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thinking, “Could the flash sale model work for home?” H ow did you m e e t A li s o n ?

S: I needed a partner that understood marketing and digital media to complement my merchandising skills. A mutual friend introduced me to Alison by email and we began corresponding. She was living in San Francisco. We were so energized and there seemed to be great chemistry. It was like a blind date. I joke that I’ve had two great blind dates in my life -- my husband and Ali. T oo fu n n y. W h e n did you fi n ally meet in person?

S: Eventually, Ali got on a plane. I had

to google her to see what she looked like to pick her up at the airport! Sometimes things are just meant to be. We talked all day. We kept brainstorming. She went home and we came up with a game plan. D id your hu s ba n d s w e igh i n o n th e v e n tur e ?

S: Ali’s husband gave us a great piece of advice. He said, “You need to move as fast as you can so you’ll be first to market with a vertical for home.” My husband also gave us a good piece of advice. He said, “Just make sure whatever you do is authentic. It will resonate through the brand.” We’ve been able to execute both those things. D id you rai s e mo n e y ? H ow did you g e t s tart e d ?



Matchbook Magazine, October 2013  
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