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Aumüller firmasının baskı ve baskı sonrası sorumlusu olan Volker Dollinger, Stahlfolder TX 82’den oldukça memnun. Makine üretim hacmini iki katına çıkarmış durumda. Volker Dollinger, who is in charge of the print shop and postpress activities at Aumüller, is very happy with the Stahlfolder TX 82. The machine virtually doubled the folding output right away.


up with the increases in output achieved in the pressroom,” explains Dollinger. The company already has ten folding machines, most of them Stahlfolder, along with two saddlestitchers – a Stitchmaster ST 100 and an ST 400 – and an adhesive binder. Both press and postpress operations take place in three shifts. Minimal makeready times and straightforward operation

Stahlfolder TX 82 kolay kullanımı ile şu anda sadece iki makine ile uzun süre geçerliliğini koruyacak sabit bir baskı sistem oluşturdu. Der Stahlfolder TX 82 is easy to use and folding now is done with just two units that no longer need to be converted and form a fixed system entity. Sadece geçtiğimiz yıl içerisinde firmanın 130 çalışanı, 75x105 cm ebadındaki toplamda 52 ünite-

lik Speedmaster XL 105 makineleri ile 180 milyon tabaka baskı gerçekleştirmiştir. Over the past year alone, Druckerei Aumüller has produced over 180 million sheets on six Speedmaster XL presses in the 75 x 105 centimeter (29.53 x 41.34 inch) format with a total of 52 printing units.

Aumüller Matbaası’nda çoğu Stahlfolder olmak üzere on adet katlama makinesi bulunmaktadır. At Druckerei Aumüller there are already ten folding machines working in the Postpress operation, most of them Stahlfolder.

The specially coordinated operating concept of the entire Stahlfolder TX 82 system minimizes makeready times. Many of the makeready steps normally associated with folding machines are completely eliminated. The folding machine is configured to process a wide range of fold types without time-consuming machine conversions. The folding units, including delivery, do not need to be moved during changeovers. The buckle plate and folding roller settings are performed automatically. In addition to boosting productivity, the innovative parallel fold types of the Stahlfolder TX 82 also improve fold quality and production stability, because sheets are guided through the machine far more precisely than with comparable cross-fold types. “The two new folding machines also enable us to plan subsequent operations far more effectively. It goes without saying that it’s important to assign jobs to the right machine. The new parallel fold types have resulted in both quantitative and qualitative improvements,” stresses Dollinger. The new fold types were adapted to Aumüller’s specific requirements to ensure optimum results. The paper formats needed to be adapted in the same way. “We assigned our best operators to the machines from the outset. They applied the new concept and are now passing on the necessary information to other staff. This requires a major adjustment, because it involves switching from non-industrial operation to a highly industrialized and standardized approach. Folding with just two units that no longer need to be converted and form a fixed system entity is a true folding revolution in my eyes,” concludes Dollinger.


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