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Issue #1 Term 3 2012 Issue 1 Term 3 2012


Have you seen our new class? Neither have we, really... We’re hoping that sometime before week 3 we’ll be into it. But in the meantime – we’re enjoying the space in the activity center! Written by Mr Herring and Students

Welcome to our first E-Update! This will be our version of the class newsletter. It will have news, information about homework projects, upcoming events and heaps more! We’ve had a great start to the term. There has been a ‘tower challenge’, a chance to get to know our ‘master teams’ and lots of talk about how we will work best as a class. You can find out more about how our class works at this week’s ‘meet the teacher evening!’ Homework projects: There will be some little projects for your child to complete throughout the weeks. This week there is an ‘ideal’ sheet to complete and share with your as well as a ‘who am I as a learner?’ sheet that explores our strengths. Please have a chat with your child about this and help them complete it by Friday

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Meet the Teachers!

19 July

Come to our ‘meet the teacher’ evening this Thursday.

Mid Year Interviews

24-25 July

These can be booked online and will be held with last term’s teacher.

Issue #1 Term 3


Events Coming Up!

Qoutes: Samantha: This is my first male teacher I’ve ever had. I’m looking forward to having some new friends! Amy: We’re getting to do lots of new things like Jibboo. I want to see what kinds of businesses we can run.

Here are some of the exciting things coming up for our class – you can see more info on our blog – 1. Speech Competition – your child will be presenting a speech next Thursday or Friday. They will write their speeches this week and we’ll be spending some time in class and at home practicing. The best from our school will be entered into a competition. 2. Moffatt Cup practices. These start tomorrow and will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students will need their equipment – mouthguards, clothing, foot-ware etc. 3.

Benjamin We’ve moved into our temporary class. It’s great cause there’s lots of space and room. It’s good to start with some new friends. Kahn The marshmallow challenge was quite hard cause you had to test them when you put them up. It was a DECENT challenge!

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Jibboo – This is an exciting chance to combine all our curriculum areas into one! You can read about this on our class blog in more detail. It will start this Friday and will continue from last term as usual.


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