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Optimized Quality and Increased Productivity at The Same Time With eltromat’s iPQ_solutions iPQ_solutions (increasing Productivity and Quality solutions) created by eltromat approaches these two aspects perfectly. Systems for quality measurement and control have become a must-have in order to meet the increasing customer requirements in the printing industry. As we all know that high quality must be King, but not at the expense of higher product cost. Thus, it is important to increase productivity at the same time in order to remain competitive. iPQ_solutions (increasing Productivity and Quality solutions) created by eltromat approaches these two aspects perfectly. iPQ in its modular design approach allows the combination of web viewing, 100% inspection, spectral color measurement and workflow solutions integrated as never before. Since 2010 almost 600 iPQ_solutions have been successfully installed worldwide. This modular solution is quite efficient because the customer only buys the hardware solution to what his needs require. To begin with, a web viewing system with sample inspection might be sufficient for today’s production but, the system can easily be upgraded to 100% inspection without having to buy and install a whole new system. This means simply that investing today into an iPQ solution is a low risk and future-proof decision. Operators love the simple to use and centrally controlled (via one HMI) common workstation. The name is not the only new thing: The web viewing platform “webvideo_star”, which has been well-established in the market since 2008, has become even more flexible and powerful with its new operation system. The system can be extended with different modules or, if required, it can be upgraded to a twin_check, the world’s first 100% inspection system with integrated web viewing. With twin_check 2.0 eltromat now presents the next generation of 100% inspection systems. This system will be introduced at the LabelExpo 2013 in Brussels. The new RGB


eltromat looks back at first successful installations of inline color measurement line-scan cameras come with triple line sensors with 4096 pixels each and a line frequency of 85 MHz. This means that the camera output signal is no longer interpolated, which results in a much better resolution and image quality. Another improvement has been achieved with regard to the illumination. The development was focused on special requirements of package printing, so that now even reflective materials can be inspected without annoying false alarms. Even with its enhanced performance, twin_check 2.0 is considerably smaller and lighter. Therefore, less space is required within the printing press and the integration is much simpler. Additionally, the camera module can be mounted either horizontally or vertically – as required for the most efficient installation.

The subject of spectral color measurement has gained a lot of importance in recent years. inco_check provides fast and exact real-time measurements of all color values over the whole production progress. This allows for early adjustments in case of color problems and the further reduction of waste. inco_check, like all eltromat systems, can be integrated flexibly into the system as part of the individual iPQ_solution. iPQ_solutions is completed by various workflow solutions, because finding errors reliably is only half the battle. Workflow solutions provided by eltromat especially support the error removal phase in subsequent processing steps. It is important to note that information gathered on errors can also be used to improve processes since error prevention always beats error detection and correction.

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