalised length seemed to have reduced last year, I have chatted to numerous anglers about the various reasons why, maybe angling pressure has intensified, we no longer have moored boats on broxbourne meadow by the boathouse, obviously habitat changes occur on the river also lets face it some of these fish are old specimens and will die of old age, change is inevitable. I think it was Keith Arthur who kept mentioning on Talk Sport that the chub on the crown fishery were big and anglers had so far struggled to catch some of the monsters that lurked their, then all of a sudden anglers started to advertise their catches, it was when these reports of


big chub being caught out of the river lea that I really started to take notice, I had just started writing for Southern Angler, I was undergoing medical treatment for cancer so needed something to keep me occupied, even if it was unpaid and travelling expenses only, I remember interviewing Gary Smith Fisheries manager of the Lee Valley Regional Parks about the river and the problems with cormorants, electricity pylons, restocking policy for a feature in the mag,

matches on in the depths of winter and those that are can be peggy with fish shoaling up tight, okay for those good at drawing fliers, however the river seemed a much better option, during the first year I bumped into to Steve Fenton who was a very good match angler who has now become hooked on catching big chub and barbel from the river lea system, he tends to fish a roving style travelling light with punched crumb feeder and flake, or fishing the bomb and cheese paste, it was a big shock to see him in all the speci gear, in a korum chair, I must admit I learnt where most of the best chub swims were on the first year by following the trail of Steve’s breadcrumbs, however I had left it

At at the time Brigepal Singh had just caught a chub of over 8lb from the Crown fishery and as the fishery was right on my doorstep I decided to have a look at the river, in fact during the close season I went to carthogena weir pool and looked at all the chub in the shallow water of the weir and there were at least a hundred plus that I could see of at least 5lb + , a few snaps were taken and used by the magazine, summer came and it was dominated by match fishing in the postal & civil service matches also the inter services matches and a few festivals, needless to say when winter came comp’s had all but ceased, I started to walk the tow paths of the river lea to see if I could learn the location of any chub swims and info on how to catch etc, their wasn’t many

late and did not start fishing the river until February. The same year I made a few friends of some of the lads who have fished it for some time, Brigepal Singh is very good angler on the waggler and was most helpful it was using these tactics that gave him the biggest fish out of the canalised section that I have heard of, the 8lb fish one amongst a few caught on the day,


he river lea In fact rumour was rife that Brige was using a special additive on his maggots such was his catching prowess at the time, he told me sometimes he would add some turmeric and spices if he remembered as it helped degrease the maggots it was whatever he had to hand at home! Nothing magical, the truth is that Brige is a superb waggler angler, you can’t beat skill, it’s really that simple,

The same year I made a few friends of some of the lads who have fished it for some time, Brigepal Singh is very good angler on the waggler and was most helpful it was using these tactics that gave him the biggest fish out of the canalised section that I have heard of, the 8lb fish one amongst a few caught on the day, In fact rumour was rife that Brige was using a special additive on his maggots such was his catching prowess at the time, he told me sometimes he would add some turmeric and spices if he remembered as it helped degrease the maggots it was whatever he had to hand at home! Nothing magical, the truth is that Brige is a superb waggler angler, you can’t beat skill, it’s really that simple,

he has already had a brace of chub both over 6lb biggest 6lb 14oz. When I first started fishing the river it was the search for a 5lb fish that really got me hooked on the place, I had not caught a 5 lb chub but managed that and fish to over 6 lb which really gave me a buzz in my first season on the river. The following season I was after a seven, and a few of the lads I chatted to had caught fish of that size but I was to be bitterly disappointed as I could not even muster a 6 lb fish, yet last year I had a fantastic season catching loads of fish over 6lb topped by my best so far of 7lb 2oz, at first it was chasing a target weight that appealed to me as well as the fact that these big fish are something special, but as time has gone by I have realised that it’s the rivers community of anglers that fish the Crown that make it special,

