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2018 Product Catalog

About Us Our mission is to design lighter and more practical equiment for every environment. Our personal experiences involving continued operations in multiple theaters have lead to our basic foundation- OUNCES EQUAL POUNDS and LIGHTER WARRIORS ARE FASTER WARRIORS. We constantly strive to provide our warriors with the most effective and efficient gear possible. We are also very proud to say that all MATBOCK products are designed and manufactured in the United States of America. If you have interest in any of our gear or any questions for our team, please reach out to us at any of the means below. We look forward to talking with you! 1164 Millers Lane Suite D Virginia Beach, VA 23451

(757) 838- 6659

Lift System

LIGHTWEIGHT INTEGRATED FIELD TRANSPORT (LIFT) SYSTEM S-LIFT Add Combat Carbon Carbon Poles Semi-Rigid Litter The S-LIFT can be used alone as a soft stretcher weighing only 10 oz. Total Weight: 3.5 lbs Carrying Capacity 400 lbs.

Lift Ladder For Assault and RECCE Teams Total Weight: 4.975 lbs Carrying Capacity: 400 lbs. Scaling & Bridging Height: 7.5 ft.

S-LIFT BAG PN: 490050

Sensitive site exploitation or casualty collection mulitpurpose bag. Total Weight: 10 oz. Volume 4222 cubic in.

Lift Coupler Combines Combat Carbon Poles to create a 15 ft. or 22.5 ft. extension pole attaching 2 or 3 poles end to end for use as an extension pole to attach climbing ladders for higher climbs. Total Weight: 5.5 oz Total Length: 8 in.

PN: 490029

R-LIFT Fully Rigid Litter Lightest Rigid combat stretcher on the market with integrated hypothermia and head control. Total Weight: 6.5 lbs. Carrying Capacity: 400 lbs.


Soft (S)-Lift PN: AMTC-C1207-FG

The S-lift is a lightweight multipurpose bag for SSE or Casualty Care Collection complete with a drawstring and carrying strap that doubles as a easily transformable soft medical litter. Key Features

Vacuum Sealed S-Lift

Multipurpose Bag (zipped)

- Weight: 10 ozs. - Maximum Carry Capacity: 400 lbs. - Unzipped Dimensions: 6.5 ft x 29 in - 4,400 in3 capacity when used as multipurpose bag. - Comes vacuum sealed for easy storage. - 10 carrying handles for use as a soft stretcher additional available components Combat Carbon Poles PN: AMTC-K1206-BL

Lift COupler PN: 490029

Lift Ladder

Soft Litter (unzipped)

PN: 490050


US PATENT: US9610204B1

rigid (r)-Lift PN: AMTC-k1272-mc

The R-Lift is a lightweight, easily deployable rigid litter that is designed with a compact size for easy storage and transport. It is easily assembled with only 1 person and the kit comes with a backpack carrying case and a set of Combat Carbon Poles.

Key Features - Weight: 6.5 lbs. - Maximum Carry Capacity: 400 lbs. - High Strength neoprene coated nylon material that is abrasion resistant and easy to clean. - Designed with integrated head straps and stabalization pillow as well as a integrated replaceable emergency blanket.

r-lift packaged with carrying bag and combat carbon poles

additional available components Fully Deployed r-Lift

Lift COupler PN: 490029

Lift Ladder PN: 490050

Folded R-Lift Litter


US PATENT: US9610204B1

Rescue (R)-Lift PN: AMTC-K1272-MC

Backpack case with Rescue Lift and Combat Carbon Poles

The Rescue (R) Lift is a fully rigid litter and backpack designed in rescue orange color for backcountry rescue operations. It includes an inflatable head pillow and head straps for head and neck stabilization. Load rated patient securing straps are also designed for hoist operations. Also included is an integrated and replaceable emergency blanket. Assembly is fast an easy with only 1 person required.The included backpack carrying case features both shoulder and waist straps for easy securing.