However anglers would come up to Brige and try to guess what additive he was using on his maggots not believing he caught because he’s very good at the method he uses, preferring to think his success was down to a secret bait ingredient. Clive who fishes mainly at weekends with Brige is also a regular holds the largest number of big chub caught in any one session on the canalised section and is another superb waggler angler not surprising Brige and Clive are good mates, most of the regular anglers prefer to use the three and half AA Drennan merge wagglers including myself, Paul Fromet is also another regular who has the knack of catching big bream bags from the river up to over 80lb, he has just started his winter campaign and I was informed

George Dyer walks the river on most days and has been a godsend in helping me to weigh and witness virtually all my chub, and most of the regulars chub as well , George who is in his seventies used to an avid angler but no longer fishes, but takes his camera and gets just as much fun from being a part of the river scene, as we do fishing, Terry Rose is also another common site walking his dogs along the river

and is no slouch when it comes to fishing the waggler an ex Defiant mobile match angler he’s even got me at it! “Side casting” under far bank trees You see the initial drive to catch a really big chub has been overtaken by the friendliness of the local angling and non angling community, not saying the competitive element has gone because we are all after big fish, other anglers have also made their mark Auction Harry Wilson, is one of the quietest anglers to fish but another angler who has caught fish to over 7lb, Harry got his nickname be me as he has been seen in the crowd shots on a regular basis on several of the TV programmes involving auctions such as “Flog it”, the amount of joe public that have said to him (whilst I have been sitting on the grass chatting and watching him fish) I’ve seen you somewhere then remember the particular TV programme is unreal, he has even done a few bit’s as an expert for TV but so far they have not been used! Neil Collier is a younger lad who mainly spins on the river for chub perch and pike is one of the few anglers who has caught chub to over 7 lb on both the spinner and waggler as well as his fair share of fish on the crumb feeder, however he caught a real leviathan in a monster perch which he has kindly shown me a photograph of and I mean a monster, the trouble is he didn’t want the publicity, I can understand locals not wanting to publicise what they catch as it increases the pressure on a fishery which inevitably makes the fishing harder.

Fred Davis MatchFishing-Scene



Holgan Farm



June 2010 sees the inaugural MFS festival at Holgan Farm Fishery in Pembrokeshire. The fishery is owned and run by former world champion Ian Heaps. Set in the secluded Welsh countryside the mature fishery boasts a collection of beautiful plants and shrubs within its landscaped grounds. The fishing consists of 3 lakes, each with its own distinct character and fish stocks.

you hook one the large carp which are also present, as they invariably head for the cover of the lilies.

The first lake you see on arrival is the main Carp Lake. This is the biggest of the 3 lakes and is stocked mainly with carp, though there are also plenty of crucian/brown goldfish along with Tench and orfe. Roach and bream are not stocked in this lake, leaving the angler free to target the larger specimens without being bothered too much by small nuisance fish. The carp in this lake run big and you can expect several fish well over 10lb during a day’s fishing. There are 3 islands to fish to and depths range from 4 - 8 feet and the lake is known for its underwater features such as shallow ramps and bars, so careful plumbing is a must . Below the carp lake is the match lake. This is the deepest of the lakes at around 8 - 9 feet and has a large central island with bays opposite the pegs. The lake widens out at one end and there are 2 sunken islands in this area. Stocking is again mainly carp well into double figures , with some fish being especially handsome specimens. There are plenty of other species in this lake and this is the only lake on the complex to feature stocks of roach and bream. At the far end of the complex is the tench lake , which as you might expect is stocked with plenty of Tench, though over time the crucians have come to dominate and this gives a whole new set of fishing challenges to the other lakes , in that anglers need to adjust tackle and tactics to tempt these, at times, shy biting fish. The lake is 6 feet deep with the main feature being a huge sunken island which is densely planted with lilies. This can be interesting should

Festival Details A deposit of £65 is required to book your place. Total costs are £300 for accommodation and grub plus £120 for peg fees and pools. The dates are Sat 26th June 2010 to Fri 2nd July inclusive. We have a limited number of single rooms and some twins, rooms will be allocated on first come first served basis, We will be based at the Plas Hyfryd Hotel, Narberth. This is a 3 star hotel about 10 mins drive from the fishery. There is a large function room where the 3 course evening meal will be served and a bar area for late night blarney. The management have kindly agreed to give over a good sized downstairs room for tackle storage. There are 21 beds here, mostly twins, but some will be single occupancy of a double room.Having looked the place over earlier in the week I can say it is very nice, lots of polished wooden floors and leather chesterfields about the place. We also have 9 beds at Hlgan farm (twins plus 1 triple bed)

are not kipping at the Plas Hyfryd (or within 2 mins walk) you will be taxied from your digs to the hotel and back at the end of the night by the Plas Hyfryd f.o.c.Cost for 7 nights (Sat. 26th June 2010 onwards) B&B plus 3 course evening meal (includes a slap up feast following the presentation) is £300. The fishing will be rotated around the 3, 30 peg, lakes at Holgan, following the existing format of the fisheries festivals, whereby the first match day will determine the order you fish the lakes. The first day is not a festival points scoring day. It is an intermediate match day on the lake you will fish on the first festival day proper. Monday is festival day 1, Tuesday is an intermediate match on your second lake followed by festival day 2 on the Wednesday. Thursday is intermediate day on your last lake and the final festival point’s day is on the Friday. There is, of course, the option to have 6 ‘full on’ festival days. This however, will fall nicely into the hands of us locals! Not only that, but the intermediate days allow for a few proper late nights without blowing your chances for the week, or the opportunity to take a day off and take in some of the outstanding natural beauty of Pembrokeshire countryside and coast ( yea , right !! ) I imagine that we will all sit down to dinner at the same time of an evening, but that is still to be decided. I can say however that following the presentation Ian Heaps will provide us with an after dinner speaker of the highest order. Ian has agreed to provide us with an evening of yarns and witty repartee to round off the week. So, there you have it ! A week to end all weeks Bring it on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duffman “Pete Edwards” MatchFishing-Scene

This is 4 star accommodation on the fishery. We also have enough very local b&b’s lined up (one is 3 doors down from the Plas Hyfryd) to cope with more than enough anglers. If you


MFS festival

StickyFrog Images Pembrokeshire Fish Week 2009 Has been a resounding success and FBM Holidays are proud to have played a small part in the festivities by sponsoring the coarse fishing contest at Holgan Fisheries under the auspices of ex-world champion Ian Heaps. For full details, visit Ian’s website. The dates for Pembrokeshire Fish Week in 2010 are Saturday 26th June to Sunday 3rd July, so start making plans now for the 11th Pembrokeshire Fish Week.

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box-waz MAVER MX3500 Seatbox Without question the star of the MX range. The unbelievable MX3500 offers the looks, style and performance normally associated with seat boxes costing in excess of £800, yet does it all for less than £350. Clearly a recipe for success, initial demand has been simply phenomenal. Featuring a shallow cross drawer and winder tray beneath the padded pole seat, plus two further winder trays and two front drawers on the removable base unit. The vivid green frame certainly makes this box stand out from the crowd, and has independent height adjustment, meaning that anglers can raise the seat height without the need to purchase further trays. The free-flow, non-slip industrial strength cassette footplate utilizes wheels, ensuring smooth usage every time. Telescopic legs all round provide the perfect stable base. New leg blocks have been introduced for 2010, giving a far stronger and more stable fitting than ever before. The inclusion of three spirit levels ensures perfect levelling, critical when pole fishing at longer lengths. The ergonomically designed handwheels allow simple adjustment even in the coldest weather. Transportation of today’s seatboxes is critical and by including a bespoke wheel system and barrow arms in the package price you have the perfect integrated solution at no additional cost. Weight: 19.5kg Padded pole seat Winder tray 1 x Shallow cross drawer Removable base unit 2 x Front drawers 2 x Additional Winder Trays Heavy duty free-flow footplate 6 x Telescopic legs Trolley System Padded Shoulder strap Swivel mudfeet 3 x Spirit levels Quick release hinges that allow access to the box from the back and the front.