Key Features - Weight: 6.5 lbs. - Maximum Carry Capacity: 400 lbs. - Backpack carrying case included - Comes with one set of combat carbon poles included

additional available components combat carbon poles PN: AMTC-K1206-BL Fully Deployed Rescue Lift System

Lift Coupler PN: 490029

Lift Ladder PN: 490050


US PATENT: US9610204B1

Jungle (J)-Lift PN: R1219-CY

Fully Deployed J-Lift (No Poles

The Jungle (J) lift is both a soft and semi rigid stretcher when used with combat carbon poles and is designed for jungle environments. It features 5 carrying handles on each side with reinforced nylon webbing straps. Additionally the J-lift can easily be used as a hammock.

Key Features - Weight: 1.5 lbs. - Maximum Carry Capacity: 400 lbs. - High Strength neoprene coated nylon material that is abrasion resistant and easy to clean. - Dimensions: 6.5 ft. x 33 in.

additional available components J-LIFT Carrying Case PN: K1332-CY

Combat Carbon Poles PN: AMTC-K1206-BL

Lift COupler J-LIFT with Combat Carbon Poles (Sold Separately)

PN: 490029

Lift Ladder PN: 490050



Folded Combat Carbon Poles

Our lightweight carbon fiber poles are 7ft. 6.25in. long when fully assembled and are held together with bungee. Each pole has a diameter of 1.25 inches and collapses into 5 sections that are 21.25in long each. Poles are sold as a pair with MOLLE mounting straps for attachment to gear. Poles work with S-LIFT, RLIFT, J-LIFT, LIFT LADDER, and LIFT COUPLER. Weight: 2.8 lbs. per pair total. Additional Available Components LIFT Coupler PN: 490029

LIFT Ladder PN: 490050 Extended Poles Used in Lift Ladder (Ladder Sold Separately)

Extended Poles Used in J-LIFT (J-LIFT Sold Separately)



Lift Ladder Designed for Assault and RECCE Teams, the ladder deploys quickly over the combat carbon poles (sold seperately). Built for scaling and brdiging operations. Total Weight: 4.975 lbs. Carrying Capacity: 400 lbs. Scaling & Bridging PN: 490050

Lift Coupler Combines Combat Carbon Poles to create a 15ft. or 22.5ft extension pole attaching 2 or 3 poles end to end for use as an extension pole to attach climbing ladders for higher climbs. Total Weight: 5.5 oz.


PN: 490029

Carriers & Pouches

Berserker Plate Carrier

At only 14 ounces, the MATBOCK Berserker Plate Carrier is the lightest carrier on the market with both internal side plate and dual comms pouches. Made from MATBOCK Ghost and Ghost Lite materials, it is not only lightweight, but also completely waterproof. Additionally, because the Ghost materials conduct heat away from the body, the operator will stay cooler during combat operations. The carrier comes with shoulder pads and a waist expansion strap and fits ESAPI, SAPI, and Swimmer Cut Plates.

Available Colors


Purchasing options SMALL/MEDIUM PN: V1157-MC-SM LARGE PN: V1157-MC-L X-LARGE PN: V1157-MC-XL


Berserker Quantum Plate Carrier The Quantum was developed for operators who don't always need their plates. The transitional ability of the kit allows the gear to stay the same regardless of the plates being attached or not and keeps critical comms equipment attached as well. Using the MATBOCK Ghost Material this carrier is not only tough, but also extremely lightweight at only 16 oz with both internal side plate pouches and internal comms pouches. The carrier is not only waterproof as well, but also transfers body heat rapidly, creating a radiator on the operator's chest and back to keep him or her cooler. Steps to transition:

1) Remove the pins in the shoulder release system 2) Unbuckle the right (or left) rear buckle 3) Slightly lift the right (or left) cummerbund and pull plates down while separating the Rhodesian and reattach and tighten rear strap. Carrier includes:

- Shoulder pads and a waist extension strap. - Fits SAPI, ESAP, and Swimmer Cut Plates Purchasing options SMALL/MEDIUM


PN: K1306-MC-1

PN: K1306-MC-3



PN: K1306-MC-2

Berserker Minimalist Plate Carrier The MATBOCK Berserker Minimalist Plate Carrier is designed to carry soft armor level IIIA Plates. At only 8 ounces, it is lightest carriage system for soft plates with a load rated drag handle on the market and incorportated MOLLE attachment on the front, back, and sides. The carrier also features optional velcro across the chest and back for custom identification signs (Fire, Medic, Police, etc...).

Available Colors


Purchasing options Berserker Minimalist PN: 1372-MC


Backdraft Medical Pack

The MATBOCK Backdraft Medical Pack offers quick access to medical support designed for small teams with quick access to higher levels of care. It is made from MATBOCK Ghost and Ghost Lite Materials and is designed to mount to the back of your carrier. Release straps attach to the side panels of your plate carrier for easy access to both internal compartments. The system has two compartments mounted on the back, initially designed to separate airway management and hemorrhage control.

Available Colors


Purchasing options Backdraft Medical Pack PN: 1514-MC


Reaper Hunt Kit Pouches




PN: P1533-MC

MATBOCK pouches are designed with both GHOST and GHOST LITE materials to both reduce weight and increase durability. Patent Pending MATBOCK TAB System is used to secure to both laser cut and traditional MOLLE attachment systems.

PN: P1536-MC Available Colors



Reaper Hunt Kit pouches

Large Multipurpose Hunt Pouch

Small Multipurpose hunt Pouch

PN: P1537-MC

Main Hunt Pouch with Integrated Hand Warmer PN: V1174-MC

PN: P1535-MC

MATBOCK pouches are designed with both GHOST and GHOST LITE materials to both reduce weight and increase durability. Patent Pending MATBOCK TAB System is used to secure to both laser cut and traditional MOLLE attachment systems. Available Colors



Berserker Pouches

Single Stack Mag Pouch PN: P1515-MC

Double Stack mag Pouch with Single Mag Retention PN: P1516-MC

Triple mag kangaroo pouch PN: P1519-MC

Made from MATBOCK Ghost and Ghost Lite materials, these pouches are the lightest and strongest pouches built for your carrier. All pouches attach via the Patent Pending TAB System laser cut into the Tegris backing to reduce weight and bulk on the operator. Available color Options

Admin Pouch Multicam

PN: P1517-MC

Multipurpose Pouch (Closed and Open) PN: P1520-MC


Gunner Station Pouch and Panel The Gunner Station Pouch and Panel are a great product for any mounted machine gun position. The panel easily secures to the platform frame or turret using 550 cord, allowing the gunner to customize their pouch with critical tools like a pry-bar, lights, and CLP to name a few. Understanding that fixing a down machine gun on any platform is crucial to the unit's survivability, we build in retractable lanyards giving the operator comfort in knowing their tools are safe to let go once the malfunction has been cleared. Key Features - Waterproof / durable Ghost Material construction. - Quickly attach / detach the pouch from the panel with MATBOCK's Tabs. - Two saltwater resistant lanyards. Purchasing Options Gunner Station Panel PN: S1664-MC

Gunner Station Pouch PN: 1494-MC


Gunner Station Pouch and 1 Panel PN: MB-GUNNER Gunner Station Kit (2 Pouches, 1 Panel) PN: K1325-MC

Tree-Go Izlid Pouch

The Tree-Go Izlid Pouch was specifically designed by JTACs for JTACs to carry the BE Meyers Izlid Ultra or 1000P. Its simple, lightweight design ensures the Izlid remains securely stowed when not in use while still allowing for one handed extraction. For retention, it features a 60lb breakstrength RT4 gear keeper. RT4 Gear Keeper

The Tree-Go Izlid Pouch is available in both velcro or molle attachment and with or without retention.