Frenzee Luggage - First Im

Style........ The luggage supplied is in my opinion very smart and stands out without being over the top and gaudy. All items are mainly black with orange piping, white panels and the frenzee logo in white or orange.

to the bank just in case, so for me the pole fills all six spaces in the main compartment. Each tube is strapped down individually with a Velcro strap and secured at the base in a pouch for each tube. These pouches are a little tight for some of my tubes, but they do go in and hold the tubes tightly. The zip is full length on the main compartment so you can open it right out for access.

Quality and Durability...... l items are made out of what appears to be tough material that should last the test of time which we shall see how it compares with what I have been using for the last 4 years. On first inspection of the rod bag, the zips look good and strong as does the stitching although I did express doubts as to how long the Velcro tube fastening straps inside would stay attached, again time will tell. The holdall is again well made, the clips holding the strap on look tough as do the zips and all other clips. Practicality....... Rod Bag – Although a little smaller in terms of stated tube capacity (it will take 6 tubes.) than I am used to I have managed to get all I require in there. I tend to sort out what I need for the up coming match/session before I go rather than carry everything I own


There is a second pouch on the front of the bag, this is a nice big pouch, I have put my landing net handle plus a spare in there plus a couple of bank sticks and a couple of tubes with a waggler rod and feeder rod. The pocket is not long enough to take full length tubes but ones shortened down for holding rods go in there lovely. Finally there are 2 ready rod sleeves, both are well padded and are long enough to take my 11.6 suveran made up which I have previously had problems with in other ready rod sleeves. These go on to the rod bag via a pouch at the base and 2 straps

that clip over the sleeves, I would prefer them to clip on individually but the straps are adjustable so still secure the sleeves properly. My only gripe

with the rod sleeve is that they are not rigid, I have had rods damaged in soft rod sleeves before and I am reluctant to use this type of sleeve again because of that. Carryall – The carryall is plenty big enough, with the main body divided up into 3 compartments. 1 zip up compartment appears to have been designed for side trays etc... This now holds 2 side trays, top kit roost and a couple of landing net heads. The main compartment is plenty big enough to house bait, bait boxes, reels and waterproofs. And the last compartment is designed to carry keepnets in a supplied bag that slots into it. Seeing as I now carry all my nets in a waterproof bag I have taken to putting my pole rollers in this front pocket, which it swallows 2 of them with space to spare. As I mentioned, there is a supplied keepnet stinkbag. It’s very well designed with 2 separate pouches, and both lined to prevent leaking. For the winter this will be great where I am only likely to need 2 keepnets but many of the venue’s I visit in the summer require 3 or more nets so this will get less use through the warmer months.


mpressions The net bag is a little on the tight side mind, I can just about squeeze my carp net in one side and with a little pushing and poking I can only just get the zips done up. Conclusion....... First impressions are that I really like this luggage, yes it does have a few points that I don’t like but they are most personal rather than a bad point against the luggage itself. It’s well made and looks good, and hopefully will prove that it’s been made to last over the next year. What I would like to see to make this a more complete luggage, is the availability of rigid rod sleeves and possibly the option of a larger rod holdall taking more than 6 tubes for the summer when you need more or

Your Local Stockist The Frenzee range is available from a number of retail outlets and also from on-line shops. Acomb Tackle - York Bankside Tackle - Sheffield Bag Up Angling - Sheffield Bob Co Tackle - Leeds Brian Deans Tackle - Essex Chambers Paul - Wakefield Climax Tackle - Sheffield Compleat Angler - Hull D’N’A Tackle - London Doncaster f/c - Doncaster Fishbasket - Hull Jonah’s - Doncaster J.T Rogers - Leeds

are going away for a few days fishing and don’t want to leave anything at home. The net bag could do with being a little larger so I can get my nets in easier and with the nature of many fishery’s now it would make sense to have a bag that will take 3 or even 4 keepnets.

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