Available color Options

Molle Attachment

Velcro Attachment





IFAK Pouches

Single Pull Shield Pouch Single Pull Shield Pouch Our Single Pull Shield Pouch is made from Ghost and Ghost Lite materials and is built to hold one PHOKUS Research Group Shield IFAK. With just a pull of the pouch's tab, the IFAK is drawn halfway out of the pouch for easy access during operations. PN: P1524-MC Rapid Deployment (RID) Pouch

Rapid IFAK Depoloyment (RID Pouch)

Designed for active shooter and mass casualty operations, the MATBOCK Rapid IFAK Deployment Pouch carries 7 IFAKs internally and the MATBOCK J-LIFT attached to the top, or 5 IFAKs and the MATBOCK S-LIFT internally. It features easy access for the first responder via 2 side openings and can be attached via MOLLE or worn on waist or cross chest via a strap system. PN: P1521-TA


Amphibian Kit

The MATBOCK Amphibian kit combines 2 of the 3 mission critical components for survival, air and water, into one system. It features an Aqua Lung Survival Egress Air (SEA) bottle with a 27 inch hose and 2nd stage low pressure regulator, and a Platypus 1.8 L hose with tan insulated tube, bite valve, and bite valve cover.The side zipper pocket is sized to carry the MATBOCK S-LIFT.

Available Colors



Purchasing options Amphibian Kit (includes Aqua Lung air bottle, pouch, and bladder.) PN: AMTC-K1231- MC/CY Pouch and Bladder PN: AMTC-K1231- MC/CY Pouch Alone PN: AMTC-P1388-MC/CY


Bags & Packs

Emergency Medical Aviators Bag PN: C1352-MC

The Emergency Medical Aviators Bag is made from Matbock Ghost and Ghost Lite Materials to protect contents from aircraft fluids that can be damaging to many materials. It features a quick access "dump pouch" for E&E scenarios and zippers can be secured to bag for inventory control purposes.

Key Features - Stowable shoulder straps to reduce snag hazards while pack is mounted to the aircraft frame. - Reinforced caribiner attachment points for connection to aircraft during flight operations. - Expandable 8" compartment to increase storage capability.

Available Colors



1-Day Assault Pack PN: P1550-MC

The 1-Day Assault Pack is made of our MATBOCK Ghost Lite material making the pack extremely lightweight and water resistant with YKK Uretek zippers on all pouches. The main pouch is designed to hold a PRC-117G radio with a small admin pouch on the inside as well. The top of the main pouch features two antenna ports with a waterproof seal for cables that can be closed off when not in use. The shoulder yoke system is adjustable vertically to accommodate plates and any other gear possibly mounted on the back. Side pouches are large enough to hold a standard nalgene water bottle with compression straps and bungee closures at the top. The upper pouch also contains a secondary stored main pouch that doubles the capacity of the bag. This secondary bag folds open and is lined on the inside with velcro offering a great storage space for extra med kit, SSE collected on target, or even just an extra puffy layer. Weight: 1.9 lbs Available Colors



matbock mr. dry 2.0 PN: mr-dry-option

One amazing frame and 6 incredible bags! An expansion to the MATBOCK MR. Dry Bag line, comes the MR. Dry Bag 2.0 series. Whether you’re conducting water or land operations, the new MR. Dry 2.0 is the perfect solution. Utilizing the Mystery Ranch NICE frame as the backbone, the MR. Dry 2.0 offers unmatched versatility for everything from 3 day packs to expedition packs. With 3 different sizes, it fully waterproofs your entire pack line and even incorporates an oral inflation valve for buoyancy control. If the mission requires it, take the outer waterproof shells off and attached the Mystery Ranch NICE frame directly to the internal pack. The beauty of this seamless integration is that finally your internal pack can stay configured exactly the same way for any missions. Less re-configuring gear and less time dealing with a dry bag that doesn’t work with you

Key Features - Full support Mystery Ranch NICE frame for even the heaviest loads - Instant access to full assault pack - Integrated oral inflation tube - Dive capable to 150 ft - Reinforced bottom panels - Interchangeable strapping system compatible with both 3/4" and 1" webbing and buckle systems. All bags come with sets for both configurations

Purchasing Options Option


With Internal Pack


Without Internal Pack


Black Grey

Size Small Medium Large



OsteoFX Cast System

The OsteoFX Cast System is a quick application casting system that is specially designed for quick and easy application and is well suited for both clinic and field situations. The cast system is easier to use than current traditional systems, is available at the same cost, and also reduces some of the risks involved with current technologies. The application method is simple and can be fully completed in a matter of minutes. It is available in multiple sizes to accomodate all needs from infant to adult and from a finger to a femur! Available color Options - Extremely fast application process - Fully submersible in water - Reduced risk of over-tightening -Radiolucent materials for radiography without the need for cast removal. Available Sizing


Air Operations

Matt "Maddog" Mason M3 Skyfins PN: AMTC-S1462

The Matt "Maddog" Mason M3 Skyfins use civilian skydiving technology and apply it to a military requirement. The Skyfins attach to pants with exposed kneepads and provide more power to your legs for quicker response with smaller input during free fall and the ability to track farther. Quickly detach and transform into a VS-17 signal panel.

available Colors Front View

Kneepad Attachment

Flexing View Multicam



* Please indicate your size when ordering based on the chart at right.

Flying View


Constrictor Cargo System


The MATBOCK Constrictor Cargo system is a one net system for the XX63L pallet that is fully adjustable up to a 96" height. The system was designed to reduce not only personnel but the time required to secure gear to the pallet systems. It features ratchets for mechanical advantage with minimal failure points. Included is an attached self-storage system with easily identifiable sides and conveniently located carrying handles. Minimal maintenance and personnel are required for assembly


US PATENT 8,641,340

Constrictor Cargo System Application PN: AMTC-S1363-TN

Application Step 1: Align the system on top of the cargo load. Open the flaps and allow nets to drape over cargo.

Application Step 2: Tighten the horizontal straps.

Application Step 1: Tighten the vertical straps.


US Patent: 8,641,340



The Patent Pending MATBOCK Skins are a multilayer adhesive/fabric laminate designed to give the user the ability to camouflage any surface desired. The Skins are waterproof and oil resistant, can be reused multiple times and are certified Near IR Compliant. The MATBOCK Helmet skins are laser cut specifically for the helmet types and sizes below. For additional types, please email us at Color Availability


Helmet Availability


Peltor Skins PN: MB-PEL-MC

The Patent Pending MATBOCK Skins are a multilayer adhesive/fabric laminate designed to give the user the ability to camouflage any surface desired. The Skins are waterproof and oil resistant, can be reused multiple times and are certified Near IR Compliant. These Skins are designed and laser cut specifically for the 3M Peltor Comtac III Series Hearing and Communication units.

Color Availability



MATBOCK Stowaway Robot

Able to climb steel hull ships of any freeboard. Climb 90 feet in less than 1 minute. Carry and attach carbon fiber hookup for ladders. Single man portable, waterproof and dive capable. Wireless video transmission to operator. Quad directional once attached to ship. Contact us for more details!



TARSIER ECLIPSE The MATBOCK Tarsier Eclipse provides the ability to see objects at all distances without adjusting focus on the night vision goggles. Infinitely variable from open to close to allow the optimal amount of light into the goggles and maintain autofocus capability. Clear front Corning Gorilla Glass including 2 replaceable sacrificial lenses to prevent debris from entering the device and protecting the objective lens of the NVG. Normal NVG Focused to 100 feet

Each unit comes with a lanyard for securing the Tarsier Ecliplse to NVGs. Compatible with: PVS-6, PVS-7, PVS-9, PVS-14, PVS-23 (PN: 880021-1) Compatible with: AN/PVS-15, AN/PVS-18, AN/PVS-31, GPNVG (PN: 880021-2) NAVAIR APPROVED

NVG with Tarsier Eclipse

PN: 880021-NAVAIR Contains 2x Tarsier Eclipses compatible with ANVIS-9 and the Tarsier Eclipse cleaning kit with additional sacrificial lens. GROUND UNIT BINOCULARS PN: 880022-GROUND Contains 2x Trarsier Eclipses compatible with PVS-31 and the Tarsier Eclipse cleaning kit with additional sacrificial lens.




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- 0 Calories / 0 Sugar - 1/3 of the ingredients of most canned energy drinks - 100% Recommended Daily Value of Vitamins B3, B6, and B12 - No jitters or crash - Shipping available to all APO/AE addresses

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